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When #IndianMatchmaking first debuted, none of the featured couples were still together. But what about Season 2?

@MeredithBlake checked in with some of the standout cast members to find out if reality TV led to romance.…
“I was looking for a unicorn,” says Viral Joshi, “and you can’t find a unicorn walking into a bar.”

“Luckily, thanks to the magic wand of Sima Auntie,” she adds, “I haven’t had to really compromise on anything on my list.”…
Shital Patel watched the first season of “Indian Matchmaking” with her mom when it came out in 2020. Then Netflix came calling.

Now she’s on Season 2: “I just didn’t really value myself, so I was attracting guys who also didn’t value me.”…
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Thought of these scenes from #IndianMatchmaking on seeing the eagerness to claim the Indianness of #KamalaHarris. ImageImageImageImage
The irony!
#KamalaHarris Image
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First few minutes of #IndianMatchmaking on Netflix and I’m howling. “In India we don’t say arranged marriage. We have marriage and love marriage”
‘Arranged marriage’ is a bit of a misnomer to be honest. This looks more like de-risking the process as much as possible. Wonder if there are stats on the durability of ‘marriages’ compared with ‘love marriages’
“He likes the outdoors”

“I don’t like the outdoors”
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So we have to talk about #IndianMatchmaking. I was pleasantly surprised - it had very relatable characters, situations and the show does a good job of giving us a sneak peek into each individual's psyche.

But it completely ignores the reality of arranged marriages.
Let's gets some facts:

1/ 96% of Indian marriages are arranged within the same caste / community. There is some allusion to this in the show but its swept under the carpet. The caste system is in general a terrible idea.

2/ Dowry is very prevalent in arranged marriages.
3/ Demands for dowry often lead to ongoing abuse of the wife in a marriage. Dowry deaths / suicides are unfortunately not uncommon at all.

4/ Honor killings -- also happen pretty frequently, if you disobey your family to pick a life partner all by yourself.
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Since everyone is cringe-watching #IndianMatchmaking on @NetflixIndia, here are a few #FunFacts on the show, *the aunty*, other aunties, and arranged marriages. Thread 👇 Image
The star of the show Sima Taparia runs a Mumbai-based marriage consultancy “Suitable Rishta” that began by exclusively catering to the Marwari family market and has now gone global with families from USA, UK, Thailand, Hong Kong & Australia.
#FunFact: Fee= ₹1.5-4 lacs per fam Image
#FunFact : This isn’t Sima‘s first motion picture appearance. Earlier she has appeared in an acclaimed documentary “A Suitable Girl” which also showcases how Indian arranged marriages are regressive but this one is a true gem.
Streaming on
@NetflixIndia ImageImage
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Ok so I’ve just finished watching #IndianMatchmaking and here are some unfiltered thoughts

1. @netflix why? Just why would you blow money on a show that props up an insidious arrangement?

2. This is some fierce romanticisation of arranged marriage for wealthy people.
In most cases, the system is pernicious and caste plays a huge role in deciding marriage especially amongst upper caste folks. Please see work on this by some political scientists.

3. Apart from the total glossing over of how insidiously caste operates in marriage decisions,
the show also glosses over dowry demands which still make their way into marriage transactions, even amongst the wealthy.

4. There is such a huge difference in the way the matchmakers talk to women and men. The message to the women is “compromise”.
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The way upper castes are ferociously admonishing #IndianMatchmaking, one would assume that they’d all be fully anti-caste when it comes to love marriage. Lol, but y’all still want the same things in both unions. Lighter skin, slim & trim, and similar social locations.
So you saying that if India and the Indian diaspora gave up on arranged marriages, you will be open to dating and loving people across caste and class lines? Convenient to put the entire blame on the system when caste is a lot more inherent.
Your friendships should indicate that. Your social bubbles should tell you that. Who do you gravitate towards at a party? Who do you side eye with when a joke is being made? Who’s your private circle? Who do you ping when you come across a job opportunity?
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I’ve been seeing a lot of jokes about the show on matchmaking and arranged marriages on Netflix and as someone who’s lived through this hell for most of her twenties, I’m here to tell you; it’s no joking matter 1/n
My parents started “looking” for a potential groom while I was in my early twenties (23, I think) because while they were very liberal, it turned out they were pretty conventional too. I wasn’t told about this “search” till two days before the boy and his parents were coming over
It was the first in a series of engineering school graduates who may or may not be in the US but who’s attributes almost ever were, degree, pay packet and family background. What did I bring to the table? Looks and family and prestige in terms of being educated. Or so it was blvd
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#IndianMatchmaking A THREAD

This person is every Indian aunty that has "casually" asked your parents if you're single and then pulled out a bio-data file that she "happened to have on her phone"
This is spiritual healer + creepy uncle hybrid we didn't sign up for #IndianMatchmaking
Aparna is making valid points here but the music was telling us that she's the "too picky" character of this show #IndianMatchmaking
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So, binge-watching #IndianMatchmaking, and I want to share a piece of advice I got from my dad when I was 15.
"In the long run, it doesn't really matter; eventually, all donkeys look like each other. Just dont waste time thinking about donkeys."
And is everyone's hair so dry in #IndianMatchmaking ?
Ok so face reading is a thing? #IndianMatchmaking
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