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📣 NEW: PREPARE THYSELF: It may be in fits & starts, but #ACA2.0 *is* happening:…
Four years ago I posted my (now sorely outdated) list of 20 changes to the #ACA I'd make If I Ran The Zoo (yes, I understand how awkward that title is at the moment):…
In January, Sen. @MarkWarner introduced his Health Care Improvement Act which includes many of the same provisions:…
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Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) recently made amendments to the national Corporate Social Responsibility (#CSR) policy enshrined under the Companies Act 2013. The amendment has subscribed several changes to the provisions relating to CSR.

#Law #Policy #TAExplains #Explainer
However, one of the key changes made by the amendment is Impact Assessment. Company having the obligation of spending the avg CSR amount of Rs 10 cr or more in the 3 immediately preceding financial yrs in pursuance of Section 135(5) of the Act, shall undertake impact assessment.
#ImpactAssessment to be done by an independent agency and with respect to #CSR projects having outlays of 1 cr or more and which have been completed not less than one year before undertaking the impact study.

The impact assessment reports shall be placed before the Board.
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📢We are gearing up for the #IRMIAC2021, with a #workshop on pre-award #grant management!

IRMI (India Research Management Initiative) Annual Conference is focused on “Bringing Professional #ResearchManagement into the Indian #Science & #Innovation Ecosystem”👥

Stay tuned! ImageImageImageImage
⏱️The clock is ticking!

#IRMI Annual Conference - the first-of-its-kind for #ResearchManagement professionals in India - starts at 2:30 pm today👥

Watch this #thread for updates from #IRMIAC2021!

Glimpses from Pre-Conference #Workshop 3 on 'Post-Award Grant Management'👇 ImageImageImageImage

Inaugural session of the much-awaited #IRMI Annual Conference 2021🥁

India Alliance CEO @VasanSambandam1 takes through India Research Management Initiative - the history, purpose and opportunities🧑‍🏫

If you're at the conference, give us a shoutout using #IRMIAC2021! ImageImageImageImage
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Trump supporter friend: "Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter all side with a specific party and decide what people should not hear. People have power of discernment, let them hear everything and decide for themselves."

My response 👇 #ESG #CSR
Charlie Kirk told the IRS that his tax-exempt organization Turning Point USA educates about free markets and capitalism "through non-partisan debate." TPUSA paid ZERO income tax on gross receipts of more $30 million. #ESG #CSR
Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Twitter account as been locked, appropriately. $TWTR #ESG #CSR
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Trump has been inciting violence on Twitter for years. Time for Twitter board of directors and institutional shareholders to remove Trump from the service. He is continuing to incite violent insurrection. #BanTrump $TWTR #ESG #CorpGov @jack
@BlackRock is Twitter's 3rd largest institutional shareholder, with > a $1.8 billion stake in $TWTR. BlackRock CEO Laurence Fink told CEOs: Contribute to society, or risk losing #BlackRock's support. What is Larry Fink telling @jack? #BanTrump #ESG #CSR…
.@pichette Patrick Pichette You are Chairman of the Board of Twitter. Board members have a fiduciary duty to shareholders to drive profits. However, profit is not the only motive, as @BlackRock CEO Larry Fink made clear to @jack. Twitter must #BanTrump.
$TWTR #ESG #CSR #CorpGov
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When will Twitter's largest institutional investors step up to hold $TWTR accountable? Trump's Tweets are false and dangerous. "Differently" and "disputed" are wholly insufficient. Profits are not the only driver.
#ESG #CSR #CorpGov
Twitter's largest institutional shareholders must hold $TWTR accountable for platforming Trump's false and dangerous Tweets. Worth repeating: Profits are not the only driver. #ESG #CSR #CorpGov
BlackRock's stake in Twitter is > $1.8 billion. @BlackRock CEO Laurence Fink told CEOs: Contribute to society or risk losing BlackRock's support, reported by @andrewrsorkin @nytimes. Hold $TWTR accountable for Trump's false Tweets.
#ESG #CSR #CorpGov…
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Hello @delbius. You're head of @TwitterSafety. Tweet by @LLinWood is unsubstantiated and inflames violent extremists. Lin Wood is NOT a government nor elected official. So his Tweets are not protect by Twitter @Policy. Why are you allowing Lin Wood to incite violence? $TWTR #ESG Image
QAnon leader Ron Watkins, who Trump retweeted this week, still Tweeting threats of violence, despite @Twitter's announcement in July to ban QAnon accounts. @TwitterSafety $TWTR #ESG #CSR Image
What does QAnon hashtag #CrossTheRubicon mean?

In 49 BC, Caesar "made the cold-blooded decision to lead his army across the Rubicon river into Italy. This plunged the Roman world into civil war."

Twitter must not allow QAnon to promote war.
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Leslie Miller is vice president of government affairs and public policy at @Google, where she leads the @YouTube public policy team. Ms. Miller must address: Were Kelly Loeffler's ads removed for lying / #misinformation? Georgia voters deserve to know. $GOOGL #ESG #CorpGov #CSR
Hi @hannahfrankau You work in public policy at @YouTube and @Google. Since this is a matter of urgent global concern, would you please address: Why did YouTube remove two of Kelly Loeffler’s ads? Was she spreading #misinformation? Georgia voters deserve to know.
YouTube must say why it removed two of Kelly Loeffler's ads. YouTube parent company @Google must do the right thing. $GOOGL #ESG
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#CSR #HelpingNeedy

Since the Gregorian new year is coming up & we will start with our resolutions, I thought of sharing some anecdotes about CSR & individual's choices about money & contributing to society in general.

This thread is a reflection of thoughts ...

It intends to share anecdotes. But any point of time, I don't intend to preach or judge or coax anyone into any specific action.

This is Food-For-Thought and is a mere reflection of an individual's relationship with Society

CSR is the most common term used in Corporate Companies for spending a portion of their profits for the greater common good. This is mandatory as per Law (to best of my knowledge!)

Usually companies use set-pieces with known Org for ensuring CSR funds are spent..their choice

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On now #ResponsibleMining #SDGs via @UDelaware @saleem_ali @PactWorld @RMF_foundation @CCSI_Columbia with +1000 strong community of practice on the webinar 👏🏽👏🏽
.@ECA_OFFICIAL's Antonio Pedro notes that in #COVID context, discussion on #ASM, #SDGs cannot afford to be neglected.
.@J_McQuilken from @PactWorld Mines to Market program speaks to #ASM impact on #SDGs 2,3 & 6. #Nutrition & Healthy Lives.
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Hi @McGrathFdn we support the aims and the work of your charity. We have lost loved ones to breast cancer and see the value of your important work.
#breastcancer #charity
We are therefore troubled to see #HoneyBirdette misusing your brand once again. Just like 2019, the shopping centre sex shop, has plastered your logo on its sexual objectification of women like a stamp of approval. #csr #ethics #adstandards @AANA_says… ImageImage
Last year, commenting on an identical ad campaign you said:

“We are aware of some complaints in response to our supporter Honey Birdette’s promotional content. This content has been removed as it is not in line with our agreement with them.”… ImageImage
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Media Release: New advertising code of ethics unlikely to rein in repeat corporate offenders #mediarelease #advertising #aana #csr #ethics #adstandards… Image
The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) this week released its updated Code of Ethics following a review. While we welcome some new elements in the Code, we have reservations about its overall effectiveness.
The updated Code – taking effect Feb 2021 - includes restrictions on undue focus on male or female anatomy, unless relevant to the product being advertised, use of sexualised imagery or graphic violence where children are likely to view it, & avoiding harmful gender stereotypes.
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Kmart responds: sexualised LOL surprise dolls gone!
#LOLSurprise #lolsurprisedolls #kmart…
Kmart has responded to consumer feedback about sexualised #lolsurprisedolls #Kmart said:

“Our teams have been working hard behind the scenes investigating this issue and we can confirm that will be withdrawing the Hairvibes range from show immediately.”
“We’ll be working closely with our suppliers to ensure this does not happen again.”

This is great news. Thanks #Kmart for taking action!

@Targetaus what will you decide?

Read more >>…
#lolsurprisedolls #LOLSurprise
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1. During his #IndependenceDay2020 speech, PM @narendramodi again highlighted the necessity of #AtmaNirbharBharat. We went one step ahead asking us to move from #MakeInIndia to #MakeForWorld.

I wonder, why can't the same apply for NGO sector?
2. Do we have dearth of our homegrown NGOs that we need international NGOs to occupy our space in India, who primarily exist here to take benefits of the funding now available in India, including the #CSR funding?
3. We have a rich history of the CSOs, playing important role before the independence and afterwards. That has been undermined due to the heavy presence of international NGOs through their country offices.
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Thank you @jacknpeat for raising awareness of the positive example set by @JamesTCobbler

Such a fantastic and consistent example of Corporate Social Responsibility:…
This is why I dedicated my book ‘How to get a GREAT JOB when you have a CRIMINAL RECORD’ to James Timpson OBE & why The Rt. Hon. Lord Wilson, Justice of the Supreme Court of United Kingdom, confirmed in the preface that he would always patronise Timpson’s.…
I hope post #covid19 more employers begin to understand that there is so much more to life and business than mere economic indicators.

#inclusiverecruitment #csr #corporatesocialresponsibility
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CM #UddhavThackeray addresses state: We are all waiting for this war to get over. Like I had said earlier, if we could have seen our enemy, we could have won this war a long time ago.

#COVID19 #COVID #CoronaInMaharashtra #Coronavirus #CoronavirusLockdown #CoronavirusOutbreak
CM #UddhavThackeray: But this enemy is invisible. And another factor is that this enemy is using our own people to spread its infection. Determination, strength, patience all of these will stand us in good stead.

#COVID19 #COVID #CoronaInMaharashtra #CoronavirusLockdown
CM Uddhav Thackeray: Tomorrow we will complete 6 weeks since we have been in a #lockdown. Many are constantly looking at numbers and raising questions so I want to place some numbers in front of you.

#COVID19 #COVID #CoronaInMaharashtra
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In the backdrop of #Covid_19 #pandemic it is difficult for the states to maintain the economic balance. Here are a few suggestions that could be considered by the Central Government.
1. RBI has implemented new deferment policy regarding the loan repayment in the background of #Covid_19 #lockdown. This should be made applicable to State Debt as well. The central government should defer payment of instalments to RBI on State Debt at least for six months.
2. Most of the Natioalised Banks have flushed off more than 10 Lakh Crore of funds to corporates in the last five years. In the situation of Covid-19 Pandemic these Nationalised Banks should extend interest free advances to the State Government.
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Today’s #coronavirus brainstorming:

#CSR as “Customer Social Responsibility”

Some preliminary thoughts

*** THREAD ***
Our world has become a single interconnected system

There is nothing “outside” it anymore

Every step we take affects the rest of the system
CSR typically means “corporate social responsibility”

> the idea that businesses have responsibility not just toward their investors but also toward every other part of the interconnected system in which they're embedded

employees, suppliers, customers, the natural environment
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आज गंगोत्री और बद्रीनाथ में श्रद्धालुओं के अविस्मरणीय गंगा दर्शन के लिए अत्याधुनिक गंगा घाटों का निर्माण करने हेतु @cleanganganmcg, Indorama Charitable Trust और SPMG, उत्तराखंड के बीच एक त्रिपक्षीय समझौते पर हस्ताक्षर किए गए।

#HarKaamDeshKeNaam ImageImage
समझौते के तहत, श्रद्धालुओं को एक संतोषप्रद अनुभव प्रदान करने के लिए सभी बुनियादी सार्वजनिक सुविधाओं के साथ स्नान घाटों और श्मशान घाटों का नवीनीकरण / निर्माण किया जाएगा।

#HarKaamDeshKeNaam ImageImage
#CSR के माध्यम से उद्योग जगत का गंगा कायाकल्प में भागीदार बनना एक सुखी अनुभव है। मैं Indorama Charitable Trust और अन्य उद्योग जगत को इस आंदोलन में शामिल होने के लिए धन्यवाद देता हूं। अगर सभी भारतीय एक साथ कुछ करने की ठान लें तो कुछ भी असंभव नहीं है।

#HarKaamDeshKeNaam Image
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1/n #ACA Premiums and landscape files are out so here are the first thoughts:

Headline: Gross Premiums down 4% YoY

@dylanlscott @leonardkl @sangerkatz @sarahkliff @bobjherman @caitlinnowens @rachanadixit
2/N Lots of things are happening.

The biggest one is that 2018 was so massively overpriced that 2020 (these rates) are still reflecting that problem. 2 different pricing scenarios get us to the same point with different stories
3/N 2018 was a huge policy shock for pricing with massive uncertainty on #CSR leading to insurers either running from the market entirely, retrenching or jacking up rates

As soon as CSR Terminated (October 2017), #Silverloading differentially increased silver premiums by a lot
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My favorite part abt this? @CoreCivic & @GEOGroup’s statements; they’re clearly struggling 2 realize that all the facts & info that formed the basis 4 this decision were taken directly from the cos’ own SEC filings, depositions, & internal emails lawyers obtained thru discovery
Also, y’all r still using basically the same statements u provided n response 2 CalSTRS’ divestment. At least put a little effort in? I mean, my god, if I can sit thru ur CEOs droning on & on n quarterly shareholder 📞 at least have the decency 2 update ur sad excuse 4 a comeback
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( 1/2) Indian #Market
1.Market correction
2.FPI pull out - no +ve changes yet by goi
2.#Rupee weak
3.earnings elusive, expected for downgrade
4.slow demand, consumption weak, economy will get hit
(2/3) Global Factors
1. #TradeWar , #yuan devalued, tumbing of Asian markets, nasdaq and dow Jones.
2.US delayed 10% imposing of tariff on few remaining Chinese goods
3. Hence Gold price fall, silver followed suit, rebound on equity
(3/3) Global factors contd.
3.#Argentina #Marvel crashed 39% in one day
4. #HongKong protest

Ufff.... anything still left to happen🤨

Possible #RBI rate cut due to #CPI easing, #CSR rule lifting might provide relief to #FPI
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Make no mistake. This is a tax. A terrible one at that. Because it's disguised. #CSR
So after companies have paid tax on their taxable income, they have to pay a tax on the profit too. #CSR

No small amount. 2% every year.
So far #CSR was a "comply or explain" provision. Probably the first one in Indian company law.

That means - the company must comply with the provision or explain to shareholders why they haven't complied.

Common in corporate governance provisions in the west.
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This is about to be a thread to educate a CEO about Border Patrol and why people want to #CloseTheCamps and why workers are saying #WeWontBeComplicit.
I'm GRATEFUL to the @ogilvy employees who, like the #WayfairWalkout, don't want to be part of what's happening at the border. The hashtag #dontlookaway is aimed at all of us. #NoTechForICE could also be #NoPRforTheCamps
After 3 weeks of press coverage detailing how @ogilvy recruits for the border patrol agency running the camps, @jseifert79, the CEO, told workers raising concerns that "I don’t have enough information to indict this [organization]."…
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