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Hello mummy, Maine nayi video banayi hai.

Haan, usme Maine #Hinduphobia daal Diya, #homophobia bhi daal Diya aur maine #Bhagwa kapde bhi pehen liye

Aur, end me "Saaxxxx" bol diya

Dekho mummy Mai cool ban gayi aur funny b ho gaya

Let's talk about how "dog-whistles" work

Unfortunately, #Hinduphobia is very real and media + these so called comedians use these dog-whistles to propagate it further

At a time when #Hinduphobia is on the rise, your content which uses #Bhagwa is a dog-whistle
You also used a scene from a series which showed #Hindu saints as murd*r3rs.
It also maligned a pious relationship between a guru and a shishya by implying they have s3xual relationship between them.
You also chose to use "s3x" word in your skit to imply what I said above.
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Esta infografía de @EPgraficos lleva casi 1.500 likes y 500
enviados y se ha colado en la publicaciones con más alcance del año en el Instagram de @elperiodico…

Cada vez nos funcionan mejor adaptar la información gráfica para Instagram
Esta otra también superó los 1.000 likes y 700 enviados.

Una serie de 6 slides que explican por qué resulta crítico lavarse las manos para romper la cadena de transmisión del #coronavirus…
Esta otra ha sido las informaciones visuales más guardadas en #Instagram y claramente necesarias a mediados de abril: el lío de las #mascarillas

Serie de 8 slides para explicar claramente para qué sirve y para qué no los distintos tipos de mascarillas…
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[#THREAD] – Rachat de @GIPHY par @Facebook : pourquoi c’est un coup de génie ? Déroulez !…
1⃣- 5ème plus grosse acquisition du groupe #Facebook > #Instagram (1 milliard $), #Oculus (2 milliards $), #WhatsApp (19 milliards $), #LiveRail (500 millions de $), #Giphy (400 millions de $). FYI : 50 % du trafic de Giphy provient d’applications de Facebook, dont Instagram.
2⃣- 2ème moteur de recherche au monde > Giphy est de loin le plus grand moteur de recherche GIF, juste derrière Google. On parle même de GEO 👇 Le principal concurrent de Giphy ? Tenor ... racheté par Google en 2018.…
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Sharing my small article in following thread.

Seeing the posts on SM made me write this. This is my opinion 🙏
Read n share if u like.

#SocialMedia #birthday #orphanage

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Filtered extremism: how ISIS supporters use Instagram… via @Verge
@JeanCoutu "These platforms can give them a sense of community."
"Also of note is the use of an emoji pointing toward the sky. Gilkes says this is often used among radical supporters." #forensicscience #OEC #instagram
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#オペラント箱/#スキナー箱」という #実験 で説明します。

ある細工を施した箱に、#ネズミ を入れます。ネズミが歩き回り、偶然 #レバー に触ると、どこからか #エサ が出てきます。
これを繰り返すとネズミはレバーを引くことを #学習 し、#積極的 にレバーを引くようになります。

「エサ」は「レバーを引く」という #行動#強化 した、といいます。

どちらも #人間 を含む #動物 の学習を #行動心理学的 に説明します。違いは、「オペラント条件づけ」の方は自分から #積極的 に行動することで学習するという点です。

オペラント条件付けを #応用 して、今度はレバーを引いた時 #ランダム でエサが出るように細工をします。
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#Twitter is one among the most important social networking sites within the #worldwide . it's getting used widely across the world .
They can promote their business on this #Platform. it's a perfect place for them to market their products and #businesses.
For this reason, many companies do marketing of their products and businesses on #twitter alongside #Facebook and #Instagram.
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Social networking sites are the recent cake during this world nowadays. Each and each one among us is on the #social networking site now.

#social #Media
There are different platforms on social sites, as an example , #Facebook, #Instagram, #Twitter, #Snapchat, #Whatsapp, #Linkedin, etc. People everywhere the planet are available on these platforms. they're sharing their daily lives and special
Social media #MarketingDigital marketing may be a powerful way for #businesses of all sizes to succeed in prospects and customers. Your #customers are already interacting with brands through social #Media
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Il regime #cinese, oltre le #mascherine c'è di più

Dalla totale assenza di diritti #LGBT, al bando dei social network quali #Facebook o #Instagram, ai campi di concentramento per convertire i musulmani, la mancata #TEMPESTIVA e totale trasparenza sulla questione #SARSCoV2
un paese fortemente economicamente squilibrato, oltre che sotto molti altri punti di vista, e non pienamente democratico.
Il vero volto della #Cina di #XiJingPin. Segue la #Russia e molti altri paesi, che ad alcuni sembrano molto appetibili e/o invidiabili. Teniamoci stretta questa nostra #Italia con pregi e difetti, da continuare a correggere.
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Avec ma fille (@m3and_myart sur #instagram), nous nous lançons un petit défi journalier pendant le #confinement du #COVID19: un bricolage de #science #toy #lowtech avec les moyens du bord.
Défi #1 - On commence par une activité que l'on avait montée pour le Festival de Fleurance astrojeune 2013 @FermedesEtoiles
Défi #2 - Tout simple pour comprendre comment augmenter la résistance d'un matériau, regarder les ponts et les toits différemment....
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📣Patriots - Less than 8 months until #Election2020 so it’s time for us all to step up! LET’S DO THIS👇🏼

Go to to:
🇺🇸Become a Digital Activist
🇺🇸Host #MAGA Meet-Ups
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#ArmyForTrump #LeadRight #TAP #Trump #Trump2020Landslide @POTUS
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📣Links/info you need:

🇺🇸Retweet/Share all this👇🏼info on ALL social media!
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A little thread about today #climatestrike in #brussels
Awfully rainy. Fresh. Virus threat.
Still a few thousand people joining . A mix of old militants and young people.
Talked with a few young people and asked them why so few came.
They answered they either don't care or
think the fight is lost ,or not winnable.
Seems we need to go to #Instagram to reach them.
How to talk about methane on IM? i don't know .
Will #Greta manage to lift the energy of 1 billion young people? it's so much to ask from 1 person.
I fear we are losing the battle.
If politicians don't react soon, the bond between generations will disappear.
There's really a deluge of risks and problems facing us and around us.
If americans pick #trump or #biden, then hope will be gone.
What will be left?
I am heartbroken. We need to turn the tide.
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Ready to take your #influencermarketing to the next level?
We've made a lot of improvements to Hypetrace in last few days to make your search for the right #TikTok & #Instagram influencers even smoother.


P.S. There is a little giveaway at the end of this thread 🎁
✅ platform switch. That was an obvious one: now you can conveniently switch between #TikTok and #Instagram.
✅ audience size: You can also now quickly select the influencer audience size: we cover all influencers starting from local, #nanoinfluencers all the way up to #megainfluencers and celebrities.
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So yesterday I was at the Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur, #Pakistan via the Kartarpur Corridor. This photo thread is about my journey to Kartarpur.

I've got a lot of queries already & I'm working on detailed blog posts.

#KartarpurCorridor #Pakistan #MaharajTravels #TraveBlogger
The nearest town to reach Kartarpur Corridor from #India is Dera Baba Nanak which is 2km from the border. Reached here by bus after a 1:30 hrs journey.

#KartarpurCorridor #Pakistan #MaharajTravels #TravelBlogger
Since it was just 2km, I walked from Dera Baba Nanak to the Border terminal. On the way a couple of BSF check posts. Got the first glimpse of Pakistan flag and this is the terminal building.

#KartarpurCorridor #Pakistan #MaharajTravels #TravelBlogger
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🔅Ukraine Corruption🔅
Thread 6
(1 to 5 pinned on profile)

Fancy Bear, the Russian Military Hackers that #Crowdstrike said with 0 evidence, was actually living in #Ukraine and was later arrested by Russia for
Treason working with Ukraine, hacking Russia…
Thread 6 was long but very important to the conclusion.
▫Fancy Bear was born is Russia but left a decade earlier.
▫Fancy Bear was on the run from Russia for hacking Russia's Prime Minister and Putin.
▫Fancy Bear was later tricked into crossing into Russia then arrested
So why would #Crowdstrike
want to falsely accuse Fancy Bear?
▫Fancy Bear being in jail on treason in Russia for hacking Russian top officials, makes a perfect scape goat.
▫It can solve a long list of Problems : Buckle !
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Hey guys, my non-#Qanon friends are disputing the validity of this Q post, I just checked for myself, and BOOM CONFIRM REAL at 6:13 Dec, 7th 2019...real Facebook post that's still up. #Mossad! Look at #AdamSchiff #Facebook & #Instagram. All his #Blackmail is hidden in plain sight
Any amazing Autists out there willing to help the cause, check #AdamSchiff’s #Facebook & #Instagram posts and post the results here before they are deleted. Anons unite!
Here’s the video evidence that the post is in fact real. I know he’ll probably end up deleting it and the #Mossad owned #MSM push a disinformation campaign about how easily we are mislead. Archive the proof #Patriots!…
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With just over a month left in 2020, let’s talk about the #designtrends we expect to see in 2020. I’ve noticed, and this is usually the case, a larger focus on animation this last year. Flat, #material animation especially 2D characters. Also there has been an increased
Social media focus on “lesson” #Instagram style posts with multiple screens. Hell I tried it myself to see how I would go about doing it. The good thing about these types of posts is that they actually do contain some good info, but I think the trend has hit its peak now.
Next year, I suspect the design world will get more into simple #motiongraphics, perhaps even the multi-screen style static pages we have seen but shorter, more focused animated style typography based animations as the tech becomes more widely available through phones and tablets
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1/ Adding details from #NSO Group request for injunction against #Facebook
2/ The gist of it: Facebook breached their TOS as it allows blocking only in cases the blocked user actually violated the TOS and requires informing the blocked user
3/ some of the plaintiffs were blocked from both #Facebook and #instagram, while others were only blocked from FB
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THREAD: Bet you can name a fictional white dwarf character but probably don’t know that one of the greatest jazz drummers of all time – who helped launch Ella Fitzgerald’s career – was a black man with dwarfism?

Oh you didn’t?

Well allow me to introduce…

(Please read & RT) 1/
“One of the great #jazz drummers and bandleaders of the 1920s and 30s”, William ‘Chick’ Henry Webb was born February 10 1909.

He grew up in #Baltimore, USA.

Congenital tuberculosis of the spine caused his short stature. Chick was just over 4’0” and he had a hunched back.

He started drumming – buying his first drums with wages earned from delivering newspapers – to loosen stiffness in his joints and increase upper body strength.

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Black love movies: BW divorces her rich abusive hubby. Asks God to find her a good man. She makes $200k at work. Finds a handyman who says no weaves. Cuts hair & shacks up

NonBlack love movies: hot guy falls in love w/ quirky girl & proves how much he loves her. She marries him
Internalized racism and racism believes Black love or a Black person being loved in movies and even real in life requires dysfunction, violence, trauma and social justice themes. Blackness is more than our traumas and fears. Black people just want to be loved & see us in love.
Black love movies full of dysfunction, abuse and violence aren't love stories. They are trauma bonding relationships.
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@atensnut @POTUS
It is said "their desire to publicly show-off their symbols will be their downfall"
#cabal #babylon #aleppo #egypt #cult
Troilus TROYlius "beautiful youth murdered" Notice #motif upon ancient art.
#bathhouse in #aleppo matches cf. #isaackappy "dead man's switch #USA
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#dickbag worked.
When people are too eager, need an excuse, or are trying to cover their ass theyll do and say anything.

Not me.

I only use the truth.

When you have the truth, you bang the truth. When you have the law, you bang the law.

When you have nothing, you bang the table...
Why does everyone bang the table?

Now, instead of shade, a whole bunch of light is going to shine.

Gotcha #DickBag
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Thread with Info and some of the posts from the #facebook takedown of #Russian #instagram account:

free.dom.choice - FREEDOM CHOICE
We are proud Americans! We choose USA! #conservatives

470 posts
6988 following

Internet Research Agency (#IRA)
reposts to a twitter account and a facebook post.
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Thread with Info and some of the posts from the #facebook takedown of #Russian #instagram account:

Conservative Pennsylvania

Internet Research Agency (#IRA)

852 posts
3,592 following
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