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John Minford, #SunTzu 3:18 "These five [referring to 3:17's five essentials] point the way to victory."
Let's talk about numbers, like 5 - not to mention the number 9 which we'll confront in our next chapter! Who remembers verse 1:2?

Bonus point if you do!
To review:

1) The Way
2) Heaven
3) Earth
4) Command
5) Discipline
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John Minford, #SunTzu 2:19 "Treat prisoners of war kindly, and care for them. Use victory over the enemy to enhance your own strength."
Let's start at the end, "to enhance your own strength." Literally, the word "strength" means forces. Remember we're dealing in a world where soldiers are conscripted first, severely disciplined for any infraction of orders, killed for desertion, and often sacrificed foolishly.
So, when you treat your prisoners of war kindly, you're commencing the recruitment process. Far better to capture a prisoner, treat him kindly, and recruit him, than to kill him. An enemy soldier killed weakens your enemy. An enemy soldier recruited does so a second time.
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John Minford, Sun Tzu 1-6: "Command is wisdom, integrity, compassion, courage, severity."
The Consigliori Comments: If only command could be simply our leader. @realDonaldTrump, completely to the contrary of the constant yammering of our opponents, demonstrates all five traits mightily, and that's a huge part of how we won in 2016.
Consider the enemies Trump chose, instantly winning his eternal place in our hearts, those of us who felt that the enemies he chose were absolutely blame-worthy in destroying the America we loved. He operated by the ancient wisdom that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
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John Minford, Sun Tzu 1-3: "The Way causes men to be of one mind with their rulers, to live or die with them, and never to waver."
If there was a single thing that the analysts got 100% wrong - there were many such things! - in 2016, it was the certainty that rally attendance had nothing to do with voting. It was entertainment, not a movement. Ha!
You can't blame them, though, there was never a politician during our lifetimes that offered us The Way, and in this case, the #MAGA Way. So that the pundits and partisans on the other side missed this is completely understandable.
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1) Some of my friends tell me, "But Pasquale, there's so much going on in 2019, and it's all so important, why in the world are you trying to talk about those crazy, home-brew charts you drew back in 2016? Get over it. We have more important things to focus on!"
2) And I say, "Well, you're probably right, but I believe in the power of analysis!" To which I get eye rolls. The power of analysis. It's not a natural phrase for most people. So, one of things I've realized I need to do is offer a little proof. Here I go!
3) During that season, coming in with no experience in political analysis, no connections or affiliations, and as a volunteer never paid a single dollar, I became the analyst in service to @GenFlynn. I'm told no outsider, amateur has ever quite done what I did. But...
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