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The is the result of #Transhumanism.

If you are C19 vaccinated you are no longer fully human. You are now a patentable organism.

The ultimate #SatanicAgenda.

God help us.

#CovidVaccines #5G #mRNA #smartgrids #Agenda2030 #GreatReset #hackableanimals #freewill #SupremeCourt
Here is the Supreme Court opinion he is referring to. The link to the doc he is quoting from has been taken down.

Note the cDNA (complementary DNA) created by mRNA is patentable.

#CovidVaccines #5G #mRNA #smartgrids #Agenda2030 #GreatReset #hackableanimals #SupremeCourt…
Why did this link get taken down? Image
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August 15, 2022

Many things are happening behind the scenes and as much as I would like to report them, it is simply too dangerous at this senior stage of the Plan:…
In the void created by almost no solid intel on the surface of the planet since the collapse of the alpha timeline in early 2018, disinformation abounds.

The dark forces are leading campaigns against the few true sources, with unsubstantiated rumors and false accusations.
They are especially attacking true #Goddess teachings and true intel about the #liberation of the planet. Several quite known intel sources that were relatively reliable in the past were not able to hold the Light and have crossed over to become instruments of the dark side.
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0/ Leider sind nun auch die wunderschönen #Fildern & #Filderstadt #verschwörungsideologisch verschwurbelt. Aufgrund seit Anfang Februar 2021 stattfindender Demos lokaler #Pandemieleugner werden wir hier die gute Berichterstattung der @StZ_NEWS zur Situation vor Ort ergänzen. Image
I/1 Seit 5.2.21 wird nun auch in #Filderstadt im Ortsteil #Bonlanden jeden Freitag öffentlich auf der Straße geschwurbelt in einer Mischung aus stationärer Kundgebung & Spaziergang. Bei der 1. Kundgebung am 5.2.21 & miserablem Wetter waren 20-30 #Querdenker & #Schwurbler vor Ort. Image
II/1 #Filderstadt #Bonlanden 12.2.21
Bei der 2. #Demo waren es auch aufgrund der Mobilisierung via Telegram bereits einige #Schwurbler & #Querdenker mehr - dieses Mal begleitet von ca. der gleichen Zahl an kritischen Gegenprotestanten (unangemeldet) & entsprechenden Diskussionen. Image
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After the Stanford Prison Experiments & The Milgram Experiment of 1960s, the Gates/Clinton/Rothschild #Reptilians were swayed to join the Koch/Rockefeller path of brainwashing humans into perfect serfs:

- Capable of building rockets
- Incapable of Free Thought
- Spiritually dead
All of a sudden, the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction (#MAD) was shelved.

No longer was the plan to break an Elite Few out of the Van Allen Belt radiation prison and reach Galactic Core.

Now the aim was to curate 7 Billion braindead iZombies.

Beyond 2000 was the codename
But they suffered severe setbacks.

Between a few hundred thousand to a couple million of us Volunteered to come here between 1956 and now, most landing around 1975-1985. #ThreeWavesOfVolunteers.

Our major upsets:
- P2P
- End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)
- Bitcoin
- Spiritual Mvment
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Já ouviram falar das Pedras Guia da Geórgia?

O que está escrito nela?

Qual seu objetivo?

Siga a [Thread] ... Image
1) Em uma das colinas mais altas do condado de Elbert, Geórgia, fica um enorme monumento de granito. A estrutura gigantesca tem quase 20 pés de altura e é feita de seis lajes de granito, pesando no total 240.000 libras. Image
2)Com quatro blocos de pedra, têm 10 guias gravadas em 8 idiomas: inglês, espanhol, suaíli, hindi, hebraico, árabe, chinês e russo. Uma mensagem está inscrita no topo em quatro escritas de línguas antigas: hieróglifos babilônicos, gregos clássicos, sânscritos e egípcios. Image
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I am an ex Q follower and ex Trump supporter. The purpose of this page is to prove that Trump is NOT on our side, which, in turn, debunks the #qanon theory. This is going to be a very long thread with different reasons why I came to this conclusion.
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