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NGAYON SA DZMM: Malacañang Spokesman Harry Roque kaugnay ng #COVID19 crisis sa bansa.

Roque kaugnay ng posibleng pagpapalawig sa Luzon Lockdown: Ang rekomendasyon ng mga dalubhasa sa labas ng gobyerno, base sa Science, hindi kailangan ipagpatuloy ang lockdown sa mga areas na walang outbreak ng #COVID19.
Roque: Sa Luzon, ang may outbreak lang sa #COVID19 ay Metro Manila, Calabarzon, at ilang bahagi ng Bulacan. Ang mga areas na mababa lang ang bilang ng may COVID-19 o walang outbreak, ang minumungkahi ng dalubhasa ay i-relax o i-lift [ang quarantine sa lugar.]
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Former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia: In meetings, I do not always agree with everybody. I am used to not saying yes. I always spoke my mind. #COVID19
Pernia: I expect meetings to be collegial where everyone's voice is heard, where decisions are made not just on the basis of one person. #COVID19
Pernia: I am okay with most Cabinet members. There's just certain members I had disagreements with. #COVID19
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JUST IN: AFP spox Brigadier Gen. Edgard Arevalo confirms existence of a PH Air Force document leaked online which refers to a “martial law-type” role for the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police but provides context. | via @mikenavallo #LuzonLockdown
@mikenavallo Arevalo says PAF document is an "internal memo issued for the purpose of providing advance information to give guidance to personnel — in this case, the PAF," quoting the Commanding General of PAF. This was in response to PRRD's statements Thursday. | via @mikenavallo
@mikenavallo Arevalo: Sa ngayon wala pa na namang utos ang Pangulo na mag-deploy na. But it is incumbent and customary on the part of leadership of PAF, and AFP under General Felimon Santos Jr, for that matter, to exercise its initiative of alerting and preparing our personnel including ROE.
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Sen. Bong Go believes the number of reported #COVID19 cases in the country is lower than reality. | via @R_G_Cruz888
@R_G_Cruz888 Speaker Cayetano says Congress will soon unveil stimulus package for economy. | via @R_G_Cruz888
@R_G_Cruz888 Manila Mayor Isko Moreno calls on the public to report violations of the ban on public gatherings | via @R_G_Cruz888
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Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia: A total lockdown would be more detrimental to the economy than a modified lockdown. #COVID19 #LuzonLockdown Image
Pernia: There may be certain areas where the lockdown can be lifted so agriculture, manufacturing can be revived. #COVID19 #LuzonLockdown
Pernia: We need to get people's confidence and trust in government, in our health capacity. #COVID19 #LuzonLockdown
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Third installment of #QuarantineMusic to get us through #LuzonLockdown, a thread. Since it's Sunday, starting with a hymn, a beautiful rendition of "Abide With Me," by the Quarantine Choir, March 29, 2020:
2. A very moving performance of Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus" by 111 musicians and singers from 18 states and 9 different countries( including China), brought together by a piano store of all things, March 30, 2020:
3. The West Australia Symphony Orchestra phoned in a brisk performance of Ravel's "Bolero," March 25, 2020:
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More #quarantinemusic, following through on my #QuarantineLife music and culture thread during #LuzonLockdown yesterday.
1. "Bring Him Home," sung by former cast members of Les Mis, to support Britain's .@NHSuk frontliners:
2. The Civic Orchestra of Philadelphia was due to celebrate its centennial with a concert. When canceled by #COVID19 the musicians recorded themselves singly to perform Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony jointly; and commissioned new compositions. Amazing!
3. The Colorado Symphony started a very nice #PlayOn online series featuring its musicians. Here is a performance of an Aria from Bach's Goldberg Variations for Mandolin, Guitar, and Bass (April 1, 2020):
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Can you still tell the weekend from the rest of the week? But it's Saturday, and in case you missed it, some readings you shouldn't miss, a thread.

1. The New York Times animated report on how #COVID19 traveled around the world from Wuhan.…
2. The Johns Hopkins University dashboard of official data on #COVID19 that practically all the broadcast media has relied on from the start:…
3. Always behind, but still, official, .@DOHgovph;s own dashboard of official #COVID19PH data (usually a day behind):
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Some cultural features to enjoy during #LuzonLockdown as part of #QuarantineLife, a thread of things to watch.

1. a 60 Minute #CirqueConnect Special by Cirque du Soleil, uploaded on March 27, 2020:
2. Ravel's "Bolero," performed by members of the National Orchestra of France (recorded #ensemblemaison or in their homes, watch the orchestral bass drummers in particular, fun!), March 29, 2020:
3. To watch with kids, part of their #OurHouseToYourHouse series, Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf," performed by the Royal Ballet/Royal Ballet School, in #StayAtHome solidarity, <arch 27, 2020:
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JUST IN: President Duterte addresses the Filipino nation | via @arianne_merez #LuzonLockdown
@arianne_merez Duterte: I am addressing you once again about the problem of #COVID19 pandemic. It is getting worse. Once again I am telling you the seriousness of the problem and you must listen. | via @pia_gutierrez
@arianne_merez @pia_gutierrez Duterte: We are awaiting for God's blessing na magkaroon tayo ng vaccine. Either from China, Russia, Amerika. | via @pia_gutierrez
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FLASH REPORT: Barikada ng ilang residente ng Brgy. Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City sa EDSA, binuwag ng PNP | Ulat ni @zhandercayabyab #COVID19 #LuzonLockdown
@zhandercayabyab Mga taga-Sitio San Roque, Brgy. Bagong Pag-asa, QC, lumabas sa EDSA para manghingi ng tulong na pagkain sa lokal na pamahalaan.

Sinubukan silang papasukin ng mga pulis hanggang sa nagkaroon na ng pag-aresto. | via @zhandercayabyab #LuzonLockdown #COVID19
@zhandercayabyab Nagkabatuhan ng bote sa Sitio San Roque, Brgy. Bagong Pag-asa, QC habang inaaresto ang mga residente na lumabas sa EDSA para humingi ng tulong | via @zhandercayabyab #LuzonLockdown #COVID19
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Additional thoughts on the Two Philippines' in the era of #Covid19PH during #LuzonLockdown: in one of my favorite phrases from the late Leon Ma. Guerrero, "today began yesterday." If the government response from the start was focused on the military/police and not on health...
...this was because of a long-standing trend in our society dating to Edsa Dos, where middle and upper class pressure to overthrow the government divorced the poor majority from the middle and upper, a democratic unity fostered by the anti-Marcos and post-EDSA coup eras. When...
"Edsa Tres" happened, the sight/sounds/experience of urban insurrection frightened the middle and upper rightwards, creating a fracture that in turn opened (or more accurately, accelerated) the restoration of the Marcoses for one, and the removal of the taboo vs. strongmen...
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NOW: President Duterte addresses the Filipino nation | via @arianne_merez
@arianne_merez Duterte thanks #COVID19 frontliners: Your heroism will not be forgotten. | via @arianne_merez
@arianne_merez Duterte recognizes efforts of LGUs to contain #COVID19 spread: I see that you are employing innovative programs and initiatives to address the needs of your constituents | via @arianne_merez
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Some thoughts on Philippines-China relations in #COVID19 era. The situation arose at an inconvenient time: sending home of a veteran (and effective) Chinese ambassador and the appointment of a new one almost immediately faced with resolving POGO tensions then brewing pandemic...
Beijing had increasingly taken to playing hardball with Manila which proved itself nowhere near as obliging as Phnom Penh on Beijing's displeasure with POGOs. At the time of start of pandemic, Beijing had taken to cancelling passports of citizens identified as working in POGOs...
the Philippine government going through lethargic and small efforts at crackdowns. When the public started to take news of what was still an epidemic and not yet a pandemic (officially at least) clamor of public opinion was for sealing off the country from China-origin flights...
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Instances during the fight vs. #COVID19PH and #LuzonLockdown when public opinion, even expressed virtually, produced quick results from officials, a thread. This is a remarkable trend where officials who'd gamed social media have found their old swarming techniques useless.
Cases where public opinion produced results:

1. Cancelation of DOT scheme to stimulate tourism during #COVID19PH crisis by having big mall sales.
2. Administration outrage over Mayor Sotto finding local solutions led to other mayors adopting his solutions and administration toning down its hostility.
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I think many parents or family groups are quietly having very sober conversations as three things sink in: 1. lockdown may last longer than announced, and when life resumes there’s threat of 2nd #COVID19PH wave; 2. Many businesses are going to fail; bills only postponed: and...
...with extended lockdown and delayed recovery, supply chain’s broken down and shortages are going to be more widespread while economic recovery is clearly not in government planners’ priority list. The #LuzonLockdown is just the pause before the real storm and no one in charge.
So this leaves 3. It’s every family for itself with no time to have prepared, with no real support from the state, and the national leadership in disgrace and the world economy facing challenges that will imperil our traditional national umbilical cord to Filipinos abroad.
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Remember Popburri, the popsicle shop & restaurant which turned into a shelter for the homeless amid the #LuzonLockdown? Starting today, Popburri will no longer take in homeless people after barangay officials shut it down for reportedly violating quarantine protocols. @ABSCBNNews
But barangay officials made it clear, they are not against charity. They say that while they recognize the good intent behind the actions of Popburri’s owner, enhanced community quarantine protocols such as social distancing & “staying at home” are not practiced. @ABSCBNNews
Barangay East Kamias Kagawad Julius Sevilla says, while they respect the actions of Popburri, they still have to follow the barangay’s rules, as well as ECQ protocols. #LuzonLockdown @ABSCBNNews
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Listened to an angry old .@DILGPhilippines official being interviewed on AM radio on confusion and difference between #QuarantinePass and #GatePass. It took a while to sort out the difference but it seems to go like this: every household nominates one person who gets...
a #QuarantinePass from the barangay, preferably by means of the barangay visiting each household and *not* requiring people to go to the barangay hall. The pass allows that individual to go to grocery, market, bank, drugstore, etc. So it allows that person to go around...
The #GatePass on the other hand, is to allow the transport of goods and personnel through checkpoints, for deliveries of materials and products and personnel going to and from factories, etc. It assumes however that individual family reps. will find everything nearby in same...
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Perhaps considering the places allowed to stay open, .@mmda .@TeamAFP .@pnppio .@DILGPhilippines .@DtiPhilippines .@DOTrPH can sit down, and identify main strategic commuter routes and designated *one* operator (rotating even) to boost transport, as #LuzonLockdown is near 1 week.
We are all relying on companies and people running on fumes and who will get weak from exhaustion. Just as strategic loosening needed to keep supplies going, you need strategic mobilization to keep people going to limited firms needed to operate: groceries, drug + hardware, banks
The initial big buys of those who could afford it and limited buys of everyone else are going to start running out; and let’s remember not everyone is or can stay in an extended family environment. #DistanciaAmigo always but humane logistics too, please.
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Thread: This appeal from business groups, including those normally avoiding public statements, is a big deal: employers know the effects of #LuzonLockdown on their workers and managers. But it's also important to know why they have to appeal for a special session of Congress...
As one sober source put it, "If things don't turn around many companies and people are going to be on the streets," meaning broke. Why this grim possibility, I asked. The source pointed out some things most non-business owners don't realize:
1. Most companies only have enough cash for 45 days of operations ("if that," cautioned the source). 2. Companies can (and will) lay off workers to buy themselves some time; 3. But if companies with creditors don't get a break, then companies will go into early liquidation...
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If you read archaeologists and others researching our prehispanic past, some theorize the best way to understand old regimes is less by calling them kingdoms and more by understanding them as authorities that demanded toll from anyone passing through doing business, etc. So...
it’s no surprise that in #LuzonLockdown, with the national government having for days thrown up its hands and devolved all authority to the barangays and mayors, there is an epidemic, it seems, of barangay chairmen and mayors instituting requirements for passes snd permits...
which of course is driving everyone crazy because its multiplying opportunities for pulling rank (and extortion) without ensuring any efficiency as its one petty power after another asserting authority. Meanwhile, the military and police are unevenly managed or briefed, so that..
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