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Shocking past records of history sheeter #BrijbhusanSharanSingh - plz read the full thread:

Police records show that this man started his life as a motorbike thief during 1980s (as per senior journalists from Gonda district -
(1/n) ImageImage
@Tinni_Aphrodite @shahidakhtar @neatshots @SakshiMalik @WithCongress @WithRG @AMUAlumniworld @ProfCong Then, #BrijbhusanSharanSingh increased his power in the area by running an illegal liquor dens.
He even got boys to fish coins lying at the bottom of temple ponds. A flood in the district created bigger opportunities & he became civil contractor.
(2/n) Image
@Tinni_Aphrodite @shahidakhtar @neatshots @SakshiMalik @WithCongress @WithRG @AMUAlumniworld @ProfCong In 1993, #BrijbhusanSharanSingh was involved in a gunfight.
He had been accused of attempting to murder Vinod Kumar Singh, alias #PanditSingh, a former minister who was once friends with Singh.
During this time Brij joined #BJP.
(3/n) Image
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Hi everyone, disini aku mau jelasin kejadian yang blm lama terjadi sama pacar aku.
Jadi pada hari minggu tanggal 30 apr
2023, saya lagi ada di salah satu mall di tangerang (summarecon mall serpong), sekitar jam 20.00 malam pacar saya mau ke toilet di lantai 1.
Waktu dia masuk ada 3 bilik urinoir dan cmn kosong 1 yaitu di bagian tengah. Pelaku sudah ada di bilik sebelah kiri lagi mainin hp nya. Pacar saya masih BAK spt biasa dan waktu org di sblh kanannya pergi dia reflek utk nengok.
Sewaktu dia liat kedepan lagi tangan si pelaku uda ada di dalam bikil urinoir dan tepat di depan alat kelamin pacar saya. Tangannya spt coba menggenggam dan memegang alat kelamin pcr saya, lalu pacar saya langsung kaget dan reflek mundur sambil menutup celananya.
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The #SupremeCourt will hear today petition moved by top #womenwrestlers of the country, seeking registration of FIR against BJP MP and Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh over alleged #sexualharassment.

#SupremeCourtofIndia… Image
On April 26, the Delhi Police had told the #SupremeCourt that a preliminary enquiry was needed into the allegations against #BrijBhushanSharanSingh before registering FIR.…
#BREAKING Delhi Police agrees to register FIR against Brij Bhushan Singh in sexual harrasment case by top women wrestlers.

SG Mehta: We have decided to register FIR, we will register it today. Nothing else survives.

#WomenWrestlers #SupremeCourt
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.@theNASEM “Iceberg” provides the critical framework around which we reconcile our perceptions and understanding of #sexualharassment. The egregious cases make the news but we’re here to address that COMPLICIT OCEAN that keeps this ENTIRE ICEBERG afloat. See polls below (1/3).
There are 14 examples of more hidden biases/harassments--how many have you experienced as a woman? (2/3)
There are 14 examples of more hidden biases/harassments--how many have you witnessed as a man? (3/3)
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"This Court hortatively commends the official policymakers and influencers in the field of education - from its inception level - to bestow attention to this; to facilitate which", said the Court.

#KeralaHC #Sexism #Sexualharassment #Schoolcurriculum #Educationsystem Image
“Boys, even from a very young age, often grow up with certain sexist stereotypes - reinforced by peer and other social influences. Showing a girl/woman respect and honour is not old-fashioned; on the contrary, it is a virtue for all times. Sexism is not acceptable or “cool”.
One exhibits strength when he respects a girl/woman.

Respectfulness is an imperative that needs to be inculcated very young. How one treats a woman gives an insight into his upbringing and personality”.
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In 2017, @WestfieldAU told us they "heard" our objections to sex shop #HoneyBirdette's floor-to-ceiling, objectifying, porn themed Santa ads displayed in their family malls.

@ScentreGroup #corporatesocialresponsibility #childgrooming #corporatepaedophilia #sexualharassment
This is @WestfieldAU's last displayed tweet - to OUR campaigners: 'we hear you', 'thanks', 'we'll keep sharing' your feedback..

But they haven't stopped hosting #HoneyBirdette's porn style shop window ads.

#corporatesocialresponsibility #corporatepaedophilia
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Hi @LSBU. Remember when I emailed you 3 years ago about your new pharmacist lecturer? About how he repeatedly sexually harassed me? While at work and over text? No?

Well he's still employed by you, and you've finally put his photo up, so let me remind you 🧵

#MeToo Image
This is just a FRACTION of what he would say to me. A tiny sliver. I have over SIXTY PAGES of these screenshots. /2 ImageImageImageImage
And before you tell me that I should have said 'no' or 'stop it', I did /3 ImageImageImageImage
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1. Bulanshashar, UP: Rizwan, Aalim, Rehmatullah used to sexually harass a 7 yr old girl when she went to school. Rizwan arrested, other 2 absconding.
2. Sitapur, UP: Wasim posed as Arjun to trap a #Hindu girl and married her in a temple, and has 1 child. One yr later the girl got to know his real id. Wasim and his family are absconding after the girl lodged case of #LoveJihad
3. Dehradun, UK: A Muslim man posed as a #Hindu Kabir Bhati befriended a minro #Hindu grill and raped her. He also forced her to convert to Islam.
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Since your malicious cyberattack timelines matched cybersecurity’s research to strengthen security for years and now, you hack alone but with a cooperative goal to damage national security. Which Advanced Persistent Threats group/s #APTs are you in, #Animez_UK? Image
Converting traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious attacker against the UK, for

1- financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the UKGOV.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learn to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
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Having fun with cyberstalking #UKGOV, attacking organisations, universities & individuals connected to the justice system, UK #military against #NCSC, treating #intelligence & #GCHQ as jokes to your 15- 20 yrs malicious #hacking for #China & #Russia inside #Britain, @Animez_UK?01
Converting #traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious #cyberattacker against the UK, for

1- #financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the #UKGOV.

@Animez_UK @NCSC

02 Image
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learned to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys to #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

@Animez_UK @NCSC Image
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#NZ This is a long thread on the issue of harassment & threats made against #WomenInLeadership, primarily #WomenInPolitics.

⬇️ Reviews incidents over time, highlights the danger & escalation of #misogyny & the real life consequences on the personal & our democratic institutions.
This thread is being woven, the week Michael Cruickshank was sentenced to jail in #NZ for threatening to blow our #WomanPrimeMinister’s head off & to “..wipe you off this f---planet”- Also arrested this week Richard Sivell who has allegedly been posting threatening messages.
Here you can take a look at #OnlineAbuse ~ ⬇️ is a really useful article by @shesource & @WMCLive that names online hostile behaviour, how it is that #Women are targeted, & explains why “online harassment exists on a continuum with offline violence”…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/06/2022…
American alligators are capable of West Nile virus amplification, mosquito infection and transmission…
#WestNile, #VirusAmplification, #MosquitoInfection, #AmericanAlligators
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#SupremeCourt will shortly continue the final hearing in a plea by a woman district judge who resigned from service after alleging sexual harassment by a High Court judge.

A Bench of Justices Nageswara Rao and BR Gavai had heard arguments on the reinstatement of the woman Additional District Judge (ADJ) last Thursday. To continue today 👇🏼

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta: at the outset, I must point out- I have not recieved any instructions from the High Court. The submissions which I make are my submissions which I feel to be duty bound.

#SupremeCourt #SexualHarassment
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While we’re on the topic of #sexualabuse #statutoryrape #sexualharassment #exploitation @Naina1231 has shared the following resources for survivors and their loved ones:
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Harrowing 2 read these stories of #sexualharassment & #sexualabuse of students including #minors in the #Kathak world by renowned gurus & how it’s been an #opensecret all along. A thread 1/n
Thank you to my instructor Naina Green 4 being the voice of courage & integrity. Here’s her IG post re: #birjumaharaj followed by screenshots.
Further down I'll be sharing screenshots of #survivors accounts of abuse. 2/n…
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Ahead of me joining the @BeTheRipple2020 Creating Safe Spaces for women at work panel discussion, I spent yesterday analysing data from @WeAreSpeakOut on workplace #SexualHarassment and the route to resolution for female employees.
It's disappointing...
Reports made to the Speak Out survey at… indicate 71% of women at work did not formally report their sexual harassment to their organisation.
Thread🧵2/10 An image with a quote which...
Reports made to the Speak Out survey at… indicate only 7% of women at work saw a full resolution of their #SexualHarassment when reporting to their organisation.
Thread🧵3/10 An image with a quote which...
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Hi #fundraisingtwitter. Some people seem confused as to why I, and may others, consider Mr. Ahern's comments and sessions offensive. I've had some genuine questions, so let me do my best to explain here.
Last month a conference called "Inspire Webinar Series" came out featuring a series of fundraising "legends". @_David_Lacey rightfully pointed out that 19 of the 22 panelists were white men. It was called out on Twitter and LinkedIn for being insulting.
Some speakers like @ToastFundraiser upon learning this stepped down. Instead of following suit, Tom Ahern wrote this post that included the words "In half a decade or less, the same worth of "listening-to" speakers won't be male or white." He also told everyone "F U" at the end
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1/ Thread on the endemic nature of sexual assault & harassment in our society.

It's taken me a few days to muster the courage to share my personal experiences, but I feel strongly that women's voices need too be heard.

The full article is here:…
2/ When I was 14, I was attacked by a naked man on a beach in Norfolk. I had gone to the beach alone to do some sketching. He chased me down, threw me around & groped me. As I ran away he stood wanking himself, screaming “Fuck me, Bitch!”.
3/ When I was campaigning, an older male activist developed an obsession with me. At events he would greet me by grabbing both my arms & kissing me on the lips. He would follow me around everywhere and try to stand or sit as close to me as possible. He put his hands on my legs...
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Happy #InternationalWomenDay! Today #CFWIJ pays tribute to women journalists around the world, who continue to speak truth to power despite being persecuted through #threats, #harassment, and #imprisonment. #IWDwithCFWIJ
➡️ Image
In 2020, #CFWIJ recorded 716 acts of persecution against women journalists across 92 countries. In the first two months of 2021 alone, we have catalogued 157 cases. #IWDwithCFWIJ
Read More Here: Image
On #InternationalWomenDay, it is only appropriate we begin with @LoujainAlHathloul, who continued to persevere and today walks free, despite all the attempts by the state of #SaudiArabia to silence her. #IWDwithCFWIJ
Link: Image
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Supreme Court bench led by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul to take up the suo motu case initiated following allegations of sexual harassment against the 46th Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi in 2019 today
#SexualHarassment Image
Former Supreme Court judge, Justice AK Patnaik was given the charge to look into the allegations made by a lawyer Utsav Bains stating that there was a larger conspiracy against Gogoi
@utsavbains Image
The detailed 40 page report was submitted by Justice Patnaik in October, 2019. The contents of the report are likely to be taken up for hearing today.
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A Delhi Court will today give its verdict in the defamation case filed by MJ Akbar against #Metoo whistleblower, Priya Ramani.

Order will be pronounced by Judge Ravindra Kumar Pandey in the physical presence of parties at 2pm.


#MJAkbar #PriyaRamani
Priya Ramani alleged that in December 1993, #MJAkbar sexually harassed her when she was called to The Oberoi, Mumbai for a job interview.

#PriyaRamani @mjakbar
During the two years of this trial, #PriyaRamani pleaded:

Good Faith,
Public Interest,
Public Good

as her defense

#MeToo @IndiaMeToo #MJAkbar @mjakbar
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Excerpt #13 from the live interview with #ShirleySatterfield for #authorlivechatwithfans interview, and we spoke about how #depression affected jobs. Have you faced similar situations?In this series of interview with Shirley,we spoke about various aspects of mental health issues
If you find it useful, save it or send it to those who would benefit from it.

Get the book here…

Watch the full interview on #YouTube at
#domesticviolence #mentalillness #healing #childabuse #memoir #cult #ptsd #author
#sexualharassment #cultmembership #hopelessness.
We believe there’s a story, a purpose and a reason behind why every author chose to write and we aspire to present them to readers, while helping authors brand themselves and find their unique tribe of readers!
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1/ Excerpt #13 from the live interview with #ShirleySatterfield for #authorlivechatwithfans interview, and we spoke about how #depression affected jobs. Have you faced similar situations?
2/ In this series of interview with Shirley, we spoke about various aspects of mental health issues. If you find it useful, save it or send it to those who would benefit from it.

Get the book here…
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Sex shop #HoneyBirdette’s @malechampions-led landlords have responded to our Crossed Off list with more spin - via @Mumbrellanews ⬇️…
We named @WestfieldAU @stockland @LendleaseGroup @vicinitycentres @Unisuper @ampCapital @dexus @mirvac @JLL @TheGPTGroup as corporates to steer clear of this Christmas for facilitating #sexualharassment by hosting #HoneyBirdette’s floor to ceiling pornified window displays.
.@LendleaseGroup responded to @mumbrellanews: ‘When it comes to advertising in our centres, we take all of our customers’ feedback seriously and always pass it on to our retailers.’
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