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I would like to post a thread to talk about what is #Ponzi.🧵
Ponzi is named after Charles Ponzi. He is a lair, who creat a fraud named international mail coupons,while actually he lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.
Therefore, Ponzi uses tricks to leads victims to believe that profits are coming from legitimate business activity. So unless you think Fraud is a neutral word, don't say Ponzi is a neutral word and don't say no Ponzi no blockchain.
It is true that some projects need some subsidies in the early stage, that is subsidies not Ponzi. What is Ponzi? It is a game using the money of new investors as the return of old investors, high profit traps to maintain the illusion of a sustainable business.
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$LUNA is not over, read the plan! 🚨🚨🚨👇

In this thread, I will describe the current situation and survival plan for #LUNAtics 🗺️💎

Maybe this is the most important twitt in my life. Don't lose faith and please SHARE IT🙏🔁

First, sympathy to all people affected, I am with you ♥️ I lost a lot of my money too... 😢 We are together 🤝

Whatever the situation you are in at the moment, please remember that it is only money. Only money. Your life is worth more than dollars 💕

IMO $LUNA and $UST was never a #ponzi, but the fact that an effective attack was carried out completely destroyed the project 📛

We're currently in a death spiral, trying to keep peg $UST killing $LUNA tokenomics, the road to zero is inevitable 💀

But we have plan...

3/🧵 Image
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Real world analogy of what happened to #LUNA...

1/ Once upon a time, someone came along, let's call him Do.. and he said "Let me start a new country". I shall call it #TERRA because my country will have digital land

And he did.
2/ But like any country, Do needed a currency. Since the whole world (off chain) used USD, he said. Let me make my own currency, #UST. It will be worth 1:1 to USD and therefore he pegged to this currency and #UST was born
3/ But #UST was worthless because his country had no value. It was just a fake land sitting in the Internet. So Do said "I shall raise money for my country". And to do that I will issue a token called #LUNA and tell people they're all going to the moon with me
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Hoy os voy a destapar la mayor ESTAFA PIRAMIDAL de la historia.

El peor sistema #PONZI, con casi 20 millones de personas atrapadas ACTUALMENTE.

Probablemente TÚ mismo hayas caído en esta #estafa.

Dentro 🧵 de…

Para ahorrar disgustos de los que aún no sean conscientes, quiero empezar este hilo advirtiendo, que si eres trabajador en activo, cuando te jubiles no recibirás lo que te han prometido. Serás uno más de los atrapados en esta estafa.

Y a continuación entenderás por qué:

Se trata de un sistema piramidal en el que se diferencian:

- Jubilados (parte de arriba de la pirámide).
- Trabajadores en activo (parte de abajo de la pirámide).
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Understanding (3,3) – Is @OlympusDAO The Future Of #Cryptocurrency, Or Just Another Ponzi? 👇
1/15 Welcome To Olympus

Though @OlympusDAO's team is mostly anonymous, it is the brainchild of Zeus, who ideals for it to become the #decentralized reserve currency of the #cryptocurrency space.

2/15 Instead of pegging their value to a #FIAT currency, @OlympusDAO seeks to back each of their native tokens $OHM through a basket of #cryptocurrency assets much like a centralized bank.
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Hi @hmblank , Fijn dat je reageert, ook omdat je vraag over #bitcoin als scam-/#ponzi-platform een fundamentele is. Ik doe een hierbij draadje om je van repliek te dienen. Ik pak daarbij een viertal van je tweets mee.
Ik wil toch eerst bezwaar maken tegen je argumentatie in deze 👇 tweet. Populair gezegd: "Geen #bitcoin hebben is bek houden". Dat is een klassieke drogreden (…) die erg populair is onder Bitcoiners.
(En de zin fiat & skin in the game beats logic.)
Je kernvraag is of ik een onderscheidende eigenschap kan noemen die #bitcoin tot een #scam/#ponzi/#piramidespel maakt. OK!
Maarre, #ponzi scheme is goed gedefinieerd begrip en mensen die het gebruiken wegzetten als 'intellectueel lui' is niet sterk.…
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#Blockchain teknolojisinin 10 yılı aşkın süredir hala günlük hayata dokunamaması ve #bitcoin nereye 3000 coin oraya ise #Btc bana göre şuan #ponzi nin kralı. #Proje çok iyi sözleri şuan için boş. Bunu çok kez gördük. Projesi çok iyi dediğimiz paralar bile dibe vurmuş. Hala ++
#bitcoin den ayrılmamış. #Decentralized diye öve öve bitirelemeyen sistemin #btc nin fiyat aksiyonunu birebir tüm piyasada uygulayan robotların eline geçmiş olduğunu bir tek ben mi görüyorum? Fanatik olmaya gerek yok amacımız para kazanmak. Para neredeyse oradayım. Bu aralar o ++
yüzden çok fazla #yatırım yapmıyorum. #IDO #whitelist #airdrop #gem kovalıyorum. Güzel haberi olan bir #coin olursa alıyorum.#Para akışı şuan bu yönde ama böyle #Blockchain sistemi de olmaz çünkü #yatırım yaptığı şeyin teknolojisine whitepaperine tokenomiğne dikkat eden yok ki! +
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Shouldn't have touched my friend.

Don't listen to somebody who runs a literal ponzi AND pyramid scheme @goldsilver_pros. Thanks for posting a rebuttal page Richard that makes it easy.

Let's run through #HEX shall we? 👇

First off, you need a bit of humility. 30 =/= 8.5 (or 28) Image
From your own page.

- You ADMIT HEX is backed *by air*. "Whatever" is a very large range, and that includes Zero.

- Your argument against Bitcoin being a scam is "people own it". People are easily fooled.

- Ethereum isn't a scam, but there's no calls on its longevity either. Image
Finally the bottom one. There is a KEY difference that makes Bitcoin and HEX substantially different:

The process of mining costs labor/resources. Simply locking up cash, doesn't.

"Anybody wanna pay me dollars for funny money? i'll give you more funny money later!"
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In the run up to the #USPresidentialElections2020 when the characters & stories seem more mind-boggling than ever, it can be difficult to discern...
'How the fuck did the world end up here'?

Some great answers/insight here #Kleptopia 👏📕
Uncivil & Outright Criminal Behaviour seems to have been normalised throughout societies everywhere;

- Politics
- Crony Capitalism
- Social Media
- Reality TV
... Even Sport 🧐

I've tried to get my head around it with the help of some good books & following smart journo's Image

To understand the rise of;
-Strongman leaders
-Shady financiers

& other maniacal actors worldwide, there's some good reading in the pics below & above👀

#politicains #bankers #crooks #spooks #crime #money #power Image
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@dan_azzi was so successful in servicing #Iranian customers in #Dubai dodging sanctions, @StanChart promoted him for their #Hezbollah customers in #Lebanon. This is why Dan has never criticized #Hezbollah or the #Taliban. He's a #terrorist banker for hire.… ImageImageImageImage
Further evidence @dan_azzi was complicit in #moneylaundering for #terrorists. The reason he sold @StanChart in #Lebanon is because of @BDL_Lebanon compliance in #FATCA which prevented CEO Dan in washing #Hezbollah money. Now you know why he hates @RiadSalemeh so much.
#FinCEN ImageImageImageImage
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Claim by Q3 v. Tran et al re: alleged #ponzi disguised as #crypto trading venture remanded to state court by M.D. Fla after being removed to Fed. Ct. under Securities Litigation Uniform Standards Act (SLUSA); issue is if investment was in "covered" or "uncovered securities" /1 ImageImageImage
"Covered security" (needed to trigger federal court jursidiction over the matter)= Traded nationally & listed on a regulated national stock exchange. If doesn't involve covered securities, no SLUSA, no federal court jurisidction on that basis. /2
Here, the argument was that the LP interests sold by Tran et al were not covered securities but the things to be owned by those LP interests described by Partnership Agmt. included crypto & covered securities, so SLUSA should confer Jurisidiction. /3
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Gave this story to Michelle Caldwell - who was doing good work at ⁦@bradleyzeve⁩’s ⁦@mcweekly⁩ - on a silver platter.

If the name #Caldwell sounds familiar it’s because she is married to MCSO “Narc” #MarkCaldwell - who ⁦…

wrote about recently for @VoicesofBay.

Caldwell, the Sheriff’s department commander has been involved in a number of sketchy issues in my community - and is good friends with fired commander Mike Richards - who ran for sheriff in 2014 - and lost

Pardoned and “Reformed” Concert Promoter Dave Drew has an especially close relationship with Mike Richards - and defends Richards every chance he gets.

@AdeleFrese @SalinasPD - correct?

Very #JoeExotic

Apparently this behavior is acceptable to our “community leaders”
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#ponzialert 8% on GBP fantasy vs reality btw @NexoFinance which entity and which jurisdiction are you licensed and where on your website, TOC, legal is there any disclosure to an actual entity name. #ponzi ImageImage
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Part 3 #probanx @iSignthis_Ltd #fruxbank this thread will be shorter than previous but has the added twist of promoting #hyip #ponzi on @Facebook for those who say its FUD and doesnt matter as these are old probanx customers....well they not this from probanx customer page today Image
Just a quick reminder. Frux is one of the myriad of companies claiming to have (or had) a license from Gambia but of course they dont because they don't exist. As covered relentlessly by the good folks at @OCCRP… Image
@OCCRP #fruxbank offering annualised returns of > 300% awesome. Image
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Back from a weekend of travelling..time to continue the teardown of #probanx #isignthis #deepdive part 2.
#probanx customer #globecapitalfincorp 'leading investment bank and financial institution based in the USA and UK (probanx words not mine)
Sounds great. well in Lala land anyway.
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1. #JeffreyEpstein just added a three-attorney litigation team from a high-power white collar firm. Is it more evidence that there may be a #Ponzi lurking? Does this mean Epstein may have E&O coverage? IMO that's consistent with this firm's appearance.…
2. Having worked unwinding my first Ponzi in 1990, I expect if that, if that is what we are looking at, it will go fast towards SDNY #Bankruptcy court. If not, then it may be just run-of-the-mill money laundering and/or securities fraud case. But it's at lease two of three IMO.
3. Plus a Bobby De Niro lookalike. 😎…
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Artist, Icon, Billionaire:
How Jay-Z Created His $1 Billion Fortune

So disappointed in Forbes.
As if covering tRUmp
in 1990s or sumpthin?

U forgot the JETS, Forbes.

JET SMARTER ring any bells?

$40M Bombardier Challenger 850 Jet


Bae buys Jay-Z

"One of the most impressive gifts
he received for Father's day in 2012,
shortly after birth
of couple’s first child, Blue Ivy.…

prvt jet
booking app;
commonly dubbed
'Uber of the skies'.

Sergey Petrossov
'a chance encounter'
w owner of prvt jet co.'

Prince Abdullah bin Bandar bin Abdullaziz Al Saud

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@INETeconomics By a chance, the article saying #MMT "theorists ignore how their policies could hurt developing countries" places #Ukraine currency #hryvnia (notes of 20 hryvnia's) as its cover picture.

@INETeconomics Btw, another time when #MMT-related literature opted by a mere chance to associate itself with #Ukraine's currency was the book 'Can "It" Happen Again?' written by Hyman Minsky (2nd ed published in 2016).

This time there is a jar of coins 5 kopecks each (5 #копійок).

@INETeconomics I am #Ukrainian, having a 22-year experience in the Ukraine's financial sector (1995-2017) and working full-day jobs first as bank officer doing debts/credits and then as research economist. I worked in the banking sector as well as in the non-banking financial sector.

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#BritishGas has been throwing their consumers money into the #moneypit by propping up failing #fracking company #Cuadrilla. Yesterday once again their shares took a tumble continuing an ongoing trend.

@BoycottCentrica #referral #uswitch #energy
Here's how #BritishGas consumers are paying for the UK #fracking industry whilst raising their consumers energy bills in spite of the #pricecap in #energyprice bills are due to go up again 10% on the 01/04/219.
#boycottbritishgas @BoycottCentrica…
There is also very poor confidence in A J Lucas the parent company of Cuadrilla. Read the report from Simply Wall Street. 👇…

#banfracking #ponzi #ajlucas #cuadrilla #market #fracking
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