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(1) Since a lot of MAGA folk are stridently talking about Biden's comments today concerning 2A, here's my take on the subject.

Let's start with Don Jr endorsing Michael Malice's take on 1/6. (I only saw the @TrumpsAlert tweet bc Malice RTd it.)

(2) Michael Malice (who has a new book out) is known for some really effective pranking of the left from time to time, and for political commentary and satire.

His view of 1/6 below matches that of the MAGA movement.

(3) Indeed, the (supposedly) conservative answer to The Onion echoed the same view: Image
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(1) This thread includes some of my previous work on the far right's concept of #Arkancide and it's relation to the Qanon mass delusion phenomenon, Epstein, McAfee, and the ongoing consequences of not having a #Jan6Commission.

There's a lot to unpack.
(2) Even before Epstein's death on August 10, 2019, it was common for those who saw #Arkancide under every rock to post online messages like this one: Image
(3) People started adding #EDKH to their tweets for "Epstein didn't kill himself."

Yes, I did too. I don't delete tweets from my time as a Trump supporter. That's cowardly. I will instead answer good faith questions about it from anyone.

We're all allowed to change our mind.
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(1) These 4 questions are the most important ones to be asked about 1/6.

Instead of weaving a false narrative like media hack Tucker Carlson's, we should all be asking these questions until we get adequate answers.

A #Jan6Commission would have HELPED (actual) conservatives.
(2) Supporting details for the above:

1. The parts of the nat'l guard that should have been deployed AROUND the Capitol on the MORNING of 1/6 were solely under the jurisdiction of the sitting POTUS, ie Trump.

That land around the Capitol is FEDERAL land, not Congressional.
(3) Therefore, it's irrelevant whether Speaker Pelosi or anyone else who happens to oppose Trumpism wittingly or unwittingly reduced the security presence on her "patch." BTW, former SenMajLdr McConnell had the same rights & duties in this regard.

Trump's "patch" was around it.
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🔥Injured Officer "Absolutely Sickened" After GOP Sens. Mtg
"Here I am escorting the mother of a dead policeman [to] advocate for a commission to investigate the circumstances [of] her son's death & a leader on Capitol Hill is making calls asking for personal favors [to] vote NO"
Officer Fanone who defended Capitol on 1/6 on GOP Mtg: "It was exhausting to relive the most traumatic day of my life to ppl devoid of compassion & empathy. I don't know how you can talk to Brian Sicknick's mother & vote against a commission to investigate the cirx of his death."
Hero Police Officer Who Defended Capitol On Jan.6 Speaks Out on Trump Supporters Calling for Another Coup: "It's INSANE to hear that type of rhetoric not 6 mos out from the insurrection at the Capitol…This is EXACTLY the same type of rhetoric that resulted in the 1/6 attack."
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For those who believe Sicknick's stroke right after an improvised chemical weapon was sprayed in his face is just a coincidence,

The mob trampled a woman to death

Two cops suicided from the PTSD

The cop who had to use lethal force on Babbitt is being doxxed by the far right
That's right. Q cult victim Ashli Babbitt tried to climb through a broken window that a team of cops were defending while innocent bystanders were still evacuating.

Y'all defend a POS like Derek Chauvin while doxxing and threatening an LEO who did his duty, lawfully.
Trump and the rest of the MAGA movement do not support the police.

I became a Trump supporter in 2016 for reasons like his promise to support LEOs & military. His encouraging, enabling and condoning of 1/6 endangered hundreds of cops AND abandoned all the others in the country.
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Thank you @SenBillCassidy (R-La).

He has said he’s inclined to support a #Jan6Commission.

Cassidy now agrees with Collins:

"I know it's going to take a little bit of evolution…we could address concerns and make it a lot easier for folks to support it.”…
2. Senator Cassidy on his historic vote to convict President Trump in Senate impeachment trial.

“Our Constitution and our country is more important than any one person. I voted to convict President Trump because he is guilty.”

3. “Collins said she wants assurance that Republican commissioners can also hire staff -- something House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she is amenable to.”…
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