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Your Twitter Bio can make your break your profile.

The 1 - minute guide to write the BEST Twitter Bio that converts πŸ‘‡πŸ”₯

Day 1 #hypefurychallenge - Upgrade your Bio πŸš€
1️⃣ What value you give | Social proof | Tweeting on..

Eg -

Empowering you to grow your startup. Helped businesses scale to $1M.
Tweets about marketing, SAAS, entrepreneurship.

Here's one by @blackhatwizardd Image
2️⃣ Give yourself a title | Social proof | Tweeting on..

"The Growth Guy"
Scaled businesses to a million dollars. Tweets about leadership and marketing.

You can also add a CTA like @alxberman πŸ”₯ Image
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No-Bullsh!t advice on how to write DMs for Twitter newbies

(and older accounts in case you're doing it wrong πŸ‘€)

πŸ“Έ Screenshots from my own inbox ⬇
❌ "Hi thanks for following me."
And then nothing.

No interaction, no exchange, nothing to offer, not even a question.

Why did you bother to DM me then?

βœ… DM with a purpose.

Examples of purpose:
1. Introduce yourself

β†’ mention what you tweet about
β†’ say you're glad they found your profile interesting

πŸ’‘ Don't introduce yourself to a NEW follower, say this to someone who has interacted with your tweets
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How to design a course or webinar in under 1 hour.

A thread on how we take an idea and create a course from the first principles.

THREAD on course design 🧡... Let's go πŸ‘‡
Everyone approaches course building differently.

Most just write down exercises.

This approach:
- Structures your knowledge in a model
- Builds a way to use your model
- Simple

1. Start with a promise.

Your audience has a problem.

What is your course going to help them accomplish?

Example: Have a difficult conversation with a client.
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I wrote these 5 #CustomerSuccess tweets as a part of the #hypefurychallenge

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ 1 - Listening to (angry) customers with a new mindset
πŸ‘‰πŸΌ 2 - I am building in public a product around teams? What do you think?

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ 3 - Churn isn't the devil. Reframing the dreaded churn conversation.

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At age 19, I'd already had a series of massive failures.

22 academic failures, to be exact.

Here is my STORY on how failure made me a depressed teenager first, and a fearless young adult next.

#hypefurychallenge πŸ‘‡
Growing up, I was an overachiever. I went for the toughest, most glorious field in mathematics– Actuarial Science.

Coming from a tiny town, I was spending big bucks and living by myself in Bombay.

Hustling, learning, growing.

When you are 17, you think nothing can go wrong.
Guess what? Everything went wrong.

I made hasty academic decisions, took too much on my plate, and failed 22 exams in 3 years.

The reason 22 is a lot– these were very crucial qualifying exams I NEEDED to have in the bag, APART from graduating college.

The result?
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β€œWhy should anyone be led by you?”

This is the story of how I answered this question for myself.

(the answer might surprise you) πŸ‘‡
Back in 2010, I was looking back at a long corporate career improving and implementing business processes.

We were internal account managers.

On one side we had the central group defining strategies, standards & tools.

The other side: people implementing those standards.
I was in the middle.

"Selling" the new functionality to the implementation teams.

Reporting back all the problems, challenges, and bugs.

There were a number of projects going on at the same time.

Just like modern-day #CustomerSuccess life.
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"To complicate is simple; to simplify is complicated."

I'm the #enablement guy in a #CustomerSuccess world.

Lots of πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ sounds being thrown at me:


Behind these numbers: people and relationships.

9 simple guiding #relationshipfirst principles for any #CSM πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
1. Taking charge.

Clients bring lots of topics to the table.

It's like a leaf storm. And the temptation is to rake all the leaves.

But why are there so many leaves?

What do customers really want to achieve?

Taking charge means taking the conversations to a deeper level.
2. Showing Up

We've all experienced it.

Priorities come in the way. A client relationship is left hanging.

And one day, the client kisses you goodbye. Or not.

They never come back.

The worst: you didn't expect the break-up.

Showing up means checking in every now and then.
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The role of your Bio in converting Visitors to Followers, or better yet, to FRIENDS.

I came to Twitter to write more, but with #hypefurychallenge, I've learned a LOT about tweaking my profile for growth (and I've grown so much). Here I am writing about Twitter growth.πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

There are a few ways Visitors land on your profile. ⬇⬇ Image
1️⃣ Via Tweet

I see your tweet, it resonates with me so much that I'm curious about you.

On your profile, your banner will be the first thing I see. It should pop off the screen and fall into my eye. Figuratively, of course.

Here's the banner that inspired this whole thread. Image
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700K+ impressions.
100+ Participants.

We have successfully finished the 7 - Day Twitter Growth #hypefurychallenge πŸš€

It was one hell of a ride with everyone smashing their Twitter journey.

With this,

it's time to celebrate the best performers and our participants πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
πŸ† The Prize for Best Performer goes to @HeyDhriti

Dhriti did great in all her tasks and engaged with the group brilliantly!

πŸ†The Prize for Best Community Helpers goes to Jeremy @jwginn and Arthur @DevLinguistic

They pumped everyone and gave a lot of feedbacks!
πŸ˜πŸ… We also had daily prizes for several challenges. To Recap -

πŸ”₯ Best Bio - Jeremy @jwginn
πŸ”₯ Best Story Thread - Arthur @DevLinguistic
πŸ”₯ Best Tweet - Steff @trylavida
πŸ”₯ Best Thread - Nathan @nathanarodgers
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It is Day 7 of the #hypefurychallenge already.

Here's a quick thread on my experience. There may be some tips in there πŸ‘€

Time difference - I'm ahead in time, & living in the future so I had more time for tasks + checking the hashtag and engaging.

Planning ahead - After finishing with my Bio, I was brainstorming what story to tell and I came up with ideas for a bunch of threads.
I wrote 3 threads in 2 hours that morning. I was confused about which one to post.

Then I saw @nathanarodgers' humongous goldmine of a thread and decided to merge all 3 of my threads, discard the bullshit & do one big thread. I edited out A LOT & ended up with 22 tweets in it.
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Today is day 7 and the final day of the #hypefurychallenge

I’m sad that the challenge is ending but I’ll incorporating some of the things I’ve learned about connecting into my daily Twitter activity.

Here are some take-always:
Growth is powerful in the context of community. It’s great cheering people on!

I was honored to win one of the challenges but that was small in comparison to sharing challenges together.
It was great meeting some new people like @HeyDhriti And @DevLinguistic

It was awesome doing it with friends like @HeyArunima who also did an incredible job facilitating
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Yesterday was day 6 of the #hypefurychallenge

It was my favorite challenge yet but it was also a hard one for me.

I was dealing with sick family members, the loss of an aunt, and hundreds of notifications due to a tweetstorm that I may have caused.

I did it anyway. 🧡
I reached out to 10 people via DM. The biggest challenge was figuring out who to DM.

7 of the people were people in my Twitter lists that I had yet to interact with. 3 were people that were mutual follows that I had not interacted with.

Out of the 10, 5 responded within 12 hrs
I have no problem DMing people as I've seen the value of connecting.

I have hundreds of DM's and I have had well over 100 Zoom calls in the past 5 months.

This challenge convinced me I need to be even more intentional.
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It is Day 6 of #hypefurychallenge– DMs.
This week went by too fast!

Here's an account of my experience in DMs.
The fear.

The anxiety in writing DMs was far worse than the anxiety in publishing.

DMs are one-on-one, I'm interacting directly with a PERSON, while tweets are ephemeral, not personal, and I can just delete a tweet if I want.

And therefore, DMs are more meaningful.
My flawed approach.

I started with making a list of people to message. This wasn't helping.

I did not have a single name on the list because I was looking for people I "should" DM. These were big accounts, leaders, mentors. I couldn't even come up with a question to ask them.
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It is Day 5 of #hypefurychallenge - Engagement.

I took @hypefury's advice for The Thoughtful Standalone Reply.

It's easier than you think! And I got a few good tweets out of it that I will milk for a whileπŸ˜‚

Here they areπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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5 Things I've learned from the last 6 months on Twitter:

A thread🧡
1. Reinvent yourself.

I joined Twitter in 2007. I was tweeting about completely random stuff. I was inconsistent and uninteresting.

In 2021, I showed up with an intention to connect around topics related to relationships.

It's ok to change!
2. Join a community.

I owe a lot of my success to #ship30for30. Through this powerful writing community I have found my voice. ... and you know when you find your voice you find your fire.

There is power in community. Find one and invest.
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It's Day 3 of the #hypefurychallenge πŸš€

It's a simple task today - POST 5 TWEETS!

Show what a prolific tweet machine you are.

To help you with it,

Here are 6 SOURCES and 10+ TWEET FORMATS to write tweets.

Let's pop on to some Sources first -

#1 Your LIFE 😍

The best tweets come from you, your life, experiences and adventures.

If you wanna perform your best here, don't stay here!

Go out.
Have conversations.

Come back and schedule it using Hypefury ;)
#2 Twitter πŸ₯

Skip the mindless scrolling.

Build lists of insightful, attention-worthy accounts of your niche.

More than helping you engage with them, you'll pick up new ideas for tweeting.

Bookmark good tweets.
Repurpose later.
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As part of the #hypefurychallenge, here is my story on...

How a 30 Day challenge taught me how to live.

Read on.
After a series of academic failures, I was depressed, overweight, and in the immortal words of my father, "living like an uncivilized animal." πŸ˜‚

That story is long. I was so far gone that I needed an instruction manual on how to live, what to live for, and what I can do today.
I was so desperate for some change, that I took this 30 Day Life Transformation Challenge, and it was everything I needed. I come back to it every month, and it is, indeed, how I live.

Here's a quick run-down of how it works.
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I traveled to 20+ countries with a third-world country passport.

These are the 6 countries that changed my perspective on life the most.

First of all, I'm from Morocco.

A North African country
Few kilometers away from Europe,
across the Mediterranean sea.

Unfortunately, our passport is weak
So you need a visa 90% of the time if you want to go somewhere. Image

There is more to Southeast Asia than exotic beaches and cocktails.

- Family is more important than anything else
- How they respect their History is incredible
- You can find fewer beggars than in many developed countries Image
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