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Thread will analyze real #Wayfair — heads Mgmt wins, tails you lose; ugly overvalued; cash burning; #ponzi of insider dealings.

1 Valuation
2 Cash burn
3 Insider dealing
4 Mgmt paid like rock stars
5 Comp Committee
6 Insider sales
7 Final word

Retail greater fools warned.

1. Valuation:

$17.8B mkt cap
$2B+ accumulated losses
Working cap deficits
$3.3B in LT debt & cap leases (includes recent $535M convertible @ $72.50)
EV ~ $21.1B

Growing EPS / Cash from Ops (CFO) losses:
2019 = ($10.68) / ($197M)
2018 = ($ 5.63) / $85M
2017 = ($ 2.81) / $34M

1. Valuation (cont)

EPS/EBITDA/CFO/FCF all negative; temptation to use P/S, but < profitable with scale.

1Q CFO 3x worse!

1Q20= $2.3B/($3.02)/($256M)
1Q19 = $1.9B/($2.20)/($81M)

2019 = $4.7B/($10.68)/($197M)
2018 = $3.4B/($5.63)/$85M
2017 = $2.2B/($2.81)/$34M
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Gave this story to Michelle Caldwell - who was doing good work at ⁦@bradleyzeve⁩’s ⁦@mcweekly⁩ - on a silver platter.

If the name #Caldwell sounds familiar it’s because she is married to MCSO “Narc” #MarkCaldwell - who ⁦…

wrote about recently for @VoicesofBay.

Caldwell, the Sheriff’s department commander has been involved in a number of sketchy issues in my community - and is good friends with fired commander Mike Richards - who ran for sheriff in 2014 - and lost

Pardoned and “Reformed” Concert Promoter Dave Drew has an especially close relationship with Mike Richards - and defends Richards every chance he gets.

@AdeleFrese @SalinasPD - correct?

Very #JoeExotic

Apparently this behavior is acceptable to our “community leaders”
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It's right to question the current over-the-top freak-out over the #Coronavirus avidly pushed by politicians, selected corps & their MSM media adjuncts - all demanding that *we the people* give Gov carte blanche powers to shut down sections of economy, devalue the currency etc...
2) ... based on what threat exactly? They have NO IDEA what the real Case Fatality Rate (CFR) is. So there's no way to accurately compare just how 'deadly' it is in relation to other emergencies. Hence, how can Gov justify such extreme lockdown measures? Answer: they cannot...
3) It's important to note the initial hype used to push this idea of a "global pandemic" was essentially fake news about the CFR of the Spanish Flu of 1918. Our MSM ran with junk science to over-exaggerate, project a false picture of #COVID19 fatality:…
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Back from a weekend of travelling..time to continue the teardown of #probanx #isignthis #deepdive part 2.
#probanx customer #globecapitalfincorp 'leading investment bank and financial institution based in the USA and UK (probanx words not mine)
Sounds great. well in Lala land anyway.
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1. #JeffreyEpstein just added a three-attorney litigation team from a high-power white collar firm. Is it more evidence that there may be a #Ponzi lurking? Does this mean Epstein may have E&O coverage? IMO that's consistent with this firm's appearance.…
2. Having worked unwinding my first Ponzi in 1990, I expect if that, if that is what we are looking at, it will go fast towards SDNY #Bankruptcy court. If not, then it may be just run-of-the-mill money laundering and/or securities fraud case. But it's at lease two of three IMO.
3. Plus a Bobby De Niro lookalike. 😎…
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Artist, Icon, Billionaire:
How Jay-Z Created His $1 Billion Fortune

So disappointed in Forbes.
As if covering tRUmp
in 1990s or sumpthin?

U forgot the JETS, Forbes.

JET SMARTER ring any bells?

$40M Bombardier Challenger 850 Jet


Bae buys Jay-Z

"One of the most impressive gifts
he received for Father's day in 2012,
shortly after birth
of couple’s first child, Blue Ivy.…

prvt jet
booking app;
commonly dubbed
'Uber of the skies'.

Sergey Petrossov
'a chance encounter'
w owner of prvt jet co.'

Prince Abdullah bin Bandar bin Abdullaziz Al Saud

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@INETeconomics By a chance, the article saying #MMT "theorists ignore how their policies could hurt developing countries" places #Ukraine currency #hryvnia (notes of 20 hryvnia's) as its cover picture.

@INETeconomics Btw, another time when #MMT-related literature opted by a mere chance to associate itself with #Ukraine's currency was the book 'Can "It" Happen Again?' written by Hyman Minsky (2nd ed published in 2016).

This time there is a jar of coins 5 kopecks each (5 #копійок).

@INETeconomics I am #Ukrainian, having a 22-year experience in the Ukraine's financial sector (1995-2017) and working full-day jobs first as bank officer doing debts/credits and then as research economist. I worked in the banking sector as well as in the non-banking financial sector.

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#BritishGas has been throwing their consumers money into the #moneypit by propping up failing #fracking company #Cuadrilla. Yesterday once again their shares took a tumble continuing an ongoing trend.

@BoycottCentrica #referral #uswitch #energy
Here's how #BritishGas consumers are paying for the UK #fracking industry whilst raising their consumers energy bills in spite of the #pricecap in #energyprice bills are due to go up again 10% on the 01/04/219.
#boycottbritishgas @BoycottCentrica…
There is also very poor confidence in A J Lucas the parent company of Cuadrilla. Read the report from Simply Wall Street. 👇…

#banfracking #ponzi #ajlucas #cuadrilla #market #fracking
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1/6 - I was sent this link by a person who claims to be a #Labour supporter but not #antisemitic (can't verify if political affiliation is true) with "proof" about a conspiracy involving the #Rothschild family, the #Freemasons, all Jews in North London (lol)...
2/6 - ... corrupt MPs, corrupt Lords, corrupt #royalty, pillaging of #Africa's resources, #war mongering, tax evasion, weapons smuggling, drugs smuggling and a global #Ponzi scheme - all in one "investigation". I was intrigued and decided to read the entire article...
3/6 - ... and found an antisemite's wet dream in semi-coherent passages. The basic plot of this work of badly-written fiction is that the Rothschild family have funded ALL wars for centuries, stealing money from the public by using virtual office addresses (with other Jews)...
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