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@PiaAhrenkilde @EU_Commission @EC_AVService #mRNA-#Leyen-#Pfizer.
cc: @ Rabyna46
#WEF: At least 4 billion #UselessEaters must be #eliminated.
- #Schwab mentioned the #Chinese and #Japanese people as they have been regimented for centuries who accept and #obey #orders without question
@PiaAhrenkilde @EU_Commission @EC_AVService 1. Insider Jacques #Atalli Revealed "#Vaccine" #Genocide Plan in -81 | Dec 7, 2021
2. This missive from Jacob #Rothschild (Lifts the #Veil) was written in reply to this article which appeared at thetruthseeker | Jan 8
- "#Covid is a necessary #hoax"
@PiaAhrenkilde @EU_Commission @EC_AVService #Darpa-#WarpSpeed-#mRNA.
Revealing Symbols - Top of the Pyramid
- #Rothschild coat of arms
- The coat of arms where the knight has two blue feathers on the edges and one white in the middle belongs to the #Leyen fam
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Today #Bakhmut is denazified. In a final display of Russian artillery, the remaining 8 city blocks were cooked off from incendiary shells and #denazified. Bakhmut is done, the bulk of the Russian, Wagner forces have already moved down to assault and successfully take Maryinka. Image
When the Zionists, Rothschild's apparently ordered Russian President Putin to 'Go Along' with their #NWO New World Order to genocide much of the ancient Russian families in the Donbas to steal Trillions in natural resources, Putin reportedly said 'NO'. 2015 Putin labeled traitor ImageImageImageImage
Ukraine's Azov SS id themselves as Neo-Nazi's. Much of their income in 2015 came from the sales of WW2 Nazi regalia in their recruitment center in Kiev. The term 'Denazification' has been widely used by the CEO Boss of the Wagner PMC mercenaries in Bakhmut…
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Never forget the NYPD officers who viewed Hillary Clinton's frazzeldrip video and all got suicided.......We need the truth.... #WeWantAnswers #HillaryClinton #NWO #frazzeldrip Image
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1🧵In July of 2021 the #G20 presented a report called "A Global Deal for our Pandemic Age" a High-Level Independent Panel on Financing the Global Commons for Pandemic Preparedness and Response.……
2🧵 The dozens of participants concluded that to solve these threats that we need to implement a global governance & financing mechanism, give the #WHO, #NGO's and think tanks more power all under the allure of sustainable global cooperation. Image
3🧵The G20, called upon all the earmarks of a typical #onehealthinitive and #NWO approach. The people involved come from:the #BMGF, The Global Virome Project, Eco Health Alliance, CEPI, WHO, #Metabiota, #WEF, #Moderna, Facebook, #Gavi.. (cont..) ImageImage
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#Deepstatemedia uses colour themes for comms. For example there's long been green and blue combo that is symbolic. Now, heaps of yellow. Likely sign of distress, or warning about health danger to globalists. Yellow Jack flag ("Q") seems relevant.…
Yellow often combined with black. I think it evokes #blacksun (eclipse). Just had one of those. Think of timing: Celestial corona featured in lead up to #coronation. Corona-virus, too. Along with Commonwealth itself, Commonwealth Bank comes to mind coz of colour combo.
Here are #comms related to this. From April 23's Failing Terrorgraph. #Bluedog and *Taylor* *Swift* feature. Headline evokes imprisonment. Big bucks mentioned. Note black, yellow, orange in photo taken by Wayne *Taylor*. Pooch snap is by David *Swift*. What are the odds? ImageImageImageImage
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Stoltenberg is in Kiev voor een onaangekondigd bezoek.

Ondertussen zijn Nederland en Denemarken van plan om 14 Leopard 2 tanks naar Oekraïne te sturen.…
Oekraïne, het bolwerk en witwascentrum van de Deep State #NWO.…
1/14 Image
Oekraïne, het bolwerk en witwascentrum van de Deep State #NWO.

Oekraïne, het bolwerk en witwascentrum van de Deep State #NWO.

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🔥#ONU - 2019 - Donald #Trump :
"À l'instar de mon pays d'origine, ces nations représentent une histoire, "
#Globalist #Patriots #NWO #liberte #Freedom @YvesPDB @BugaultV #USA
"une culture et un patrimoine précieux qui méritent d'être défendus et célébrés et qui nous confèrent un potentiel et une force singuliers. "
"Le monde libre doit embrasser chaque fondation nationale. Il ne doit pas tenter de les arrêter ou de les remplacer. En regardant autour de nous et partout, il y a une grande planète magnifique. "
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Een toespraak uit 1967 van Myron C Fagan over de Illuminati, Zionisme, Vrijmetselarij, Skull & Bones, de UN, de Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)

audioboek, 2hr 32 min:…
De Verenigde Naties is een Luciferiaanse sekte, onder controle van de Ridders van Malta, de Jezuïeten, de Rothschilds en de Rockefellers.

Illuminati Bilderberg NWO globalisten

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Gotta love @jimmy_dore. How do so many people still not know about these criminals? How long does it take to sink in, people? I mean...It's not brain surgery. 😉
Workforce statistics do not reflect what we're being told.
#VaccineInjuries #VaccineDeaths
#Fauci opened the #Gates of hell.
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@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt Children of #Donbass - THE #WAR IS ON! CHILDREN vs THE #NAZIS | 5 months ago…
#SaveOurChildren deNAZIfication - Special Military QperationZ WORLDWIDE
@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt cc: @ DaniMayakovski
#Ukraine. Images from the #Azov Battalion children's camp, where children from the age of 8 are #brainwashed into #Nazism and prepared militarily by indoctrinating them into a #hatred of #killing Russians. (2015)
@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt Ukrainian children drugged and indoctrinated by the #Nazis into shouting the #Hitler salute of "#SiegHeil" while being laughed at. (2016)
This video was captured from the flash drive of a press reporter from the #AzovBattalion at the #Mariupol base.
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Hilo 🧵 con una hipótesis dejada en el foro burbuja por el forero SOY al que le encanta analizar los números y sus entresijos. Les avanzo que la estadística nos dirá que lo que van a leer es imposible.

Tengo permiso del autor para publicarlo aqui en Twitter y si alguien más quiere publicarlo deberia pedirle permiso a el.

Decir que yo no creo en aliens y que muy posiblemente si se llega a producir esa invasión alien será obra del #BLUEBEAM y otra falsa bandera del #NWO
Todo lo que van a leer a partir de este tuit es por tanto obra de SOY y yo solo añadiré alguna imagen y algún enlace extra.

No intento alarmar ni meter miedo sino más bien todo lo contrario con este hilo.

Creo que exponer sus planes nos ayuda.
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#UN #UnitedNations #NATO #Adenda2030 #NWO #NewWorld #internetofthings #OperationLockstep #WEF #SPARS #ClimateTrojanHorse
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De Nieuwe Wereld Orde is nooit een theorie geweest.

#NWO 1/16…
Het Young Global Leaders-programma v/h WEF, het zogenaamde geesteskind van Klaus Schwab, is een bijna exacte kopie van het International Seminar van Henry Kissinger, dat oorspronkelijk vanuit Harvard werd geleid en door de CIA werd gefinancierd.

#NWO 2/16…
Op de ochtend van 11 september 2001 zat Klaus Schwab in Park East Synagogue in New York City te ontbijten met rabbijn Arthur Schneier, voormalig vicevoorzitter van het World Jewish Congress en naaste medewerker van de families Bronfman & Lauder.

#NWO 3/16…
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26/1/21 REWIND - in meer dan 100 landen verdween griep uit de statistieken. De maatregelen tegen Corona zouden ook goed tegen griep werken. Het antwoord blijkt genuanceerder te liggen. Er werd niet meer op griep getest, griep is dus nooit weg geweest…
10/3/23 - onze eerste hypothese voor wat betreft de CV19 uitbraak: CV19 werd ingezet om een lab-incident in de Oekraïne (#HunterBiden + #Kolomoisky) te maskeren. De PCR test was het instrument om de fraude op te tuigen. De PCR ontwikkelaars zijn 🔑…
2014 - #Kolomoisky is grootaandeelhouder in #Metabiota. Metabiota exploiteert oa. biolabs in Oekraïne (biolabs die niet zouden bestaan). De DOD zette de labs op en droeg ze over aan Metabiota (#HunterBiden) om de relatie met de US overheid te maskeren…
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Here is a heavily censored video of @Joan_Rivers exposing @BarackObama was gay and @MichelleObama was a tranny, within a couple weeks she had coincidentally died due to "surgery complications"

🔍Michael LaVaughn Robinson: Also Known As Michelle Obama
Here is another popular censored video of Michael (@MichelleObama's) third arm dancing around in his pants on the Ellen show.

🔍Michael LaVaughn Robinson: Also Known As Michelle Obama
Here is a another popular video of Michael (@MichelleObama's) third arm swinging around in his pants.

🔍Michael LaVaughn Robinson: Also Known As Michelle Obama
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Fed 1913; een Monolithische Meedogenloze “Bankiers Samenzwering” die zich beroept op heimelijke middelen om haar invloedssfeer uit te breiden: Infiltratie ipv van invasie, subversie ipv verkiezingen, intimidatie ipv vrije keuze, guerrilla's 's nachts ipv legers overdag #NWO
Een Monolithische Meedogenloze “Bankiers Samenzwering” tbv de Nieuwe Wereldorde #NWO.

1913 Federal Reserve Act.…

Een Monolithische Meedogenloze Samenzwering die zich beroept op heimelijke middelen om haar invloedssfeer uit te breiden: Infiltratie in plaats van invasie, subversie ipv verkiezingen, intimidatie ipv vrije keuze, guerrilla's 's nachts in plaats van legers overdag! #NWO

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1) While many listening to #Putin today will nod and agree with what he’s saying, you have to remember that the situation is far more complicated than it seems. You may even think that he is making a great deal more sense than any ‘leader’ in the West. And he no doubt is.
2) But then you have to ask yourself, why is he doing that? What is the motive? It appears that Russia, China, Israel and others are rearranging the world into a multi-polar one, which will likely lead to a serious weakening at best, and destruction at worse, of the West.
3) Now it’s important to note that the aforementioned entities have been fomented, established, financed, influenced and directed by certain elements of the cabal and certain banking interests. These are the same interests who want to turn the world into a technocratic serfdom.
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Milton Friedman spawned the Neoliberals & Leo Strauss spawned the Neoconservatives, they coalesced with other groups such as the Zionists revisionists to lead us to where in the West we are today, using United States, NATO & the EU as their hegemon conduits manufacturing enemies.
Russia & Christian Orthodox Church are their current manufactured enemy.
Islamists as manufactured enemy didn't stick, so they shifted to next best one.
Ironically, Prophecy of Christian Orthodox Church having the upper hand until Judgement Day is what they'll unravel instead.
& It continues with Nord Streams 1 & 2 US-Norway sabotage -
The EU brought to its knees by the Straussians...
another excellent article by @voltairenetEn - /thread…
- @meNabster @MELEK7452 What to remember:  - The Straussians are a fanatical sect re
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