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I must commend the #IGBO race in Nigeria.

You have shown Pride, Character and Purpose. You have mirrored the Solidity of the Values passed down to you by your Forebears.

You have refused to budge, to quiver, to capitulate to Contrary Forces and Ideologies of Oppression and

Full of life, hope and determination, you strive hard, holding Family and Community together whilst surmounting the bitter ramifications of being #IGBO in Nigeria.

I am here to encourage you. To give you morale. To ask you to NEVER EVER stop being #IGBO. #IGBO is
Equity, fairness, Communalism, Resilience, Industry, Fulfillment, Enjoyment, Creativity, Justice and most importantly, Freedom.

Also to remind you that every generation has its own burden and ours, we must carry to the finish line. We will NEVER hand our burden over to our
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Our Parents faced humiliation, discrimination and marginalization in the hands of the #NigerianState.

I wouldn’t want to blame them for not communicating their plights to us, their children. Perhaps they preferred us to Journey through life in Nigeria with Open hearts and 1/3
without any form of prejudice.

This came with its own shortfalls as it left us more Vulnerable bcos as we interacted with open minds and childlike hearts, Institutionalized hatred was consolidated against us, the #IGBO.

Breaking loose from the systemic subjugation has become
one Herculean task that we MUST accomplish regardless of the price we pay.

As we do, We must intentionally transfer our story ~ the truth, to our children.

The Profiling, the pogroms,
massacres, Arson, disenfranchisement, arbitrary arrests, tortures, disappearances etc.
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Did you watch the accession of Prince Charles to the throne of his forefathers as King Charles III?
Despite the fact that one of his forefathers King Henry VIII founded the Church of England known as Anglican Communion,
@GodwinC55 @IkemegwaluUdudo
and another one King James II translated the Bible that is now commonly used and called the King James Version (KJV), the Bible was never used to swear in King Charles III, he only affirmed by just raising his hands. Neither was Jesus Christ mentioned throughout the ceremony.
There was no Hallelujah.
It was routinely a traditional event.

Today in many towns and kingdoms in Africa, something as sacred as the ascension of the king to the throne has become a religious task where all the laid down traditional procedures are jettisoned.
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I'll keep offering up prayers for Nigeria.. I'll keep believing... I'll keep faith. Nigeria is made up of Human beings. Nigeria is NOT BAD, it's the human beings living in a geographical area that are bad, and as long as humans are bad, they will keep electing bad people
among them to various positions of leadership. They will keep shielding and defending their criminals. I'm tired of people I'm sharing space with, but I'll never give up. Daily I ask God for peace, progress and prosperity of Nigeria cos I don't have faith in most humans.
Also I don't understand what people mean when they say "May Nigeria never happen to me". Tragedy happens all over the world. Imagine sending your kids to school in abroad and one of their classmates, a kid like them, enter the school and shoot both kids and teachers dead.
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Why do Christians and Muslims think they're the only entitled ones in this country sef?

It's even worse with the Christians? They think they are better than everyone and their religion is the best.

They started this Islamization nonsense in 2014.
They preached it in all their pulpits. They are the ones again talking about handing over to Christian president. How does that even sound?

How exactly has religion helped us in our constitution or polity?

How has any rulers religion helped or contributed to our GDP?
Are there no other religions who should also take over power since it's by religion?

As long as frivolities and thoughts like this keep springing up, we will continue to run round in cycles achieving nothing.

We should think Nigeria first and not religion first.
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I'm pretty sure that by now the newly minted governor of Anambra state is much aware of the choices he has been left with, either allow IPOB and their ESN to run free and co-govern Anambra Image
state as de-fecto co-rulers

This is not the time to be pretending as if we don't know what's at stake here. Chinasa Nworu, Benjamin Mmadubugwu, Enemy, Emmanuel Kanu and co have lost control of ESN. The group that burnt this property is Image
Chinasa Nworu's faction and if they didnt carry out attacks the other side would and by so doing they'll increase their fundraising

Do you think they'll ever stop given that they're using these atrocious acts to raise money from ignorant Igbos especially the ones residing Image
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The tragic yet resilient story of Igbo slaves who committed mass suicide off U.S. coast in 1803.

"Contemporary artists like Beyonce have also depicted and paid homage to the Igbo Landing in their work. In the recent wildly acclaimed Marvel comic film ...

Black Panther, Killmonger, played by actor Michael B Jordan, refers to this event, saying, “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships, ’cause they knew death was better than bondage”.

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Lately, I've been meditating on some goals, I mean future goals and how I can achieve them and I found out one of the best route to follow is thru Service.

Service has also helped me at this stage of my life. I really don't want to do much but serve.
I believe so much in service and I've started taking action.

There's alot service can do for you especially if you are just starting or in your growth journey. more secret tip ...
One of the fastest ways to get to the 1% of the 1% mind, eyes or heart is thru Service.

Find a way to give them a valuable service (s) and you'll see favour in your side.

Don't use this negatively. Do it genuinely.
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I'm humbled and honoured to be named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women by the Women's Executive Network @WXN

I'm a winner in the Science and Tech category, recognizing my contributions and commitment to tech advancement as well as diversity and inclusion in #STEM. Image
Special thanks to my mentors, supporters, students, family, and to a workplace that continually strive to create an environment that fosters diversity & inclusion, @dalfcs.
From my village in Owelli-court, Enugu State
From hawking,
From praying for just an opportunity to get a first degree...
To the global stage!

By the way, I also made the list of Nigeria's Top 100 Women!

Your dreams are valid!

Akachukwu di ya! #Igbo

#Congratulations to me!
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Ikwerre Is Igbo

The Ngwa are Igbos. The Ikwerre are Igbos. They are offsprings of the same father.
Agreed, Wike has the right to hold any view so far as it is within the ambit of the law and not counter-productive. He can define himself in any manner he deems fit.
But he is not in anyway speaking for us (Ikwerre people).
It is important to state for record purposes that historically Ikwerres fully identified themselves as Igbos without suffering harms.
Chief Joseph Wobo, member of the Council of Chiefs of Eastern Nigeria, clearly stated he was an Igbo. Nobody can dismiss him as he defended Ikwerreland in colonial Nigeria.
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On the 50th anniversary of the end of the Biafran war, the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in the late 1960s, declassified British files show that Harold Wilson’s government secretly armed and backed Nigeria’s aggression against the secessionist region.
The then Labour government secretly provided large quantities of arms to the Nigerian federal government which, by early 1970, had crushed an attempt by the country’s eastern region of #Biafra to gain independence, which it had declared in May 1967.
During the three years of war, up to three million people died, as #Nigeria enforced a blockade on Biafra, causing widespread starvation amid considerable international opposition to the conflict.
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This is what happens when you wait for a messiah instead of everyone doing the collective work: #ESN #BIAFRA #IPOB #IGBO needs to:

1) Get Igbo technicians to massively fund & install alarm security systems for every Igbo man, woman, & child esp. for #ESN
2. Get Igbo millionaires that align w/#BIAFRA to buy the land below Abia State (for future underground waterway irrigation, etc)

3) Igbo linguistic teachers, professionals, etc ABROAD & at home need to come together to develop curriculums that detail our Igbo culture, history, &
script according to each of our respective Igbo regions (Abia, Anambra, Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu, & even the natural borders that extend pre-colonization)

4) Review the Ahiara Declaration & outreach to the previous sovereign nations that supported Biafra (Haiti, Zambia, etc)
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Do you know there was BIAFRAN FOOTBALL CLUB (1969-1978)?

As the Republic of Biafra was founded, and the war started, a group of idealistic young football lovers gathered together in Valls, Barcelona (Spain) to honour the heroic struggle of the Biafrans.
They created a symbolic pennant& founded the Biafran Football club in order to draw world attention to the plight of Biafra, using one of the most focused methods known to humanity—Football. CF Biafra had about hundred players from Reus to Pla, from Nulles to Tarragona.
They settled in El Vilar, within the federated amateur league and rode all the way to the Third Regional League.

Half a century later, the golden anniversary of the Biafra football club was celebrated.
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Riot or Rebellion? The Women's Market Rebellion of 1929.

"In Nigeria there occurred what colonial historians have called the Aba Women’s riots of 1929, but it should be termed the Aba Women’s rebellion.
This was touched off by the imposition of direct taxation and the introduction of new local courts and especially of warrant chiefs." [A. Adu Boahen, African Perspectives on Colonialism (Baltimore, 1987), p. 79.
Here is one account of this rebellion by a person who called the episode a riot in her 1937 book, Native Administration in Nigeria (London, 1937).
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10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying in Poland

#Thread #AzukaOkwuosa #HeinekenUCLinAwka Image
1. IELTS Not Required:
There are lots of Universities in Poland that do not require their applicants to have IELTS. One such school is the Warsaw University of Technology. Top Universities in Poland offer top-notch programs like Medicine, Engineering, Humanities,

#aprokodoctor Image
and Finance taught in English. Other Universities that don't require IELTS are the University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, and many more.
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“In my town no boy can be considered adult until he has performed the Imamowu rituals. He must earn enough money by his own labour to pay the huge fees ranging from 3 to 30 pounds.
He must provide ten mounds of utara, or pounded yam meal, which no two persons heaving together could lift up an inch from the floor. He must provide other edibles and drinkables upon which the members must feast until their stomachs appear to be bursting.
At midnight he is led into a dark room where he is frightened by a masked mowu or juju. The mowu puts a reed between his jaws and talks like the spirit. The boy must shake hands with him. Then they converse in a friendly way about society and its needs.
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A History of #Racism

The Colonial Roots of Racism

"The history of #racism in the Western world is broadly associated with slavery as an early form of colonialism, and it is in that context, that something called race is created."

"Give us, us free!"

The History of Racialism: Why Europeans Invented Racial Slavery

Reaching back across the centuries, this program sheds light on historical attitudes toward human differences.

Anthony Bogues, Brown University: What is Racial Slavery?

What is racial slavery and how is it different from other forms of slavery?

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Can Mefor-Dokubo synergy work?

Having crippled an organised loyalty to Mefor, Kanu sought the support of Dokubo, who is from the South-South region of the country, where some have reportedly distanced themselves from collaborating with the #Igbo who they say are in the majority.
“Kanu, uncharacteristically, has not mentioned Mr Mefor’s name since the fallout between them happened last year but constantly attacks Asari Dokubo and Mr Uwazuruike during his broadcasts.
It remains to be seen how he will respond to this new movement headed by people he considers enemies,” the @sbmintelligence report says.
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Igbo people in the Atlantic slave trade
Historical Thread.

The Igbo, whose traditional territory is called the Bight of Biafra (also known as the Bight of Bonny), became one of the principal ethnic groups to be enslaved during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.
An estimated 14.6% of all slaves were taken from the Bight of Biafra between 1650 and 1900. The Bight’s major slave trading ports were located in Bonny and Calabar. The majority of Igbo slaves were kidnapped during village raids.
The journey for Igbo slaves often began in the ancient Cave Temple that was located in Arochukwu Kingdom. During this period, the three Igbo Kingdoms followed the same culture and religion, yet tended to operate very differently from each other.
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Biafra’s forgotten children.

The claim that Gabon’s president Ali Bongo is actually Nigerian has shone a spotlight on a subject not many were aware of, that of the children airlifted out of Biafra, and Nigeria, some never to be reunited with their families. Now they are adults.
In his latest book titled Nouvelle Affaires Africaine (New African Affairs), French writer Pierre Péan claims that Gabonese president, Ali Bongo is not actually from Gabon and that he is of Nigerian heritage. He claims that Ali Bongo was adopted from the secessionist state...
of Biafra during the bloody Nigerian Civil War by Omar Bongo, the now deceased previous Gabonese president and father of Ali Bongo.
Pierre Péan’s charge led Ali Bongo’s opposition to demand a DNA test from the president. Péan also claims that Bongo presented a forged birth...
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King Jaja of Opobo was born Mbanaso Okwaraozurumba in Umuduruoha, Amaigbo (present day Imo State) in the year 1821. He was sold into slavery and taken to Bonny Island (present day Rivers state) under circumstances which are far from clear. illustration of the Statute of King Jaja of Opobo, in Opobo
He was renamed Jubo Jubogha by his first master, Chief Iganipughuma Allison of Bonny, and later resold to Chief Alali who was the head of the Opubo Manilla Pepple Royal House. It was here that the British who couldn’t pronounce his name called him “Jaja”.
Jaja worked for Chief Alali and ran businesses on the side until he was able to buy his freedom. He was soon recognized as one of the smartest businessmen in the city and became one of the greatest leaders of the head of Anna Pepple house.
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18 super amazing facts about #Calabar - Nigeria's Paradise City. No.15 & 17 will wow you!! 😮

1. The city was originally "Akwa Akpa" but renamed "Calabar" by Spanish slavers, a name which has remained till date.

#KnowCalabar Aerial view of Calabar, Cross River State
2. Has 3 kingdoms & 3 monarchs:
- Efik: Ruled by Obong of Calabar
- Qua: Ruled by Ndidem of Calabar, &
- Efut: Ruled by Muri munene of Calabar.

3. Main ethnic group taken out of Calabar as slaves to Europe & America in 19th & 20th centuries - #Igbo (over 1.4 million, including the great writer/abolitionist Olaudah Equiano & John Jea).

@obi_Nwosu Olaudah EquianoJohn Jea
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This #SOASLangs week, we'll delve in our #African languages holdings @SOASLibrary and @SOAS_SpecColl, or rather just brush on their surface: with several 100s of languages and dialects represented, it is our most #multilingual collection!

#AfricanLanguages #Multilingualism ImageImageImage
Let's start with #Swahili also known as #Kiswahili.

This @SOAS "Language for Lockdown" video is a great introduction to the 1,200 years history of Swahili: .

#SOASLangs #SOASfromHome Image
@SOAS @CAS_SOAS @SOAS_SpecColl hold a great collection of Swahili manuscripts, see

Among them figure a few copies of al-Inkishafi "The Soul's Awakening", a 19th cent. poem by Sayyid Abdallah bin Ali bin Nassir.

#Swahili #SOASLangs #SOASfromHome #Inkishafi Image
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A thread about the English Establishment, state psychopathy, #COVID19… and why it really matters how people in power think. 🧐✊🇪🇺🇻🇳#history #ToriesOut #resist 🦠
The popular idea of a colonial official during the British Empire days was of a paternal figure dispensing justice and spreading civilisation, as in the 1935 film “Sanders of the River” (see pic), a grossly patronising tale set in colonial #Nigeria... 😬🇳🇬 #BritishEmpire #Korda
The reality was, of course, very different. Consider the work of Charles Callwell, a British soldier with much colonial experience, pictured here on the WWI Caucasus Front as a Major-General in 1916. #Callwell #SmallWars #ColonialViolence 🇹🇷🇷🇺
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