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@threadreaderapp So I thought I'd add a couple of extra tweets to my thread re: the fake bank #bandenia. Last week I banged on about about some pretty easy to spot fudging of financials. Most scammers battle to read financial statements so they are not particularly good at fudging. Image
@threadreaderapp More problematic than the scammers crappy accounting is that mostly no one bothers to spend more than 2 mins looking. (remember... #celsius....anyone?) So here's some even dumber examples of the same fraudulent attempted alchemy.
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@ParrotCapital @JackInabinet @9thdecimal @Cryptadamist @MikeBurgersburg @ExkrementKoin @crypto1nfern0 @vidar_research @AureliusValue @AlderLaneEggs @Annihil4tionGod what we are witnessing is akin to what happens when a hacker targets a vulnerability in a system and is able to release malware and it causes havoc to its target.
@ParrotCapital @JackInabinet @9thdecimal @Cryptadamist @MikeBurgersburg @ExkrementKoin @crypto1nfern0 @vidar_research @AureliusValue @AlderLaneEggs @Annihil4tionGod There is literally hundreds of zero day attacks in crypto. But rather than addressing bad actors and patching vulnerabilities in the ecosystem. - they were embraced as innovation - literal onramps to the promised land.
@ParrotCapital @JackInabinet @9thdecimal @Cryptadamist @MikeBurgersburg @ExkrementKoin @crypto1nfern0 @vidar_research @AureliusValue @AlderLaneEggs @Annihil4tionGod The Signet walled garden is a perfect example - if a bad actor gets into your walled garden as soon as its flagged you excise them and patch the vunerability. If you don't they propagate and destroy your garden. Instead those who could have, should have taken action
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#multicoin are the #muppets that compared #binance to the #piratebay and they also got stitched badly by #FTX not once. not twice but three times.
frozen out of 10% of their AUM and stitched in Fund II and III

Note: Date of Fund II. - 4 May 2021
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#binance congratulations on being #registered in #nz as providers of #financialservices
hopefully people will read the disclaimer/fine print and understand that you are NOT #licensed to provided financial services. just registered.
best of all.
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"Now, I'd like you to gently squeeze the accelerator, Mister Pertwee."
*Ka-thunk!* VROOOMMM!!!
#5Docs Image
Jon has just posted a letter saying:
"Dear John Nathan-Turner
I'm sorry, but I don't feel ready to return to Doctor Who.
Yours sincerely, Tom Baker"
#5Docs Image
If you had the chance you'd Timescoop Jon Pertwee, wouldn't you? And Bessie. It would be great.
#5Docs Image
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Put Down The Ducky is equal parts 80’s zeitgeist, John Candy, anyone that was available in NYC, and wholesome goodness. #muppets
The only thing this is missing is the 1986 Mets, Malcolm Jamal Warner and all the cocaine on wall st.
And if you know who this legend is, we will always be friends. Image
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Gonzorella, el episodio completo y por qué Disney me confunde mucho. Abro hilo. #gonzo #Muppets
Tras la euforia por Gonzorella en gay twitter (y mi euforia personal en el tema) busqué el episodio completo de la serie infantil de Disney (gracias @oswaldomujica por encontrarlo) para entender la maravilla que estábamos viendo. Pero también lo hice por preocupación...
ya que muchos medios y figuras con grandes audiencias como Chumel Torres, afirmaban que Gonzo era trans. En el clip que todos vimos, en ningún momento se daba a entender tal cosa (que por cierto sería muy compleja, ya que de entrada Gonzo no es de este planeta).
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In honor of this being the 10th anniversary of the first airing of #GameofThrones in the US

and in honor of me not wanting to do any work today because my cat died

I bring you #Muppets: Game of Thrones

At the rate GRRM is selling out, this will happen within 18 months
Kermit as Ned Stark
Baby Kermit as Jon Snow
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