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[THREAD] Wondering what to make of the @US_FDA’s new rules about the J&J vaccine? Here’s what you need to know.
America’s medicines regulator announced that the J&J jab should only be given to adults in 3 scenarios:
1. They don’t have access to other #COVID jabs.
2. They can’t take other #COVID #vaccines for medical reasons.
3. They choose the J&J jab because it’s the only vaccine available.
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🧵Let's look at a few Ontario #covid19 trends.
#covid19ontario #onhealth
1. Hospitalizations are down -18.3% over last week (1248) as hospitals recover from wave 6. 7 day average ICU admissions are up slightly. Only 37.9% of hospitalizations are "for" covid (vs "with"). Image
2. The hospital picture is now strongly tilted to hospital wards vs ICU. This is tied primarily to high incidental infection rates among those admitted/hospitalized, vaccination levels (rates are high for 60+) and [presumably] improved treatment.
#onhealth #covid19 Image
3. New deaths appear to have moderated for this wave. The peak reached a 7 day daily average of 19.9, two-thirds the peak of the Wave 3 Alpha wave last Spring. Image
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🍻New paper published on @BDCC_MDPI, collab. w. @mvitevit and @Fede_Botta:
Cognitive Networks Extract Insights on COVID-19 Vaccines from English and Italian Popular Tweets: Anticipation, Logistics, Conspiracy and Loss of Trust
@BDCC_MDPI @mvitevit @Fede_Botta We investigate almost 5k Popular tweets about #COVID19 and #vaccines from early 2021.
Remember when vaccines were announced?
How did massively read content frame vaccines? With which stances and emotions?
We use #cognitive networks and #machinevision to address these points!
We found #emotional #polarisation in the framing of "vaccines" in English tweets.
Emotions like trust and anticipation co-existed with negative emotions of sadness and anger.
A circumplex model corroborated this dichotomy. These emotions rose from discussions about cases/deaths:
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[THREAD] During the #BudgetVote2022 Minister of Health, Joe Phaahla, confirmed that SA is not where it should be with the vaccine rollout, but he said that the country is still making progress. 35.1-million doses were administered as of yesterday, 9 May.
This accounts for 19,7-million adults, or 49.5% of the adult population. And, 70% of the population has had contact with the virus and therefore have attained some natural immunity, but cases may still increase as people huddle together indoors during winter.
In response to Phaahla’s #BudgetVote2022 @EFFSouthAfrica accused @SAHPRA1 of misleading the public about the quality of #COVID19SA #vaccines. Not so, here’s why.
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Why is no one talking about #Covid as a direct cause of inflationary pressure, and about how to address it?
#CostOfLivingCrisis #recession
~ Richard Murphy…
/2 "Brexit, Covid reopening, supply chain problems, profiteering, war disruption and sanctions are all plausible contributors to the inflation. None can be addressed, let alone solved, by an interest rate rise.
/3 In fact, by adding to inflationary pressure (increasing interest rate rises is an inflationary price increase, after all) such an increase can only make things worse.
2nd, I have so far not seen anyone suggest that the failure of #Covid policy is to blame. I am doing so now
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Union Finance Minister Smt. @nsitharaman and @WorldBank Group President Mr. @DavidMalpassWBG met at Washington D.C., today. (1/6)
The two discussed India’s continued #recovery from #COVID19, impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict, Single Borrower Limit & exploring the possibility of Guarantees from other G-7 nations, India’s #G20Presidency and @WorldBank leadership in India. (2/6)
Finance Minister Smt. @nsitharaman stated that India’s pandemic response has focused on the twin goals of saving lives and livelihoods. India has been successfully running world’s 2nd largest #vaccination programme, administering more than 1.85 billion doses of #vaccines. (3/6)
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The #transgenderism agenda and #mRNA technology are highly tied together. Together they represent an attempt to introduce a tectonic shift in human consciousness: the acceptance of #transhumanism and the genetically "enhanced" human beings that no longer carry human DNA.
The #transgenderism agenda represents an attempt to introduce a new paradigm: there is no such thing as a biological man or a woman.
It is essential, because #transhumanism will require psychological & social acceptance that there is no such thing as a biological human being.
The push for #mRNA technology (gene therapy) based #COVID19 #vaccines was essential, because it is meant to condition people to accept upon themselves and upon their loved ones a gene manipulation technology, which is going to be the key technology driving #transhumanism.
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Some #COVID19 vaccines could increase risk of HIV, researchers warn (October 20, 2020)
"Some coronavirus vaccine candidates currently under development could increase susceptibility to HIV"… #GTFO
Researchers Warn Some #COVID19 #vaccines Could Increase Risk Of #HIV Infection (Oct 20, 2020)
"...potentially leading to an increase in infections as vaccines are rolled out to vulnerable populations around the world."…
Covid Injections increase risk of HIV
Chris Sky has certainly seen this first hand including bringing out the medical evidence of the #COVID19 shots increasing risk of getting #HIV. "When i warned of this I was brutally attacked".…
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Debunk on the #pfizerdocuments . They mean nothing. I’ll tell you why. But first here is the link to the original paper:…
If you read them, You will find 42.086 #notifications concerning possible side-effects and a checklist of possible adverse-effects which #Pfizer looks for in the trials (starts page 30)
These adverse-effects are different then side-effects. They haven’t happened, are only mentioned as things to look out for and prove that #Pfizer is thorough in their #testing and #research.
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🔊Heads up, at 11am PST we'll look at the new BA.2 #Covid variant, which now accounts for more than 50% of new infections in New York/New England, and almost 35% in California. Join us here @EthnicMediaSvc or via FB @LcacNews @StanfordChild
Welcome to today's briefing, "The BA.2 #Variant Gains Ground: Are We Heading Back to the Future?"
You can follow the discussion on Twitter @EthnicMediaSvc or via FB Live
A question from our moderator @sunita37 on how the BA.2 #variant emerged. "BA.2 is similar to #omicron that shares a common ancestor with #omicron but it is an ancestor that we do not know," says @DrBenNeuman
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I was honored to speak in front of @HouseScience committee yesterday abt the importance of trusted messengers in a crisis— & what we need to do for the next phase of #Covid_19.

Here is my opening statement … 🧵 1x

#Vaccines #VaccinesSaveLives #PrimaryCare
As we inevitably face more C19 waves & variants, I worry abt the ongoing devastation from the virus *and* abt the collateral damage from the mitigations themselves. Mostly I worry abt ppls’ confusion & resulting anxiety abt not knowing who to trust in a global health crisis.2x
I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned firsthand caring for patients almost every day during COVID—real people on the receiving end of often confusing public health guidance & the unfortunate politicization of science. 3x
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Dr. Richard Fleming goes on record about the #bioweapon known as #COVID19;
and the Associated "#Vaccines"
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#UkraineWar #NWO

Henry Makow Ph.D.

Headlines for March 26, 2022 -- Your Leaders Want You Dead!

(#NATO promised the #USSR it would not expand to the East)

Your leaders want you dead!
And many of you are OK with that!…
The (World Economic Forum) wants to kill 6-7 billion "useless eaters."

'In case their "#vaccines" don't work, they're hoping Russia will do the job. They're poking the Russian bear, hoping to provoke a nuclear war.
They're supplying weapons to #Ukraine to kill Russian soldiers. They're also trying to cripple #Russia economically by stealing her money and blocking her markets.'
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🧵. #Russia colonised #Ukraine in 18th century. Since then, they've been trying to exterminate ukrainian indentity and culture, to assimilate us into being russian. They appropriated a lot of our #culture, #history, achievements and personalities doing this. 1/ #twitterstorians
Foreword. Many of these examples might seem to you as insignificant or unconnected, but they all are evidence to the trend of generations of russians trying to unexist us as a nation, make Ukraine into what they think we are – "Little Russia" 2/
Let's get the obvious one out of the door. #Borsch is and always was Ukrainian. It got into russia with soviet diner menus. Now russians claim it's as intrinsic to russia as it is to us. Bullshit. 3/ A beautiful and tasty combo of Borsch, salo (lard in pieces)
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💉 Without mandates, people’s opposition to #vaccines was softer than one might guess — only 3.3% of those surveyed. With mandates, resistance quintupled, to 16.5%.

New research by inbound SFI Fellow Katrin Schmelz (@UniKonstanz) & SFI Prof Samuel Bowles:…
"Opposition to voluntary and mandated #COVID19 #vaccination as a dynamic process: Evidence and #policy implications of changing #beliefs"

by Katrin Schmelz & Samuel Bowles

Read the paper in @PNASNews:…
“To increase and sustain vaccination rates, change people’s beliefs, and build trust. People have to feel that the guidance they’re getting from the government makes sense and is reliable. And it’s key to get the word out that the vaccines really work.”
– Katrin Schmelz
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#SupremeCourt to hear plea seeking disclosure of data related to vaccine trials and restraining coercive action on not taking #vaccines #COVID19 Image
Earlier, The SG while referring to a gamut of foreign judgments argued that “it is not enough that someone creates a doubt in the mind of the public with regard to vaccination, they should also try and dispel it.”…
Counsel appearing for the State of Tamil Nadu submits that the State is empowered to make mandates, like those who are not vaccinated will not be able to access the public places.
I have statutory power.
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#SupremeCourt to hear plea seeking disclosure of data related to vaccine trials and challenging the constitutional validity of vaccine mandates #vaccines #COVID19 @pbhushan1
SG Tushar Mehta refers to pre-clinical safety data and vaccine vial monitors.

SG: This is updated on a regular actual time basis. purpose is every vial is kept safely in a cold storage.
SG: Petitioner had relied upon a judgment of American Circuit court where a stay was granted. US SC overruled it. this was regarding mandatory vaccination of health care workers.. Centre has only encouraged vaccination
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#Biolab conspiracy theory brought to you by the same nutcases who said #HIV doesn't cause #AIDS, that US gov invented AIDS, that corona was fake and #vaccines are #BillGates microchippers. Next up: #Russian propaganda @ routine public health labs
2/The Lugar Research Center came to the public's attention in 2017, when Russian authorities repeatedly alleged that the center was engaged in biological weapons development for the United States, with no evidence and contrary to expert opinion.
3/Biological weapons expert Filippa Lentzos agreed that the Russian allegations were “unfounded” and commented that they are “part of a disinformation campaign.”
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Ever wonder why kids don’t get smallpox vaccine anymore? Because we once decided to eradicate it with #vaccines & 100% containment—& fully EXTINGUISHED smallpox off the face of the Earth 🌍. ➡️ We chose to go **ZERO SMALLPOX** because 500,000,000 deaths in 100 years was enough!!
2) So, was the smallpox vaccine some magical miracle 100% efficacy for a lifetime efficacy protection? No, it was 95% and for only 3-5 years, with waning after. It had to be used with contact tracing & village lockdowns to eradicate it—a PLUS strategy.…
3) The eradication of smallpox was no small feat. It took 10 full years to extinguish smallpox off the face of the planet. It was led by the legendary DA Henderson of @JohnsHopkinsSPH @CDCgov and @WHO.

His obituary was epic—by the great @helenbranswell.…
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Study looking at the impact of vaccine misinformation found:

-66% of U.S. adults say they would be likely to recommend vaccinating a hypothetical 5-11 yr olds in their household who is eligible for the #Covid19 #vaccine.
-39% of the vaccinated-but-not-boosted hold high levels of misinformation about the effects and safety of #vaccines
-the more that unvaccinated adults worry about getting #long #Covid, the more likely they are to say they will get vaccinated
-40% of the #unvaccinated – or 9% of the total survey sample – are potentially persuadable to be #vaccinated…
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I'm happy to say that this will be my last #Omicron update.


I read the ER and inpatient films from 11pm last night until 3:30pm today.

Of the 29 ER chest X-rays, only 1 had findings consistent with a COVID-19 pneumonia.



#Omicron #COVID19
Hospitalizations continue to decrease despite a return to in class schooling and graduated reopening.


#COVID19 #Omicron…
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1/🧵 WAKE UP - #COVID is a Ball & Chain for heart disease & stroke.
This 154,000 pt study & others solidify COVID as a PREDICTOR of a variety of CardioVascular Dzs.
Translation: #LongCOVID pts suffer heart attacks, strokes & much more.
2/ SHOCKER: Amazing work scientifically. Every med student is taught to gauge Cardiovascular risk history: Smoking, Obesity, HTN, Cholesterol, Family History…

Add COVID to the list. Solid data from @NatureMedicine of US Veterans used >11M contemporary + historical controls!
3/ Main figure shows both hazard ratios & excess burden per 1,000 persons of highlighted types of problems like strokes, V Tach & #POTS, myocarditis, heart attacks, heart failure & blood clots in 154,000 people 30 days after COVID vs. 5,637,647 contemporary controls.
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