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Excellent OpEd by @linseymarr & @jljcolorado on the early and persistent confusion around the word "airborne" wrt the pandemic. It's a short overview on the effects of these miscomms across medical & disciplinary boundaries.
Some salient quotes, links (1/)…
2/ “This fundamental misunderstanding of the virus disastrously shaped the response during the first few months of the pandemic & continues to this day. We still see it now in the surface cleaning protocols that many have kept in place even while walking around without masks. …”
3/ “… There is a key explanation for this early error. In hospitals, the word “airborne” is associated w/ a rigid set of protective methods, incl. the use of N95 respirators by workers and negative pressure rooms for patients. These are resource-intensive and legally required.”
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“Trigger” (2022), CRAXY. There’s something funny going on in CRAXY’s latest single. And by “funny,” I mean not so good. You know by now that this not-so-good English is going to crop up in the chorus. Let’s take a look:


#KpopEnglishProject #CRAXY #Trigger #kpop #lyrics

“Pull the trigger like you loaded”

What’s wrong with that? Maybe it’s just me, but when I hear “loaded” in that line, I think of two things:

Pull the trigger like you’re drunk

and then

Pull the trigger like you’re rich.

Clearly, neither one is the intended meaning.

Then again, the intended meaning is a bit of a stretch. Because what they mean is something like “Pull the trigger as though you, yourself, are a weapon” or “Pull the trigger as though you are powerful.” As it is, the line makes me laugh.

How to fix it? I have some ideas.
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A thread 🧵 #trigger #FamilyCourt

1/ This week I made a submission to the Attorney Generals Dept looking at how we can improve the competency & accountability of Family Court Reporters…
@custodypeace @NataliePage31 @LynAnge11 @sally_stevensxn @davtw2 @DMckateface @CCCBuryStEd
2/ Family Court Writers are the people who are given unwavering support by the Family Court to provide an ‘expert opinion’ on custody of children…often after having only met them once or twice. @DrEmmaKatz @ManjulaOConnor @AbigailBoydMLC @DLulabele @TheACECC @engenderedpod
3/ This unwavering support comes from a number of strongly held FALSE beliefs including the ideas that
@TheblueTake @AustralianLobby @age_no_barrier @thecrimeanalyst @bradchilcott @DrAsthaTomar @catherine_falc @JaneCaro
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Eine neue sneak-peak gibt es auch diese Woche für die #schlüsselbegriffederpublichistory. Heute geht es um die #historische #Imagination. Dieser Begriff hilft, historisches Erleben, Emotionalisierungen u auratische Erfahrungen einzuordnen.
Los geht's mit einem Beispiel:
1/ 16
Als der deutsch-jüdische Autor Peter Weiss im Dezember 1964 das erste Mal in die Gedenkstätte und das Museum Auschwitz reiste, versuchte er mit allen seinen Sinnen sich am historischen Ort ein Bild vom millionenfachen Mord zu machen.
Das Bild, das er im Kopf hat und in Worte fasst, zeugt nicht von objektiver Bestandsaufnahme oder exakter Beschreibung der Ausmaße des Verbrechens, sondern von dem Ringen darum, dem Erleben der Opfer so nah wie möglich zu sein.
3/ 16
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Thyroid as a #target of adjuvant #autoimmunity /#infammatory syndrome due to mRNA‐based SC2 vaccination.
#Vaccines contain #adjuvants which are not exempt from adverse efects and can #trigger the autoimmune/infammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (#ASIA). Image
Multiple endocrine organs have receptors for ACE2.
mRNA of ACE2, the SARS-CoV2 receptor, is expressed in the thyroid cells.
ACE2 receptor is abundantly expressed by the thyroid. Elevated levels of proinflammatory cytokines could increase the expression ofACE2 on the thyroidgland.
ASIA covers a wide range of diseases like macrophagic myofasciitis syndrome, post-vaccination phenomena, #GulfWar syndrome #GWS and Silicosis.
After mass vaccination with SARS-CoV2 vaccines, some cases of Graves’ disease have been reported. #Grave ‘s disease after #Pfizer.
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#RHOBHReunion got me in a binge. I had never seen Real Housewives (anything, much seen #RHOBH before.

So, after my Season 10 today (and currently on That's Amore) - let me just say that @DENISE_RICHARDS coming back to the table was a huge deal.

I know that *Denise leaving* was a thematic element in the show but may I offer a legitimate empathetic reason? It may not apply to her but - in my life - I will tell you why;

#Trauma of the #PTSD unresolved kind that drove me to #Codependent Recovery (#CodieRecovery👈).

Someone (sorry I cannot remember who) characterized her as being 'Fight or Flight' and they're right. I'm gonna also go out on a limb and characterize her potential for a Freeze.

I was a Freezer.


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