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Happy Sunday to the #HireSurvivorsHollywood Community! We’ve decided to use Sundays to highlight #survivors and #SilenceBreakers and the wonderful work they're doing!

Today we’re celebrating Amber Heard (#AmberHeard)!
#AmberHeard is a bisexual actress, activist, survivor, and Silence Breaker. In 2015, she filed a restraining order against her ex-husband Johnny Depp after surviving abuse from him.
She was later sued by him after publishing an article for the Washington Post in which she discussed sexual violence, domestic abuse, and how institutions protect male abusers.
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Here's the #LDF and #ACLU amicus brief in the #GA Senate runoff lawsuit over Saturday early voting:…

Features a forthcoming article in Journal of Election Administration Research & Practice by Michael Herron and me. #APSR rejected it.
R2 was spot on.
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On my feed you will find out how #AmberHeard is connected to #ChessyProut #MicheleDauber #LauraLDunn #TinaTchen #TimesUp #NWLC #SKDK #PrecisionStrategies #ACLU #KnowYourIX and the political sham behind her. My research started with NH v Owen Labrie...:
From NH v Owen Labrie I discovered a network behind his accuser, Chessy Prout. That network was also behind Chanel Miller, Brock Turner's accuser in People v Brock Turner; behind Amber Heard, Johnny Depp's accuser. It looks like it was organized recruiting and racketeering.
That network was also tied to The White House Task Force formed in 2014 and to the "Dear Colleague" Title IX letter published in 2011 and updated with the White Paper "Not Alone" in 2014, the lobbying for "Victim's Bill of Rights" (2016) and #MeToo (2017) & Times Up (2018).
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Part of this #UNSPORTING situation is the need to ask.
This is the inevitable endpoint, right?
Bullying & gaslighting of female athletes, all for the sake of #sports organizations TRYING to be “inclusive” of (largely) privileged white males representing ~0.15% of the population.
Since I am both a former athlete, #sports program designer, and personal coach who also serves as president of a provincial sports organization (governance), my perspective of “big picture” informs me that retaking lost ground requires a coordinated effort.
One-off efforts …
…will make headlines but deep within #sport random boycotts or tweeting something will never be enough. Nothing wrong with these initial measures, but something much more comprehensive is going to be required, involving:
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Johnny Depp was #FalselyAccused & vilified in the media. He has had his life & reputation torn apart by his ex-wife, Amber Heard, & less than half of the people who knew something came forward to defend him. We need to change that.

It's time to speak up.

Many people have interacted with, worked with, known and/or dated Amber Heard. This thread is appealing to those who once knew/know her to come forward and speak up. To bring truth to light if they know anything thay could help Johnny get his justice and get Amber to STOP.

Costar and "friend" to Amber Heard throughout the filming of Aquaman, I think this man knows more than he's saying and though follow Johnny Depp in solidarity during the trial is HUGE, it's not enough IF he does, in fact, know something that can help.
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1/ A lot of #MeToo advocates are showing their asses about the #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial and I have thoughts. Framing this case as a zero-sum game against Heard, women, DV/DA survivors, #MeToo, etc. is unhelpfully reductive
2/ The more dogged #MeToo crowd seems to be struggling to parse info presented thus far because they’ve backed themselves into a corner by saying “believe all women”/“‘due process’ is the patriarchy inflicting more violence and trauma”
3/ Many points being made about trauma’s effect on survivors, DARVO defense tactics used by perpetrators, etc. are valid, but could just as easily be used to support Depp’s testimony
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And the ACLU just confirmed to the US court that Amber Heard's statement submitted for the UK trial against The Sun & Dan Wootton in 2020 - which Justice Nicol used to reach a conclusion in favour of publisher NGN - contained a lie.
To clarify, they admitted that they had not received all the £3.5 million they were expecting from Amber Heard. The actress wrote in her statement to the UK court that she had donated all her settlement ($7m) to charity.
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Keeping the swamp busy..... Deleted within minutes of posting..... Get a job Murt .... Oh YEAH you can't....
Seriously Murt, is the persecution of Timothy who usually can't stop really worth it?
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Timothy's Bitchute…

The High Command Bitchute…

PPTF on Telegram
Actionable Intelligence…

Timothy's Website


Everything Everything 🎵

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Timothy's Bitchute…

The High Command Bitchute…

PPTF on Telegram
Actionable Intelligence…

Timothy's Website


Everything Everything 🎵
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People literally leave him voice-mail prayers... People pray for him in comment sections of his videos and articles... When will the persecution, torment and slander end for Timothy Charles Holmseth? When will his high level gangstalkers, killers, pedos & traffickers be
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I’m f🤬king furious. FURIOUS

I don’t have words right now. This is a gut punch, a slap to the face.

To the girls and women who

- forget to take your birth control
- have parents who refuse to get you birth control
- are on birth control that didn’t work
- feel pressured
- are too drunk to give consent
- are in abusive relationships
- think it won’t happen this 1 time
- are dealing with intentional or unintentional condoms breaking
- are told they can never get pregnant
- are victims of rape
- are victims of incest
- receive a fatal diagnosis for their wanted pregnancy
- want to terminate for medical reasons
- and anything else I didn’t cover

If you are scared, feel alone, and need help please go to and know that I’m here if you need to talk.
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88 #Georgia GOP operatives used lists created by True the Vote out of #Texas to challenge the votes of 364,000 Georgians.

True the Vote's major funder is #Wisconsin's Bradley Foundation, the new #KochBros, who've dedicated $2 billion to right-wing causes.
True the Vote's 88 Georgia proxies had originally challenged the counting of these voters' ballots in December, just three weeks before the Georgia Senate run-off race.…
Many of these voters had already mailed in their ballots and were unaware of the attempt to prevent their counting.
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Ms. Amber "not-an-abuser" Heard.

A thread to expose a little bit more of Ms. Heard's claims that she wasn't violent, doesn't drink or do drugs, and had no other agenda.😉

#JusticeForJohnnyDepp #JusticeForKateJames

Let's start with these screen grabs.

Let's continue with a toast ImageImage
or two or several. ImageImageImageImage
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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had many accomplishments in her life. Founding the "ALCU's [sic] Women's Rights Project" was not one of them, @FoxFriendsFirst.

🤦‍♀️ #ACLU Image
2/ I'm quite confident that #RBG did not found the Women's Rights Project at either the Association of Local Colleges and Universities (Philippines) or the Association of Lithuanian Credit Unions in 1972. Image
3/ Also from @FoxNews "presidential historian" @janehamptoncook — large rallies demonstrate Trump is a great president

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1. oggi c'è un articolo che mi accende: è l'intervista di @gbarbacetto a #MilenaGabanelli, che dice: "In fondo, chi non può fare a meno del contante? Chi evade, chi fa il nero, gli spacciatori, i corruttori":… Con tutto il rispetto per #Gabanelli è FALSO
2. ora io vi spiegherò perché l'abolizione del #contante NON è una battaglia di civiltà, mentre la sua riduzione è assolutamente legittima
3. ho iniziato a interessarmi alla questione denaro #contante nel 2010, quando dalla mattina alla sera e SENZA alcun provvedimento giudiziario, TUTTE le carte di credito, banche, ecc, chiusero il rubinetto a #WikiLeaks. Il crimine? Aver pubblicato i cablo della diplomazia USA
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It's #InternationalLesbianDay!
Here is a thread on iconic lesbians in history, past and present.
I hope you will show your allyship by reading and sharing. 📌

#Lesbians have been with us for centuries.
This sweet couple was photographed in 1907.

19th c lesbians lived together in what were called #BostonMarriages.
Some (straight) historians have tried to de-gay them and erase their lesbian sexuality, agency and history. But they were still lesbians.

Democratic women have long been in the forefront of radical change in America.
#DrAliceHamilton was a physician, scientist, social reformer & #lesbian. Her work created #OSHA. Hamiliton focused on the health of #immigrant women.

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October 8 is #InternationalLesbianDay
Have a great gay day!
(This lesbian couple is from 1907.)
October 8 is #InternationalLesbianDay
In South Africa, lesbians are at high risk from #correctiverape & murder, just for being gay.
October 8 is #InternationalLesbianDay
19th c #lesbians lived together in what were called #BostonMarriages. Some have tried to de-gay them.
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I'm queer and I served under Don't Ask, Don't Tell. If you got caught, if someone reported you-- you didn't get a court date, you got a
separation date. They gave you a general discharge (instead of an honorable one,) usually on a Section 8: "mentally unfit for service." This
meant you never qualified for veteran benefits of any kind: no VA service, no grants or scholarships as a veteran, no veteran housing
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