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“Let’s be real. We have a grandpa-grandma Congress that is unable to understand the apps that shape the modern world.”

That and other thoughts on Facebook and privacy live on @NPR's @MorningEdition now, and available at this link:…
@NPR @MorningEdition We also talked about the cultural tendency nowadays to recast plutocratic predation as issues of personal responsibility for victims.

“When you #DeleteFacebook as an individual, you are personalizing what is, in fact, an issue of systems and the abuse of power."
Me: Facebook is a predatory monopoly.

@NoelKing: “The question of whether or not Facebook is a monopoly — you could put two economists into a room and get a fistfight.”

Me: “It might be a weak fistfight.”
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Yeah, deleting Facebook is cool, but have you ever tried regulating it?
I admire the #DeleteFacebook impulse. But it takes so much coordination and scale to work, and most users are not American. And it also owns WhatsApp and Instagram.

It’s too much to take on as consumers.

This is why we have governments.
Trying to fight a predatory, politically connected monopoly through heroic personal responsibility doesn't work.

You can't fight the sugar companies just by dieting harder.

You can't fight Amazon just by buying a few books locally.

System problems must be solved systemically.
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@Facebook “used us for crisis PR...They are more interested in making themselves look good & passing the buck…I strongly believe that they are spreading fake news on behalf of hostile foreign powers and authoritarian governments.” ~@brooklynmarie

HT @ChiefCovfefe
Facebook was pushing reporters to prioritize debunking misinformation that *affected Facebook advertisers*, which @brooklynmarie thought crossed a line: “You’re not doing journalism anymore. You’re doing #propaganda.”🤬

Another fact-checker who has long worked on the #Facebook partnership said they were demoralized, saying that #Facebook is “a terrible company and, on a personal level, I don’t want to have anything to do with them.”🔥

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Thread sur Edward Snowden, les lanceurs d’alertes et les données personnelles dans la société d’aujourd’hui ça se passe ici >>> ⤵️
Juin 2013 : Le @washingtonpost et le @guardian révèlent l’existence d’un vaste système d’espionnage international des communications par la NSA. A l’origine des ces informations ? Edward Snowden ancien employé de la NSA. #CoursCultNum @LpTicArc
Commence alors une crise politique et diplomatique d’ampleur internationale. La NSA collecte toutes sortes de données : mails, téléphones, adresses ip etc... sur le territoire américain mais aussi sur une très grande partie du globe. #CoursCultNum @LpTicArc
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But until @Facebook self-deletes, this is a key reason to #DeleteFacebook and run screaming into the night. They could access your pictures that you never uploaded to their platform.
If you wanted to compromise a politician, judge, law enforcement officer, military commander, athlete, actor, journalist, or anyone else, accessing their private photos might be one way to do it.
If you’re a hostile intelligence service with FB info of any military leader, if they used the app on a phone or kept pictures of combat operations or plans or anything Facebook could get it. While @ggreenwald complained about the NSA this was the true surveillance state. Evil.
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📌”The Lizard's a-comin'....”

📌J-Ass extradition imminent

📌Why is Trump obsessed w/ the DNC server? CC: “You mean the server your GRU pals hacked & dumped data from, & in coordination with your campaign and Russian state media?”

Trump rage tweeting!🤗

LR:”🐢 thought we are headed for a Cons’l crisis, that 45 wd take some precipitous action, re his legal expo, & that 🐢 intended to try to protect re ‘stalemate.’

LB:”FB was launched, funded, & spread as a form of malware on behalf of a hostile foreign power.”

AHI:”The human rights impact study found Zuckerberg's & Sandberg's Facebook "directly linked" to ethnic cleansing of Rohingya people by Myanmar.”

U.S. Is Optimistic It Will Prosecute Assange

📌Pentagon to cut troops in Africa as focus shifts to China, Russia
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Rumor has it Kav has even more secrets he would like to keep hidden, some of which are likely to be revealed when the time is right. 🤗#FBI #Memogate, #Kasowitz, 💰& more. Oh my! All is not lost.🤗

💣NY AG Sues Trump's Charitable Foundation for Political Activities

Not one Republican has signed on to the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

Not. One.

Senator Leahy Compiled Comprehensive, Point-By-Point Summary Of The Many Times That Judge Kavanaugh Misled The Senate Under Oath.

SC Justices can be prosecuted.

Lawsuits point to large trove of unreleased Kav WH docs White

Amazon Says 3rd-Party Seller Got Some Customers’ Email Addys

NY Regulators Examine the Trump Family’s Tax Schemes

WaPo Vote ‘no’ on Kav

USA TODAY Editorial Board: Vote no on Kavanaugh's confirmation
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Narrative: "My top priority has always been our social mission of connecting people and bringing the world together" ~ Zuck.

Reality: "People ... I don't know why. They "trust me". Dumb fucks." ~ Zuck.

His top priority is using people to sell targeted ads. #deletefacebook
It all started with Facebook's Timeline, an intrusive interface designed to push ads. Other things followed: recording phone logs, hacks, 3rd party apps snooping, discriminating users, nudging for users to provide more and more and more information, etc.
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Read 178 tweets… This is purely about profit. Alex Jones being nuts gets views and shares, and Facebook knows that Robert Mueller won’t sue them. So they let Jones openly defame a man and incite violence against him.… I’d say that they are going to get someone killed with their blind eye toward violence incitement, but they already have. Genocidal propaganda has led to deaths in Myanmar, and FB failed to deal with the problem appropriately.
Individuals crowing on social media and at dinner parties about how they are into #DeleteFacebook may feel self-righteous, but that really isn’t a solution. The government needs to step in.
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CLEAN THREAD: The connection between Cambridge Analytica/SCL/AIQ, Oakes, Nix, Bannon, Mercer & crew and cryptocurrency. HINT: All roads lead to Russia. [My previous thread added research in real time and became confusing, so I am cleaning it up for clarity.]
2/ 2 years ago, Cambridge Analytica planned to release it's own cryptocurrency ICO. An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is similar to corporations doing an IPO on the stock exchange. Essentially, it's a method of crowdsourcing funds, often as start up capital.
3/ An ICO allows investors to buy "tokens".
✔️These tokens are exchanged later for fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies.
✔️An ICO allows crypto ventures to avoid regulations that come from bank funding.
✔️ICOs are rife for scams and fraud.…
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#QAlert 5/12/19 Post 1341
Time to move on.
Big week ahead!…
#imwithQ #QAnon #QArmy #MAGA
#QAlert 5/12/19 Post 1343
They attempted to infiltrate, repackage & rebrand as their own.
Destroy through [misinformation].
Absorb the 'confused'.
Re-route traffic to other platforms.
Action was needed [2]. Read more below. 👇🏻
#imwithQ #QAnon #QArmy #MAGA
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#QAlert 5/11/2018 This will be my thread for all posts for May 11, 2018.

“Welcome to the Deep State.
Future to prove past” Edition.

Let’s Go!

@POTUS #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGA #PatiotsFight
#QAlert 5/11/2018 Post 1336
Welcome to the Deep State.
Future to prove past”

#Q gives us an example of the corruption with the Clinton Foundation & asks us to read carefully.

@POTUS #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGA #PatiotsFight
#QAlert 5/11/2018 Post 1337
Facebook is listening to you 24/7/365.
[F9 algorithm]
Are they recording/safe-housing?
Metadata collection?
Building 8.

@POTUS #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGA #PatiotsFight
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don't make comments like this, you will regret them.
Swansea University and @thesundaytimes are correct.
In fact i know these accounts.
they are internet research agency accounts and i have tweeted about them A LOT before.
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anyone know anything about this account? it is getting retweeted by #russain #bots
#SyriaStrikes #Syria
The account claims to be a writer for tv, but really tows the line for russian disinfo.
These bots all have their UI set to "ru" all created at the skHZoM0VY8M
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#QAlert 🚨 4/12/18 This will be my Thread for 4/12/18, Thursday.

Some early morning #Q Posts! Night [5], FB, China, Syria, Welcome Aboard #17, HONEYPOTS, We certainly have it all EDITION!

Let's Get started!
@POTUS #Q #QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #ThursdayThoughts #KAG #Facebookgate
#QAlert 🚨 4/12/18 Post 1135 Q Replies to post and says:
Building 8.
@POTUS #Q #QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #ThursdayThoughts #KAG #Facebookgate
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1. #QAlert 🚨 4/11/18 Here is my THREAD on #Q's posts today, Wednesday.

Burning the midnight oil! It's [H]appening Edition! Let's Get started!

2. #QAlert 🚨 4/11/18 Post 1125
“FBI burning the midnight oil”

What was just released to Nunes?…


3. #QAlert 🚨 4/11/18 Post 1126

(FULL NYT Article) Sauce.

What was just released to Nunes?…

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1. #QAlert 4/10/18- This will be my THREAD for #Q's drops. Please expand Thread for more detail and all posts throughout the day.

@POTUS #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Qdrop #QAnon #GreatAwakening #RedPill #TuesdayMotivation #GreatAwakening #WitchHunt
2. #QAlert 4/10/18- Post 1119

Anon asks #Q about this photo and Q responds that it is Fake.

@POTUS #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Qdrop #QAnon #GreatAwakening #RedPill #TuesdayMotivation #GreatAwakening #WitchHunt
3. #QAlert 4/10/18- Post 1120

Anon asks #Q about this photo and Q responds that it is Fake.

@POTUS #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Qdrop #QAnon #GreatAwakening #RedPill #TuesdayMotivation #GreatAwakening #WitchHunt
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1) It's Christmas in DC!

Facebook CEO #MarkZuckerberg making PERSONAL <AND> CORPORATE donations to congress right now BEFORE testimony.

It's time to #FollowTheMoney and #FollowTheFamily

#QAnon #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump
2) #Zuckerberg sold more stock than any other insider of the past 3 months.
The money is needed to payoff house and senate panels.
It also allowed him to sell a small portion of his fortune at the top of the market.…
#QAnon #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump
3) @ChadPergram reports on #Zuckerberg 's movements today on Capitol Hill.
He meets "publicly" with #Thune #Grassley #Feinstein #Nelson and others.
What "private" meetings were also held?
Who arranged all these meetings?
Money talks!
#QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
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#QAlert 🚨 4/9/18- This will be my THREAD for #Q's drops. Please expand Thread for more detail and all posts throughout the day.

We start with [M]ark [Z]uckerberg. Let's go!

@POTUS #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Qdrop #QAnon #GreatAwakening #MondayMotivation #RedPill #KAG #Facebook #Zuck
#QAlert 🚨 4/9/18- Post 1100

Who is arranging the PRIVATE meetings?
MZ campaign contribution promises.
FB donations since 4.2.18?
@POTUS #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Qdrop #QAnon #GreatAwakening #MondayMotivation #RedPill #KAG #Facebook #Zuck #Q #QDrop
#QAlert 🚨 4/9/18- Post 1101 Q responds to the previous post with this:

Follow the family.
Re_read drops.

@POTUS #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Qdrop #QAnon #GreatAwakening #MondayMotivation #RedPill #KAG #Facebook #Zuck #Q #QDrop
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good moring.
there are now 75,000 of these bots.
4000 of them created yesterday alone.
after some poking around i can also confirm these bots are ran by the same person or comapny as these bots buzzfeed wrote about febuary 9th:…
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while checking the term "Cambridge Analytica" on twitter I thought I had found some new bots.
Every account that retweeted this tweet YsATid1oqJ
Turns out it's the same bot network that was participating in #DeleteFacebook and promoting the #TRON cryptocurrency.
the first screenshot is the bots from #DeleteFacebook
the second is from these bots.
they are RTing the same things.
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The evolution of democracy: Don't just delete Facebook, kill it. Listen to Heather Marsh tell you how.

#DeleteFacebookNow #DeleteFacebook #CambridgeAnalyticaUncovered #Brexit #Trump #Getgee…
"How many people here have heard of a technological singularity? A technological singularity is something IT people and science fiction writers have liked to talk about for years." /1
"The idea is that we will reach a point, or have already reached a point, where technology is beyond the scope of human understanding and artificial intelligence will be programming itself, in a Skynet sort of world." /2
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