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Dico la mia opinione sul caso #KK e quella pseudo testata de #ilgiornale
Leggo accuse al #NapoliCalcio per non aver "smentito". Ora, a costo di sembrare faziosa, secondo il mio modesto parere, e letto lo stralcio dell'immondo articolo, non spettava alla società, semmai... ⬇️
... spettava allo stesso #Koulibaly (che ha prontamente fatto sulla sua pagina #instagram) e al sindaco #Manfredi visto che è stata messa sotto accusa la città di Napoli e i suoi abitanti.
Ma per carità, continuate la vostra crociata "a prescindere" contro #Adl, in questo... ⬇️
... modo non fate altro che delegittimare anche le critiche civili, sane e costruttive che gli vengono fatte.
Qui lo stralcio del vergognoso articolo. A parte "le peggio cose" che davvero non si può leggere, mi sembra abbastanza chiaro...
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Am Freitag geht es für drei Wochen auf Reisen. Natürlich mit der Bahn!
#KKDT -> #NWH -> #RKO -> #NRH -> #XTPH -> #XPWW -> #XPWC -> #XPGD -> #XPKA -> #XTPH -> #KK
Darunter 2x #Nachtzug. Das wird ein Fest. Der Hashtag zur Reise: #latonatorach (Sommer auf Schienen) Image
So #kofferpackgeraeusch und fertig. Sogar noch was Platz für spontane Käufe während #latonatorach übrig. Eintrittskarten und Schlafwagenreservierungen ordnungsgemäß ausgedruckt. Dazu noch PLN und CHF-Münzgeldbestände eingepackt. Morgen geht es los zum #tweinup nach Würzburg.
Jede ordentliche #bahnzeit beginnt an einer Straßenbahnhaltestelle. Auf geht’s zu drei Wochen mit vielen netten Menschen beim #tweinup, #dachnug49 und #pascomsummit. Und natürlich mit ganz viel #Eisenbahn! #latonatorach Image
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Kolkata Police registers a case of UNATURAL DEATH.
Singer #KK’s autopsy to be done today.

~Pic 1 a visibly shaken KK is seen being rushed out of auditorium.
~He repeatedly asked for better air conditioning.
~Pic 2: Someone sprayed fire extinguisher in auditorium. (Pic 2) ImageImage
The auditorium was jam packed without proper air circulation. Seems he could have been saved. This is unfortunate.
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As a doctor, for me KK’s death is a tragedy that we may have avoided IF - We could have had timely bystander CPR, if instead of taking him to the hospital he could have revived first aid on site which is very much possible with a equipped ACLS ambulance with a doctor and + #KK
If the venue had a portable AED.

I have raised the issue of importance of bystander CPR & mandatory BLS training in India multiple times.

Also, atleast in Delhi (because we have received such emergencies) event holders ensure that an ambulance with a doctor is on standby.
The standby has to be at the venue and ideally the ambulance should be an ACLS ambulance this allows us to give immediate treatment on site in scenarios like ACS.
Also, it is high time India starts focusing on enabling telemetry ECGs & in ambulance thrombolysis as a norm in STEMI
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Thread: Remembering KK ❤️

Top 20 Soulful Songs By KK That Capture Love In All Its Forms. #KK
1. Tadap Tadap, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

KK started his musical career in Bollywood with this song and his voice resonated with us. Heartbreaking yet beautiful.

2. Pyaar Ke Pal, Pal

Remember Pyaar Ke Pal being played at your school farewell? We totally do. This is one of our all-time favourite songs by the singer.

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Some losses feel really personal. I still remember my first performance - Tu Hai Aasman Me, when was like in Std. 6 or 7. I remember spending hours trying to touch highs of Alvida, Tadap Tadap Ke or striking the emotional chords of Aye Bekhabar... (1/2)
Not a day has passed without listening to KK - the gifted voice, voice of emotions. Inspiration for many, and arguably one of the most versatile singers bollywood has ever witnessed. (2/2)

I still don't want to believe that he's no more. So much of nostalgia attached to that golden voice, the deep texture which turned every song magical.

But as they say--
"Dying on stage is an artists last act"
RIP Legend. No one can fill the void you left.
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உங்க முதல் jop நினைவுகள்னு பரிசல் ஸ்பேஸ்ல தலைப்பு பார்த்தவுடனே என்னைய அப்படியே 1990க்கு தூக்கிட்டு போயிடுச்சு நினைவுகள்...👇

நல்லமுறைல #BE முடிச்சுட்டு வெளிய வந்து கோவைல லீடிங் டெக்ஸ்டைல் மெசின் கம்பெனில உள்ள கால் வச்சாச்சு வேகமா போயிட்டு இருந்த வாழ்க்கைல திடீர்னு ஒரு பிரச்சனை 3வருசம் பாண்டுல சைன் பண்ண சொன்னாங்க...👇
அப்ப இனி இங்க ஆகாதுனு #ஓசூர்ல இருக்க பிரிமீயர் மில்ஸ் எலக்ட்ரீகல் சூப்பரவைசராக ஜாயிண்ட் செஞ்சு..மெசின் உற்பத்தி செஞ்ச பக்கமும் ஒரு வருசம் இருந்து அதோட மெக்கானீக்கல் நாலேஜ்ம் ஒரு அளவுக்கு தெரிஞ்சுட்டு இங்க வந்தது எலக்ட்ரிக்கல்க்கு நல்ல சாப்போட்டா இருந்துச்சு.👇
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