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Remembering Marilyn Monroe on her birthday 🎂
📷 Ed Feingersh, 1955
“Her fame increases, & as it does so we see how far she depended on, and excelled in, photographs - not movies. She is funnier in stills, sexier, more mysterious & protected against being. ”
- David Thomson
On Marilyn Monroe's birthday, my favourite photos.
Marilyn with George Cukor on the set of her last film, Something's Got to Give
📷 Lawrence Schiller, 1962
Simone Signoret, Yves Montand, Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller by Bruce Davidson, 1960
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Happy birthday Harald Hauswald 🎂
📷 Paul Sullivan, 2020
"Harald Hauswald’s gaze is authentic and tender. His images radiate a sympathy for the objects and people he photographs, preserving their dignity and setting them apart from the surrounding decay."
- Felix Hoffman
Harald Hauswald
Subway Line A, Berlin, 1986
Harald Hauswald
In front of the Foreign Ministry of the GDR (now Schloßplatz), Mitte Berlin, 1984
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Remembering Philippe Halsman on his birthday 🎂
📷 Yale Joel
"Every face I see seems to hide and sometimes, fleetingly, to reveal the mystery of another human being... Capturing this revelation became the goal and passion of my life."
I never knew about this film: Joshua Sinclair's Jump, released in 2007. Ben Silverstone plays a young Philippe Halsman, framed for his father's murder in 1928 Austria. Based on a true story. After a pardon Halsman made his way to Paris in 1930.
Cute title!
The Old Equipment is Still the Best
Philippe & Yvonne Halsman's 1978 New Year's Card
Yvonne Halsman worked alongside Philippe for much of his career, often documenting his methods with photographs of her own. Keep that in mind during this thread, which will likely be long! 🧵📷
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#JUMP/LEAP !!!!!!!!!!
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Remembering Tony Randall on his birthday 🎂
📷 Ralph Crane, 1960
"One wouldn't blame him for a hint of disdain for many of the lines he has had to speak, the predicaments to be endured. There has never been any such hint. He somehow civilizes the material.
- John Leonard
A scene from the one-night-only revival of Neil Simon's play The Odd Couple, with Jack Klugman & Tony Randall
📷 Mario Ruiz, 1991
BTW The Jack Klugman Centennial is coming up in a couple of months. Start stockpiling cigars.
Oscar & Felix, one more time
Jack Klugman & Tony Randall did a one-night-only revival of The Odd Couple to raise funds for Randall's theater company. I wish I'd been there!
📷 Thomas Kristich, NY, 1991
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Remembering Jackie Gleason on his birthday 🎂
📷 Earl Leaf, 1955
"Everybody is insecure to a degree. My business is composed of a mass of crisis. It all adds up to the manufacturing of insecurity."
Jackie Gleason with Audrey Meadows & Art Carney in The Honeymooners
📷 Michael Rougier, 1956
Jackie Gleason & Art Carney by Robert W. Kelley
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Happy birthday Marianne Faithfull! 🎂
📷 Ebet Roberts, 1980
"She can find the Weimar Berlin decadence in Dylan, or breathe William Blake’s macabre into a Metallica song."
- Lindsay Zoladz
Terry O'Neill
Marianne Faithfull, Oxfordshire, 1969
Marianne Faithfull by Bruce Weber
Kate Moss applauds, Lucie de la Falaise cheers, her feet off the ground
Adirondack Park, New York, 1997
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Remembering Mary Tyler Moore on her birthday 🎂
📷 Philippe Halsman, 1966
"She’s bright, witty, linear, Balanchinian, Stravinskyesque."
- Edward Villella
Mary Tyler Moore with Robert Redford on the set of Ordinary People, 1980
The still photographer on the set was Marcia Reed.
Andy Warhol pushes Mary Tyler Moore to get the old MTM Show gang back together.
This is from a great Interview cover story by Andy Warhol in Interview, February 1981…
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Remembering Jean Seberg on her birthday 🎂
A great portrait by Roger Corbeau, but undated (early 1970s, perhaps?)
"Put her on any street this minute, and she would look contemporary."
- Jane Hess
Coffee with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Seberg & Jean-Luc Godard ☕️
À bout de souffle (Breathless), 1960
📷 Raymond Cauchetier
From Studio Harcourt in Paris, this 1961 portrait of the pride of Marshalltown, Iowa, Jean Seberg. The young actress became a star in Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless, released the previous year.
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Remembering Grace Kelly on her birthday 🎂
📷 Philippe Halsman, 1955
"When you looked at her picture, you were not looking at her. You were looking at the illusion of her. The camera did more than love her. It was insane about her."
- Don Richardson Image
I love this Alan Grant shot of Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn, both presenters at the 28th Academy Awards, March 21, 1956
Each had won a Best Actress #Oscar: Kelly for The Country Girl in 1954 & Hepburn for Roman Holiday in 1953. Image
This is lovely: #AcademyAwards presenters Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly backstage at the RKO Pantages Theatre
📷 Allan Grant for Life magazine, 1956 Image
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Happy birthday Julie Andrews! 🎂
📷 Philippe Halsman, 1957
Love these Gordon Parks photos of Julie Andrews & Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady, 1960.
Happy birthday Julie Andrews 🎂
With Rex Harrison on the set of My Fair Lady
One of Cecil Beaton's best photographs
bromide fibre print, 1956
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Remembering Truman Capote on his birthday 🎂
📷 Jean Mounicq, Paris, 1966
"Perhaps the single constant in his prose is style, and the emphasis he himself places upon the importance of style."
- Mark Schorer Image
Truman Capote by Carl Van Vechten
March 30, 1948. He was 23.
@BeineckeLibrary ImageImageImageImage
Katharine Graham was the guest of honor at Truman Capote's Black & White Ball, November 28, 1966
Today we're celebrating his birthday 🎂 - masks on, everyone! Image
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Remembering Leonard Bernstein on his birthday 🎂
📷 Gordon Parks, 1955
"There had never been a communicator about music with anywhere near his brilliance, humor, energy, reach and importance."
- Zachary Woolfe
Seems like his 2018 Centennial was just yesterday!
Coffee with Lenny on his birthday ☕️
That's Joe McNally's 1986 photo of Bernstein at Springate, his Fairfield, Connecticut home.
Leonard Bernstein by Arnold Newman, 1968
@smithsonian National Portrait Gallery
"In terms of conducting technique, he would offer tips. He used to say, 'Don’t imitate me — but do it like this'."
- Marin Alsop
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Remembering Gene Kelly on his birthday 🎂
📷 Robert Capa, 1953
"You dance love, and you dance joy, and you dance dreams." Image
Gene Kelly & Liza Minnelli with, for some reason, Carl Sandburg.
Photo by John Swope Image
Gene Kelly by Gjon Mili, 1944
"He is not only glib-footed, but he has a feeling for comment and content that give his dancing personal distinction and raise it several notches as a dancing art." Image
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For Marilyn Monroe's birthday, a thread of my favourite portraits
One of Eve Arnold's shots from the set of The Misfits, 1960
For Marilyn Monroe's birthday, a thread of my favourite portraits
With Simone Signoret, Arthur Miller & Yves Montand, by Bruce Davidson, 1960
Bert Stern for Vogue, July 1962
One of the last shots taken before her death.
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#RIP Olivia de Havilland
I'll post my favourite portraits, beginning with this marvellous one by Bob Landry, from 1942
Olivia de Havilland by Nina Leen for Life, 1945
Olivia De Havilland by Raymond Voinquel, Paris, 1950s
"When I wonder if you know that I live in France, I’m sure you don’t, because I am certain that you think me peacefully interred, & in good old native American soil."
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Philippe Halsman's #jump! photos are always fun, but today is an especially good time to leap into a whole bunch. The November 9, 1959 issue of Life Magazine had a jump shot feature, with Marilyn on the cover. #LeapDay
More Philippe Halsman #jump! shots for #LeapDay
Weegee. 1961
Steve Allen, 1959
More Philippe Halsman #jump! shots for #LeapDay
Phil Silvers, 1955
Kitty Carlisle & Moss Hart, 1958
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Start with #desire.

One has to begin with desiring something that cannot be achieved by desiring. But if you are aware of this fact - if you are aware of the fact that you are desiring something that cannot be desired - it helps. At any moment, you can take the #jump.
With the #mind we cannot understand anything which is effortless. Mind means effort. The faculty of the mind is to do something; it is an instrument for doing. The very faculty of mind is to #achieve something, to gain some desire.
You cannot begin with no #desiring. The mind will make this non-desiring also the desired object.

The mind will create new desire and say, “Okay, I will try not to desire.” It will say, “Really, it looks fascinating. I will try to do something so that this no desiring happens.”
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A few days ago I came across a news story of a young lady called Misozi been appointed as MD of @ilovezoona. A few Google search’s later, I was even more intrigued by her story and decided I had to meet her & get to know a bit more about her.
Misozi’s father passed away when she was 8, so her mom was breadwinner. Unfortunately her mothers’ eyes gave up and she had to stop her tailoring business. Her older brother had to take on the responsibility of putting himself and 4 siblings through school.
After passing High School, she got a place at Evelyn Hone College. Unfortunately after one semester, her brother informed her that he couldn’t continue with school fees and she would have to look for a job so that he could assist her other siblings.
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#GlobalCatDay 🐱
Jean-Pierre Melville at home with his cat
A. Abbas, Paris, 1972
#GlobalCatDay 🐱
Balthus at home with his cat
Martine Franck, Rossinière, Switzerland, 1999
#GlobalCatDay 🐱
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Our cat Ulysses and Martine's shadow, 1989
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