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Hey everyone, let's talk about the business model of #AdaniEnterprises! Adani is a diversified conglomerate with interests in a wide range of industries, including #energy, resources, #logistics, and infrastructure.
One key element of Adani's business model is its focus on infrastructure development. The company has a strong presence in the construction and development of #ports, #airports, and other transportation infrastructure.
Adani also has a significant presence in the energy sector, including #coal mining and power generation. The company has invested in a number of coal-fired power plants and #renewable energy projects to meet the growing demand for electricity in India.
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In 2017, @WestfieldAU told us they "heard" our objections to sex shop #HoneyBirdette's floor-to-ceiling, objectifying, porn themed Santa ads displayed in their family malls.

@ScentreGroup #corporatesocialresponsibility #childgrooming #corporatepaedophilia #sexualharassment
This is @WestfieldAU's last displayed tweet - to OUR campaigners: 'we hear you', 'thanks', 'we'll keep sharing' your feedback..

But they haven't stopped hosting #HoneyBirdette's porn style shop window ads.

#corporatesocialresponsibility #corporatepaedophilia
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🧵New investigation into e-commerce giant We uncovered a huge range of child sex abuse dolls including replica toddler girls marketed for men's sexual purposes on @madeinchina_b2b
#madeinchinaDOTCOM #MICchildsexabusedolls #ecommerce #endsexploitation Image
We found numerous listings for the replica female children designed with penetrable orifices for men's simulation of child rape. @madeinchina_b2b #madeinchina #MICchildsexabusedolls #ecommerce #EndSexploitation #CSAM #CEM #EndSexploitation #b2b #ecommerce Image
The products are listed with descriptors including 'young', 'child', 'girl', 'flat chest', 'real' and 'loli'.

The number of penetrable 'holes' - mouth, vagina + anal orifices - is usually listed.

@madeinchina_b2b #MICchildsexabusedolls Image
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Online global e-commerce platform @Etsy still has not responded to the petition calling on corporate heads to stop selling incest + child abuse themed merch.

So we got together with some of our global anti sexploitation partners to send a letter to #Etsy's major shareholders.
These companies are profiting from @Etsy's sexploitative merch - including replica child body parts marketed for men's sexual use, and products with slogans which normalise + fetishise child sexual abuse. #EtsyExploitation…
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.@Etsy CEO @jgsilverman wants to give lectures on leadership?

But he's failed to respond to a petition of 40k people calling on him to stop selling incest + child abuse themed merch

His company promotes idea that child abuse is sexy

That's not leadership - it's hyprocrisy
.@etsy child sex abuse-themed merch with slogans like 'Daddy's deepthroat princess' is sold right next to matching daddy-daughter tees

What about #etys's mission to 'keep commerce human'?

@jgsilverman @fredwilson

#CSRfail #etsyCSAM #etsyhatesgirls #corporatepaedophilia
Everyday we hear from more supporters who tell us they've dumped @etsy for its failure to uphold #corporatesocialresponsibility + for its sale of child sexual abuse material + child abuse themed merch

#CSRfail #etsyCSAM #etsyhatesgirls #corporatepaedophilia @jgsilverman #etsy
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'I really thought you would care more + act quickly to minimise harm to your name + protect what had been a wonderful, much loved brand.'

@anna_cordell's urgent message to @etsy to stop selling incest + child abuse themed merch


'I had a portion of my business on @Etsy. I was proud to sell my handcrafted items on a platform I believed shared my value for humanity + community. Then I found out it was selling child sex abuse dolls + replica body parts.

@jgsilverman @fredwilson @Edithwcooper @peggysmyth
'I discovered @etsy was also selling a range of merchandise with slogans promoting the sexual abuse of girls by their fathers.

@jgsilverman @fredwilson @Edithwcooper @peggysmyth #etsy #etsyhatesgirls $ETSY
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We were in São Tomé and Príncipe (STP) on January 19, 2018 to reaffirm our commitment to sustainable development projects in our host communities. ImageImage
Since 2005, we have worked in
partnership with the National Petroleum Agency of São Tomé (ANP-STP) and the Government to execute the much needed empowerment and development projects for the nation.
Our joint success was celebrated with a handover ceremony of state of the art ambulances to the Minister of Health, and our contribution to infrastructural development in São Tomé’s health sector.
#OneAfrica ImageImageImageImage
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