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Start with #desire.

One has to begin with desiring something that cannot be achieved by desiring. But if you are aware of this fact - if you are aware of the fact that you are desiring something that cannot be desired - it helps. At any moment, you can take the #jump.
With the #mind we cannot understand anything which is effortless. Mind means effort. The faculty of the mind is to do something; it is an instrument for doing. The very faculty of mind is to #achieve something, to gain some desire.
You cannot begin with no #desiring. The mind will make this non-desiring also the desired object.

The mind will create new desire and say, “Okay, I will try not to desire.” It will say, “Really, it looks fascinating. I will try to do something so that this no desiring happens.”
You have desired the #world; now desire the divine. That is how one has to begin. The beginning is wrong, but you have to begin that way because of this built-in process of the #mind. This is the only way to #change it.
For example, I tell you that you cannot go through the wall to get to the outside; you have to go through the door. The “door” means only the place where there is no wall. The wall cannot be the door, and if you try to get out through the wall you will be #frustrated.
You have never been outside, so how can you know that there is a door? You have always been in the room of the mind, the room of desires. You have always been in this room, so you have known only this wall, you have not known the door.
Even if the door is there, it has appeared to you as a part of the wall; it has been a wall to you. Unless you open it, you cannot know it is a door.

I say, “#Try from anywhere, but #begin.” You will be #frustrated.
You will go around the whole room, try every nook and corner - everywhere. You will be frustrated because the wall cannot open, but the door is somewhere, and you may stumble upon it.

Begin with the wall, the desire, because that is the only beginning possible.
The #mind is 3desiring. The mind cannot do anything without desire. You cannot #transcend the mind through desiring, because the mind is the desiring. So the mind has to desire even that which is found only when there is no desire. But begin with the wall.
Know #desire, and you will stumble upon the door. Even #Buddha had to begin with a desire, but no one told him - the fact was not known to him - that the door opens only when there is no desire.
Struggling with #desire is the #disease. Giving up the struggle is the #freedom. That is the only real death: when you just give up. If you can just lie down and die with no struggle to live, without even an indication of a #struggle, that death can become a realization.
If you just lie down and accept - with no movement inside, with no #desire, with no help to be found, with no way to be sought - if you just lie down and accept, that acceptance will be a great thing
It is not so easy. Even if you are lying down, the #struggle is still there. You may be #exhausted: that is another thing. That is not #acceptance, that is not #readiness; somewhere in the #mind you are still struggling.
To lie down and #die with no #struggle makes death become #ecstasy. Death becomes #samadhi; death becomes the #realization. And then you say, “Of course!”
You may not have the desire to go out of this room. The desire to come out can come only in two ways. The first is that somehow you have had a glimpse of something of the outside from a hole in the wall or from the window - somewhere you have had a glimpse.
In some moments of silence, in some moments of love, in some moments of suffering, in some moments of sudden accidents, the door suddenly opens and you have a taste. These things cannot be arranged; they are accidents.
The whole thought process has stopped at this moment of existence. Everything has stopped, and suddenly, in this non-desiring moment, a door opens.
The other way is that you have no taste of the beyond - none! But this room has become a #suffering; you cannot tolerate it anymore. Whatever it may be, you are ready to choose it, even though it is #unknown, because this room, this very room, has become a #misery, a #hell.
You should do everything but #remember, it is not going to happen simply by your doing. Something happens to you, something unknown; grace descends upon you. Your efforts will make you more #receptive to the #grace, that’s all; but it is not as a direct result of your #efforts.
It depends! It may be meaningful for someone as long as he understands that grace cannot be asked for or requested or demanded or persuaded. Nothing can be done about #grace; you just have to #wait.
If you can understand that #grace comes only in waiting and you do not have to do anything, then go on doing anything and everything, knowing very well that it will happen only in a non-doing moment. Then, the very concept of grace can be helpful.
So go on desiring, don't be lazy because your efforts are going to help in a way. They will make you so frustrated with the very fact of desiring that suddenly you will sit down and you will be just sitting, not doing, and the thing happens! And there is the jump - the explosion.
All the active #meditation methods I have devised are based on the same understanding.

They help you #cathart. All the #repressions and #desires has to be thrown out in the vacuum so that you become empty, you become non-desiring, to receive the #grace.
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