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What Scotsman was caught up in a civil war before the age of twenty? Wrote a book that became the inspiration for an #Oscar-winning film? Met a runaway teenager in Paris & married her against the wishes of his family? Lost his ranch to raiding Apaches?
Went into Parliament as a #Liberal and came out as a #Socialist? Assaulted a policeman in defence of free speech and was sent to prison? Travelled in disguise in Morocco trying to reach a forbidden city? Was a founder of both @scottishlabour & @theSNP?
Was a ferocious critic of imperialism, racism & cruelty to any human or animal? Bought his favourite horse from the Glasgow Tramway Co. & rode it for 20 years? Rounded up horses at the age of 62 for use by the Army? Wrote nearly 30 books, including 200 short stories & sketches?
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Copy to- @DanCrenshawTX.
@RepHankJohnson, my Dad would have loved to have voted for Pres. Trump, but he was murdered with #Bioweapons that are still hitting our family and me NOW including children in our family as young as 4 YEARS OLD. #FeelProud?…
My Dad NEVER touched alcohol, but his liver was destroyed by #Bioweapons forcing him into having to get a liver transplant that made lots of folks lots of money. He told me that he NEVER TESTED POSITIVE for the Hepatitis he was diagnosed with.
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Who's tuned in for the #Oscars2019 tonight?

Keep it locked to this thread for all the exciting updates. ⬇️
.@ReginaKing takes home the first Oscar of the night for her dynamic performance in #IfBealeStreetCouldTalk. 🙏 #Oscars

S/O to @michaelb4jordan bringing his mom as his date to the #Oscars
Photo: Frazer Harrison/@Getty Images
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#SpiderVerse origins:
6/9/09, @Beenox studios flew me to Quebec to show me their new game in development: Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions so I could write the story around it. It'd involve Spidey, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, & Spider-Man 2099, all in one big adventure.
#SpiderVerse origins:
I called my editor, Steve Wacker, from the studio. Told him the game looked GREAT and that we should do this story in the comics, but one up them, make it BIGGER and do something they couldn't do, have all the Spideys interact, and use EVERY SPIDER-MAN EVER!
#SpiderVerse origins:
At a 2011 Marvel Retreat we discussed plans for Spidey's 50th in '12. Bendis pitched SPIDER-MEN, where Miles would team-up/hang out w/ the Peter Parker from the mainstream Marvel U. THIS is the story that would form the heart & soul of INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE.
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Vamos começando os trabalhos do #Oscars com o grande tapete vermelho. Preparados para verem os melhores e piores looks da noite?
E olha quem já está por lá. Ela mesma, a própria Marie Kondo! Será que ela vai analisar os indicados e eliminar aqueles que não trazem alegria? 🤔😂 #Oscars
📸: @kylebuchanan
@kylebuchanan A noite mal começou e nós já temos um fortíssimo candidato ao melhor/mais ousado look da noite! O que é isso Billy Porter?!?! Pra quem não sabe ele está na série Pose!
#Oscars 😮
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Me llama mucho la atención que digan que @YalitzaAparicio no actúa en #Roma y creo que hay dos asuntos que son reveladores (por decir lo menos) de quien lo piensa:
El primero, ¿Qué creen que es actuar? ¿Creen que es caracterizarse? ¿Engordar 20 kilos? ¿Aprenderse diálogos largos? ¿Llorar en cue?
Lo siento pero esas son algunas herramientas para determinados proyectos, pero no son actuar.
@YalitzaAparicio actúa en Roma, independientemente de su método, o el del director, lo hace y quisiera ver a cualquiera de los que dicen que no, lograr las escenas con verdad en un ambiente no verdadero, con una cámara enfrente.
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The Dolby Theater is packed. Everyone's here. Meryl, Lady Gaga, the entire cast of Black Panther -- EVERYONE. The lights dim as a disembodied voice announces: "Ladies, Gentlemen, and Those Among Us Who Transcend the Gender Binary, please welcome your host... TAYLOR MAC!"
Taylor Mac descends from the rafters, wearing the entire gay bar from A Star Is Born as a gown, belting out Shallow as men in Ally drag do a chorus line down below. MAC: "Welcome to the 91st Academy Awards: A Radical Fairy Realness Ritual! Tonight is all about SACRIFICE!"
Behind Taylor Mac, a huge set piece is flown in. It's a GIANT ANUS.
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#BIN ¿Cuál es la situación amaneciendo este domingo? Primero, una noche y madrugada con muchos rumores, ruidos, carrerones y hasta (dicen que) tiroteos. En resumen,la masa no está "pa' bollos" y los sabe hasta "María la bollera". Luego, lo interesante, la situación del régimen...
#BIN El régimen veinteañero (cumple 20 años en 5 días), que tanto se ufanó de ser "pacífico pero armado", ahora recién descubre que quedó reducido "a tiros de salva". Lo que fueron los ciudadanso (evitaré en lo posible llamar oposición), muchos huesos sin músculo, ahora son ellos
#BIN #ElEstadoDeLaNación 1. Se apoderaron de los dólares, los malgastaron en armas, nos debilitaron, otros huyeron, se apoderaron del CNE, de la FANB y del TSJ, todos sucursales de PSUV; se apoderaron de la soberanía y crearon una fraudulenta "ANC", para minimizar al parlamento.
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#KevinHart's crucifixion reminds of #OscarsSoWhite in 2015/16.
Both were skirmishes in a massive clash between a bitter, selfish, and rootless #LGBTQ movement, and the noble and genuine black #CivilRights movement.
In this thread, I take a side:
#OscarsSoWhite #OscarsSoHomophobic
2016's all-white cohort of #Oscar nominees had some black actors and civil rights activists crying “racism!"
They were right.
Well, half-right.
Hollywood elites don’t literally say blacks are subhuman. But while “racism” once referred only to a doctrine that some races are genetically inferior, the word has evolved. “Racism” can refer to ideologies that ask a race to check its *ethnicity* (i.e. culture) at the door.
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Internet was crazy low to no today as the crowd level went up.

Some more lovely #costumes, and a neat #drawing of five spot charlie, from "Oscar" (drawing by @mooncowhand )

#Sims #Greg #OverTheGardenWall #Galactos #oscar #comedy #film
@mooncowhand A note without pictures, soooooo many lil gaybies there today ❤❤❤

Wearing their rainbow flag capes, or running about with their bi, pan, or trans flags..... Just out and hopping about at the con ❤💛💚💙💜

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Her: Because every time I said no he tightened his hold around me

Him: She wasn’t that attractive

Kobe Bryant is a rapist.
Kobe Bryant just won an #Oscar
#TimesUp #MeToo
After initially lying to police #KobeBryant admits the sex only lasted for 5 mins, he grabbed her by the throat then asked to jerk off in her face because that’s his “finishing move” she was 19. #MeToo #Oscars
Too many lacerations to count.
NOT consistent with consensual sex.
You’re full of s**t @TheAcademy
#KobeBryant #Oscars #MeToo #TimesUp
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