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Join us on the patio? Our brand new Café and test ride centre will be opening soon! 320 Thames St, across from Ivey Park. We’ve longed for a “place for bikes” along the river, and can’t wait to invite you into our new home.
🚲☕️❤️ Image
Our new location is *on* the Thames Valley Parkway, safe for people of all ages and abilities to reach us by bike from all over the city. Our “15 minute” communities (in blue below) make our store a hub for cycling all over the city. #LdnOntBike Image
Our test ride experience will take you along the Deshkan Ziibi (Thames River), highlighting some of the best parts of the city. We want to invite locals and tourists alike to experience our Thames Valley Parkway: forty kilometres of connected off-street pathway. ImageImageImageImage
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Hey @dhcycle, we had a lovely ride through old north and downtown and loved the protected lanes on Dundas and Colbourne but ran I to some trouble as the northbound Colbourne gave way to “share the lane”. 1/n
A handful of the cars were very courteous, and the LTC bus certainly gave us plenty of room, but a number weren’t and finally, our chariot was clipped as we came to a stop at Grosvenor and an older gentleman tried to overtake us and make a left in the intersection. 2/n
I was able to get his attention and it became apparent that he thought he had given us plenty of room despite hitting us. Never gave a thought to waiting until we proceeded through the intersection before he made his left and never gave a thought to us at all. 3/n
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Hey #LdnOntBike we’re about to get walloped by a severe storm. It’s going to bring a ton of rain, flood the river, and then flash freeze all in about 48 hours.
Rain starting tonight, continuing to tomorrow. Temperature will fall tomorrow (Thursday), so the morning ride is warm and wet, but afternoon ride home will be extremely cold and icy. #LdnOnt
The river will be very dangerous as all the snow that’s on the ground will melt and run into the river. Watch the water level here if you have to go anywhere on the TVP. Above 3.5m usually means some flooded parts, above 4.0 = many sections impassable.…
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It's #InternationalWomensDay , and we want to do a thread to say thanks to some of the wonderful women who #LdnOntBike and help build a stronger community of citizen cyclists. 👇
First, @JoyBringingHope. Joy is an advocate for people of all ages and abilities riding bikes. She's grown into her role as a leader in our community over the past four years, and we're so thrilled every time she rolls by! Image
Not on Twitter that often anymore is @rhbike. She led so many activities within the city's cycling advisory committee, and helped advocate for people injured walking or cycling. Grateful for her friendship, and hard work. (far left, bike prom, 2019!) Image
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Tired of fighting for every little bit of safety. Would really like professionals to design safe options and have politicians own the decision to make it unsafe, rather than have council waste its time talking about bizarre counterflow door zone paint. #LdnOntBike Image
Here's something that would work given existing constraints.
- new TVP connection is an MUP on the south side of the street. Just continue it to Wellington.
- Planters? Already exist, just move 'em.
- Parking? Yeah, we got that on the north side.
- Driving? Yeah, you can still Image
The above design works until Wellington, but it wouldn't be difficult to solve there. There are already separate signal lights, and separate green phases to allow bike traffic to split into bike lanes on both sides of the road is trivial.
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Our big shipment of @ternbicycles arrives on Thursday! Can't wait to get you out on one, they're unbelievably fun to ride, electric, or analog... Who wants a preview thread? 🧵
Let's start with this: what model are you most excited about?
Let's start with the flagship GSD (Get Stuff Done). It's worth its weight in gold, with the ability to carry two kids in comfort and style inside the optional Clubhouse Fort, and comes equipped with the Bosch Cargo Line motor standard.…
The GSD comes with a second battery slot built-in, so if you need extra juice, adding more power is a snap! The payload of the GSD is second-to-none, rated to 200 kg (440 lbs), meaning you answer yes to "what do you have in there, rocks?" and still get where you need to go.
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Bike friends,
Our 2021 @larryvsharry listings are (nearly) complete. Waiting on the double seat pricing and availability to round things out. Here's the preview, time to start dreaming/building! #LdnOntBike
The bread-and-butter E6100 returns. Gates Carbon Belt Drive is why this bike is spectacular - silent, maintenance-free, and tons of fun!…
New this year is the Shimano EP8 motor - 85 Nm of torque (WOWZERS!) coupled with a Shimano XT Di2 12-speed derailleur for maximum speed, range, and maneuverability. Who said cargo bikes have to drive like minivans? Also pictured, a new LizzardKing colourway! Yum!
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Working on a bunch of web-store updates. Pre-orders for 2021 will be live soon (we don't have a lot left in store, send a DM if you're looking for something sooner than spring!). Most stoked about Bullitt EP8 - 85 Nm of torque and Di2 XT 12-speed gearing... launch time.
What a spectacular lineup.
Which Bullitt are you? List your top 3! #LdnOntBike
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Alright, bike friends, I just locked in our last spring order. It's the largest single cargo bike purchase we've ever made, so let's get excited about what's coming!! #CargoCult2021 #LdnOntBike
Does anyone still play Mario Kart? I feel like cargo bikes have lots of analogs to the characters in that game... #MarioCargo
Tern HSD: Definitely Toad. Small. Lightweight. So agile in corners. Can fit in small spaces.
Which charcter best represents the Larry vs Harry e-Bullitt? Definitely Mario. "I'ma gonna win!" is the attitude of Bullitt (the fastest cargo bike) The new EP8 Shimano Steps motor is extra powerful, like getting a super mushroom whenever you need it (demo coming!). #MarioCargo
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Who's ready to cargo, #LdnOntBike? @UrbanArrowcom has temporarily lowered their prices due to Covid19, to give you a chance to get on a cargo bike! The UA Family and Shorty are brilliantly designed, super safe family transport machines.…
Urban Arrow Family (demo available) is sleek, easy to ride, and perfect for family adventures, groceries, & skipping by lines of school drop-off traffic. It's powered by a nearly silent and powerful @BoscheBikeUS drivetrain, and can carry two kids plus a Maxi Cosi! Now $6999.99!
Urban Arrow Shorty is a short wheelbase cargo bike, with seating for one child in the box, and one on the rack behind you. Where the Shorty excels is multi-tasking. Lockable front box = security for your belongings, go from kids to cargo with ease! Now only $6899!
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Tonight is the regular meeting of the @CityofLdnOnt Cycling Advisory Committee. Here's the agenda:
1 - Accessibility. Have many thoughts here about our transportation system.
2- Dundas Place connection to TVP. How do we connect a street so anti-bike to our best path?
@CityofLdnOnt 3 - Dundas St Bikeway Comments from Committee (Wellington to Ontario)
4 - Development Charges (why they don't fund bike infrastructure)
5 - Autonomous Vehicle Strategy Review
6 - E-bike discussion (absent provincial legislation, we took this on)
7 - Commuter Survey (ugh)
@CityofLdnOnt Full agenda available here, recap on this thread later this evening as usual.
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Alright, #LdnOntBike time for *another* round of feedback on the East Village Protected Bike Lane. Do we do this level of consultation for any other projects? Anyway, here's the link...
This survey is a little better than the commuter survey. Here are the things we'd like to see:
Project Considerations: ranked public realm and loading zones above the line. commented that creating a great space is more important than moving cars fast.
For "Design elements" - I marked the intersections and said "protected intersection please", and made a general comment that both ends at Wellington and Adelaide need comfortable transitions for cyclists.
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It's that time again... watch this thread for your monthly @CityofLdnOnt Cycling Advisory Committee Update! 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲 🧵👇
@CityofLdnOnt OK here we go, meeting wrap time. Hope this won't take too long. 11th meeting of the #LdnOnt Cycling Advisory Committee for 2019. Are you ready?
@CityofLdnOnt 1. First on agenda was a report on the London Road Safety Strategy. The LRSS was a city program from 2014-19 designed to decrease traffic deaths and injuries, which is indeed a noble goal. The results we saw tonight didn't give me any confidence that streets are any safer.
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OK, #LdnOntBike, we're maturing as a cycling city, so I've been thinking a lot about what we need in our store to meet that demand. Who's ready for a sneak preview of our amazing new City Bikes for 2020?
OK, this is pretty unanimous... here goes.
*INTRODUCING* Fahrradmanufaktur!
(literally "bike maker" in German)
High quality city & touring bikes, Made in Germany
We're going to carry two models in-stock (we'll get to those), but have access to their whole catalog by special order. They have an incredible selection of drool-worthy bikes with options like Pinion gearboxes, belt-drive systems, and more!
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I'm at the Cycling Advisory Committee meeting at City Hall. It's public, and the agenda is posted below. Meeting started at 4PM, will run until ~6:30.…
Alright, time for monthly update. We had an enormously long CAC meeting, and it was incredibly important. Tonight we made #LdnOnt's first Climate Emergency recommendations, based on sound science, and existing City policies. Long thread ahead 🧵 2/n
First, I'm totally drained, and holding a sleeping baby, so please forgive any typographical errors or interruptions in story flow... I'll get this done before midnight, probably. 3/n
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Alright, finally have some time to wrap up what went down at Cycling Advisory Committee this month (Wednesday Sept 18 meeting). It was a "fun-filled" evening as you may have seen in the news over the past couple day... here we go 👇🚲
First item on agenda was a staff report from Transportation and Parks showing planned developments over the next four years. It largely follows London ON Bikes plan (available here…), and contained no surprises. 2/n
We also received an update that the Cycling Master Plan is up for review and update this fall. We struck a working group to review the CMP which will report back next month. 3/n
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