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In 2017, @WestfieldAU told us they "heard" our objections to sex shop #HoneyBirdette's floor-to-ceiling, objectifying, porn themed Santa ads displayed in their family malls.

@ScentreGroup #corporatesocialresponsibility #childgrooming #corporatepaedophilia #sexualharassment
This is @WestfieldAU's last displayed tweet - to OUR campaigners: 'we hear you', 'thanks', 'we'll keep sharing' your feedback..

But they haven't stopped hosting #HoneyBirdette's porn style shop window ads.

#corporatesocialresponsibility #corporatepaedophilia
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Sex shop #HoneyBirdette’s @malechampions-led landlords have responded to our Crossed Off list with more spin - via @Mumbrellanews ⬇️…
We named @WestfieldAU @stockland @LendleaseGroup @vicinitycentres @Unisuper @ampCapital @dexus @mirvac @JLL @TheGPTGroup as corporates to steer clear of this Christmas for facilitating #sexualharassment by hosting #HoneyBirdette’s floor to ceiling pornified window displays.
.@LendleaseGroup responded to @mumbrellanews: ‘When it comes to advertising in our centres, we take all of our customers’ feedback seriously and always pass it on to our retailers.’
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Hey Steve McCann @LendleaseGroup,

You’re a @malechampions.

Have you read this great report on disrupting #sexualharassment in the workplace?
Why is @LendleaseGroup fuelling sexism + aiding workplace #sexualharassment by allowing sex shop #HoneyBirdette’s porn-themed window displays in its shopping centres?

Images like this one-a headless women in transparent underwear which reveal bare genitals.

.@LendleaseGroup is even inviting kids to take part in augmented reality fun -right outside the sex shop & its BDSM/orgy themed window displays.

How does this fit in with your @malechampions goals to ensure your workplaces are ‘safe, respectful & inclusive’ Steve? #honeybirdette
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Hey @LendleaseGroup - isn’t your resident sex shop #HoneyBirdette an 18+ store?

@Stockland says it is.

Are landlords policing this?

@ScentreGroup @WestfieldAU @AMPCapital @VicinityCentres @TheGPTGroup @JLL @JLLAustralia @Mirvac @Dexus @malechampions Image
And why is this adults only sex shop showing its floor-to-ceiling sex club/ orgy/bdsm/porn themed window displays to kids on your property?

@ScentreGroup @WestfieldAU @AMPCapital @VicinityCentres @TheGPTGroup @JLL @LendleaseGroup @Mirvac @Dexus @malechampions #honeybirdette Image
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Hi @McGrathFdn we support the aims and the work of your charity. We have lost loved ones to breast cancer and see the value of your important work.
#breastcancer #charity
We are therefore troubled to see #HoneyBirdette misusing your brand once again. Just like 2019, the shopping centre sex shop, has plastered your logo on its sexual objectification of women like a stamp of approval. #csr #ethics #adstandards @AANA_says… ImageImage
Last year, commenting on an identical ad campaign you said:

“We are aware of some complaints in response to our supporter Honey Birdette’s promotional content. This content has been removed as it is not in line with our agreement with them.”… ImageImage
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Media Release: New advertising code of ethics unlikely to rein in repeat corporate offenders #mediarelease #advertising #aana #csr #ethics #adstandards… Image
The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) this week released its updated Code of Ethics following a review. While we welcome some new elements in the Code, we have reservations about its overall effectiveness.
The updated Code – taking effect Feb 2021 - includes restrictions on undue focus on male or female anatomy, unless relevant to the product being advertised, use of sexualised imagery or graphic violence where children are likely to view it, & avoiding harmful gender stereotypes.
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Honey Birdette staff slam ‘nasty’ company amid legal battle
#WomenNotObjects #NotBuyingIt #NotEmpowered…
Rebecca* alleges she was

“confronted by a “nasty” work environment which she claimed pitted staff members against one another, leaning heavily on a culture of fear as a source of motivation.

“It’s a feeling of being constantly on edge,”

#HoneyBirdette #NotSoEmpowered
“The area managers and retail managers get screamed at about the sales and they are told that they are lucky to have a job at Honey Birdette and can be easily replaced by someone better.”

Claims are consistent with employee reviews here… Image
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A flight attendant pours alcohol into a woman's mouth, a pilot pushes the flight attendant aside to lead the woman to a confined space - this could be the script for an after school special on sexual predators, but this is an ad for @HoneyBirdette…
The recent ad campaign “Turbulence” portrays a fictional airline, "Honey Birdette Airlines." Still images show pouting flight attendants wearing red uniforms adorned with the airline logo - a silhouette of a woman's legs in the air, her feet in high heels. Image
Dead-eyed, slack-jawed flight attendants leer at semi-naked passengers on #HoneyBirdette airlines. Are we supposed to understand that this is an airline providing sexual services? Image
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A 2018 survey by the Association of flight attendants found nearly 70% of flight attendants experience 'rampant' sexual harassment.

But that doesn’t stop @HoneyBirdette sexualising flight attendants in their new ad campaign. Image
This is the logo @HoneyBirdette is using to flog their underwear.

In this fictional “airline” it appears flight attendants are offering sexual services.

Source for flight attendants experiencing ‘rampant’ sexual harassment ->… Image
“Honey Birdette airlines”

@HoneyBirdette eroticising flight attendants in a culture where two thirds have experienced sexual harassment and assault.

#HoneyBirdette has no respect for women. Image
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Collective Shout has supported a petition by a Melbourne father of 3 directed at shopping centre CEOs calling for removal of Honey Birdette’s pornified advertising. The petition has attracted almost 77, 000 signatures. Sign here ->… but there’s more...
In July 2019 Honey Birdette created a counter petition with headlines including “Red Alert,” “Censorship” and “Not asking for it.” The petition, asking for names and emails but directed to no one, misrepresented our work and was promoted on social media. Image
We have been told by a source close to the company that the petition comprises a large percentage of fake names added by #HoneyBirdette staff at the direction of management. Image
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