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Top 15 Must watch 2022 NEW TV Shows
Now these TV Shows, premiered in 2022 for the first time (Season).

15. MoonKnight

Steven Grant and mercenary Marc Spector investigate the mysteries of the Egyptian gods from inside the same body.
#MoonKnight Image
14. The Afterparty

When a high school reunion's after-party ends in a stunning death, everyone is a suspect; a detective grills the former classmates one by one, uncovering potential motives as each tells their version of the story unveiling the shocking truth.
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13. Shining Girls
Newspaper archivist Kirby Mazrachi's dreams of becoming a journalist are put on hold after she survives a brutal attack that leaves her in a constantly shifting reality.
#shining Image
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Are you wondering where to stream the awesome films and TV shows that "struck gold" at the 80th Golden Globe Awards? With this post, we answer your question!

#GoldenGlobes #GoldenGlobes2023
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No matter how benevolent a dictatorship is, it's still a dictatorship, and subject to the dictator's whims. We must demand that the owners and leaders of tech platforms be fair and good - but we must also be prepared for them to fail at this, sometimes catastrophically. 1/ Moses confronting the Pharaoh, demanding that he release the
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Maybe you trust #TimCook to decide what apps you are and aren't allowed to install - including whether you are allowed to install apps that block #Apple's own extensive, nonconsensual, continuous commercial surveillance of its customers. 3/
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El poder del #OSINT: En esta ocasión les contaré sobre una investigación que eh realizado a un compañero (de la Escuela), hasta lograr contactarme con él; Todo a través de la obtención de su #HuellaDigital. #Socmint #AnalistaOsint #Leaks #ToolsOsint #ManuelBot #CiberINT
1⃣ Hace poco, me pregunté, ¿Que será de su vida de Jhon Alejandro? (un amigo de la escuela), pues decidí saberlo, empezando así una búsqueda con técnicas de Google Hacking, para saber que información (activa/pasiva) se encuentra expuesta sobre él, en sitios web como Scribd.

2⃣ Hasta que encontré un documento (en formato DOC) que me llamó mucho la atención, era un DOC que estaba cargado por él (por los datos que se mostraba en el doc), donde figuraba sus datos personales (Nombres, Teléfono, email), entre otra información.

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#BIN A esta hora #V1brraXX10nes, la música de la posguerra. Cuando #GaryBrooker de #ProcolHarum compuso #AWhiterShadeOfPale, se inspiró, más no es una versión, en "Sleepers, Wake" y "Air on G String" de Bach. Le letra es del poeta #KeithReed, miembro de PH
#BIN #V1brraXX10nes #JonLord de #DeepPurple, con toda su carga de ser uno de lso grupos fundadores y más exitosos del #HeavyRock, fue uno de los músicos más influenciados por #Bach y quien marcó el camino que seguirían otros, al combinar #Rock con #Bach.
#BIN #V1brraXX10nes En su genial álbum de 1969 [Concierto para Grupo & Orquesta], influenciado por Bach, que fue la plantilla o patrón para una serie de discos #ProgRock muy conocidos, junto a la Real Filarmónica de Londres interpretaron este CHILD IN TIME
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¿Herramienta #OSINT para buscar cuentas por nombre en 574 websites en #GoogleCloudShell?

#OSINT tool to search accounts by name on 574 websites in #GoogleCloudShell?

#VideoOsint #cybersecurity #ToolsOsint #SOCMINT #hacking

La herramienta #Osint que usaremos #BlackBird

Enlace de la herramienta:…

Clonamos el repositorio #Blackbird en nuestro terminal en #GoogleCloudShell.

Enlace GoogleCloudShell:…

Clonar o copiar nuestro repositorio:
git clone…

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I have seen Michael Flatley's opus Blackbird. And it's glorious. It soars like a pigeon into a jet engine.

Half way through it had me wishing Covid had closed cinemas for good. It's an incredible, excruciating vanity project. Glorious stuff. 🧵:

#BlackbirdMovie #Blackbird
It must be stated firmly up front: Flatley's acting skills are as limited as a Tory Donor's PPE company.

He possesses all the screen presence of a screen. He tries to brood manfully, but instead resembles a drunk struggling with the map at a bus stop

#BlackbirdMovie #Blackbird
The plot involves a MacGuffin that could either save or doom humanity in the right / wrong hands. The exposition in this scene is so dense, passing black holes get sucked into it

#BlackbirdMovie #Blackbird
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Thread: My favourite early Irish poem (7thC AD, translated by Seamus Heaney)

‘A wall of forest looms above
and sweetly the blackbird sings;
all the birds make melody
over me and my books and things’
This original ink drawing is on paper & is 29.7 x 42cm [11.7 x 16.5 inches]. A3. Click the link below for detailed specifications. I ship via registered post or courier. It’s just €149/£133

It is available to purchase before June 30th.
You can purchase the work in my Etsy store. Click the link below for more details & to buy:

#gardening #flowers #blackbird #nature #wildlife #bird

Irish Blackbird in a Cherry Tree (2021)
Buy here:
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El día de Paul 💜
Hoy cumple 80 #PaulMcCartney
¿Qué decir que no se haya dicho? Nada, solo compartir
Macca cuenta el origen de Blackbird. A partir de la obra Bourrée de J.S. Bach, en un set de clásicos que interpretaban cuando eran jóvenes con George Harrison.
Acá lo explica:
Mucho de eso que vimos en el tuit anterior está presente en la serie documental #McCartney321
Su charla con el productor Rick Rubin acerca de toda su obra, con apoyo en las cintas originales, es un documento imprescindible
Está disponible en @STARChannelLA y son seis episodios
Y seguimos jugando con #PaulMcCartney80 y este hilo que se hará largo, largo durante todo el día.
Acá rescato una curiosidad de la edición nacional de época del White Álbum y que tiene como protagonista a #Blackbird, precisamente
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I want to start a new thread story. Not sure how long it will be and I may use different prompts: #vss365 #vssmagic #vssnature etc etc ... I love reading about legends and folk lore, and in my fantasy writing I often create my own myths. So this will be just a fun exercise...
According to #lore &myths of old,griffins nestled on these cliffs long ago. They swooped down on the unsuspecting;carried them off never to be seen again.
Griffins were not elemental creatures,but air & earth did have dominion over them; their only enemy -fire.
#vss365 #vssmagic
"I helped your troupe avoid #shadow and #gore," said the dark wizard simply, implying that he saved us from the mythical griffins. I gaped at him. "And now for what you promised."

"No," I was careful not to get trapped in words, "I said: after you summon her."
#vss365 #vssmagic
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1ere partie d'un #ThreadPhoto, résumé de notre ballade ce matin avec @petitesarcelle au (quasi) lever du jour dans le parc Paul Mistral à @VilledeGrenoble .
⚠️Clic sur les 📸 pour les voir en format réel 😊
#TwitterNatureCommunity #NaturePhotography #nature #Grenoble
C'était une matinée "étournesque". Cet #Etourneau sansonnet ( Sturnus vulgaris) était en train de se laver en barbotant dans l'eau, pas très loin de nous
#Starling #photography #birds #BirdsSeenIn2021
#birdphotography #TeamOrnitho #ornithology Etourneau sansonnet (Common starling) - Sturnus vulgaris
Du coup Cette petite Merlette (#Merle noir ♀ - Turdus merula) s'y est mise aussi, pour notre plaisir =)
#blackbird #photography #birds #BirdsSeenIn2021
#birdphotography #TeamOrnitho #ornithology
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I agree with @chronic. There was no attempt to verify facts or claims with our team. There is no demo or proof of concept.

For example, the timeline in ironpeak post has many inaccurate or misleading claims, and it is not even in chronological order.
To be clear, the public @checkra1n jailbreak does not currently have any SEP exploit or mitigation bypass whatsoever for any device. Ironpeak claims that it does.

When we write things for public consumption, it is important that we are clear, accurate, and get basic facts right.
Good writing about deeply technical topics requires collaboration with subject-matter experts. It requires editing and peer review. There is no way around it.

I do not know what "vulnerability details" ironpeak emailed to Apple, but it was most likely a low quality bug report.
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