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🏳️‍🌈Lets discuss one of todays most sensitive topics. The LGBTQ+ community in the United States of America.

🌈More specifically, what it means to be a LGBTQ+ young adult in the US and the threats faced.

🚨Trigger Warning!

#LGBT #USA #LGBTIQ #LGBTQIA #Pride #America Image
🔺Recent years in America we have seen a drastic uptick in policies, laws, and propaganda targeting our fellow LGBTQ+ citizens.

• Florida “Don’t Say Gay Bill”
• Attacks on LGBTQ+ teachers
• Attacks on drag shows
• Books and Movie Banning
• Etc.
🔺In the United States 7.1% of adults identify as LGBTQ+. However, when looking at younger generations you see that percentage increase.

🔺Generation Z (10-25 years old) the percentage jumps up to 21% who identify LGBTQ+.

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In a June 22 @pozmagazine op-ed, I asked if LGBT & HIV leaders & organizations were doing enough to fight #monkeypox, which is spreading rapidly among gay/bi/trans men. I'm glad to say people in SF are stepping up! 1/
I felt like the effort to avoid stigma by not calling it a "gay disease" was overshadowing the need to raise awareness & marshal resources for the community that was -- & still is -- most heavily affected. 2/
CA Senator @Scott_Wiener was among the first elected officials to speak out about the need to do more about #monkeypox -- & he’s also raising awareness about meningitis vaccination for gay & bi men. 3/
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Cafe Ursula yrittää edelleen sinnikkäästi myydä elintarvikkeitaan #H1N2 #Birdflu hanhenpaskan keskellä. Seuraava #Pandemia lähtee liikkeelle Kaivopuiston pyhän #EU -hanhen ulosteista. ImageImageImage
#Ylpeys #suicide #Pride. Hanhien lisäksi punapäähömeliäiset,käyvät ulostamassa #Kaivopuisto'n rantavedessä, Cafe Ursula'n vieressä.Lajille on tyypillistä, köyhästä raviinnosta aiheutuva, kaksineuvoinen käytös ja matala älykkyystaso. ImageImageImage
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Sind eine Demonstration und die Absage des Vortrags der Biologin Marie-Luise Vollbrecht (@Frollein_VogelV) an der @HumboldtUni wirklich #CancelCulture und ein Angriff auf die #Wissenschaftsfreiheit?
Let's calm down, take a step back, and look at some facts: (1/x)
In vielen Medien wurde ein Bild gezeichnet, das suggeriert: Objektive Wissenschaft wird durch Ideologie angegriffen. Das Framing ist klar: Viele Menschen denken bereits, dass auf der einen Seite eine unschuldige, objektive Wissenschaftlerin steht, ...
... die einfach nur unpolitische Wissenschaft betreiben möchte, aber dann von linken Ideolog*innen und #trans* Aktivist*innen angegriffen wurde.
Und es wird suggeriert, dass die binäre Zweigeschlechtlichkeit...
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Our 1st #LGBTQI #Youth News Bulletin is out. Here's a recap of some of the major news & policy developments that happened in the Council of Europe Region in June 2022 from an LGBTQI Youth perspective. [1/9]

📰 Read our full Bulletin down this thread or on
🏳️‍⚧️ #Cycling, #Swimming and #Rugby’s International Governing Bodies Impose New Anti-#Trans Rulings [2/9]
🇷🇴 #Romania to Potentially Prohibit the Dissemination of Information on #LGBTQI Issues [3/9]
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Currently, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene can only run tests for *10 people per day* for orthopoxvirus, the family of viruses to which #monkeypox belongs. (Positive results are sent to CDC to test for monkeypox itself.) The city is looking to increase this rate.
If NYC's #Pride festivities lead to a big boost in #monkeypox cases, this week will likely be the period during which symptoms start to emerge in any people who got the virus then. Given the city's limited testing capacity, this could be a big problem.…
I've spoken with a lot of gay men who report considerable difficulty getting tested for #monkeypox. After pushing to get tested at all, they then will wait quite some time for results to come back. The process might take about a week or so.🧵⬆️⬇️
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1."You’re just not supposed to show it."
#DykeMarchCologne organizers/stewards snatched a Labrys flag from a lesbian woman at the #dykemarch in Cologne on July 2nd. In the ongoing scuffle, an unknown person stole the flag. A complaint has been filed with the police. #GetTheLOut
2. The #DykeMarchCologne, a march for lesbians (and straight men who pretend to be women/lesbians) is held every summer as a part of the CSD #Pride celebrations. But lesbians, who know that men can't be lesbians, aren't welcome there.
#LesbiansDontHavePenisses #LesbenXX
3. Several organizers of the #DykeMarchCologne therefore snatched a Labrys flag (lesbian #Pride flag) from a lesbian woman who, along with other women, demonstrated for the sex-based rights of women and pointed out the appropriation of lesbian spaces by men.
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Just some of the best signs from #Pride today 💖🌈

(Because some of these are really quite something!) Image
'Pride @ 50' Image
'No one should live in a closet'⚡️⚡️⚡️ Image
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Love this picture by @veripix captures how it FELT marching yesterday w/ Gay Liberation Front #Pride50 Marching alongside Nigerian Lesbian MFJ activist Rosemay Ogiwuke (queer as in fuck your borders sign) & Gay Nigerian activist Micky - both fighting for their right to stay (1/5)
We marched cause PRIDE IS A PROTEST we have so much still 2 fight 4, cause people like Rosemary & Mickey are routinely disbelieved 2b LGBT by @ukhomeoffice who happily deport LGBT people to persecution/death while draping themselves in the rainbow flag #Pride #StopThePlane (2/5)
This is Taher, an Algerian unemployed workers activist who had 2 flee after jailed for protesting. He crossed the channel last year seeking freedom & sanctuary. The day before we marched he was granted asylum. Towards end of this march he said… (3/5) credit @veripix
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I'm on my way to the PRIDE March in central London - running late which is not like me at all. #Pride
Wow! Go to support PRIDE and everyone assumes! For the record I'm ??? none of your business, it doesn't matter anyway, I support the rights of the LGBT. Anyway, block button is on fire today... I don't need racist, homophobic or idiots messing up my timeline!
That was a message for trolls. Whatever we are, we should all be proud of who we are. It was fantastic to be there. I met many wonderful people. There must have been at least a million people there.
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June 30. #MarkTheDate Hi. This is Kristin. Sharing what's on my mind as I observe the 2-year anniversary of my Dad's passing from #Covid19. This is an unedited, uncut version, like the B side of an album. Give it a read. Then do something for those @MarkedByCovid 1/ Image
My first memory of life without my Dad is seeing the last tendrils of sunlight disappearing over the horizon. I suspect I'll lean into that image for the rest of my life. After all, it helps numb the reality that I was at a gas station. 2/ Image
I was at a gas station because I was driving from San Francisco to Phoenix in an attempt to get home and wrestle my way into the hospital to see him. I was driving because we were in the middle of a pandemic and there was no other way to safely get from point A to point B. 3/ Image
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Lately it feels like hope is slipping away.

But we just celebrated #Pride in the small conservative town of Taylor, Texas.

Hope is a stubborn thing. Image
Hope is hard to find right now.

Things are bad—especially here in Texas. Roe, Uvalde, and relentless attacks on trans kids, migrant families, and working Texans.

But #Pride shows us how to shine in the dark.
#Pride started with a bloody riot.

Out of that pain, generations of organizers forged this month of hope for our LGBTQIA+ family.

It’s appropriate that its symbol is a rainbow because rainbows only come after storms. Image
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Last day of June so we will be finishing off with a week of #SafeguardingFail s from the inbox.

Day 1: Contrary to legislation a #Cambridgeshire school has responded “it is not viable to provide copies of all curriculum materials to parents” to being asked to share resources.
Day 2: Again a refusal to share materials with parents on request, this time school in north of England. ‘Copyright’ was given as the excuse this time. As has been confirmed in today’s #RSEDebate this is incorrect. #SafeguardingFail #PSHEPeeps
Day 3: A school in the south of England has invited the school of sexuality in to discuss pleasure & make playdough vaginas with year 8 girls. They are denying to parents that they have the right to withdraw their children from these lessons. #SafeguardingFail #RSEDebate #PSHE
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Morgen, am Donnerstag, den 30.06.2022, soll der Bundestag über die Einführung des sog. “#Selbstbestimmungsgesetz” abstimmen, das dann das veraltete “Transsexuellengesetz” ablösen soll. Dies ist ein gewaltiger Schritt für die Rechte und Sichtbarkeit von trans Menschen. 🧵 1/15
Bisher war eine Transition mit hohen Kosten, bürokratischen Hürden und der Abhängigkeit von gutwilligen Therapeut*innen und Behörden verbunden. Das neue Gesetz soll die amtliche Personenstandsänderung vereinfachen. U.a. Portugal, Belgien oder Norwegen haben ähnliche Gesetze. 2/15
Dass trans Menschen nun selbstbestimmt ihren amtlichen Geschlechtseintrag anpassen können, ist transfeindlichen Kräften ein Dorn im Auge. Seit Monaten machen sie mit antifeministischer und queerfeindlicher Propaganda gegen das Selbstbestimmungsgesetz mobil. 3/15
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Su #Stonewall e le rivolte che segnarono per sempre il destino della comunità #LGBTQ+ la storia spesso si confonde con la leggenda. Nessuno sa chi scagliò il primo pugno, ma c’è chi dice sia stata lei, e lei dice di essere stata la prima: Stormé DeLarverie, donna lesbica e nera.
Stormé DeLarverie nacque nel 1920 a New Orleans dalla relazione clandestina tra sua madre, donna afroamericana che lavorava come domestica, e il datore di lavoro, uomo bianco. La sua data di nascita è sconosciuta, ma lei adorava festeggiare il suo compleanno la vigilia di Natale.
Stormé capì di essere lesbica all’età di 18 anni, dopo un’adolescenza difficile in cui alla discriminazione per il colore della pelle si sommava quella per il suo aspetto “androgino”. Dopo il diploma si trasferì a Chicago, e iniziò ad esibirsi come cantante.
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🔔Breaking: Biden administration announces mass #monkeypox vaccination plan. The US will release supplies of Jynneos vaccine (which requires 2 doses 4 weeks apart): 56,000 doses immediately; 240,000 doses in the coming weeks; 750,000 by summer's end; 500,000 in the fall. 🧵⬇️
The Biden administration intends to release at least 1.6 million doses of the two-dose Jynneos vaccine for #monkeypox by the end of the fall. The CDC may order more vaccine supply to arrive at the end of 2022 and into 2023. Delivery takes time b/c FDA must inspect the doses. 2/
The CDC's initial priority for the available 56,000 #monkeypox vaccine doses is for close contacts of those with the virus. Also prioritized: men who have sex with men who have had multiple sexual partners in venues where the virus has spread or who live in high-spread areas. 3/
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I would advise you to do some research into the transitional process and the availability of transitional healthcare in your area, as well as make contact with transgender groups in your location.
If you need signposting to groups then drop me a DM and I will find you somewhere you can speak with trans women and work things out. Lived experience counts for so much and having the opportunity to speak to people who have done it will be vital to you understanding yourself.
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How to make your SEO content more LGBTQ+ inclusive this #Pride month + beyond 🌈

8 top tips you can implement today:
1/ Don’t assume the gender of your audience

For example, tampons are marketed almost solely at women

But there are other genders that menstruate, too

Make sure to include them in your copy
2/ Don’t assume the gender of people you’re referencing or quoting

Where appropriate, refer to people as ‘they’ unless you’re sure of their gender

I present as quite masculine but I’m non-binary, for example

All you have to do is ask 😄
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Il 28 Giugno 1969 la comunità #LGBTQ+ reagì ad una retata della polizia presso lo #Stonewall Inn di NY, dando inizio ad una protesta che seguì per giorni: quella notte nacque il #Pride.

Tra le prime a ribellarsi, due donne trans e non bianche: Marsha P. Johnson e Sylvia Rivera.
Marsha P. Johnson e Sylvia Rivera erano trans, erano povere e con la pelle scura, e lottavano perché questo non fosse una condanna. E quella notte di luna piena del 28 Giugno ‘69, l’estate di Woodstock, tra storia e mito, loro furono tra le prime a far sentire la propria voce.
Marsha P. Johnson nasce nel 1945 in New Jersey, e già da bambina, di nascosto, per gioco, inizia ad indossare vestiti femminili. Quando dirà a sua madre di pensare di essere gay, questa risponderà "essere gay è peggio di essere un cane".
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To celebrate International #pride Day, check out this #podcast interview with the inspirational @Intentionaut.

We talk about coming out as transgender at work, writing "the letter" to your colleagues & how we can all be better allies. Check it out!

#Pride2022 #PrideMonth @Pride "There is nothing about being trans that I would do jus
Here are some charities you can donate to

UK: @Mermaids_Gender
US: @TrevorProject

Please help to support gender diverse kids, grownups, friends, colleagues and even gender diverse enemies 🙃

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We still have a long way to go in our fight for acceptance. Even if Pride Month ends in June, here’s how you can continue to be an ally for the LGBTQ+ community all year long. #Pride #Pride2022
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Seattle: A group of nude adults was part of the @OurSeattlePride event today attended by families and young children. Video by @TPostMillennial reporter @KatieDaviscourt:
A clothing-optional water fountain party was part of the day’s #Pride celebrations in Seattle. Video by @KatieDaviscourt:
Adults and children alike cool off at the clothing-optional water party during Seattle’s #Pride celebrations. Video by @KatieDaviscourt:
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#Turquía cerca de una decena de detenidos en la marcha del #Pride en Izmir, prohibida por las autoridades turcas. La policía ha rodeado a los manifestantes, los ha agredido y ha intentado quitarles banderas y pancartas
La policía también ha impedido que la organización hiciera una declaración ante la prensa. Los manifestantes han ido callejeando hasta que la policía los ha rodeado de nuevo y ha detenido a varios #Pride #Turquía
Las autoridades amenazaban constantemente a los manifestantes diciendo que la protesta estaba prohibida y que podrían ser procesados #Pride #Turquía
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