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#SeditionHunters - NYT reports that a panicked Alex Jones (facing crippling lawsuits from Sandy Hook families and an increasingly aggressive Jan 6 investigation), is now offering DOJ full cooperation if they promise not to prosecute him... 1/…
Jones will have to get more honest to make a deal worthwhile. He played a major role not only leading up to Jan 6, but on the day: he led a crowd to the Capitol, then steered them around the building to help build the crowd for the East-side breaches. 2/
Alex Jones is tied not just to the Jan 6 propagandists but to the attackers. Alex moved all day with Ali Alexander, leader of #StopTheSteal. And the attack itself was led by ... Alex's former employee Joe Biggs, InfoWars "reporter" turned Proud Boy. 3/
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Today, a year after the Jan 6 Capitol attack, President Biden helped explain what has kept #SeditionHunters working all that time: "we are in a battle for the soul of democracy that by the grace of God.. we will win". And: "Let's step up". We did. 1/
The "battle" isn't just about the specific incidents on January 6, it's bigger - it's defending the concept of truth at all. Biden: "Tragically, there are lies - lies conceived and spread for profit and power. We must be absolutely clear about what is true, and what is a lie." 2/
The foundation of understanding Jan 6 is public video - 22,000+ individual pieces of evidence. #SeditionHunters have watched all of them. DOJ and Jan6 Committee now have private information too, but video is open to all - here are instructions. 3/…
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#SeditionHunters - is this the downfall of Alex Jones, the “king of conspiracy” (CNN), the most famous figure at the Capitol attack? He’d tormented the Sandy Hook parents for years; last week lost by default their multi-$M lawsuit. Will the law come for him for Jan 6 too? 1/
Alex’s reel shows how central he is on Jan 6: VIP section at the rally, marched w/ entourage to the Capitol (trailed by shouts: “Alex Jones!”), speechifed from the E. steps..& then decamped to a rented rooftop overlooking the besieged Capitol. He KNEW. 2/…
Alex films himself so much we had to edit to keep the reel to 17 mins - but he must hate our reel since it keeps getting banned from YouTube. It's on Rumble now; hope to repost on the ‘Hunting Insurrectionists’ YT channel (itself shadowbanned -use link) 3/…
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#SeditionHunters - House Select Jan 6 Committee drops the first requests for federal records, aiming to untangle potential organization of Capitol attack. Scott MacFarlane needs 8 tweets just to list them all. Focus is on overt attempts to prevent peaceful transfer of power. 1/
The J6 Committee request includes all records relating to Cindy Chafian from April 2020 to Jan 20, 2021. Also a huge list of rally speakers and VIPs. Looks like there will be a reckoning for the #SeditionVIP's, the top of the food chain. 2/
#SeditionHunters first broke the sighting of Chafian amidst the violence at the Capitol - the efforts of many people over many months to find, verify, analyze. Now confirmed independently by Raw Story who did their own careful, rigorous investigation. 3/
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#SeditionHunters - in ancient Rome, the elite Praetorian Guard kept overthrowing the emperors they were assigned to protect. In DC this January, seems the “1st Amendment Praetorians” had similar ambitions - intrigue is timeless. Here’s a 1st thread on 1AP & the Willard Hotel 1/ ImageImage
#SeditionHunters have been tracking 1AP since Jan; the 1/5 Freedom Plaza rally permit says: “...1st Amendment Praetorian Group will” Founded 2020 by messianic Green Beret Robert Patrick Lewis who now hangs with the VIPs. They recruit from former military... 2/ ImageImage
...& now also police & intelligence officers. RPL is now on the speaker circuit. On Dec 12:…
On Jan 5 in DC, warned that U.S. kids may "grow up in a communist hellhole" "This is our chance...take back the country." Listen to it. 3/
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#SeditionHunters have caught another #SeditionVIP in his lies! A big one - AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem claimed he was only “300 to 500 yards away from the Capitol. I was never really there.” Oh yes he was! Let’s review. (See thrd, h/t @cMominator for find & @MThymol for video) 1/
First, why is Finchem a big one? Here’s Ali Alexander on Jan 10: “Arizona started with one man -- State Rep. Mark Finchem… now we’re dealing with 40 or 50 [state reps]....I’m very optimistic that Stop the Steal has already taken over Arizona” (Posted by Church Militant.) 2/
On Jan. 2, Finchem tweeted his DC plans: “I will be in Washington DC on January 6 to #StopTheSteal and fight for President @ realDonaldTrump”.... “This is one of the most important days our republic has ever seen. We need all hands on deck.” 3/…
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@CMominator has spotted Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem on the Capitol East Plaza during the insurrection.

Finchem is running for Secretary of State of AZ, which would put him in charge of elections.

He has been affiliated with the Oath Keepers, acc. to the Phoenix New Times Image
In Feb the CFA filed a complaint "over Finchem’s failure to disclose a $6,000 payment the Trump campaign made to his company...for consulting in support of [Trump's] election fraud lie" & requesting contributions from supporters…

⬇️ at 1/6 Ellipse rally Image
"Mark Finchem told a QAnon talk show that he hopes the results of Arizona's election audit will lead to the state's 11 presidential electors being reassigned to former President Donald Trump."

The 2-hour interview discussed conspiracy theories as well.…
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#IAmVernonJones declared to his fellow insurrectionists:

"We're taking our country back!"
"Hold the line!"--a phrased echoed by rioters attacking the police.

Flashbangs barely distract him from encouraging the people to revolt against the government.

#IAmVernonJones' insurrection:

"Hey, you still call yourself a Democrat, man?"

Things got a little dicey there, but the mob was distracted by the cheers as someone climbed the NW scaffolding, and he was welcomed after all.

"Vernon Jones!"

As a politician and a former representative of the people, it is important to see both sides of things

So #IAmVernonJones also visited the East side of the Capitol to get the full insurrection experience

⬇️ #IAmVernonJones standing by security vehicles topped with rioters Image
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24/ 2nd video for 1/5 Freedom Plaza rally;
earlier speakers, in add'n to list in tweet 11:
Mike Lindell
Patrick Byrne

& W.H. Advisor Peter Navarro

#IAmAliAlexander @ 4:26: "Victory or Death"

25/ Thread on fmr. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne,
who spoke at the 1/5 Freedom Plaza rally
18 days after a WH meeting with Trump along with
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and lawyer Sidney Powell.

1/5 speakers: Flynn, #IAmAliAlexander in orange hat & sweatshirt


H/t @BarrenCreek @DianthaSol @KatCapps

26/ Multiple interviews in the VIP tent
for the January 5th Freedom Plaza rally.
Here are just a few:

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1/ A resources "table of contents" thread
linking threads about Jan 5 & 6 events & VIP speakers.

Further on: threads on Save America March, StopTheSteal WildProtest, Freedom Rally, 1/5 Freedom Plaza rally; permits, maps & rally videos ImageImage
#CapitolHunters #CapitolRiots
#DCRallies #CapitolBadge

2/ This NYT team investigation is an in-depth view of the way the events of January 5th and 6th came together and the many people involved.

3/ This thread covers VIPs, those with event access badges or providing event security, a Capitol grounds map showing 1st Amendment demonstrations areas, #IAmAlexJones, WildProtest, Roger Stone, & state & local politicians at the insurrection.

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