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@madmandave1011 @realDonaldTrump @fedupwarrior4q @Delta5by5Dawn Here's the Legit Proof Who he is!!
#ArrestThemAllNow Trying To Brainwash America Some More to Think Police Are Bad. All Part of #NWO #Agenda21
Install #GND Install #Socialism
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q…
@madmandave1011 @realDonaldTrump @fedupwarrior4q @Delta5by5Dawn Wasn't Mr Marshmallow Davis Supposed to be Prosecuted or Indicted???
Why is He Still free??…
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I can't believe I just watched this Comedy Show! It is Sick! this is What #CommonCore does to our Child's Mind. This is the Idiocy of our Next Generation.. It will bring #CivilWar the Beginning of #Agenda21 nda21 @AOC
@AOC Installed AOC by Bushes listen to #Agenda21 in this Video Uncle to #JamalKhashoggi #AdanKhashoggi along with #GHWB41 installed this #NWO
Now refer back to Video above the dumbing down of our Children by Common Core
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Building 7 was evacuated between 9:00 and 9:30 am on morning of September 11 2001
#remember911 #September11 #WednesdayWisdom
On the day of September 11 was used to cover $240 Billion of Crimes within 50 years prior
September 11
#remember911 #September11 #WednesdayWisdom @madmandave1011
Destroying Evidence in Buildings 6, 7, and 1. #Remembering911 #remember911 #WednesdayWisdom #911Anniversary
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C!A posted a bonsai tree🤔💭Reminded me of my tweet back on July 5th from @realDonaldTrump interview w/ @TuckerCarlson. Binsai’s used “to provide guidance while predicting the fate or destiny of others.”
Who is the picture of behind it w/ guitar?🎸U2?
@JackalsLast @voeljegoed
Well done @LizzJustLizz !, 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’ve confirmed! The poster IS Johnny Cash in the background of the C!A bonsai tweet.
@JackalsLast @voeljegoed
3. 😳Well this is getting weirder by the minute! Note my tweet 7/5 of @realDonaldTrump where Kevin Spacey is noted in the ticker... C!A tweet was 9/8/2019 which just happened to be 20th Anniversary of “American Beauty” creepy #pedowood movie.🤔
@JackalsLast @Adbb037 @voeljegoed
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New Thread
I am Redoing my Older Thread For People to see the Truth Behind 911. And Why we are Still being Attacked 18 years later. #240BillionCovert
History that lead up to how 911 Started
#Bush41 #Qanon
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q…
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q The Original Thread I made on 911 and Bushes Involvement along with Iran-Contra, Iran Nuke, Barrick Gold, Enron, Black Eagle, "Boris Yeltsin", GS, Israel, RM, Senator Tower, Bronfman, NXVIM, & more…
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q What If I was to tell you 911 events is not done with us yet? They want their $240 Billion Dollars they lost in Tower 2. ... Big Names
911 Conspiracy No More the Real Truth behind why 911 #240Billion
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🔴Worldwide Conspiracy #NWO

🚨Did the PRESIDENTS & Illuminati know about 11Sept01as early as the ‘80’s?


🚨Every. Single. One.

🚨When Reagan got a warning shot, he fell back in line

🚨Whose line?

#Globalist #Illuminati

@OrtaineDevian @volarconalas

🚨An inside job & and an outside job

🚨The #Globalists ‘NewPearlHarbor’

🚨The False Flag GWB & Britain’s Cameron were skipping around about

🚨The reason for war that POPPY Bush wanted

🚨The Insurance Money

🚨The People were the only ones crying

@OrtaineDevian @ROCKINGANGELBMI @dmon4ever @GraceLempka @almostjingo @BerryDivine77 @MagaSpud @BridgetKF30 @CaliRedHat @carmindabrendel @Djmwhb3C 🔴9/11

🚨Molten gold was discovered at the bottom of ground zero ~ MOLTEN GOLD

🚨How’d THAT get there? Had to be there BEFORE the foundation was poured right?

🚨The IDEA was spearheaded by wealthy DAVID ROCKEFELLER shortly after WWII 🤔

@OrtaineDevian @Lied2B2point0
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Trump rips Fed: 'Who is our bigger enemy,' Powell or China's Xi? #EndThe #Fed…
#QAnon #FridayFeeling
The Federal Reserve act of 1913 #EndTheFed
How the bankers took complete control of our money system
The Federal Reserve is not Federal-it's privately owned commercial banks

#QAnon #FridayFeeling
Alan Greenspan "Federal Reserve is an independent agency"- No agency of the gov. can overrule the actions of the Fed!🐍
Federal Reserve says they are above the law #EndTheFed
When will the Federal Reserve be taken down for illegally taking control of our money in 1913?
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Are you familiar with #SyntheticTelepathy and #VoiceToSkull (#V2K) technology?

#MindControl didn't stop with the horrific experiments & sexual abuse of #MKultra.
It went state-of-the-art.

#Zuckerberg commented a few years ago about #Facebook (C_A) using #SyntheticTelepathy, saying the tech was a ways off.

It isn't. It's been here.
The #Army began experimenting with #SyntheticTelepathy #VRK, the tech based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an EEG, publicly in 2011, but the #DoD & #CIA have long been using it on the unsuspecting.

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Boris Nikolic, "biotech venture capitalist"…
Nikolic was an advisor and attendee at the World Economic Forum
Also in attendance at the Forum was Robert S. Harrison, CEO, Clinton Global Initiative
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Another "Happy Baby Bride" in Islam 🤬
#WakeUpAmerica #ThisIsIslam
Is this what you want for your daughters America 🤔
@IlhanMN & @RashidaTlaib want this for your daughters. 😱
Also the little ones get female genital mutilation. 👹
#Feministas support this Insanity. 🤮
#SistersOfTerror in #Congress leading America down the garden path of Islamic 💀 and destruction with deception while you sleep. 😴 They hate American #Freedom & #Sovereignty.
#TheSquad hates YOU and @POTUS Trump !!!
Is your memory failing you my fellow Americans ? 🤔
Islam is about world dominance under their ideology.
Their are no friends of Islam, only allegiance to the Koran which sanctions all pictured here, jihad. If you are a Christian or Jew / (infidel) in their care, you are 💀.
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1️⃣One World Government/New World Order

💥That means unified CHURCH & MONETARY system under THEIR direction
💥The One World Government began to set up its church in the 20’s
💥The CHURCH will be THEIR belief #GlobalismKills


2️⃣To BRING about the UTTER DESTRUCTION of all national IDENTITY and national PRIDE which is a PRIMARY consideration if the CONCEPT of a One World Government is to work

#NWO @OrtaineDevian @Conscience_Abe @coco14391 @loves2fishx @usmc_army @baalter

3️⃣To engineer and bring about the DESTRUCTION of RELIGION and more ESPECIALLY, the CHRISTIAN Religion, with the one exception, their OWN CREATION

#Satanism #NWO @OrtaineDevian @Bella_deOlivera @PWeepingAngel @Devine_freedom @TWITMO_INMATE @Twitsareangry
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Deciphering the panoply of manipulation deceit & lies of the parasitic #Ophite/ #Khazarian #Globalist #DeepState cabal…

To begin with “#OnlyTheNameChanges” is key to THEIR usurping/ renaming belief systems for THEIR own benefit… regardless ALL are based on #Ophiolatreia 🐍

To comprehend “#Serpent worship” one must travel far back in time to the founding cults of ALL symbolism/ religions/ belief systems…

#Stellar = #AstroTheology (most ancient)

#Solar = #FireandSun

#Lunar = #SerpentDragonandWolf

1915 Churchward…
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❌Mind Control➖The Ultimate Terror

♦️Mind-Control is multi layered

♦️The topic is overwhelming, but our only chance of surviving this agenda is to understand how it functions & take steps to reduce our vulnerability

@OrtaineDevian @Lied2B2point0

♦️The plans to create a mind controlled workers society have been in place for a long time

♦️The current technology grew out of EXPERIMENTS that the NAZIS started before WWII

♦️The media KNEW about of the experiments, but kept from the public

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#GeorgeSoros Funniest & Most Ironic Plead ToDate! The Dark Man Who Gives $13+ Billion Of His Dark Money to His Dark #NWO Organization is Pleading Against $50 Million in Dark Money Given to his “Dark” Opposition Counterparts. If This Ain’t Uber Ironic I Don’t Know What is!!😂
It would take a three-volume 500 page each book series to cover it all- but, a few #Soros flashback photos enough to give a taste.
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@UrbaneDeplore @alice_waiting @NivensMcTwisp2 A succinct summary:

#Zionist Ancient History = Saturn:!3pQHwQjK!UMv…

Connection to Ancient #Symbolism
@UrbaneDeplore @alice_waiting @NivensMcTwisp2 1920 “The Cause of World Unrest”

Replace Jews w/ “#Ophite #Pelasgi/ #Khazarian #Globalist [DS] mafia crypto-Jews”… add to #Atheists #Nihilists former oppressed #Minorites
= TODAY’S #NWO #DivideAndConquer strategy…

(cf) #Brexit = #IE pgs: xix;
& 50-3
@UrbaneDeplore @alice_waiting @NivensMcTwisp2 Brown uni [occult Jesuit] ABC/ Al-Jazeera Monarch/ MKUltra journalist

Died 2009 London died [IBC] once asked me to enquire if 3 yoa child’s parents open to adoption by another couple she knew [re Talmud]

Sis = DLAPiper in DC
Bro = Psychiatrist Denver…
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Hey #MAGA & #QAnon Fam👋😍🇺🇸

1/3-You may have noticed, that I've deleted most of my threads & tweets. Looks like even though that didn't help me avoid the Twitler algorithms... it was still a good idea, because Twatter is updating their format & ToS.

So... 🤓👇
2/3-I'm on a tweet break, while I update my threads... to make sure all the info complies w/Twatter's new ToS and my memes are resized, to fit Twatter's new format. FYI... looks like 1200w x 675h is a good size. 🤓👇
3/3-While I'm away... here's a Moment full of other Anons threads/tweets about the #Globalist #DeepState #NWO #Illuminati #Cabal... I'll add more info to this Moment, as I come across it, while researching my new thread. 🤓👍

#ThanQ 🙏❤️🌎…
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3533...
This is one of the best written synopsis of the realities that form the heart of the current #GeoPolitical specters.
a. There aren't anywhere hear enough votes in the Senate 2carry an #Impeachment vote in the yea...!
2) #QAnon 3533 cont...
b. The #Leftist base, exists in a plastic version of current & historic events & continues 2swallow the narratives, that [D] propagandists spew.
Societal integration of the #ObstructionCon, is centrally positioned within the #Anti_American narrative push.
3) #QAnon 3534...
502 Bad Gateway may appear.
Graphics from link below.…

@charliekirk11 Tweet about the historic fact that the last 3 Mayors of #Baltimore, all stepped down due 2corruption!
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1) #AmericanThinker always brings forth noteworthy, extensive research & presents the obvious conclusions, there, from...…
#Mueller's stature, as a #NWO errand boy, doesn't come w/o plentiful reenforcing data sets.
His troublesome, unethical & corrupt #FBI
2) career, prior 2his appointment as the SC on the #WitchHunt, deserves a serious vetting.
His long & sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent ppl is a stain upon the legacy of Am. jurisprudence. His judgment & credibility 2lead the prosecution of anyone is questionable.
3) At 1st listen, the potential that #Mueller himself, was scared, came 2mind.
W/continued watching, it seems apparent that he 2suffers from onset of a neurologic malady.
Combined w/his continued fall backs, "Not my purview" among them, seems as tho he's been coached in advance.
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Snopes Social Sites working so hard to debunking that human organs are being harvested in restaurants... SMH..
Locations of #HumanOrganHarvestFarms
Why Did USA really get Slaves?
#Cannibalism been around over 10,000 years..
Ever since Humans been..
Cannibalism existed..
Humans taste like Pigs.. .maybe real meaning why Muslims don't eat PIG?
deeper thinking.
He maybe speaking Spanish but there are English subtitles
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1) @realDonaldTrump
#QAnon 3427...
#Q drops a drone flyover of #Epstein's "#PedoIsland".
The footage is extremely telling. You can see much of what has been covered up by the sat map sites like #GOOGMaps, in their attempt 2keep specifics under wraps.
2) #QAnon 3428...
2 links w/intel on #GhislaineMaxwell, the "GE" that shows in the #Epstein flight logs.…

Text also relates her link to the #NYSPCC, w/the 2014 ETM Children's Benefit Gala, which she attended.…
3) #QAnon3429...
The implication here is that accidents happen in jail.
#Epstein, SDNY & is currently being held at MCC Manhattan near the federal courthouse.
Numerous theories are surfacing regarding a link between the blackout & something 2do w/JE. Did they move him?
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