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In this thread I will mention precautions to be taken by #Diabetes patients in today’s scanario with #COVIDー19 #coronavirus #India #Mumbai (Ref IDF) @drmohanv @DrAmbrishMithal @AskDrShashank @docanoopmisra @Unnikri @DrDeepakKrishn1 @serioustaurean @DNeurosx @viswas_mr (1)
Recommendations for general public are doubly important for patients with #Diabetes & those living in their close contact 1.Wash hands thouroughly and regularly 2.Avoid touching face before washing and drying hands #COVIDー19 #coronavirus (2)
Clean and disinfect any objects & surfaces touched frequently (door handles, mobile phones, tv remotes). Don’t share towels, food, glasses. (3)
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THREAD. A few highlights from and thoughts on this interesting @nytimes article, "U.S. Coronavirus Cases Are Rising Sharply, but Deaths Are Still Down."

#COVID #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #coronavirus
"After a minor late-spring lull, the number of confirmed #coronavirus cases in the United States is once again on the rise.... And yet the virus appears to be killing fewer of the people it infects."
"In April and May, #COVID19 led to as many as 3,000 deaths per day, and claimed the lives of roughly 7-8% of Americans known to have been infected. The number of daily deaths is now closer to 600, and the death rate is less than 5%."
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Imagine you were born in 1900.

When you're 14, World War I begins and ends when you're 18 with 22 million dead.

Soon after a global pandemic, the Spanish Flu, appears, killing 50 million people. And you're alive and 20 years old.


Cont 👇
When you're 29 you survive the global economic crisis that started with the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange, causing inflation, unemployment and famine.

When you're 33 years old the nazis come to power.


Cont 👇
When you're 39, World War II begins and ends when you're 45 years old with a 60 million dead. In the Holocaust 6 million Jews die.

When you're 52, the Korean War begins.
When you're 64, the Vietnam War begins and ends when you're 75.


Cont 👇
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Long #MedEd #publichealth 🧵 might be applicable to where you live but is directed at my home town #Melbourne 🇦🇺

Melbourne’s R0 is now up 2.5 as per @JennyMikakos

That means every person with #COVID19 #COVID19Vic is infecting another 2.5 people. 1/…
Back in March Dr Angela Merkel used her communication skills & #STEM background to eloquently explain what R0 is and why even just a rise above 1 to 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 is significant.

Worth watching interview 👇🏼which has subtitles for nonGerman speakers. 2/
Recapping: the current R0 of 2.5 in #Melbourne is very alarming.

Every person with #covid19 (test proven or not) will infect 2.5 people.

Fabulous gif by @siouxsiew @xtotl of @TheSpinoffTV shows the exponential increase well & what happens if we #StayAtHome 👇🏼H/T @simonahac 3/
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Halloo Rekanaker.. Selamat Hari Buruh Internasional 2020 ya!

Ini momentum kita semua untuk menjaga persatuan Indonesia dalam melawan Covid-19.

Bahas #MayDay2020 Yuk!
Mengapa 1 Mei diperingati sebagai hari buruh?

Ternyata... Ini lho sejarahnya Rekanaker.
#MayDay2020 #StayAtHome
May Day : Covid Go Away #StayAtHome menjadi tema dan momentum kebersamaan pemerintah, pekerja/buruh, dan pengusaha untuk menghadapi pandemi Covid-19.


telah mengeluarkan kebijakan terkait hal tersebut. #MayDay2020
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Oke. Bikin utas lagi ya. Semoga pada suka. Kali ini sedikit edukasi tentang COVID-19... karena kayanya banyak banget yang masih salah kaprah masalah si virus nakal ini
Disclaimer: Saya seorang dokter umum di RS Rujukan COVID-19 di Surabaya... seperti yang beberapa dari kalian sudah tahu.

Gambar comot dari sana-sini, kalau gambar sendiri pasti tak kasih tau. Terima kasih mbah Google
Dasar dari edukasi ini adalah terjemahan dari postingan berikut…… sebuah post instagram yang aslinya muncul di akun guilherme_lui (Desculpe-me se eu não perguntei por sua aprovação. Só traduzei sua postagem 😰)
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Twitter is not welcoming for me anymore.
I think I'm out if it continues.

As Twitter's audience is radicalizing, those like me who share these ideals but aren't fully onboard with the orthodoxy are excommunicated.
Moderates have no voice & no place online.
Most are silent & scared to death.

I receive hundreds of DMs showing appreciation that I dare to speak, debate, try to bring nuance, including many blue-checks or industry people that are too afraid to publicly do the same.
Unfortunately, we've reached that stage where many prefer to conceal their thoughts.

Many are afraid of simply stating scientific knowledge or official statistics. Many dread being caught for heresy, for not pledging allegiance to ideologies, jargons & political groups.
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Try taking 20 minutes doing something the kids choose – like playing a game or reading - together with them.

No 📱 or 📺 so you can focus on them.

Quality time will make them feel safe & loved.

More parenting tips during #COVID19

Exercise helps kids with a lot of energy (and adults) to de-stress when we #StayAtHome .

Let your child choose the 🎶 and have a 10-minute dance! You might even impress them with your moves! 💃🏽🕺🏽👯

More parenting tips during #COVID19

Catch bad behaviour early & redirect your kids' attention from a 👎🏽 to a 👍🏽 behaviour.

Clear, positive instructions get us the behaviour that we want.
Swap ‘don’t make a mess’ for ‘please put away your pens’

More parenting tips during #COVID19
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Halloo Rekanaker.. Selamat Hari Buruh Internasional 2020 ya!

Ini momentum kita semua untuk menjaga persatuan Indonesia dalam melawan Covid-19.

Bahas #MayDay2020 Yuk!
Mengapa 1 Mei diperingati sebagai hari buruh?

Ternyata... Ini lho sejarahnya Rekanaker.
#MayDay2020 #StayAtHome
May Day : Covid Go Away #StayAtHome menjadi tema dan momentum kebersamaan pemerintah, pekerja/buruh, dan pengusaha untuk menghadapi pandemi Covid-19.

telah mengeluarkan kebijakan terkait hal tersebut. #MayDay2020
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An examination of the #Cummings transcript in thread below & some questions that could have been asked- on 26 March @BorisJohnson is tested +ve for #COVID19 raising a possibility that he #Cummings has it, he races home to wife on learning she is ill - thread 1/23
2/22 Despite possibility of his wife Mary having #COVID19 why does Cummings ignore guidance & not self-isolate but return to work? - How many did he infect or put in danger? Were those individuals traced & tested?
3/23 Mary may have had #COVID19 which meant he might also, or he passed it to her- guidance says #StayAtHome if you have #COVID19 symptoms- “extraordinary circumstance” was being a parent who feared he may contract virus but why was that different to any other parent?
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With what we know about the lag time from infection to hospitalization, we can guess that this spike in care needs likely came from people getting infected about three weeks ago.…
Remember these news stories about Minnesota moving from an A to a D in a social distancing report card? Dateline May 7th. This data is also what the governor referenced when he announced he was turning the dial up and allowing slow reopening of businesses…
While this spike is likely from infections that happened before the new orders—(again, assuming, given the lag time between infection and hospitalization)—it is worrying given that now people will be moving about even more.…
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Hi, Jon. #CASEAct is pro family in that it allows independent creators & small "mom-n-pop" businesses a means of possibly protecting their families' incomes against #copyright infringement. It is #Covid_19 related because... 1/2
... these same families livelihoods have been decimated w/ #StayAtHome orders cancelling events, photo shoots, etc. Pro photographers generally have two income streams: assignments & the licensing of #copyrighted material. (Same as musicians w/ royalties) so... 2/3
...#justOne Senator, @RonWyden, is hitting these families with a double slap in the face by: 1/ Denying them equal access to justice & 2/ Ensuring a primary income stream disappears or is at least minimized. The #CASEAct is common sense legislation that passed the House... 3/4
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Worth watching from the start. POTUS announces some permanent appointments. Says the admin has suspended & cut tons/regs, including recently, & has asked depts to determine which regs could be permanently cut. Shout out to Dept/Treasury @SecElaineChao ( wife/ @senatemajldr ).
#CabinetMeeting POTUS thanks @VP & #coronavirus Task Force. Veep summarizes work/the Task Force, thanks Governors, locals, & public-private partnership, for working w/Feds. We grieve as many as 90k lost, yet 12M #coronavirus tests to date, 400k last weekend, more coming.
#CabinetMeeting As/today, all 50 states are at least partially reopening, Big 3 car companies went back to work, other business, but following guidelines for everyone’s continued safety. Task Force will continue as long as needed. #ReOpenAmerica
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Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System
by Donella Meadows

Made into a thread for QTing, by me! 🧵👇 Image
Some Systems Theory terminology:

the state of the system is some key stock, eg "water in damn", "money in bank", "trust in officials"

inflows increase stock, outflows decrease
inflow > out ↔ stock goes up, & vv

an agent may compare perceived state to goal & adjust accordingly Image
For example, imagine filling a bathtub with water: inflow from the faucet, outflow through the drain.

Turning the faucet fully open doesn't immediately fill the tub—it takes time for flows to accumulate.

You control the inflow & outflow to make the water level match your goal.
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Lamb tagine x rice for dindins. Bought the chile and other ingredients including these wonderful nopal from an online “ethnic produce” shop, fun and affordable splurge. Super fresh. Purple okinawan 🍠 yam steaming too, same vendor. Sheltering in place in rural Utah. #StayAtHome
Lamb I bought from a local rancher in January. Utah lamb. Bought an entire animal, processed for me. Best I’ve ever had. Wanted to be prepared.
@altonbrown 🙏❤️😊
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Just to say thank you for the kind responses to my previous tweet—I just share what I get sometimes. It’s been (in a bizarre way of course) interesting to see xenophobic BS and COVID be meshed together. Luckily, I have just the right attitude—and necklace 😉 #KrautAndProud
[The photo is of course old as I #StayAtHome ... because lockdown of course is not tyranny, but something we must all do to help protect the NHS and save lives ❤️]
PS: The necklace always cheers people up & it's fab it still does, but I can't take credit for the idea - that belongs to @antoni_UK. He coined it as a # in response to terrible Leave..EU anti-German crap, and I then thought it had to become a necklace (& a coffee mug for Axel).
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Like many, I’ve had some extra fee time these days... After rebinging @theofficenbc and #theofficereunion I was inspired.

A thread of Trump’s handling of the #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic, as told by Michael Scott. #TheOffice
Way back in 2018, Trump decided it was a good idea to disassemble the #Pandemic Response Team – created by the Obama administration in case there was “an airborne disease that is deadly.” This can’t go wrong! #thiswaspreventable
Trump does nothing to replace this. He plays golf and insults people on Twitter – just the normal things that presidents do right?
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#WednesdayWagner Hoiho my friends! You wanted the best, you got the best ... another small talk on yours trully composition proccesses :) Today: The FATE throughout the Ring (and beyond)
#TwitterCultural #StayHome #TeamWagner #COVID19
#WednesdayWagner One of the recurrent leitmotifs within the Tetralogy is the so-called 'Fate' motive: it firstly appears in 'Die Walküre', is depicted below and can be listened here: 
#TwitterCultural #StayHome #TeamWagner #COVID19
#WednesdayWagner Melodically, this leitmotif is built upon the 'Rheingold' one, i.e. two consecutive pitches in a descending way (see thread of some weeks ago). We can even see this configuration both in the upper voice and also in the bass
#TwitterCultural #StayHome #TeamWagner
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Of @MoHCCZim chaos and Mahomva's 'demotion'

So word is that Mahomva cancelled 3 tenders that had been illegally awarded to some officials.

Company A had no capacity.
Company B had no bank guarantee
Company C had test kits that had not been approved.

Allegations are that company C procured the test kits just before gvt gave the directive to companies to test their employees before reopening their businesses. This also saw a spike in prices for the kits, from US$10 to $16. This made her more unpopular.
In addition, it is said the Minister didn't want the PPEs being made by local universities to go through SAZ for quality testing and assuarance, something the former Perm Sec didn't agree with. So chucking her out was only option, but the donors.......
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.@DCI_Kenya has noted with great concern that Domestic Violence cases are on the rise as the Nation continues to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

#StayAtHome #KomeshaCorona
We wish to remind everyone of the importance of peaceful coexistence during these difficult times and that those found to have engaged in domestic violence will face the law accordingly.
The law defines Domestic violence as violence against that person, or threat of violence or of imminent danger to that person, by any other person with whom that person is, or has been, in a domestic relationship.
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I promised it: Here it is.
CUKRU™℠®©℗ is opening its virtual doors tonight.
Exposing the new lockdown rules starting Wednesday.
Based on what govt said *in writing*
(Not the 60-pages "Well we wish but what so there" document -the actual guidance 👇)…
(Take a seat).
To get you motivated to learn, we will start with the fines.
You'd better get well organised so you don't accidentally run into two different people you know in the park -or come up with a secret sign to inform the second person you're already meeting one someone.
Altho -Guidance says the police must inforce *the law*, and the law here is all about self-isolation when sick or coming back from an infected area -which makes sense as it's from February 10th.
No mention of meeting your aunt AND your uncle in the park…
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A week ago I completed my third week of #COVID19 inpatient service over a five-week period. I have been reflecting on this experience and wanted to share a few clinical insights and a great deal of gratitude. I'll start with the gratitude! 1/9
1st- thank you to @JBPritzker & @LoriLightfoot for their polices to #FlattenTheCurve allowing hospitals to have beds/resources needed for patient care. Thanks also to early/ongoing efforts of local advocates for #stayathome policies! cc @futuredocs @LJoyZ_MD @ShikhaJainMD 2/9
2nd- thanks to all that helped acquire & distribute #PPE. One of my greatest fears was no/limited #PPE during my laters service wks. This fear has not been realized thx to incredible efforts by: government (@JBPritzker & @LoriLightfoot), @UChicagoMed, & local #PPENow leaders 3/9
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I must be the only person in America who has embraced the #StayAtHome order in CA.
I’ve been careful.
I’ve talked more to my daughter and GK which is really wonderful
I’ve actually talked with more friends and family
I’ve gotten lots done around the house
I’ve also been spit on by a Trump supporter
However, I realize it’s hard for many but isn’t there something good we can pull out of all this that has made us better?
I earned my certification as an EEO Investigator.
I’ve learned to bake bread pretty good (yogurt too)
I’ve also learned patience
Good or bad, I’ve become a better person (IMO) and look forward to relaxed orders allowing movement like others do.
What have you learned during this crisis?
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