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We have a NOTE FROM THE JURY: They want to know whether the question of whether the headline is false relates to just the headline itself or the entire article — i.e does including the headline as a statement bring in everything in the article

The judge’s answer is: it means ONLY the headline itself, which is: “Amber Heard: I spoke up against sexual violence and faces our culture’s wrath. That has to change.” I.e Using the headline as one of the defamatory statements does not mean the whole article must be false
This indicates that the jury is taking a forensic approach to this case, not an emotional one. This is also backed up by the fact that they’ve already been deliberating for more than five hours #DeppVsHeard #DeppHeardTrial
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Exposing TMZ and celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser - a thread

#JusticeForBritney ImageImage
If you’ve been watching the #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial, you’ll know there is currently an issue over who was leaking things to TMZ. Many believe it was Amber tipping them off, she blames Johnny’s defense attorney Laura Wasser.
We have more information on Laura Wasser because she was hired as Britney’s divorce attorney against Kevin Federline back in 2007 and played a big role in the events leading up to Britney’s conservatorship. ImageImage
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#CamilleVasquez on rebuttal on behalf of Johnny Depp:

"The time has come for those lies to come to an end. The time has come for you, the jury, to decide the truth."

#DeppHeardTrial #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial
"Ms Heard has no right to tell the world that Mr Depp physically and sexually assaulted when that isn't true... That isn't protected speech."
"Ms Heard made up claims of abuse, and then she gave a performance where she passionately repeated those claims of abuse, on the stand in front of you."
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Heard’s closing:

“Think about the message Mr Depp and his legal team are sending to Ms Heard and, by extension, all victims of domestic abuse: If you didn’t take pictures, it didn’t happen. If you did take pictures, they’re fake.”
“If you didn’t tell your friends, you weren’t injured. If you did tell your friends, they were part of the hoax.”

#JohnnyDepptrial #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial
“If you didn't seek medical treatment, you weren't injured. If you did seek medical treatment, you're crazy… if you finally decide that enough is enough, you've had enough of the fear, enough of the pain and you have to leave to save yourself, you're a gold digger”

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Bora falar do caso do Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard? Sou psicóloga e venho me deparando muito com o termo "abuso mútuo". Então segue uma thread da minha opinião sobre isso tudo.
#JusticeForJohnnyDepp #AmberHeardlsAnAbuser #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial
Vamos primeiro esclarecer que não existe abuso mútuo, não tem essa de "ah, os dois eram abusivos". Em um relacionamento abusivo haverá sempre o lado dominante e o que o outro lado fizer é como resposta àquela violência psicológica/física que a vítima está sofrendo +
Então temos respostas reativas que podem ser: expressar o desejo de matar seu agressor (das formas mais bizarras possíveis, já vi fantasias bem bizarras no período que estagiei na DDM) e agressões reativas como bater pra escapar, bater pra se esquivar, pegar alguma arma para +
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1/ A lot of #MeToo advocates are showing their asses about the #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial and I have thoughts. Framing this case as a zero-sum game against Heard, women, DV/DA survivors, #MeToo, etc. is unhelpfully reductive
2/ The more dogged #MeToo crowd seems to be struggling to parse info presented thus far because they’ve backed themselves into a corner by saying “believe all women”/“‘due process’ is the patriarchy inflicting more violence and trauma”
3/ Many points being made about trauma’s effect on survivors, DARVO defense tactics used by perpetrators, etc. are valid, but could just as easily be used to support Depp’s testimony
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Gina Deuters (Johnny’s close friend who was also a witness in the current trial)is speaking up about the TRUTH of what happened that day in court
& How that sc*m Eve Barlow LIED.
(I’ll post the rest in the comments)

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