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Tommy Robinson had a hearing today in London, and the judge decided to refer his case to the Attorney General rather than handle it himself - a victory for the good guys.

@CassandraRules, @ezralevant, @AndrewLawton, @JamesDelingpole, and others have done great work.

Delingpole's @BreitbartLondon article does a good job laying out the details of what happened.

The key point: The judge *could* have adjudicated Tommy's contempt of court charge, and tossed him back in jail.

He didn't.

Why not?…
One part of it is certainly the excellent witness statement put together by Tommy and his team. It contests a number of key facts, and details the underlying injustice of the entire process. @AndrewLawton posted it in full.

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#FreeTommy I suppose it's time for a Tommy Robinson thread today. He had a big day after all.
#FreeTommy Really we can cut to the chase immediately and I can just point you to @CassandraRules tweets.

Basically "The case is being moved to the attorney general!" is all you need to know.
BUT this is Tommy Robinson we're talking about.

Nobody else has the type of rockstar sort of appeal to turn out this sort of a crowd.

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BREAKING: Huddersfield grooming gang jailed for total of 221 years. A THREAD.
The town joins at least a dozen towns and cities across England where hundreds – if not thousands – of girls and young people have been sexually exploited by #groominggangs over the last few decades. #CSE #CSA
20 men were convicted during three trials at #LeedsCrownCourt throughout 2018.
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Tommy Robinson speaking on points he was tried for. UK court has widened charges. Tommy will be tried not only on breaching the reporting restriction only but because he reported on "Muslims" and reported facts and statistics which were publicly reported previously.
The Muslim defendants in the rape gang trial told Tommy Robinson they "wanted to rape his mother."
Tommy Robinson has spent 2 and 1/2 months in solitary confinement starving. He fears the Crown court will put him back into prison simply for stating the defendants were "Muslim."
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Sure all the #FreeTommy people who sent in donations for Tommy's legal fees will be delighted to see him sunning himself in a 5 star hotel in the Canaries.... for two weeks.…
Wanted to knock off a Tommy Robinson holiday diary but I suppose it writes itself. And I'm too flipping busy...
This is Lutz Bachmann the guy Yaxley Lennon aka Tommy Robinson was hanging out with in Tenerife. He's barred entry from the UK because he's a hate preacher.
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As promised.

Tommy Robinsonwas jailed for reporting on a criminal trial.

That is almost inconceivable in the United States.

We'll talk about the differences in UK and US law, what avenues Tommy's lawyers might pursue, and why UK law should be changed.

A thread.

First, the statute at issue. Section 4.2 of the 1981 Contempt of Court Act allows judges to place "reporting restrictions" on particular trials.

This allows those courts to ban even *true and accurate* reporting about the trial.
The judge in the Leeds Crown Court had put in place just such a restriction on the underlying grooming trial that Tommy reported on.
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I'm as thrilled as anyone that Tommy is out of prison.

That said, he is still in serious legal jeopardy. The contempt finding at Leeds was quashed for procedural reasons, not substantive ones.

Let's talk about what he faces going forward.

A thread.

First, the rationale for his release. The appeals court criticized:

1) the use of the draconian summary procedure,
2) the failure to specify the specific type of contempt and specific behavior at issue, and
3) the failure to fully consider mitigation evidence.
As a result, the case was not dismissed for time served.

The appeals court ordered a rehearing, because it believed that the contempt at issue was "serious."

Tommy will face a different judge, who may well throw him back in jail.
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1/ The summary of judgment in the #FreeTommy appeal is here. Pay attention to the particular points that I have been making (to derision) to journalists, for months...…
2/ “The jury had retired for deliberation”
3/ “Representation was found for the appellant during a 33 minute adjournment”
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Tommy’s barrister has been going for nearly an hour now, so I’ll thread out some observations

#FreeTommy #FreeTommyRobinson
A big issue for Tommy is going to be whether his appeal(s) will be thrown out for being time-barred (filed too late)

As @ezralevant noted, Tommy’s team is seeking to get both the contempt findings quashed - including the one from 2017
The appeals were “out of time” - too late.

Tommy’s barrister is arguing that the shenanigans the government pulled with Tommy made it very difficult to put a case together, and, as far as I can tell, that the judges should use their discretion to hear the appeal anyway
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#QAnon Is the Embodiment of the Latter Day Patriot Causing the Left Behind to Cower in Disbelief [VIDEO] #LionelNation🇺🇸 #MAGA @realDonaldTrump #QAnon #FreeTommy #VoteRed #WeThePeople #GreatAwakening #TrumpArmy #Deplorables #WWG1WGA #ClintonBodyCount
@THEKINGthemovie is beyond pathetic and should be avoided at all cost. #TrumpDerangementSyndrome on steroids. Disjointed and scattered, discursive and desultory. Was this an #Elvis doc or an anti @realDonaldTrump propaganda? You know it's going to reek when @AlecBaldwin's in it.
#QAnon references and guides. Yet again.
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Reflections on the revelation that Sir Brian Leveson discussed Tommy Robinson’s specific conviction for contempt of court with @JoshuaRozenberg on BBC’s Law in Action as pointed out on Kipper Central…
I’ve listened to the full segment of the BBC show and the entire package is about social media corruption of juries. He speaks at length about how important it is for the DEFENDANT to FEEL he/she’s have a fair trial.
There is a reverse irony to this: Tommy Robinson has had insanely prejudicial public reporting for a decade! There is no way anyone who has been exposed to the reporting ever since the EDL can know who he really is. #FreeTommy
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1)Listen to deep state try to shut down the awakening, not happening unlucky for you..This one was my favourite #FULLOFSCHIFF line
“squashing freedom of the press” 🤣
2)Do you mean squashing or paying?? 🧐 cos it was the #DNC @HillaryClinton That “invested” in media.. The @wikileaks shows all the people that make up #Propaganda against @POTUS or anything not beneficial for your friends the Deep states global agenda..
3) The #FakeNewsMedia @CNN @nytimes @AP @NewYorker That continue to only publish hit pieces for your Queen @BarackObama..Wait, which one is the Queen?
🧐mmm @HillaryClinton hard to tell doesn’t matter not the point. You know all about squishing the press. #LiberalHypocrisy
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Buckle up buckeroos, because you know I was at the #FreeTommy / #FreeTommyRobinson rally today.

Yes, I was backstage, gahd don’t make such a big deal out of it...🙄

Let’s look at some videos and photos of how it went, shall we?

TONS of patriots out here today to defend one of their best lads.

Estimates, from what I’ve seen, range from 7,500-12,500. The general consensus seems to be that it was larger than Day For Freedom which happened in the exact same location just a couple of weeks ago.
Also note the different representation of flags and banners from all the different right wing movements in the U.K.

Including a cheeky little entrance by @GID_England towards the end of be video. Great group of lads. Making their first uniformed appearance, no less.
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On police tactics and #FreeTommy demos.…
Ever wondered why there were high quality cameras in exactly the right place to get just the right pictures of Tommy "supporters" getting violent?

It's almost funny watching them try to use the same playbook they used on the EDL.
I'll probably do a periscope tomorrow morning on how the security services, police and other forces will try to to shut this down in the coming weeks.
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In this thread I'm going to talk about today's #FreeTommy protest
According to this, the police may have tried to cancel the #FreeTommy march beforehand.
It went on anyway.
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I dunno how much clearer I can make this.

March 12th 2018. UK government (Home Affairs Select Committee) talks to YouTube representative about censoring Tommy Robinson from YouTube. (15:27:50 to 15:30:46 in this video)…
The second part really picks up. The Home Affairs Select Committee is yelling at this YouTube representative, saying the website needs to censor Tommy Robinson because the Finsbury Park attacker was apparently "radicalized" by Tommy's videos.
On a related note, here's a playlist of #FreeTommy videos.…
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1. In #TommyRobinson, the West has a Braveheart, a modern-day, grassroots, freedom-fighter who could help prevent the Islamic encroachment on the West from ending up in civil war.

Why can’t the chattering class see this?

Thread 👇👇👇
2. One of the most heartening things over the past week has been the level of international support that poured in for Tommy.
3. Here, the establishment and media response fell into lockstep behind the familiar, bigoted bleating that Tommy is a racist fascist nazi hate-preacher gammon baa baaa baaaa…. Zzzz….yawn….zzzz.
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To those who support #FreeTommy / #TommyRobinson, from someone with the actual qualifications to know what they’re talking about. A THREAD.
I’m a reporter who witnessed Tommy both live streaming in front of jurors outside #LeedsCrownCourt and him being sentenced inside the court.
For justified legal reasons, the press have been *temporarily* banned from reporting on a trial that is being heard in the court, but *will* report on it later this year. At the moment, we cannot even say which trial this is.
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Dear Judge,

How well did arresting Tommy Robinson during a livestream help you keep your trial quiet? #FreeTommy
Dear Judge,

Bit late now but here’s what you should have done.

Walk up to Tommy Robinson and on his livestream explain why you had a problem with his actions.

Explain your court’s rules for coverage.

Inform people.

Talk before using power of the State. #FreeTommy
Dear Judge

Instead of taking a brilliant chance to inform over 10,000 live viewers and millions more later how reporting restrictions work in the UK, you picked up the MASSIVE power, backed by guns and armies and courts and prisons and threw it at Tommy Robinson.

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For everyone in the UK under the gag order in Tommy's case - if my reading of UK law is right, you can challenge the gag order yourselves - but you have to get started ASAP.

A somewhat urgent thread.

#FreeTommy #FreeTommyRobinson

cc: @CaolanRob @RaheemKassam
Just to refresh everyone's memory - the gag order was issued by the Crown Court at Leeds.
Again, the gag order was issued under Section 4.2 of the contempt of Court Act of 1981.
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Thread on Tommy Robinson and UK Law:

1) Tommy Robinson was arrested last Friday for "Breaching The Peace" outside of a courtroom. Inside the court, jurors were considering verdicts for the defendants that Tommy was recording. #FreeTommy #FreeTommyRobinson #FreeSpeech
2) Here are the cases and the schedule. Because the grooming gang was so large, there are three total cases. Two of them are shown here with the current schedule.
3) The Jury had retired to consider the verdict. Knowing this, Tommy pointed out the overnight bags of the defendants when they were entering the courthouse. Tommy suspected the verdicts were in and would be delivered on that day.
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This thread from @lizziedearden does a much better job than I did at explaining contempt law and reporting restrictions in the UK. (hat tip, again, to the tireless @nickmon1112)

Let's talk reporting restrictions.

#FreeTommy #FreeTommyRobinson

Yesterday I found reporting restrictions nearly incomprehensible. They seem like an obvious affront to freedom of the press.

From the British perspective - our system is equally incomprehensible, because allowing the media to sensationalize cases makes trials unfair.
And, really, the British have a point.

Think about the Harvey Weinstein case. He's been effectively convicted in the eyes of the entire public before his trial has even started. Can you imagine any jurors really coming in as a blank slate?
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The judge in Tommy Robinson's case, Denise Marson, pulled a neat trick today.

She threw him in jail for 13 months, and banned anyone in the UK from talking about it.

A thread on how she did it. (h/t @nickmon1112)

#FreeTommy #FreeTommyRobinson
A year ago, Tommy was convicted of Contempt of Court for filming 4 defendants who were alleged to have gang-raped a young woman. His sentence was suspended.…
Tommy argued that he didn't intend to derail the trial.

Under UK law, that doesn't matter - there is *strict liability* for *criminal* contempt charges.
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Today Tommy Robinson was arrested and sentenced to 13 months in jail for the simple act of reporting on the grooming gang situation in Britain.

I wrote about the police's history of abusing their powers with Tommy Robinson here…
Many tweets you see above from @CaolanRob on the Tommy Robinson arrest have been deleted. There's been a reporting restriction put in place.

Caolan has been gagged.
"Hey, he wasn't really sentenced to 13 months for it. He was out of a suspended sentence for something else and being charged with that crime means he has to serve the remainder."

^ to clarify.
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