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도영 리슨 FROM. NCT 127 게시판 백업 📂

도영입니당 @.@

GMA 를 마치고 ㅎㅎㅎ
앞으루 자주자주 만나용 힣

시즈니들 굿모닝@.@

날아 저 하늘로 ㅎㅎㅎ
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Theatrical Releases During 2022
1. #Sing2
Bigger adventure and slightly better sequel to get us teary-eyed and smiling at certain moments. Garth Jennings dig deeper on some main characters' personal journeys until "out-of-this-world" show in the end. You'll be sing along with them if you know those songs.
3.5/5 Image
2. #HappyNewYear
Enchanting homage to love in luxury hotel's holiday season. Kwak Jae-young got typical 'K-drama' romance with expected sentimental moments. At least famous cast delivered good performances and very easy on the eye to create warm and fuzzy feel in our hearts
3.5/5 Image
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77.01/ Week seventy-seven, Jan. 1-7, 2022, thread here.

Week 76 below.
77.02/ #HappyNewYear everyone. We're having a socially distanced party, just the nuclear family, at home. Happy to survive a year of the pandemic.
77.03/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. Saved my favorite movie for a party night:

Jake and Elwood... The Blues Brothers.…
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A Blessing for 2022:

This New Year feels different. Doesn’t it?
It feels like the inhalation before
A long deep breath.

May you fill your body, your mind and your soul with breath in this transition space.
May you reach deep.
Connect again to your body
To your soul
To your heart
To your giggle
May this connection
Overcome the hopelessness
And haplessness
Streaming from cable news and click bait.
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Reagan use to have a sign in the Oval Office which read "it's amazing what can get done when you don't care who gets the credit for it."

Along those lines, there's been a lot of discussion here past few days on who was or wasn't right about Covidstan tyranny and for how long?
Obviously, I have a confirmed record here on this going back to the very beginning you can check for yourself. From the very beginning of this scamdemic, there was a small group of us pushing back on this tyrannical and ridiculous narrative.
Speaking only for myself, I have been incredibly frustrated with several people/platforms I like and admire who played footsy with Fauci/Gottlieb/Covidstan/etc for way too long.
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We all tap into the positive prayer lines while we actively enable the negativity that will yet stand against our positive aspirations for the year, we have neglected our truths and works which is a major purpose of religion for personal and selfish aggrandisement .
My people
pray! They pray so hard yet our spirituality seems to run on a low battery of faith and an extra battery of doubts but many do not see it. Yes! They do not see it because our collective poverty as a nation is in denial under the construction of an heavy make up that will always
succumb to nature in duress or its sleeping state.
The whole life of an average Nigerian have been reduced to a commodity of trade under a doppelganger religious economy while the culture system have been paralysed to only enable selfish maneuvres and simultaneously reduce
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Tradition (Hasidic) has it that for a special Shabbat we make an extra kugel.

So, here I am, for the first time ever, making Onion Kugel from scratch (dough and filling).

Shabbat Shalom - Git #Shabbos, and #HappyNewYear 🥮🎉

#שבתשלום 💕
After baking! ImageImage
And the taste is truly an Oneg Shabbos (pleasure of Shabbat)! Image
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// அனைவருக்கும் நன்றி // 🙏

20 ஜூலை 1969 அன்று நாசாவின் அப்பல்லோ 11 குழுவினர் சந்திரனில் முதல் முறையாக வெற்றிகரமாக தரையிறங்கினர். 6:39 மணி நேரம் கழித்து 21 ஜூலை 1969 அன்று நீல் ஆம்ஸ்ட்ராங் சந்திரனில் நடந்த முதல் மனிதர் மனிதரானார்.

இதை சொல்ல காரணம் என்ன?
பலதரப்பட்ட செய்திகளை அறிந்து கொள்ள வேண்டுமென்ற ஆவலை உண்டாக்கியது அறிவியல் என்பதால் அதை நினைவு கூறும் விதமாக ட்விட்டரில் 20 ஜூலை 2020 அன்று நுழைந்தேன்.

இங்குள்ள சுதந்திரம், ஆர்வம், வட்டாரம், வாசிப்பு, எழுதும் பழக்கம் போன்றவை எனது ஆவலை பூர்த்தி செய்து கொள்ள நல்வாய்ப்பாக அமைந்தது.
ட்விட்டரில் எழுதிய சிறிது பெரிதான டிவீட்களை தவிர்த்து பக்கத்தில் 125 வலைத்தள கட்டுரைகளை எழுதிட என்னை ஊக்குவித்த அன்பர்கள் அனைவருக்கும் மிக்க நன்றி.

இங்கு கற்றதும் பெற்றதும் பல. உங்களுக்கும் அவ்வாறு அமைந்திருக்கும் என்று நம்புகிறேன்.
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A thread of Philippe and Yvonne Halsman's New Year's Cards, c. 1960
Philippe & Yvonne Halsman's 1965 New Year's Card
An outtake from Philippe Halsman's 1955 self-portrait New Year's Card.
Happy New Year!
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Translation of Dr. Moore's press briefing today for people in #Ontario - for those that missed it:

1) We have been FALSELY inflating hospitalization numbers for the past 20 months by combining numbers for those admitted "because of COVID-19" with...

...the numbers for those admitted "who just happen to have a positive test result".

2) Now that most of the hospitalized "cases" are FULLY-vaccinated, we need stop doing that.

3) Moving forward, we will only report those admitted "because of COVID-19" - which is thankfully the smaller of the two numbers.

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#NewYears is on Shabbos - aka, as Jews we have rich traditions on how to celebrate at home.

One of the most beautiful parts of Jewish year-cycle rituals and celebrations, is the "do at home" parts.

This year, let's #StayHome and put it to use celebrating New Year's as well 🎉
Some traditions to put to use:

- if you can, prepare foods that "set the mood" for you. Whether historically traditional, or just traditional for you.

- set the table. Traditionally on Shabbat that means a white tablecloth, candles, etc. Use what sets the table for you.
- structure the meal. If that helps (it does me) start the meal with some reflections or song (religious, spiritual, or secular). And wrap up with something similar.

- dress up! My favorite part of every Shabbos. Wherever I am, the power of dressing up can't be overstated.

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One of a kind 2022 Gregorian Calendar mapped to Tamil Hindu months with respect to Sun's zodiac position, equinox & solstice and major Hindu festival's.
#Puthandu #HappyNewYear #TamilNewYear #சுபகிருது_வருடம்
1/n Image
In another thread, I have also talked about how #TamilNewYear is calculated and it's astronomical significance.
This calendar lists major Hindu festivals celebrated in year 2022 with Gregorian & Tamil Hindu dates.

The #TamilNewYear which starts on Chitirai 1(Apr 14 2022) is called as 'சுபகிருது வருடம்' .
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76.01/ Week seventy-six, Dec. 25-31, 2021, thread here.

Week 75 below
76.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. This week: "Mission: Impossible"…
76.03/ Bait and switch alert: Optimum in NJ said we'd be getting #BUFvNE instead of the - let's be honest, but fair - putrid matchup of Jaguars-Jets. Nope. We're stuck with the worst game of the year. Do even Jets fans want to watch this?
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There is so much to talk about today. As #Omicron spreads across #NYC like a summer wildfire in California, it seems clear #vaccination offers little protection against infection, but plenty against severe disease. Thanks to the great folks @HKUniversity we know --
2/ (cont) that #Omicron infects & reproduces in cells of the bronchus and upper airways. The individual may feel fine, but have billions of viruses that constantly expel as they breathe & talk -- infecting others. If they are #vaccinated fully, individuals mount immune --
3/-- responses that block #Omicron from penetrating alveoli deep in the lungs, causing pneumonia. They remain ambulatory, vaguely "off" but able to see friends, go to the store, dine out -- spreading virus all of the while. So the #vaccines are a clinical triumph, but --
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As we enter the year Veer Nirvan Samvant 2548, wishing u all a #HappyNewYear! 💐

"Nutan Varsh Abhinandan"

We have heard of Vikram Samvat, Saka era, but how many #Indians know of one of the oldest calender system called Vir/Veer Nirvan Samvat?
Vir Nirvan Samvat is a calendar era beginning on 7th Oct 527 BCE. It commemorates Nirvan of Mahavir swami, the 24th #Jain Tirthankar. It is one of the oldest system of chronological reckoning which is still used by #Jains. On 21st Oct 1974, 2500th Nirvan Mahotsav was celebrated.
The earliest text to mention 527 BCE as the year of Lord Vardhaman Mahaveer's Nirvan is Yati Vrishabha's 'Tiloya Pannatti' (6th century CE). The relationship between the Veer & Saka era is given in 'Titthogali Painnaya' and 'Dhavalaa' by Acharya Virasena.
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60.01/ Week sixty, Sept. 5-11, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 59 (Aug 28-Sept. 4th, oops, 2021) below
60.02/ From last night, mourning the passing of a #Steelers legend and - from what I hear - an all-around good guy, baal-chesed, #TunchIlkin
60.03/ It's absolutely crucial to hear what these conservatives think of women: as "host bodies" of a fetus. Women are objects to them. Dehumanization is the first step to the worst atrocities.
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I came into my first week of the year today excited about many things, one of which is @volitioncap and our plan to help ~2million hardworking and honest individuals create wealth in the next 5 years, & help ~200,000 business owners turn their businesses into investment engines.
Over the course of 2021, my partner @subomiplumptre and I will hold series of wealth building sessions, events and seminars. We will share on how to create and sustain multiple streams of income, save towards investment, what to invest in, how/when to take profit,
the future of money/finance, impact and venture investing, US equities and real estate markets, digital currency, agri and mining industries and so much more... Through these sessions, along with our partners, we will connect individuals and businesses to vast opportunities
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Now ministering for second service: Pst Joel Awogu @AwoguJoel
Topic: Restoration
Text: Isaiah 54:2-3
Things you would experience this year, expansion, and your products would be blessed.

In this new year, you would experience restoration in Jesus' name, Amen.

Things you need to do this year
1. Enlarge the place of your tent

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Thanks for being a part of our 1st service for the year 2021. Our 2nd service will follow shortly. Have a wonderful New Week and remain blessed.

🎶God is working
He's up yo something
I may not see it
But still, I'm trusting🎶

🎶I am too loaded
I am too loaded
I cannot be stranded
never ever stranded
I cannot be stranded
Never ever stranded🎶

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Now Ministering: Pst Clem Imaku
Topic: Pursuit After God; Becoming a God Chaser
Text: Psalm 63:1
Pursuit is the act of chasing after something. The pursuit after God is the act of chasing after God in other to know him.

When there is no hope, put your trust in God.
In everything you do, put God in it. David is an example of a God chaser. In the midst of his trouble, he pursued God continually.

For you to pursue God, you must have a personal relationship with Him. Those that chase after God, have a hunger for God.

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Good morning and welcome to the first service of the First Sunday of the year 2021. It's our year of Restoration.

🎶I don't want to sing the latest song
I don't want to percolate the crowd
I just want to make You smile
I don't care who thinks I'm right or wrong

🎶I don't care who tries to calm me down
I just want to praise You now
You covered me in the midst of it all
You loved me and gave me another chance
You saw my needs
When others saw my faults🎶

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To close out 2020, we had @DrunkAlexJones tweet #HappyNewYear botbait tweets in various time zones, accompanied by music from artists associated with said time zones. (We largely missed the Eastern hemisphere because we started too late in the day.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Here's a chart showing how much amplification, both from automated and organic accounts. "Astro-Atlantic Hypnotica from the Cape Verde Islands" was the most-retweeted video, with 15 automated and 18 total retweets.
The @DrunkAlexJones #HappyNewYear botbait tweets were retweeted by a total of 48 different automated accounts. The most frequent flier was @BlazedRTs, which retweeted all 6 tweets it was tagged in. (Some of the tag-for-retweet bots were less reliable.)
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