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Who's ready to cargo, #LdnOntBike? @UrbanArrowcom has temporarily lowered their prices due to Covid19, to give you a chance to get on a cargo bike! The UA Family and Shorty are brilliantly designed, super safe family transport machines.…
Urban Arrow Family (demo available) is sleek, easy to ride, and perfect for family adventures, groceries, & skipping by lines of school drop-off traffic. It's powered by a nearly silent and powerful @BoscheBikeUS drivetrain, and can carry two kids plus a Maxi Cosi! Now $6999.99!
Urban Arrow Shorty is a short wheelbase cargo bike, with seating for one child in the box, and one on the rack behind you. Where the Shorty excels is multi-tasking. Lockable front box = security for your belongings, go from kids to cargo with ease! Now only $6899!
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Help protect your local collector, and practice safe waste disposal guidelines in #LdnOnt.

Learn more about updates to London’s waste collection. 1/7

Please bag all used tissues and napkins, and place the bag in the garbage. Do not place waste loosely in garbage containers. 2/7
If you or someone in your household is feeling unwell, please place items that have had contact with your mouth, nose or eyes into a bag and then into the garbage. This includes items you normally place into your Blue Box such as plastic bottles, pop cans and milk containers. 3/7
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Hey #LdnOnt, do you know an essential worker who needs reliable transportation to get around during the pandemic? We're offering our rental bike fleet as long-term rentals at $30/week, on a rent-to-own basis. Here's how it works (please share) 👇
Last year we piloted a City Bike rental program. It was superb for travelers coming to visit #LdnOnt, and even for people who live here and haven't tried riding the TVP before. The bikes are A+ quality Breezer Downtowns, easy to ride and operate for just about everybody.
I had a customer who works at a grocery store come in with a bike that needed way more repair than it was worth to buy new. I was at a loss at the time for what we could do to help this young man help us all during a difficult time. It took me some thought, but here's my solution
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Social distancing was made possible for me today in large part thanks to the King Street Bike Lane, @LdnOntBikeCafe and @Wine_Vinyl and #ldnont biking community. I rode my bike in to work instead of riding a bus. It also helps I have a secure place to keep my bike
Without the King Street Bike Lane I probably would never have felt comfortable biking, without @Wine_Vinyl patience riding with me the first few rides and without the biking community and especially @LdnOntBikeCafe showing how it can be done it wouldn't have happened.
I know lots of ppl are keeping an entire SUV bubble around themselves but doing that is contributing to the #climateemergency which will have a HUGE negative effect on health and safety for everyone not to mention the economy in the future.
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Been struggling with writers block lately. My e-bike blog I promised a while back has been a whole lot of "DELETED" and a lot less "save and publish". So I'm going to try to outline it here to figure out what's important. 280 is such a great limit for summarizing important stuff.
Why E-bikes? The E is for enabling. The electric motor is a game changer for carrying loads (groceries...), kids, and cargo - suddenly that 50 lbs of mulch doesn't seem so bad on a bike. It's also enabling for people of varying abilities: an e-bike makes two wheels possible. 🚲⚡️
The important thing about E-bikes is that they give E-quity to using a bicycle for transportation. For people who aren't strong enough to climb hills, or have trouble with the heat (or cold), or people with medical limits on exertion, E-bikes are enabling
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A thread on why I am not panicking about #Coronavirus #COVID-19.
In 2003, the world experienced an outbreak of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). I was in med school. Initially, the illness seemed to be linked with travel to China, but the Chinese government was not saying anything about it.
The cause of SARS was completely unknown, and it was five months between the illness first appearing and the World Health Organization (WHO) becoming significantly involved, alerting public health authorities around the world.
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Dear Residents of #ldnont and @CountyMiddlesex,

There are 0 (zero) cases of infection with the new coronavirus in @CityofLdnOnt or Middlesex.

There are 0 (zero) persons under investigation with the new #coronavirus in London or Middlesex.
There have been 0 (zero) #coronavirus deaths outside of China.

There has very been limited spread of the virus outside of China.

Almost every one of the 4500 confirmed cases was acquired in China, most of those in the city of Wuhan.

The healthcare system in Ontario is strong, and ready for this.

The two positive cases in Ontario acquired their illness in Wuhan. They were quickly isolated.

So far, they have generated 0 (zero) additional cases. There has been no spread of the virus in Canada: 0 (zero).

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With a certain Ratepayers Association back in the news, I thought I'd take a look at the "facts" page on the group's website. #ldnont
Fact 1: Calgary's Supervised Consumption Site ("SCS") led to an increase in crime.

The source for this is, oddly, a letter to the editor to a Barrie newspaper, although there were reports of increased crime near the cite (but see facts 3 and 4 below).
What the Association doesn't note with this fact is that the Calgary SCS prevented 1,055 overdoses, overdose events decreased by 336% due to the SCS's drug safety education, and each $1 spent on an SCS saves the province $5 in other costs.…
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It's that time again... watch this thread for your monthly @CityofLdnOnt Cycling Advisory Committee Update! 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲 🧵👇
@CityofLdnOnt OK here we go, meeting wrap time. Hope this won't take too long. 11th meeting of the #LdnOnt Cycling Advisory Committee for 2019. Are you ready?
@CityofLdnOnt 1. First on agenda was a report on the London Road Safety Strategy. The LRSS was a city program from 2014-19 designed to decrease traffic deaths and injuries, which is indeed a noble goal. The results we saw tonight didn't give me any confidence that streets are any safer.
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I wonder if “elephant in the room” is the right expression here. It seems to me that Farhi is an oft-discussed element of downtown stagnation and hardly ever unremarked. I’d propose that the ‘thing-we-all-know-but-have-stopped-talking-about’ is something else. A short thread. 1/n
When I walk Downtown & the core — I do it a lot — I see vacant space all over. As a former business owner, born entrepreneur & community connector, I can’t stop scouting opportunities, and I see spaces owned by all manner of landlords. These are all steps from Market Tower. 2/n
Granted, many properties are owned by a few — this isn’t unique to #ldnont — the real question is ‘why is demand for core commercial & retail so weak?’ Why is it an issue who owns which properties? Why is there no hope to fill them all, or at least lower the vacancy rate? 3/n
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Last week, I witnessed an astonishing presentation by a @CityofLdnOnt's advisory committee, rich in data, wide-ranging in evidence-based recommendations, compelling in its timeliness, persuasive in its urgency. Tonight the same report is getting pushback from councillors. 1/n
The pushback is not about the info in the report -- it's unassailable -- but about the role of such committees, and I'm astonished again. I wonder if maybe I don't understand what community advisory committees are s'posed to be doing at all. 'Cause this is what I thought.... 2/n
@shawnwlewis has a point: City staff have expertise -- in building parks, governance, waste diversion & so many more things. And councillors know stuff, too. But advisory committees are also made up of experts, by training & lived experience. They are the community's wisdom. 3/n
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I'm at the Cycling Advisory Committee meeting at City Hall. It's public, and the agenda is posted below. Meeting started at 4PM, will run until ~6:30.…
Alright, time for monthly update. We had an enormously long CAC meeting, and it was incredibly important. Tonight we made #LdnOnt's first Climate Emergency recommendations, based on sound science, and existing City policies. Long thread ahead 🧵 2/n
First, I'm totally drained, and holding a sleeping baby, so please forgive any typographical errors or interruptions in story flow... I'll get this done before midnight, probably. 3/n
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Even the best intentions don't excuse the lack of research or reasoning. Where to start? Obvs, motor vehicle licenses barely cover their own plate and admin costs and they are "permissions" to take giant dangerous moving objects through public space, a public trust. 1/n #ldnont
Next, obviously people on bikes are pretty much regular people even if they are BIKE RIDING PINKOS and, although they should get tax breaks for riding a bike some of the time (I mean it, they should), they don't. They pay taxes & pay for roads even if they only use a sliver. 2/n
In fact, it's motoring that is subsidized by the public purse. In ever so many ways that include propping up a failing industry, for example, but also directly. It takes many more of us to pay for roads than actually use them. A simple search tells you about costs of modes. 3/n
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Alright, finally have some time to wrap up what went down at Cycling Advisory Committee this month (Wednesday Sept 18 meeting). It was a "fun-filled" evening as you may have seen in the news over the past couple day... here we go 👇🚲
First item on agenda was a staff report from Transportation and Parks showing planned developments over the next four years. It largely follows London ON Bikes plan (available here…), and contained no surprises. 2/n
We also received an update that the Cycling Master Plan is up for review and update this fall. We struck a working group to review the CMP which will report back next month. 3/n
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Let's talk about the state of our bike lanes in #ldnont.
If you have not heard, our current Master Cycling Plan proposes a goal of 5 kms of protected bike lanes by 2030. Which is unacceptable. 1/?
But what about the lanes we have now. How safe are they? By borrowing other advocates' #redcupchalllenge, we did some tests. One route in Downtown, one in Old North and one in North London. 2/?
Here we have Huron & William. We used tomatoes at this corner. Everything goes pretty go slow, nervous of tomatoes. Then this:
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Oooooo they are talking about fluoridation again!!!! I hope @mikevanholst brings more props!!! #LdnOnt @CityofLdnOnt @LFPress @CBCLondon
Here he goes!!!!!!!!!!
Omg... emotional trauma... medical community conspiracy... how did this man get elected!!!!
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Went to an open house in my son's grade one classroom today (Ontario public school). We watched and participated as the teacher took the class through a math lesson. I have some thoughts. #onpoli #onelxn #ldnont
First of all, teachers are amazing. There is no way most of us could manage a classroom, full stop, let alone also get some real education progress happening. A month from the end of school, this classroom felt alive and positive and focused. #onpoli #onelxn #ldnont
As the year has progressed, so have the walls. Now they brim with learning strategies and completed work. And as the teacher took them through the math lesson, she kept referring to the math corner of the room--and the strategies there. #onpoli #onelxn #ldnont
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