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Due anni fa @BebeRexha, famosa cantante e compositrice (ha collaborato tra gli altri con #Eminem, #Rihanna, #NickiMinaj, #Pitbull, #LouisTomlinson, #geazy, #DavidGuetta, ecc.) ha detto che PER VINCERE i Grammy SI PAGA.

#GRAMMYs #sony #maneskin #showbiz #billboard #charts
@BebeRexha #Grammys, parte 2 🏆

Nel 2021 @ZaynMalik, ex #OneDirection, ha parlato di razzismo, favoritismi, interferenze e mancanza di trasparenza nonché di regali e mani da stringere per ottenere le nomination ai GRAMMY.

#showbiz #racism #maneskin #billboard #spotify #charts
@BebeRexha @zaynmalik #Grammys, parte 3 🏆

Dopo le accuse di corruzione e "comitati segreti" da parte di @theweeknd, la @RecordingAcad ha cambiato le regole ma Abel, coerentemente, 2 anni dopo ha continuato a ignorarli non presentandosi a ritirare il premio.
Anche @Drake e @silksonic li boicottano.
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What is the Relative Strength Index (RSI), and how do you use it?

Developed by J. Welles Wilder in 1978, the Relative Strength Index(RSI) is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements.

#TradingSignals #RSI

🧑‍🏫Let's Learn!

Educational 🧵👇

1/ Image
The RSI is an oscillator with a range from 0 to 100

There are 3 main values of interest:

🔵Below 30 signals that the market is oversold 📉

🔵50 signals neutral 😐

🔵Above 70 signals overbought 📈

2/ Image
The #RSI indicator has been featured in many books and articles over the years. Even though the it was created well before the computer era, it is still a widely used indicator that traders use to determine momentum in any given market.

3/ Image
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Thread (1/10)

There are almost 10+ types of charts that are available for doing Technical Analysis.

Let's decode 6 popular type of chart that is widely used by traders.

@sahneydeepak @kuttrapali26 @Technicalchart1

A basic thread on Charts 🧵:

If you open Tradingview charts or any other broker charts, then you would see following chart type options:

1. Line
2. Candles
3. Bar
4. Area
5. High Low
6. Heiken Ashi
7. Renko
8. Point & Figure

Let's start with top 5 basic charting.

@KommawarSwapnil @price_trader_
1. Line Chart:

Line chart tracks the closing prices of the stock over a specific period. While it is considered to be quite simplistic (compared to other chart types), a line chart helps traders to spot trends in the price movement.

@jitu_stock @kaushaldarshan_ @Himanshu2606
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Notion is a beast

But 98.9% of people are still unaware of the full potential of @NotionHQ.

Here are the best free 30 Notion tools 🧵 👇
Use Dynamic Visualisations (Graphs & Charts)

1. Customblocks:
2. Notion2Charts:
3. Vizydrop:
4. Notion Charts:

#charts #notiontwt #visualizations
5. Chart Nerd:
6. NoChart:

BONUS! Notion Metrics:

#charts #notiontwt #visualizations
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There is a lot of talking around #Footprint #charts in #cryptotwitter lately. Many people smash them on their templates without even knowing the basics of #DOM reading, making many mistakes when interpreting them. This thread will get you covered 🧵👇
#Footprint candlesticks were first introduced to the public by Market Delta back in 2003. The most famous one is the Bid x Ask split view and most traders' first approach with Footprints is with this kind of visualisation, which is helpful on thick, liquid markets, like bonds. Image
One of the most common mistakes that inexperienced traders make is comparing orders that hit the Bid (left side) with those that lift the offer (right side) horizontally.

The interaction among market participants always happens diagonally from the Bid to the Ask.
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#DeFi is a constantly moving space.✨💸

And so, it's important to be on top of all things at all times.👑

Here are 10 #tools you NEED for bettering your DeFi journey:🧵👇
1. @DefiLlama: #DeFiLlama maintains all the #TVL data on #DeFi protocols.💸💎

DeFiLlama is a comprehensive tool where you can look at all the data on a #protocol and its #growth.🚀✨

2. @etherscan: Etherscan is a simple tool with lots of utilities.📈💰

#Etherscan is a tool that shows all the #transactions in the Ethereum ecosystem💲

Why @ethereum, though? Well, tons of protocols like @Uniswap are made on #Ethereum.💎

Knowing #ETH helps know #DeFi better.👑
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Candlestick #charts patterns is a movement in prices shown graphically on a candlestick chart that some believe can predict a particular market movement

A thread by @GodFather_NIFTY 🧵👇
Bullish Patterns


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This thread contains all the basic knowledge about charts used in technical analysis

#technicalanalysis #charts
1/ Charts

A stock chart is a central tool for technical analysis which provides a graphical representation of the price movement, either historical or live, of a security over a specific period of time. In a price-time series chart, price is plotted on y-axis and time on x-axis
2/ Practical Efficacy of Chart

There are three premises of the technical approach:

Price discounts everything

Price moves in trends

History repeats itself
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We've just launched the @MyFnO All-in-1 #Charts for everything FNO and lots of #videos explaining ideas on how to read the charts.
see #thread below -->
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Axelar is a Decentralized Multichain bridge that has been discussed as being a pivotal bridge for the #Cosmos.

*Sips Coffee*

On that note, we though you #Cosmonauts deserved a TLDR Thread to get acquainted. ☕️


🧵 1/18 Image
Axelar Goals:

☕️Plug and Play: Simple Bridging

☕️Cross Chain Routing: Become more like the traditional internet.

☕️Upgradeability Support: Seamless upgrades across Blockchains

☕️Uniform Language: One language for basic needs

☕️Decentralization: The Network and Protocol must be Decentralized

☕️Safety: Being a Bridge safety is a #1 Priority

☕️High Liveness: Must be able to support application load

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People tend to oversimplify or overcomplicate charting and don't know that #priceaction is the key to understanding it.
In this thread I share my most valuable insights I have taught myself about #charts for #trading. Image
Levels are price points based on price action which act as support and resistance. When charting traditional markets I usually start on the monthly time frame and work down to the weekly and daily.
For the bitcoin charts of altcoins I usually start at the weekly down to 4-hr. Image
For bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies against the USD I use a different way of drawing levels. I look for points where the price bounced off in the past. When they get hit again there is a fair chance the price will react.
For swings you need less levels than for scalps. Image
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Notion is a beast.

But 99% of people are still unaware of the full potential of @NotionHQ.

Here are the best free 30 Notion tools 🧵 👇
Use Dynamic Visualisations (Graphs & Charts)

1. Notion Charts:
2. Notion2Charts:
3. Vizydrop:
4. Customblocks:

#charts #notiontwt #visualizations
5. Chart Nerd:
6. NoChart:

BONUS! Notion Metrics:

#charts #notiontwt #visualizations
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My Long term equity investment setup

1. Identifying quality stock in watchlist
2. Selections amongst those for final watchlist
3. Final trigger to buy the stock in portfolio
4. Adding or pyramiding

(will explain this in detail step-by-step in this thread , so keep glued)
Some consideration kept in mind before following this setup

- this is a regular sip investment plan
- for 10-20 years of wealth creation
- cannot be used for trading or speculation
- not useful for those who want to allocate all the money at once
1. Identifying good quality #stocks

Use #monthly #charts

60ema should be below 12 ema, for a considerable period.. and 60ema sloping upwards

Logic is average price of last year is about the average price of last five years..
Examples 👇🏻
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Aujourd'hui, belle baisse du #Bitcoin et vous allez probablement prendre vos plus mauvaises décisions car :

- Toutes les mauvaises news vont sortir en même temps
- FUD dans tous les sens
- Les anti- #BTC vont faire leur retour

Toujours d'actualité ⬇️…
N'essayez pas non plus de trouver une cause à tout prix à ce genre de #baisse.

Profitez de ce temps pour construire, #apprendre et découvrir, ce sera d'autant plus intéressant et constructif.

Si vous êtes sensible, éloignez vous des #charts, ça ne vous fera que du bien. Image
Si je devais donner mon avis/sentiment #crypto (je n'ai vu passé aucune news) :

- Gros sentiment d'incertitude + tensions
- Beaucoup de nouveaux
- Approche des fêtes de fin d'année

Ces baisses permettent de "purifier" le marché et de faire sortir une partie des #investisseurs. Image
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Here are just few Examples of why i use ONLY #Fibonacci levels and candle stick patterns Without any other indicator


#trading #stocks #technicalanalysis
#CHARTS #Candlestick #patterns
Here an example about SPY 60 min chart from September
Check time each picture stamped
No indicators ... just following candle stick pattern ImageImageImage
2. $SPY 60 min chart
Bull flag & target price identified in advanced
check time stamped pictures
Again ... Just by knowing candle stick patterns & Fibonacci levels ImageImage
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Thread 🧵explaining #CupHandle Pattern used in #TechnicalAnalysis
(Must read for #TA learners)

🙏Like & RT to spread learning with all🙏

@rohanshah619 @Mitesh_Engr
@PAlearner @Puretechnicals9

Views Welcome

#TechnicalAnalysis #StockMarket

Cup and Handle is a #bullish continuation chart pattern. It is formed by two rounded troughs, the first being deeper and wider than the second.

The first trough is known as #cup while second trough is known as #handle.

#TechnicalAnalysis #ChartPatterns #Charts #StockMarket

The high points of the cup and the handle are aligned on the same horizontal #resistance line known as the #neckline of the cup with handle pattern.

#TechnicalAnalysis #ChartPatterns #Charts #StockMarket
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Weekend Study #charts - No recommendations. Only for study purposes.
1. #TataMotors - self-explanatory chart. Link below
2. #graphite - Chart with fib confluences.

3. #Shemaroo - Chart enclosed.
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3i Infotech Daily Chart

1. Stock is outperforming the NIFTY50 over the past 50 days
2. Stock is trading above the 15, 40, and 100 day SMA & it crossed the 15 day SMA yesterday
3. MACD histogram has given an uptick below the 0 line
4. RSI14 is in the bullish zone, facing up & is in convergence with the price action. A positive crossover between RSI5 & RSI14 happened yesterday
5. The stock is on the verge of breaking its previous high of 6 years at 9.8 & will also breakout from a 6 month consolidation period
6. Buy at the CMP with a stop-loss at 8 (40 day SMA) for the following targets -
- 13.55
- 18
- 22

Note - The targets are very conservative as the stock has made a rounding bottom & 2021 has recorded the highest volumes in the history of the stock, suggesting strong accumulation
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Thread 🧵explaining Inverted Head & Shoulder Pattern used in #TechnicalAnalysis

(Must read for #TA learners )

🙏 Like & RT to spread learning with all 🙏

@rohanshah619 views welcome ...

#TechnicalAnalysis #ChartPatterns #Charts #StockMarket Image
1⃣An inverse Head and Shoulders (H&S) pattern is a #bullish trend reversal chart pattern.

This chart pattern is the opposite of the traditional "Head and Shoulder (H&S)” pattern.

#TechnicalAnalysis #ChartPatterns #Charts #StockMarket
2⃣ Pattern has four parts -

✅Left Shoulder
✅Right Shoulder

After downtrend, first a left shoulder is formed followed by a lower head followed by right shoulder as shown in chart below.

Pattern is complete when price breaks neckline on upside. Image
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#Charts Fans, lets do this!
Thread time!

$SPY $QQQ $DIA $TRAN $IWM $SOX $IGV $XLF $XLI $JETS $GLD $XLE #Yield #McClellan #Insiders #PanicEuphoria

$DIA #DJIA has been absolutely buzzing this year, Value vs Growth continues to sky rocket as Value was beaten down pretty hard during pandemic and growth rose exponentially, so far the story of 2021 has been Value! This is very very bulish still, lets see how far this extends!

Spy continues to ride this channel and holding the bottom channel, very range bound so far, lets see if it takes off and breaks the upper channel, target 420 in 6-8 weeks
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Cryptocurrencies Thread
$BTC $XRP $XLM $ADA $VET #cryptocurrencies #cryptotwitter Image
$XLM #Stellar "to bank the unbanked population as well as to compete directly with the likes of SWIFT and Ripple in the space of cross-border transactions." Image
$XLM #Stellar Partnerships, Integrations, And Collaborations:
IBM, Smartlands, Stripe, HTC Exodus, Franklin Templeton, Wirex, Baracoin, Novatti Group, Saldo, Tempo, Bitbond, SureRemit, .... more
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Was doing #Gochar #Transit analysis for a #Libra #Jaatak #Kundali when I stumbled upon a very powerful #Astro event taking place in ALL #Libra #Charts but also potentially quite damaging for the #Jaatak if their #Natal #Chart or #Lagnesh is weak...
#Mars would be around 25* in the 6th #Bhaav, looking into the #Lagan with 8th #Drishti where #Laganesh #Venus would also be placed with similar #Degrees. #Mars/#Venus are not just antiparties, they are also #Enemies to one another and hence this #Vedan is not the best
#Rahu, placed in the 8th #Bhaav of the #Chart would also be having similar 25*. In #Taurus, dispositor of #Rahu is #Venus. #Rahu and #Venus having similar strength, #Rahu becomes very powerful and #Malefic for the time being
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#banknifty #futures #charts
blue arrow-rise with low vols...resulted in reversal(becomes res)
brown arrow-a very sharp bounce after a steep fall(becomes sup)
pink arrow-approaches res,vols thr but long upper shadow reflects rejection so bearish
green arrow- breakdown with volumes. fat red candle. range break but better to wait for follow thru. next candle more like pinbar with good vols. short below low or long abv high. results in strong upside
red arrow-approaching resistance. vols thr but need a close abv breakout. failure to close above resulted in pressure. good time to be bearish. the fall has been with falling vols and overall structure range bound. so no deep tgts.
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I believe #ratio #charts are one of the most underrated and underutilized tools in #technicalanalysis. Do you agree?
Ever wondered which stock to chose between the two?

#HDFC or #HDFCBank?
#TCS or #Infosys?
#HeroMoto or #BajajAuto?
#ACC or #Ambuja?
#BajajFinserv or #Bajajfinance?

But don't know whats the best approach to pick one?
#Ratio #charts can help you identify the best stock for #trading and #investment. You can plot a #ratiochart by dividing the price on one stock with another. Its preferable to divide the high priced stock with low priced one to get ratios greater than 1.
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