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This #CyclingScienceSunday, let's look at the attitudes of people who go car-free in a big city. 🧵

TL;DR: There are three main reasons - going green, health/wellbeing, and minimalism/convenience.…

#LdnOnt #BikeTO #CycleWR
The authors interviewed 24 people living in Brisbane, Australia, which is a large, low-density city with relatively little cycling infrastructure. Most participants drove before going car free, and all were legally able to drive.
Three key attitudes of car-free people emerged from the interviews: they were concerned with the environment, they wanted to be healthier and/or they wanted to live a minimalist lifestyle.
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Thread: Here’s another honest comment, this time from a man in #LdnOnt: the comments critiquing a woman for being confused are unfair. We are in completely new and uncertain times. Let’s be honest: Ford has not been all bad (and certainly not as bad as other Premiers), but /1
he has also not been all good. Instead of ridiculing people who are essentially asking for help, we should be offering knowledge and facts. People across the province have a lot on their minds right now, and for many, politics isn’t at the forefront of their thoughts. /2
People are worried about covid. People are worried about their jobs. People are worried about their livelihoods. People are worried about their children’s education. As a party, we need to move away from partisan politics and towards people-first policies that work /3
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I've been working weekends as a nurse vaccinator in #ldnont. With more and more people getting appointments now I thought I would share 5 top tips you should know in advance of your vaccine appointment:
1) Arrive for your appointment time (or just a couple mins early). Back-ups happen when many people choose to arrive a different amount of time early (30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins). We create our own lines by arriving at a time that isn't our appointment time so just be on time.
2) Fill out your consent form in advance by printing it at home. Your longest wait points are check-in and check-out, the actual vaccination is quite quick. You will speed up the process by having the completed form with you.
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This #CyclingScienceSunday let's look at whether drivers look for cyclists while making turns.

TL;DR: Approximately half of drivers don't look for cyclists, even while turning across a bike lane.…

#LdnOnt #CycleWR #BikeTO
The authors used an eye-tracking headset with 19 participants who drove a set route in a retail/residential area of Toronto. The route included two turns off a major road with a bike lane (Bloor St.) onto other roads. Image
Turn 1 had a painted bike lane, while Turn 2 had a lane separated by parked cars that had a median with a bollard at the intersection. The parking ended 10m before the intersection. Image
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Not providing a modal shift to safer alternatives of travel cost more than it saves.
Each one of these collision cost society a staggering amount. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. ImageImageImage
Not taking a systems thinking approach is wilful ignorance with that amount of data and technology available today. ImageImageImage
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This #CyclingScienceSunday let's look at some things that prevent marginalized communities from biking, even where there is good infrastructure. 🧵

TL;DR: Racism, financial barriers, knowledge barriers, and spatial inequality.…

#LdnOnt #BikeTO #CycleWR
This study comes from Grenoble, France, which is a cycling-friendly city. The authors did 19 interviews with policymakers, residents with different identities, and bike service providers to identify barriers to cycling for people from marginalized communities.
From these interviews, the authors identified four main barriers to cycling: racism, financial barriers, information or knowledge barriers, and spatial inequalities.
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London is fortunate to have a proud, and vibrant Chinese community in our city. The outpouring of support we’ve seen in response, from Londoners of all backgrounds, is a testament to that. And, I believe, a far better reflection of the values this city truly represents. #ldnont
We have been in contact with LPS and the Downtown BIA to discuss the content of the sign and although the numerous messages are divisive and offensive to members of the community, they do not meet any threshold for criminal charges to be issued. #ldnont
There’ve also been allegations of members of the Asian community being refused service. The issue of the sign content (which has been changed at least three times) as well as the refusal of service allegation is actively being reviewed by LPS along with regulatory agencies.
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Our big shipment of @ternbicycles arrives on Thursday! Can't wait to get you out on one, they're unbelievably fun to ride, electric, or analog... Who wants a preview thread? 🧵
Let's start with this: what model are you most excited about?
Let's start with the flagship GSD (Get Stuff Done). It's worth its weight in gold, with the ability to carry two kids in comfort and style inside the optional Clubhouse Fort, and comes equipped with the Bosch Cargo Line motor standard.…
The GSD comes with a second battery slot built-in, so if you need extra juice, adding more power is a snap! The payload of the GSD is second-to-none, rated to 200 kg (440 lbs), meaning you answer yes to "what do you have in there, rocks?" and still get where you need to go.
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Job posting is up. We're looking for up to two amazing bike-loving people to join our seasonal staff team. $19.24/hour + 4% vacation pay = $20/hour. Sweet bike benefits, too.
Why work in #LdnOnt for the summer?
- recreational bike scene is *superb* (ride to the beach in 90 minutes, take the gorgeous gravel route home)
- you'll be working 100% of your days on solving the #ClimateEmergency.
- get to know and love the Deshkan Ziibi (Antler River)
If you're a @WesternU or @FanshaweCollege student, you'll see a different side of the city. If you're from out of town, you'll discover some of the incredible energy flying under the radar here in #LdnOnt.
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Today for #CyclingScienceSunday we're taking a look at the effect low-traffic neighbourhoods ("LTNs") have on car ownership.

TL;DR: Over 2 years, LTNs decrease car ownership by 6%, and cycle tracks decrease car ownership by 2%.…

#LdnOnt #BikeTO #CycleWR
The authors (@RachelAldred, @Urban_Turbo and Anna Goodman who I can't find on twitter), looked at car registration data from 2015-2019 to determine whether LTNs and other cycling infrastructure built in London, England impacted car ownership compared to other areas in the city.
Two years after a low-traffic neighbourhood was built, car ownership in that area had decreased by 6% (23 cars/vans per 1000) relative to other areas of the city. Likewise, where cycle tracks were built, car ownership decreased by 2% (7 cars/vans per 1000).
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Today is an exceptionally difficult day for many in #LdnOnt, and across Ontario. I know so many individuals, and so many businesses have made so many sacrifices, and yet, here we are, about to enter a second Ontario-wide lockdown.
There is no real positive spin one can attempt under these circumstances. As I've said before, individuals and businesses who are not responsible for mass spread of the virus are bearing the brunt of consequences for those who are. #ldnont
That said, I have great respect, appreciation, and empathy for Premier Ford's position. It's an impossible one. We all see the numbers, both locally and provincially, and everybody can acknowledge they're going the wrong way. #ldnont
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Every morning I review my patients who were in Emerg or hospital in #ldnont the day before.

Today, I paused at a face sheet to a visit. Written in the diagnosis field (which should contain a diagnosis, not a judgement), it said:

“Here most days”

I paused & reflected

“Here most days”. The tone behind those 3 words was palpable

This person faces many of the challenges common to my patients

Sleeping rough on a cold Dec night

Uses drugs to stay awake, warm, safe. MH exacerbated by the survival choice to use drugs

“Here most days”

#LdnOnt , where, exactly should this person “go most days”?

They are cold, sick, scared, overwhelmed.

Maybe they visit Emerg to make at least some of those things bearable. Maybe they feel safer when they go there “most days”.

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Today is the 28th annual #InternationalDayofPersonsWithDisability (#IDPWD2020 ) and, on a day meant to celebrate disability pride and push for disability justice the Canadian government is set to move forward with Bill C7, making it easier for disabled people to "choose" death.
I'm horrified that this is happening today...of all days.

But Jeff, you may be asking, isn't this a good thing? Isn't it a win for disabled people to have the right to choose death? To be 'free' from suffering?
Yes, disabled people across this country suffer every minute of every day. But we suffer from #odspoverty and support programs that mandate us to lives of poverty. We suffer from employers passing us by because they assume we'd be "too expensive" to accommodate.
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#MLHU is working closely w/ officials @LHSCCanada’s University Hospital to manage a significant outbreak among staff & patients. An outbreak on the 4th floor that was declared on Nov. 10 has been expanded today to include all medical floors at the hospital. #LdnOnt #Middlesex /1
Of the 18 new COVID-19 cases being reported by the #MLHU today, 10 have been linked to this outbreak. In all, there have been 34 cases associated with the outbreak including 16 cases among hospital staff, 18 cases among patients and one death.

Additionally, there are currently six cases associated with a smaller, second outbreak on the ninth floor at University Hospital.

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So you’ve just been tested for #COVID19. While you wait for your test results (which can be scary!), continue to do your part to #StopTheSpread. Here are a few things to think about. Thread below ⬇️⬇️

/1 #LdnOnt #Middlesex @covi_lm @LHSCCanada @ThamesValleyFHT Image
While you wait for your test results (typically 24-48 hours):

➡️ Self-isolate until you receive your test result; this means staying at home, away from other members of your household.

➡️ Write down all the places that you have been in the last 14 days, and the names of everyone you have been in close contact with starting 48 hours before your symptoms began.

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I have not had a lot of time to give a rundown of my ride with @bikemayorwat so here is my best recounting of the day with a #LdnOnt view:
We started in Waterloo Park and headed up the Laurel Creek trail through @UWaterloo. We saw the ION pass us several times which was very exciting. The ION allows bikes on board in a designated area. It runs from Conestoga Mall to Fairview Mall.
We continued our ride to #evolve1 a Net Zero Office. They use solar panels that can charge electric cars. They also had a huge covered bike lock up.
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One year ago today, #OEVldn faced a major explosion on #Woodman Ave. I remember feeling the shake from inside my home. I headed outside, as did many of my neighbours. The fire and smoke were terrifying, and it was the beginning of a long night ahead.

THREAD #WoodmanStrong /1
When I think back to a year ago, what sticks out in my mind is not the tragic explosion but the many acts of heroism, big and small, we witnessed that night and in the weeks to follow. /2 #ldnont #oevldn #woodmanstrong
I remember seeing neighbours gathered on porches, helping those evacuated find shelter. I remember seeing people gathering up socks, pyjamas and books to help evacuated kids get to sleep in a new place...someone run across the street with pet food to feed evacuated animals. /3
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Toronto is now the fastest growing city and metro area in North America.
What's more, 11 of the top 20 cities are actually Canadian.

Lots to explore here.
A thread.

#cdnpoli #onpoli #ldnont
This first image is telling. You won't find any of the big 3 cities in the States here. Immigration has been key to growth of Canadian cities. Most of the growth in American cities is just domestic migration. People are fleeing NYC and California for cheaper homes.
Here's the big 3. They all lost people. NYC lost over 60,000 last year. Tough border controls and high costs of living don't bode well for sustained population growth.
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Inflammation may be at the root of many chronic diseases. The #LawsonCyclotron has a tracer that can help visualize inflammation at various states of health and disease. 1/
FEPPA is labeled with F-18 like the previous examples this month. It targets the translocation protein, TSPO for short. During inflammation, immune cells like macrophages and microglia become activated and express more TSPO. This generates brighter images 2/
This is not perfect because it cannot differentiate whether it's pro or anti inflammatory. But some great studies out of @CAMHResearch where the probe was developed have provided insight into dementia, psychosis, and mood disorders. 3/…
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Who's ready to cargo, #LdnOntBike? @UrbanArrowcom has temporarily lowered their prices due to Covid19, to give you a chance to get on a cargo bike! The UA Family and Shorty are brilliantly designed, super safe family transport machines.…
Urban Arrow Family (demo available) is sleek, easy to ride, and perfect for family adventures, groceries, & skipping by lines of school drop-off traffic. It's powered by a nearly silent and powerful @BoscheBikeUS drivetrain, and can carry two kids plus a Maxi Cosi! Now $6999.99!
Urban Arrow Shorty is a short wheelbase cargo bike, with seating for one child in the box, and one on the rack behind you. Where the Shorty excels is multi-tasking. Lockable front box = security for your belongings, go from kids to cargo with ease! Now only $6899!
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Help protect your local collector, and practice safe waste disposal guidelines in #LdnOnt.

Learn more about updates to London’s waste collection. 1/7

Please bag all used tissues and napkins, and place the bag in the garbage. Do not place waste loosely in garbage containers. 2/7
If you or someone in your household is feeling unwell, please place items that have had contact with your mouth, nose or eyes into a bag and then into the garbage. This includes items you normally place into your Blue Box such as plastic bottles, pop cans and milk containers. 3/7
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Hey #LdnOnt, do you know an essential worker who needs reliable transportation to get around during the pandemic? We're offering our rental bike fleet as long-term rentals at $30/week, on a rent-to-own basis. Here's how it works (please share) 👇
Last year we piloted a City Bike rental program. It was superb for travelers coming to visit #LdnOnt, and even for people who live here and haven't tried riding the TVP before. The bikes are A+ quality Breezer Downtowns, easy to ride and operate for just about everybody.
I had a customer who works at a grocery store come in with a bike that needed way more repair than it was worth to buy new. I was at a loss at the time for what we could do to help this young man help us all during a difficult time. It took me some thought, but here's my solution
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Social distancing was made possible for me today in large part thanks to the King Street Bike Lane, @LdnOntBikeCafe and @Wine_Vinyl and #ldnont biking community. I rode my bike in to work instead of riding a bus. It also helps I have a secure place to keep my bike
Without the King Street Bike Lane I probably would never have felt comfortable biking, without @Wine_Vinyl patience riding with me the first few rides and without the biking community and especially @LdnOntBikeCafe showing how it can be done it wouldn't have happened.
I know lots of ppl are keeping an entire SUV bubble around themselves but doing that is contributing to the #climateemergency which will have a HUGE negative effect on health and safety for everyone not to mention the economy in the future.
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Been struggling with writers block lately. My e-bike blog I promised a while back has been a whole lot of "DELETED" and a lot less "save and publish". So I'm going to try to outline it here to figure out what's important. 280 is such a great limit for summarizing important stuff.
Why E-bikes? The E is for enabling. The electric motor is a game changer for carrying loads (groceries...), kids, and cargo - suddenly that 50 lbs of mulch doesn't seem so bad on a bike. It's also enabling for people of varying abilities: an e-bike makes two wheels possible. 🚲⚡️
The important thing about E-bikes is that they give E-quity to using a bicycle for transportation. For people who aren't strong enough to climb hills, or have trouble with the heat (or cold), or people with medical limits on exertion, E-bikes are enabling
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