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BREAKING: DOH logs 14,286 new COVID-19 cases. The total reported cases has reached 2,549,966 on September 30, 2021.

▪️New deaths: 130
▪️New recoveries: 8,268
▪️Total active cases: 138,294

More updates on #COVID19PH here:… Image
The seven-day moving average of cases continues to decline. Of the 2,549,966 total cases, 138,294 are active cases.

Meanwhile, 8,268 recoveries have also been recorded, bringing the total recoveries to 2,373,378. | via @siggyism ImageImage
@siggyism 130 new deaths have also been recorded, bringing the total COVID-19 fatalities to 38,294. | via @siggyism Image
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Around 80% of people who become infected with COVID-19 only develop mild symptoms & recover w/o any special medical treatment.

Self-isolating, at home or in a facility, is recommended for young people with no comorbidities & have mild symptoms.

Here's our #homecare guide 👇
Be aware of the symptoms of #COVID19. If you show the common symptoms, consult a healthcare provider and get tested.

If you show ANY of the severe symptoms, seek immediate medical care.

#BAHAYnihan #homecare #COVID19PH
You're eligible for home isolation if you're a mild or asymptomatic case, & has a separate room & toilet at home with good ventilation.

If you're NOT eligible & experiencing ANY severe symptoms, seek medical care immediately.

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RECORD-HIGH SINGLE DAY TALLY: The DOH logs 18,332 new COVID-19 cases on August 23, 2021, bringing the total count to 1,857,646.

▪️New deaths: 151
▪️New recoveries: 13,794
▪️Total active cases: 130,350

More updates on #COVID19PH here:…
The Department of Health has recorded 18,332 new confirmed cases of COVID-19. The daily tally is a new all-time high in terms of single-day tally. | via @siggyism
@siggyism The daily tally pushes the total COVID-19 of the country to 1,857,646. Of the 1.8 million, 130,350 are active cases.

Meanwhile, 13,794 new recoveries were recorded. The total recoveries of the country are now at 1,695,335. | via @siggyism
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BREAKING: The DOH logs the 3rd-highest daily tally with 16,044 new COVID-19 cases on August 22, 2021, bringing the total count to 1,839,635.

▪️New deaths: 215
▪️New recoveries: 13,952
▪️Total active cases: 125,900

More updates on #COVID19PH here:…
Today's daily tally is lower than the confirmed cases recorded yesterday but this is the third day wherein daily cases went beyond 16,000. | via @siggyism
@siggyism Meanwhile, 13,952 new recoveries have been recorded. The country's COVID-19 total recoveries are now 1,681,925.

215 new deaths were also recorded. As of today, the country has a total of 31,810 COVID-19 fatalities. | via @siggyism
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BREAKING: DOH logs 16,694 new COVID-19 cases on August 21, 2021, with total reported cases reaching 1,824,051.

▪️New deaths: 398
▪️New recoveries: 15,805
▪️Total active cases: 123,935

More updates on #COVID19PH here:… Image
The Department of Health has recorded 16,694 new COVID-19 cases in the country. This is now the second highest single-day tally next to yesterday's recorded cases of COVID-19. | via @siggyism Image
@siggyism The country now has 1,824,051 total COVID-19 confirmed cases with 123,935 active cases.

Meanwhile, 15,805 recoveries were recorded. The total COVID-19 recoveries are now at 1,668,520. | via @siggyism Image
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Audit reports are prepared and released like clockwork every year. EVERY YEAR, regardless of who's sitting in either offices. Bakit biglang considered premature ang report nang magtanong ang COA bakit hindi nagamit or hindi nagamit nang maayos ang P67 bilyon ng DOH? #BudgetWatch
Parang investigative report 'yang audit report. May deadline. When you've been given enough time to dispute or comment on the findings pero di kayo sumagot, itatakbo ang istorya. May pasabi lang na kung finally ay sasagot kayo, ia-update ang istorya. #BudgetWatch
Gentlemen, precisely because we're in extraordinary times, in a time of emergency, and we need urgency, kaya nagtanong ang COA:

Bakit hindi ninyo ginamit o inilabas ang bilyon-bilyong pisong nakalaan na panserbisyo sa mga nagkakasakit at namamatay na kababayan? #BudgetWatch
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BREAKING: DOH logs 9,838 new COVID-19 cases. The total reported cases has reached 702,856 on March 26, 2021.

▪️Total active cases: 109,018
▪️New deaths: 54
▪️New recoveries: 663

More updates on #COVID19PH here:…
Ilang WAP challenges pa ba before we can "from the top make it drop." 😞
The current active COVID-19 cases in the Philippines is now at 109,018 or 15.5% of the total. This is the highest active infection the country has recorded since the start of quarantine back in March 2020.…
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[Thread] Senate convenes into the Committee of the Whole to conduct an inquiry on the National COVID-19 Vaccination Program. 11 January 2021


#SenatePH #COVID19PH #COVIDvaccinePH #WeHealAsOnePH
SEN. DRILON: Sec. Carlito Galvez Jr. in fairness, has been trying his best to address the many concerns of our countrymen due to the unchartered path that we have to take in view of this pandemic.

#COVID19PH #COVIDvaccinePH #WeHealAsOnePH
SEC GALVEZ: On behalf of the National Task Force Against Covid 19, thank you for giving us the opportunity to brief and update the members of the senate on the government’s current efforts to vaccinate the Filipino people under the leadership of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.
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While a series of typhoons has affected many regions in Luzon, #COVID19PH continues to spread across the country, with numbers in Mindanao rising. Of the regions with active cases, Davao Region now has the 4th highest numbers with 2.6K active cases.…
Outside of Metro Manila and CALABARZON, there are now 9 cities with more than 2,000 confirmed cases: Baguio, Bacolod, Iloilo, Davao City, Zamboanga City, Cagayan de Oro, and 3 cities in Metro Cebu (Cebu City, Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu)
One of the worst parts of the pandemic is still the backlogs and delays. It now takes an average of 18.2 days for cases to be confirmed from onset of symptoms. Largest component of delay is confirmation after test results are released. DOH processing getting worse by the day.
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There are now 24 cities in the Philippines with more than 1,000 confirmed cases. This includes all cities in Metro Manila, 3 cities in Metro Cebu (Cebu, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue), 3 cities in Laguna (Santa Rosa, Calamba, Biñan), Antipolo, and Davao City #COVID19PH
There are also 27 cities or municipalities where both ICUs and ventilators are highly utilised. Among these, 8 are in Metro Manila, 4 in Laguna, 3 in Cavite, and 2 each in Bulacan and Pangasinan. It's clear that the epicentre is not just Metro Manila, but the entire Mega Manila.
All epidemiological trends in the Philippines have bad news. Let's start with individuals testing positive. For the past week, there are at least 3K individuals testing positive every day. The last time Philippines had less than 1K positive test results was 49 days ago (24/June).
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Listening to the medical doctors' plea for a "time out" (2 week ECQ) for our public health system to keep up w/ the #COVID19PH's rising cases. You could just hear the helplessness, hence the united call for "collaboration" & a strategic comprehensive plan. Wala kasing plano.
"Hindi puwedeng pagalingan tayo. Hindi puwedeng naka-rely lang sa LGU. Kailangan may coordinated plan headed by the national government.... Please pakinggan niyo po kami. Kami po ang humaharap sa mga pasyente. Pag kami po ay bumigay na, dyan po may malaking problema."
This desperation fills me with dread. Dyusko. At papasok pa ako sa opisina sa buong buwan ng Agosto.
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Latest data drop from DOH Philippines shows 19 cities or municipalities with both ICU beds and mechanical ventilators are highly utilised. Among these, 5 are in Metro Manila, 3 in Cavite, and 2 in Metro Cebu. Five of these are also at 100% capacity for both ICU and ventilators. Image
These are the five cities in the metropolitan areas with the highest number of confirmed cases. The trends of increase in Manila City, Quezon City, and Mandaluyong have been extremely steep for the past few days. Image
Outside of Metro Manila, the highest volumes of cases are in Metro Cebu, Rizal, Laguna, Cavite, Davao City, Zamboanga City, and Cagayan de Oro. #COVID19PH Image
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COVID-19 ALERT: Isko Moreno calls for donations to sustain free COVID-19 mass testing

(Details below)

#AlertoManileno #COVID19PH Image
Manila City Mayor @IskoMoreno appealed for donations to the city government in order to sustain the operations of the city's free COVID-19 walk-in and drive thru testing centers.

#AlertoManileno #COVID19PH
Donations to the city government will be used to buy more reagents needed to test more blood samples taken from patients, Domagoso said on Monday, July 20.

#AlertoManileno #COVID19PH
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#TodayinHistory in 1820, Valerio Malabanan, secular priest & educator, is born in #Lipa, #Batangas. His life devoted to teaching proved consequential for having had many of his students become leading Filipino intellectuals in the late 19th century #PH. (THREAD) #kasaysayan Image
Growing up in the early 19th century #Batangas, #PH Malabanan studied in Lipa, trained in segunda enseñanza & philosophy at @LetranOfficial, mastered Spanish language & Latin grammar, and studied Theology in @UST1611official.
Malabanan, while serving as priest & teacher, became enamored in history & mathematics. He was known to have translated many Spanish-authored works in Tagalog. His teaching style at the time was very advanced: he never employed corporal punishment on his students.
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Latest DOH data drop shows Cebu City has crossed the 5K mark of confirmed cases, while total of Metro Manila is now close to 20K confirmed cases. #COVID19PH Image
Metro Manila has the six highest case-fatality rates among cities in metropolitan areas. The highest case-fatality rate in Metro Davao is in Davao City at 6.6% and the highest case-fatality rate in Metro Cebu is in Talisay at 6.1% Image
Among the 13 cities or municipalities where both ICUs and ventilators are highly utilised, 3 are in Metro Cebu, 2 are in Metro Manila, and 2 are in Cavite province. Image
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Sharing this image from UP GDE using the data from 2018 regarding the hospital capacity and population per area are included, hoping that in the future or coming years we may provide an accessible and humane healthcare for all (RA11223). Hi to @YAHRPH who are pushing for the HCWs
Even so, with the aim of seeing the current situation and plight of other Filipinos on accessing healthcare. We should sought on adding more healthcare facilities across the archipelago, especially in Mindanao and Visayas wherein most of those areas don't have much HCWs as well.
Another thing to think of for the few numbers of HCWs in the countryis that we have the DTTB program and innovations such as the RxBox and the use of Telemedecine that aims to mitigate the dwindling practitioners in the country who are also hoping to make a better living.
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Sunday thread: 1. The USA, etc. hoovering up reagents and testing kit, not to mention PPE, output leaving PH unable to order/import in volume to expand (targeted) testing, both the kind to determine if someone currently infect, and for antibody presence to show past infection.
2. Even setting aside possibility still debate within gov't to what extent to expand testing, it means testing won't be as extensive as officially OKd. Means true scope/scale will still be unknown to policy makers/public. We know per media ICU capacity NCR about to be reached.
3. Anecdotally, three imp't things: a. In places (often below media radar), lockdown/quarantine isn't really practiced, because to even try to do so would result in public revolt. So it's laissez-faire. Means #COVID19PH could be rampant but anyway no data. b. People jittery...
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Since Philippine General Hospital started operating as a #COVID19PH national referral center last month, I’ve been tasked to monitor and allocate PPEs for the entire hospital. Here’s a thread on how we rationalize PPE use without compromising safety: (1/7)
Early on, our Infection Control Unit established clear guidelines that say who requires what level of protection at which location. We have infographics all over PGH for this, and areas in the hospital are marked red, orange, or green zones. (2/7)
What is adequate PPE? Having seen photos worldwide, I’d say it varies depending on hospital and available resources. The L image shows PGH PPE recommendation in high risk areas, and the R image, the algorithm formulated by @psmidorg 👉🏼… (3/7)
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Can you still tell the weekend from the rest of the week? But it's Saturday, and in case you missed it, some readings you shouldn't miss, a thread.

1. The New York Times animated report on how #COVID19 traveled around the world from Wuhan.…
2. The Johns Hopkins University dashboard of official data on #COVID19 that practically all the broadcast media has relied on from the start:…
3. Always behind, but still, official, .@DOHgovph;s own dashboard of official #COVID19PH data (usually a day behind):
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President Duterte addresses the nation, warns left vs creating trouble. He says if they create trouble and put police in danger, his orders are to “shoot them dead.” #COVID19PH | @LeilasINQ
@LeilasINQ Pres. Duterte: Do not intimidate govt do not challenge govt, matatalo kayo sigurado. #COVID19PH | @LeilasINQ
@LeilasINQ Pres. Duterte reiterates that distribution of aid for the poor will be handled by the DSWD #COVID19PH | @LeilasINQ
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Additional thoughts on the Two Philippines' in the era of #Covid19PH during #LuzonLockdown: in one of my favorite phrases from the late Leon Ma. Guerrero, "today began yesterday." If the government response from the start was focused on the military/police and not on health...
...this was because of a long-standing trend in our society dating to Edsa Dos, where middle and upper class pressure to overthrow the government divorced the poor majority from the middle and upper, a democratic unity fostered by the anti-Marcos and post-EDSA coup eras. When...
"Edsa Tres" happened, the sight/sounds/experience of urban insurrection frightened the middle and upper rightwards, creating a fracture that in turn opened (or more accurately, accelerated) the restoration of the Marcoses for one, and the removal of the taboo vs. strongmen...
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Instances during the fight vs. #COVID19PH and #LuzonLockdown when public opinion, even expressed virtually, produced quick results from officials, a thread. This is a remarkable trend where officials who'd gamed social media have found their old swarming techniques useless.
Cases where public opinion produced results:

1. Cancelation of DOT scheme to stimulate tourism during #COVID19PH crisis by having big mall sales.
2. Administration outrage over Mayor Sotto finding local solutions led to other mayors adopting his solutions and administration toning down its hostility.
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I think many parents or family groups are quietly having very sober conversations as three things sink in: 1. lockdown may last longer than announced, and when life resumes there’s threat of 2nd #COVID19PH wave; 2. Many businesses are going to fail; bills only postponed: and...
...with extended lockdown and delayed recovery, supply chain’s broken down and shortages are going to be more widespread while economic recovery is clearly not in government planners’ priority list. The #LuzonLockdown is just the pause before the real storm and no one in charge.
So this leaves 3. It’s every family for itself with no time to have prepared, with no real support from the state, and the national leadership in disgrace and the world economy facing challenges that will imperil our traditional national umbilical cord to Filipinos abroad.
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NOW: President Duterte addresses the nation amid COVID-19 pandemic | via @joycebalancio #COVID19PH
@joycebalancio President Duterte salutes health frontliners, pays tribute to those who died serving the public. #COVID19PH | via @arianne_merez
@joycebalancio @arianne_merez Duterte reminds public officials: We only have one common enemy and that is COVID-19 | via @arianne_merez
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