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Several people have asked me for my comments on recent articles about Sarin being a possible underlying cause behind the so-called "Gulf War Illness"/"Gulf War Syndrome" that many veterans of the 1990-1991 "First Gulf War" have suffered.
Well, my first impression is that, no, this is not actually news per se. Sarin has been on the list of things as suspected causes for a long time now. I know people who were investigating that hypothesis in 1997-1998.
But there is some interesting stuff in the technical literature, both recently (i.e. sparking interest by news outlets recently) and, actually 15+ years ago.
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Text: 2Cor. 10:5-6
Title: Ingredients for victorious Christian living

Prayer is very essential in the life of a man who wants to enjoy victory. With prayers, you can lock & open heavens.

We can wage our war by the help of the Holy Spirit. He is our strategist
FAITH: The Christian journey I a journey of faith. Hebrews 6:11-12, 1. Faith is the confidence and assurance you when believing that God will do something to you even when she it doesn't look like it.

Hebrews 11:6. Faith is very essential in pleasing God.
Luk 17:6
You can accomplish much with your little Faith. Matthew 8:26

As long as Jesus I on the boat with you, it can never sink. Matthew 6:29-33; 16:8

This year, launch out in faith for the mighty miracle you are expectant of.
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Thyroid as a #target of adjuvant #autoimmunity /#infammatory syndrome due to mRNA‐based SC2 vaccination.
#Vaccines contain #adjuvants which are not exempt from adverse efects and can #trigger the autoimmune/infammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (#ASIA). Image
Multiple endocrine organs have receptors for ACE2.
mRNA of ACE2, the SARS-CoV2 receptor, is expressed in the thyroid cells.
ACE2 receptor is abundantly expressed by the thyroid. Elevated levels of proinflammatory cytokines could increase the expression ofACE2 on the thyroidgland.
ASIA covers a wide range of diseases like macrophagic myofasciitis syndrome, post-vaccination phenomena, #GulfWar syndrome #GWS and Silicosis.
After mass vaccination with SARS-CoV2 vaccines, some cases of Graves’ disease have been reported. #Grave ‘s disease after #Pfizer.
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pretty when i cry.

— meanie / minwon au

"kalo nemenin gue aja mau gak?"
"nemenin gimana maksudnya?"
"yaa biasalah. netflix and chill" ImageImage
● top!mingyu , bot!wonwoo
● mostly 🔞, minors pls leave
● timestamps kadang ngaco
● or: my attempt at toxic relationship
● trigger warning menyusul seiring berkembangnya cerita
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TEXT: 2Corinthians 3:18
TITLE: Greater Glory


- God always have something better in stock for us.
- Greater glory, on eagles' wings are only promising us one thing: Dynamic progress.
- Dynamic progress is unpredictable because the God we serve is an inexhaustible God. Romans 11:33

- No matter how much you think you know God, you can never have enough of God. Job 42:3; 1Peter 2:2; 1corinthians 3;2
- The workings of god in our life is not static/ stagnant; it is progressive.
- You can never experience all of God, greater things are always in stock. 2Corinthians 3:18 (MSG)
- Whatever God have done for you, in you or through you can always be brighter and better.
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