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The establishment creates this problem by first denying the disease, creating a vacuum that quickly fills up with untested treatments & questionable cures. Then they go about trashing their victims who desperately need relief, and the doctors who are willing to treat.
#BTDT #Lyme
It is both infuriating & heart wrenching to watch this scene play out again, with some of the same establishment players engaging in narrative control. Go to ~48:00 for IDSA creep Paul Auwaerter’s word salad tossed at Congress, thx to my friend @PowerOfNeo…
That they have denied, conflated & confused for DECADES #LymeDisease #ME #mecfs #cfs #fibromyalgia and passed them off as psychiatric, and now are doing the same with #LongCovid, should tell you all you need to know about #PublicHealth’s intentions.
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This Congress, it was my privilege as Speaker to establish several powerful House Select Committees – which have brought leadership, transparency and actionable insight to guide our work #ForThePeople.
Here are a few of the highlights from their outstanding efforts:
.@ClimateCrisis was the foundation of our landmark #InflationReductionAct and played a key role in @HouseDemocrats work to slash carbon pollution by 40% this decade. Half of their recommendations have been enacted into law — and we're fighting for more.
The @January6thCmte has brought clarity of conscience in our work to defend Democracy. With painstaking detail, they uncovered important conclusions about the plot to subvert the Congress, shred the Constitution and halt the peaceful transfer of power.…
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The Congress salutes Chairs @RosaDeLauro and @SenatorLeahy for their masterful leadership in crafting a strong, bicameral, bipartisan government funding bill.

We are investing heavily in families and workers, honoring our veterans, and strengthening Democracy at home and abroad.
This package expands quality, affordable health care while strengthening underserved communities, notably in Puerto Rico & other territories.
The bill ensures that millions of children retain their health coverage & 29 million kids get healthy meals through EBT over the summer.
The omnibus includes a huge increase in veterans’ health care — including for implementing our PACT Act. The bill will also increase pay for our troops and meet military families’ needs.

This legislation also delivers further aid to Ukraine, supporting their fight for Democracy.
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Today’s Supreme Court ruling upholds our Democracy, the rule of law and the Congress’ ability to execute its legislative and oversight responsibilities. Now, the Congress must enact legislation requiring Presidents and candidates for President to disclose their tax returns.
The Supreme Court’s commonsense decision will allow the IRS to comply with federal law and deliver the former President’s tax returns to @WaysMeansCmte.
These documents are vital to meeting the House’s Constitutional mandate: guarding the public interest, defending our national security and holding our public officials to account.
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Friday, August 19, 2022.
News you can use. 🧵 Image
The efforts to protect people and their private data, or even educate the public on how and what kinds of data are collected by smart phones, and who that data is shared with, have been stunningly a lot of things.

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On this day 57 years ago, our nation took an historic step toward forging a more perfect union with the landmark Voting Rights Act, helping realize our founding ideal: government of, by and for the people.
This transformative achievement – made possible by generations of Americans who bravely fought, marched and organized – cracked down on racist voter discrimination and opened the doors of polling places across the country.
Yet nearly six decades after this pillar of justice and Democracy was signed into law, extreme MAGA Republicans are still attempting to erase Americans’ sacred right to vote and even nullify the results of fair, free elections.
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More than three decades ago, our nation took bold, bipartisan action to advance fairness and opportunity for millions of Americans living with a disability. 
Today, the Americans with Disabilities Act remains a pillar of civil rights — upholding justice, dignity and respect.
.@HouseDemocrats are fighting to build on the ADA’s transformative achievements, guided by @POTUS Biden’s commitment to placing equity at the heart of our agenda #ForThePeople.
With our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Democratic Congress delivered new funding to strengthen mobility services and complete ADA upgrades at transit stations across the country — more than a quarter of which are currently inaccessible.
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June’s jobs report shows that, after creating 9 million jobs in just 17 months, America continues its strong, steady jobs growth.
Democrats are working to fight inflation, lower kitchen table costs, create more jobs & deliver bigger paychecks #ForThePeople.
Today, our nation has also reached an important milestone: under the leadership of @POTUS Biden and our Democratic Majorities in Congress, we have recovered the total number of private sector jobs lost since the beginning of the pandemic.
@HouseDemocrats are waging an all-out fight against global inflation fueled by Putin’s Price Hike, which is weighing on families at home.
The House-passed #LowerFoodAndFuelCostsAct slashes costs for farmers, bolsters industry competition & expands access to homegrown biofuels.
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Today, the House took historic action paving the way for Congressional staffers to choose to join together in a union. By empowering staffers to advocate for themselves and each other, we take an important step to ensure the House is best able to serve the American people.
The Congress has long been strengthened by the skill, dedication and patriotism of our hard-working staffers, who enable us to fulfill our legislative and constituent responsibilities.
Last week, I was proud to announce that the House will set its first-ever pay floor, establishing a minimum annual salary of $45,000. We have also increased the maximum rate of pay, an essential strategy to retain and recruit the nation’s top talent.
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Today, @POTUS submitted to the Congress a strong, visionary budget request that would make progress #ForThePeople. As our nation continues our record-setting recovery from the pandemic, the Biden budget would help meet the needs of America’s families.
This bold fiscal blueprint proposes deeply needed investments in communities across the country to help lower the everyday costs weighing on families, grow workers’ paychecks and create good-paying jobs – all while ensuring the wealthiest few pay their fair share.
The investments proposed in the #BidenBudget demonstrate a strong focus on ensuring community safety, with more investments in police and violence prevention. It would also invest in national security, as America continues to counter Russia’s unprovoked war in Ukraine.
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Today, I signed an historic omnibus government funding bill to continue to deliver #ForThePeople through the end of the fiscal year.

This bill now heads to @POTUS to become law.
This bill makes crucial investments in meeting the urgent needs of American families, workers, veterans and national security.

Proudly, during #WomensHistoryMonth, this legislation also finally reauthorizes the Violence Against Women Act.
Finally, this legislation also secures $13.6 billion in deeply needed humanitarian, military and economic assistance for Ukraine. The Congress remains ironclad in our commitment to supporting the Ukrainian people as they face Putin's diabolical aggression.
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.@SenSchumer and I are pleased to announce that the Congress has reached an historic bipartisan omnibus appropriations agreement #ForThePeople. This bipartisan agreement will help us address many of the major challenges we face at home and abroad.
The agreement will invest $13.6 billion in Emergency Supplemental funding for Ukraine security & humanitarian needs. The brave, freedom-loving people of Ukraine & our allies in the region will receive urgently needed investments to fight the Russians’ illegal & immoral invasion.
The agreement will also invest $15.6 billion in Emergency Supplemental funding for President Biden’s COVID-19 response to protect and treat against new variants, avoid shutdowns and fight the virus abroad.
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I told reporters during my weekly press conference that I am bringing a short-term Continuing Resolution to the Floor today to fund the government through March 11 as omnibus negotiations continue. I continue to urge appropriators to move quickly to reach agreement on an omnibus.
I also told reporters that House Democrats remain focused on advancing important priorities #ForThePeople this week, including bills to reform @USPS in a bipartisan fashion, #EndForcedArbitration, and affirm our commitment to LGBTQ rights worldwide.
I said to press that last Friday’s #JobsReport capped off a historic year of job growth, w/ nearly half a million jobs created in Jan ‘22 alone. House Dems passed the #AmericaCOMPETES Act that same day to unlock even more opportunity for workers & businesses to #MakeItInAmerica.
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🧵 Two years ago today was the last time I saw @KamalaHarris. While bittersweet, it’s a night I’ll never forget. Filled with love, laughs, and tears, we were together one final time as Team Iowa. (1/3)
I’m thankful to my organizers @ElisemMcGovern and @itsmebecca for teaching me how to make calls and knock doors, to our ROD @nlynch_, and to @KamalaHarris, @DouglasEmhoff, @mayaharris_, @tonywest, and @meena for always welcoming me and making me feel like family. (2/3)
Finally, I’m so grateful for @DeidreDeJear, @NoraWD, @lilmsg14, @WillDubbs, @HeartlandZack, @MiryamLipper, and everyone else who helped lead @KamalaForIA. Your work meant so much to me, and I know it meant so much to our entire team.

Forever #ForThePeople 💛💜❤️

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📢 Have you heard? The House recently passed the #BuildBackBetter Act - a bill that will make essential investments in family care, health care, housing & tackling climate change. Here's how:

🧵 A thread: (1/6)
#BBB invests in child care & education🧑‍🎓

-Authorizes universal paid family & medical leave
-Extends the Child Tax Credit
-Provides free preschool to all 3- and 4- year-olds
-Increases Pell Grants & makes the program available to our DREAMers
Expands access to affordable health care coverage ⚕️

-Reduces health insurance premiums
-Expands Medicare to include hearing (like the cost of hearing aids)
-Lowers RX drug prices including capping the cost of insulin to $35 a month
-Extends CHIP funding permanently
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With last night’s theatrics behind us, this morning @HouseDemocrats are going to pass the #BuildBackBetterAct.

This transformational package creates an economy that works for everyone and takes on climate change so that there is a future for generations to come. 🧵
The #BuildBackBetterAct lowers healthcare 🩺 costs by:
- finally allowing Medicare to negotiate Rx drug costs
- halting Big Pharma’s outrageous price hikes above inflation
- expanding the #ACA to make insurance more affordable
The #BuildBackBetterAct lowers childcare & family costs 👪 by:
- providing universal pre-k to all 3-& 4-year-olds
- capping childcare costs for families
- extending the ARP’s child tax credit
- expanding access to affordable home care for older adults & those w/ disabilities
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Today, @SenateGOP voted to aid and abet the most dangerous campaign of voter suppression since Jim Crow.

By blocking our compromise voting rights bill, the Freedom to Vote Act, Republicans are undermining their constituents, the Constitution and our country.
This year alone, 19 GOP-controlled state legislatures enacted 33 laws to disenfranchise voters & GOP-appointed judges continue to rip away hard-won voter protections in the courts.

This all-out assault on the sanctity of the ballot is silencing the voices of voters.
Democrats will always be #ForThePeople – and we will not rest until we safeguard the sacred right to vote for generations to come. Read my full statement here:
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Lots of questions going around about whether it is too late to pass federal redistricting reforms for this decade with redistricting data coming out tomorrow. Short answer: It is not. Longer answer in this thread 🧵 #fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 1/
Longer answer: It’s not too late, *but* states are going to start drawing and passing maps in a matter of weeks and to have optimal effect reforms would be in place before that happens. So the clock is ticking. #fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 2/
The longer Congress waits, the less robust reforms risk being. For example, right now, the bill has strong transparency & public participation requirements and mandates that states release an analysis of maps before they are voted on. #fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 3/
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With another cycle of redistricting just a couple of weeks away, no voting reform is more urgent or time sensitive than fixing the broken redistricting process. My op-ed 👇#fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople…
In short, you can’t “out organize” gerrymandering. In 2012 in PA, Democrats got 51% of the congressional vote but won just 5 of 18 seats. The map was so gerrymandered that even if Ds won 56% of the vote, they would have won only 6 of 18 seats. #fairmaps 2/
Contrast that to the pre-2011 map. Then Democrats won 11 of 19 seats with 56% of the statewide vote. (Or put another way, 58% of seats for 56% of the vote compared with 33% of seats for the same 56% of the vote under the gerrymandered 2011 map). #fairmaps 3/
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Throughout our history, Americans have celebrated #July4th as an annual recognition of our independence from tyranny, fight for freedom, and eventual establishment of our democracy. This year, we commemorate with an asterisk, a reminder of the perils our republic faces today.
The democracy that built this nation is under attack in a way that no American has ever witnessed in our lifetimes. We must act now to protect the institutions that make the United States the shining citadel and bulwark of democracy and freedom worldwide.
I am hopeful that the Senate will find a way to move forward the #ForThePeople Act and #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct both of which will help restore the right to vote across our nation and live up to Lyndon Johnson’s words by ensuring voting as a ‘basic right’ for all Americans.
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DEADLINE: Democracy is under attack—and Wisconsin is the key. We’ve got to beat Ron Johnson AND reelect @GovEvers. @WisDems are ratcheting up organizing, but need 104 more monthly donors by midnight Wed to hit our end-of-quarter target. Can you sign up?…
Plan A is to defend democracy through federal law. But to do that, as we saw from last week’s GOP filibuster of the #ForthePeople Act, we need to protect & expand the Dem Senate majority—and the most vulnerable incumbent in the Senate is WI's Ron Johnson.…
There are already six Dems running against Johnson. A very strong field—but the Democratic Senate primary isn’t until *Aug 9, 2022.* Until then, it’s up to the @WisDems to build the statewide campaign operation needed to defeat Ron Johnson.
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THREAD: Yesterday, Republicans in the state legislature passed bills limiting access to absentee ballots and attacking Wisconsinites’ right to vote.…
The bills passed by Wisconsin Republicans are an attack on voting rights and an attempt to make our elections less inclusive. Republicans know that the 2020 election was free, fair, and accessible, as was confirmed and reconfirmed by state & federal courts and election officials.
Voters chose, Biden won, and Trump lost. But instead of recognizing that the problem was their candidate, Republicans decided that the problem was democracy itself.
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Watching GOP Senators talk today about federalizing state elections is completely head spinning - because, of course, the federal government has *long* set election rules and standards. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 1/
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is an obvious example. But more recently, UOCAVA (1986), National Voter Registration Act (1993), the Help America Vote Act (2002) - the first and last of which were signed into law by Republican presidents. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 2/
In some cases, these federal laws forced states to change longstanding practices. The Help America Vote Act, for example, required states to have a chief election officer - something many states did not have at the time. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 3/
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Ensuring that every American can vote in our elections is not a partisan question. It is the core of our democracy. #ForThePeople
Republicans should not be allowed to hide behind procedure. Stand up and vote — just like our constituents should be able to do. #ForThePeople
When we set up roadblocks between citizens and the ballot box, our democracy suffers. America is better than that. #ForThePeople
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