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#KatyPerry music video titled 365 is littered with symbolism.
1. The rorschach inkblot found in the beginning of the video and behind Katy Perry in a painting. This is a psychological test in which the subjects perception of inkblots is recorded and analyzed. The inkblot in the
video resembles a butterfly, which is long associated with Monarch #MKUltra mind control.
2. Katy plays an Android “learning about love” and the headquarters where she is being programmed is in #Geneva, Switzerland. The same location as #CERN.
3. Katy’s is wearing a checkered
black & white dress, paralleling the black & white masonic floors. As I’ve gone over in the past, this representation of #duality is a constant reminder of their “condition” in this world and the duality is something they wish to merge (why baphomet has both male and female parts
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Check out the symbolism in this new #KatyPerry video. Checker box 🤡s
This is older but way worse, pure cannibalism and even had a human cooked into a pie in the last shot. Sick people
They never even tried to hide it
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Old movies are also weird. In this scene of Home Alone w/ Macaulay Culkin, he gets pizza delivered the slogan reads “No Fiddling Around" ..? What does that even mean. & they even brought the pizza place to Chicago, where Barry got his $65,000 hotdogs. Also Pedo Swirl on the logo. ImageImageImageImage
And we all know what Macaulay Culkin went through as a child in the industry which makes it even all the more creepy. This movie is so disturbing after being red pilled. #HomeAlone #PizzaGate
Its also VERY disturbing that the theres two big screen movies named “Lolita". The original #Lolita movie came out in 1962 & was based off of “Lolita" the novel written in 1955. The central theme in all 3 materials is pedophilia. & Epstein named his plane after it?? #PizzaGate ImageImage
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"What does it mean to be covered in gold?"

"What does it mean to be covered in gold?"

Naomi Campbell, once seen at a party with Ghyslaine Maxwell, #Epstein and Virginia Giuffre when she was a teen.
"What does it mean to be covered in gold?" #Kobe
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Bon Appétit… 🎬👀

#Symbolism #CarefulWhoYouFollow #Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon #FactsMatter #Hollywood #Satanic #KatyPerry #InPlainSight

#Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #symbolism #InPlainSight
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Warning: graphic!
This is heart breaking😢
Don't watch if you can't handle it.
But know it's there...and do something to stop it if you can.
Remember: lots of elites, politicians and celebrities are into it...
#ChildTrafficking #SRA #ChildAbuse
#Pedophilia #Adrenochrome
And this is one of the ways to get the "merchendise".
Another important one is the supply by children's homes.
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¿Qué pasa realmente en el mundo mientras estamos en cuarentena?

Abrimos EL hilo de esta cuarentena
No es secreto que hay grupos que desde las sombras dirigen el mundo 🌎

Lo que sí es nuevo, es que este grupo ha ido perdiendo fuerza ante un poder económico independiente

Lo que estamos viviendo es el desenlace de un plan que en silencio se ha ejecutado frente a nuestros ojos👀
Para entender mejor lo que hablo, por favor vean el video de abajo

Pongan especial atención a las referencias sobre el CONTROL, CURRUPCIÓN y el NOMBRE de los implicados (y traten de hacer a un lado cualquier prejuicio):

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🍕Abro Hilo sobre el caso y conspiración de #Pizzagate del 2016🍕;
Este caso de conspiración se popularizó en el 2016 cuando estaban las elecciones presidenciales, Hillary Clinton VS Donald Trump.
Todo empezó cuando la organización WikiLeaks publicó correos y documentos importantes sobre Hillary Clinton y John Podesta.
¿Pero qué es WikiLeaks?
Es una organización internacional tipo Anonymous que pública documentos o archivos de contenido sensible.

Volviendo al tema central; tanto fue el impacto de estos correos que se dice que Hillary C perdió la candidatura a presidenta por culpa de dicha filtración.
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A organização britânica Mindlab - focada em pesquisas referentes ao impacto da comunicação no nosso cérebro - concluiu por meio de um estudo que alguns tipos de música estimulam a memorização e a assimilação do conteúdo que estudamos. Pop e rock entram na lista!
Música é eficaz msm? Outro estudo, realizado pela Universidade de Caen (FR) comprovou que os estudantes que estudaram matemática escutando música clássica tiveram uma retenção e um aumento de concentração em torno de 12% em comparação aos que ñ ouviram música durante os estudos.
Para quem estuda ciências, humanidades e línguas, canções pop como Miley Cyrus e Justin Timberlake são adequadas.
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