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OPEN LETTER to @FBI. I have been saying this for 20 years. Nobody listened. Nigeria is a great country. I lived in America close to 30 yrs. My children are American. Youngest @Richkjtmusic is American-Nigerian. We have ETHNIC TRIBES. We are a tribal country #IgboYahooBoys
@FBI It is important you know our ethnic tribes #Igbo #Hausa #Yoruba which represent East, North and West. When we had Nigerian men killing their wives in 2001 they were Igbo names. I covered 6 murder trials. It was a trend. A cultural bad habit. All the police saw was Nigerian
@FBI This list comes after #invictusobi Obiwanne Okeke the Forbes celebrated billionaire was arrested while working in his dark corner of the net. The whole country is in tribal mode. A country that picks ministers and lawmakers via tribe before experience #IgboYahooBoys
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Igbo Ndị ọma nọ na Tuwita oge Akụkọ Ifo anyị eruwo. Igbo na asị na ezuo ka aha eri udene, atọ tuo ngiga.
#ỌgbakọNdịIgbo #Igbotic #IgboTwitterCommunity #IgboInvasion #Igbotic #IgboAmaka


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Akụkọ Ihe Mere Ụmụnwanyi ji Anaghị Agba Afụọnụ

Ifo Cha kpii !........................................... Woo!

O nwere otu ụbọchị...........................Otu ụbọchị eruo

Nkịta nyara akpa?................................ nsị agwụ n’ọhịa
N’OGE gboo, mgbe elu bụ ala ọsa, ma ụmụnwoke ma ụmụnwanyị na-agba afụọnụ.
  N’oge ahụ,o nwere otu agadi nwanyị aha ya bụ Mmaakụ. Nwanyị a wara anya ma na-akpa agwa ka nwoke. Afụọnụ ya buru ibu ma tokwaa ogologo.
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Igbo Bụ Igbo (Igbo is Igbo) But We Have Igbo Deniers

The grandfather & one of the earliest known #IgboDeniers is the acclaimed Ikwerre Writer from Aluu – Elechi Amadi (He schooled in Yoruba land & was a Nigerian soldier during the war).
He went to the Oputa Panel in 2004 & told the whole world that Ikwerre is not Igbo.

Later day Igbo Denying apostles include a certain Henry Okelue (@4eyedmonk) who is only known on Twitter where he claims that Anioma or Delta Igbo are not Igbo.

The question is this. If Igbo bụ Igbo, what is the motivation of these #IgboDeniers? The simple chief answer is this. “Failure is an orphan”.

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Let me say it again; if @radiobiafralive got it’s messaging right and instead of fostering hatred and trying to implant it in the hearts of ndi Igbo by force and also by some form of devilry, I would have supported it. Look at how the #IgboTwitterCommunity is managing to do it
@MaziNnamdiKanu came not to liberate because the ndi igbo needs no man to liberate them. We are already a liberated people. And that’s why he targeted the gullible young ones who couldn’t be reached by the leaders of Igbo land . He took advantage of the leadership vacuum
Was there and is there still a leadership vacuum in the south east ? Yes! Can it be filled ? Yes! But not with spreading of hate messages and messages coined to look like what it’s not. Ndi Igbo are not a subjugated race or tribe. We excel and flourish anywhere we are found
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If #IgboTwitterCommunity decides to have a hangout, it’s perfectly sensible and okay.

One mistake we have always made as a country is to try to suppress people’s individuality and culture.

Patriotism is not equivalent to annihilation of one’s culture, customs and traditions.
No group of people should ever be bullied into writing in a particular way on twitter. Never.

Igbos owe no one apologies if they decide that amongst themselves they are going to tweet in igbo.

Their choice. Their page. Their right. Their data. Their own space.
And that’s that.
I’m a Yoruba man. I tweet mostly in English but with Yoruba anecdotes whenever and however I see fit, depending on what I write about.

Twitter is a sphere of lingual creativity and an avenue for expression of ideas.
And some times that means writing in both English and Yoruba.
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