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She Said: The origin story of the #MeToo campaign 🙄🙄, or a version of it…
"She Said is a bland, stilted work largely without genuine dramatic life or energy. No element of ambiguity or complexity is allowed to intrude. Whatever conceptions and prejudices the viewer enters with, he or she leaves with."
Yes: I agree that both #ambiguity and #complexity are needed for intelligent art. Also, it is only intelligent art which can examine, and possibly change, people's prejudices. Not propaganda for cancel culture or whatever. 😏
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🪡: #DeppVsHeard is an entirely separate case from #JolieVsPitt. Those wielding misogyny in either case do not represent many of us who drew conclusions based on evidence, not gender. There are malicious players when cases like these are public & high-profile (1/?)
🪡: Twitter is not representative of the general population. Those who have decided to vilify Ms. Jolie without examining the claims, any evidence, previous allegations, and all prior to the case being tried in any capacity are glomming onto troll-behaviors and tactics (2/?)
🪡: They do not represent everyone who has an opinion on the case nor do they represent everyone who believes the Defendant (Ms. Heard) is a malicious defamer. Not believing the Defendant and not believing Ms. Jolie are not mutually exclusive (3/?)
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🧵THREAD. In response to @k4mil1aa’s thread, I wanted to create this thread with substantiated empirical research because there was a lot of misinformation and lack of context.

#DeppVsHeard #DeppVsHeardTrial #AmberHeard #JohnnyDepp
Curious about your thoughts. I’ve admired the research you’ve been posing in the aftermath of this trial. Hope you don’t mind the tag @megcelu
@threadreaderapp unroll 👋🏼
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un chouette thread pour expliquer un peu mon sujet de recherche de mémoire de M2 :
la tentative de construction d’une contre-réalité des VS en France : l’échec discursif du mouvement #MeToo ? (1/n) ⤵️
d’abord, revenons au point de départ : en 2017 apparaît #MeToo aux USA au même moment qu’apparaît en France #BalanceTonPorc, déferlante de témoignages de VS blablabla 🥱 la fameuse « libération de la parole » !
très vite, #MeToo est présenté comme terminé, achevé : on aurait gagné ? 😱on a du « post-metoo », du « après metoo », et surtout, on a un #MeToo qui aurait présupposément changé radicalement la donne ! le mouvement social porté par le hashtag aurait été agissant…
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Hola Twitter 🙋‍♀️soy especialista en derechos de mujeres y voy a retomar elementos clave del juicio #JohnnyDepp vs #AmberHeard, desde una perspectiva de género, basándome en estándares legales internacionales y estudios especializados.

Los invito a seguir leyendo.

Abro hilo🧵👇 Image
Para empezar, sabemos que se trata de un caso civil relacionado con una demanda por difamación.

#AmberHeard (AH👱🏻‍♀️) se describió en este artículo de opinión en @washingtonpost como "una figura pública que representa el abuso doméstico" 👇…
El actor y ex-pareja de AH👱🏻‍♀️, #JohnnyDepp (JD👨🏻) la demandó por presunta difamación estimando que esas afirmaciones, según él falsas, habrían tenido impactos personales y profesionales.

Esta demanda se da tras otra judicializada en UK.

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Depp WON vs #AmberTurd in the #DeppVsHeard case

#JusticeForJohhnyDepp waiting to hear how much Heard must pay Johnny Depp

Go Johnny go!
Go go, Go Johnny go go go!
#AmberTurd must pay Depp $15 million

Depp also guilty of defamation and must pay #AmberTurd $2 million

#AmberTurd statement after she lost. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp ImageImage
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We have a NOTE FROM THE JURY: They want to know whether the question of whether the headline is false relates to just the headline itself or the entire article — i.e does including the headline as a statement bring in everything in the article

The judge’s answer is: it means ONLY the headline itself, which is: “Amber Heard: I spoke up against sexual violence and faces our culture’s wrath. That has to change.” I.e Using the headline as one of the defamatory statements does not mean the whole article must be false
This indicates that the jury is taking a forensic approach to this case, not an emotional one. This is also backed up by the fact that they’ve already been deliberating for more than five hours #DeppVsHeard #DeppHeardTrial
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Just had a thought... perhaps the biggest reason that #DeppVsHeard may chill abuse survivors from coming forward is that the media ran SO VERY MANY pieces suggesting that it should chill abuse survivors from coming forward. That they will not be believed.
Good job, media.
The TRUTH is that celebrity cases are totally different from those of regular people, conviction rates for criminal abuse charges are already extremely low, and a CRIMINAL trial is a reasonable doubt standard. Why is no one talking about RESTORATIVE JUSTICE here?
It's so strange that the media narrative is about exposure and punishment instead of healing. Why is the message not "please talk to someone to get support about what happened to you"? Instead it's "No matter what you do it will never be enough unless (insert trial outcome)"
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Every journalist who has gaslighted Johnny Depp stans by saying they're bots or trolls has contributed to a cycle of abuse. Perhaps not intentionally, but there are real people that are trying to recover from trauma who now feel spat on all over again. Not factual. Not okay.
The media NEVER LEARNS with these online phenomena. Troll farms inflame all sides of these dust ups because they want to make Western democracy look stupid. And the media plays into their hands again and again because, ironically, commentary writers get freaked out by nuance.
The truly awful thing is that the media is still a hotbed of abusive behavior. People I have personally witnessed being abusive say "the right things" and fly the flag and go right back to being abusive. But does media EVER humble despite it BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM? No.
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Thread of women on tiktok $exu@liz!ng Amber’s testimony where she is describing how she was @ss@ulted by Depp.

Just want people to remember this❤️
Like are we now only meant to believe the women we like? What happened to “believe women”? Y’all will believe every other victim bc your male fave isn’t being accused. Stop having wishy washy morals.
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#DeppVsHeard #DeppVHeardTrial #AmberHeard #JohnnyDepp ImageImageImageImage
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Heard’s closing:

“Think about the message Mr Depp and his legal team are sending to Ms Heard and, by extension, all victims of domestic abuse: If you didn’t take pictures, it didn’t happen. If you did take pictures, they’re fake.”
“If you didn’t tell your friends, you weren’t injured. If you did tell your friends, they were part of the hoax.”

#JohnnyDepptrial #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial
“If you didn't seek medical treatment, you weren't injured. If you did seek medical treatment, you're crazy… if you finally decide that enough is enough, you've had enough of the fear, enough of the pain and you have to leave to save yourself, you're a gold digger”

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#DeppvsHeard JURY reaction to #johnnydepp:

▪️ Gallery collectively gasps when Depp’s name is called

▪️Jurors #2, #8, #9 smile as he re-takes the stand

▪️During 1st sidebar, Juror #8 gives a slight smile to Depp as he looks towards them

@CourtTV (thread cont’d)
▪️Depp smiles towards the gallery full of his fans

▪️Extra deputies patrol aisle of gallery to ensure fans do not wave towards Depp during sidebars

▪️Juror #2 smiles quite a bit when Depp is on the stand; he seems to really get a kick out of Depp’s wisecracks and personality
▪️Many times, during Depp’s testimony, all 9 jurors simply turn, look and listen to Depp answer questions

▪️When Depp says “I took a shot to the face/eye” and got a “shiner”- Juror #8 looks towards #AmberHeard taking in Heard’s response
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BREAKING: Can confirm alliantgroup LP’s offices in Houston are being raided by the criminal investigation unit of the IRS. /1
This could be a huge story, as alliantgroup collects former IRS commissioners to their Strategic Advisory Board like baseball cards. /2.…
Former employees of alliantgroup are celebrating the raid news. The company has a bad reputation as an employer as shown through Glassdoor reviews. AG allegedly requires employees to post good reviews to balance the #s. /3…
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Okay Vogue, but if we believe all women, shouldn't we also believe Dr. Curry, Depp's sister, Kate James, Gina Deuters, Depp's exes...? How does this work if they say opposing things? *universe implodes* #DeppvsHeard (Via:…)
Believing all women is stupid. It's also totally sexist. It's implying women can't lie, women can only be victims. I prefer listening to both parties, looking at their evidence and THEN decide who I believe. "Believe all women" is an insult to women and their intelligence.
Vogue wants us to just believe the women who testified under oath yesterday that these were two different pics, one with the vanity light on, and one without. She also wants us to believe she doesn't know how to edit pics on her phone.
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BREAKING NEWS, FOR IMMEDIATE RT: Amber Heard claimed under oath that this is a picture of herself with TWO black eyes, a broken nose and a busted lip. There is NO possibility this photo contains even one black eye. #JusticeForJohhnyDepp #DeppvHeard [Medical explanation follows:]
Now the obvious thing here is that there is some sort of dark smudge on her right lower eyelid, a point in her favor, but that's where it ends for her. The smudge abruptly stops. Not consistent . Black Eyes have burst capillaries, leeching blood into the tissues. [cont.]
The pooling of blood spreads, extensively. It turns dark blue/purple and in combination with skin complexion, it appears black, It's kinda why they're called black eyes. It's a gradual return to normal colored skin as you move further and further away. That's Not all... [cont.]
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Let's debunk some horrendous #DeppVsHeard misinformation that has been flying around the internet and that countless people have cited to me as evidence.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this case, but no-one should base that opinion on things that simply aren't true.
MYTH 1) The UK case, in which a judge ruled that Depp has physically abused Heard 12 times, was a "sham", that Depp wasn't allowed to present evidence, that the judge didn't hear the same evidence as in this trial, or that it's very hard to win a libel trial in the UK.
This is not true. Firstly, the UK is famously one of the easiest places on earth to win a libel suit. In fact, the government is in the process of reforming libel laws here because it is TOO easy for someone to win and because the jurisdiction is seen as too plaintiff-friendly.
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Amber Heard tonight after realizing that the world still won't believe her lies and that the new PR is not worth anything. #amberheard #AmberHeardIsALiar #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Image
Amber Heard - Part 1: Today I learned that you can have PTSD & still have 2 personality disorders. What she presented was not only bad acting but a failed attempt to seem luke the normal person. #amberheard #AmberHeardlsALiar #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Image
Amber Heard - Part 2: It sounded like She described her father. Now every man must be the same bad man as the father was. She totally has these 2 disorders. She also behaved like a child. #amberheard #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #AmberHeardlsALiar Image
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1/ A lot of #MeToo advocates are showing their asses about the #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial and I have thoughts. Framing this case as a zero-sum game against Heard, women, DV/DA survivors, #MeToo, etc. is unhelpfully reductive
2/ The more dogged #MeToo crowd seems to be struggling to parse info presented thus far because they’ve backed themselves into a corner by saying “believe all women”/“‘due process’ is the patriarchy inflicting more violence and trauma”
3/ Many points being made about trauma’s effect on survivors, DARVO defense tactics used by perpetrators, etc. are valid, but could just as easily be used to support Depp’s testimony
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