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[BASE DEFI] @dYdX , la plus importante plateforme de trading décentralisé📈//📉

Découvrons ensemble ce protocole lancé en 2017 se basant actuellement sur @StarkWareLtd / @ethereum.

RT & Like appréciés.🫀

🔹Lien avec 5% de réduction sur les fees:

🔸Comme beaucoup je connais #dYdX de nom depuis déjà plusieurs mois ! Cependant je ne m’y suis vraiment intéressé qu’à partir de mes déboires avec #binance (blocage de l’ensemble de mes fonds)...
... ainsi qu’au contexte de marché me portant à m’axer sur le #trading (ps : non le trading ce n’est pas que des leviers x20 à longueur de journée demandé à @LordMarkets ).

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Let's kick the #CEL shorters in the balls, and make the #BankstersOfTheFuture piss candy. And remember folks the only good shorter is a decompressing one!
This is intended for users who do not normally use #FTX but want to drain the #FTX #CEL reserves directly.

From @Uniswap exchange or some other DEX, take 1 #ETH (or whatever you can afford to lose, you know the drill) and swap it for some #USDC
This is important because we want to remove the newly bought #CEL off that shitty #FTX exchange, and if you buy #CEL directly from #FTX by Credit card, you will not be able to withdraw funds for 7 days, so make sure you swap out for #USDC.…
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這次 FTX IEO 幣 (IP3) 的表現不如預期,

不過我還是跟朋友試圖透過 FTX API 抓開盤行情,體驗當一次科學家,並且得出一些心得和想法,在此紀錄:

#FTX @FTX_Official #IP3 #IEO #CTX #OXY #API
@FTX_Official 1/

這在幣圈科學家之間,應該算是公開的秘密,但一般人可能不太了解,所以在此說明一下背後邏輯:由於大型交易所(如幣安、FTX)在發行 IEO 幣的時候,一開始會因為全世界的投資人都想搶破頭進去買/賣(有的甚至直接掛「市價」),所以幣價往往會在開盤幾分鐘~幾十分鐘之內暴拉上去,
@FTX_Official 2/

這時候系統往往會很 lag,所以當你用網頁/App 去下單,限價基本上會掛不到好價位,市價的話則很容易接到上方插針的最高點。

所以會寫程式的人,就會透過交易所的 API,用機器人以 ms (毫秒)等級以下的速度去掛單,希望能接到剛開盤時還很低價的賣單,這樣暴拉上去時就有肉可吃。
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Binance vs FTX

Les deux géants crypto
Les deux exchanges dominants

Dans ce thread vous allez retrouver les points intéressants à observer dans cette course folle entre les deux acteurs majeurs de la CeFi

Jusqu’où va leur concurrence et qui en sortira gagnant?
@binance vs @FTX_Official
Pourquoi faire cette comparaison maintenant?
Le bear market est le moment crucial pour les exchanges et les acteurs majeurs de cette industrie pour se différencier
Les deux acteurs ont une vision du marché totalement différente
Nous avons l’impression que SBF finira par racheter l’ensemble de l’écosystème et que Binance commence seulement son marketing avec les “influenceurs” comme @Cristiano ou encore @KhabyLame
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and there goes another exchange. @CoinFLEXdotcom has not just limited withdrawals, they have shut them off altogether.

@coingecko puts #Coinflex as ~30th largest by vol.
@CoinMarketCap has it at #3 (!!)

exchanges are really falling like dominoes now…
@CoinFLEXdotcom @coingecko @CoinMarketCap here's what @CoinMarketCap and @coingecko have to say about size of #CoinFlex / @CoinFLEXdotcom / @CoinFLEX_US.

tl;dr coingecko says it's roughly the size of @krakenfx, coinmarketcap says it's way bigger than #FTX.

all numbers in this market are fake... but this is huge ImageImage
kind of a serious LOL at those @CoinMarketCap / @coingecko rankings of the size of @CoinFLEXdotcom / @CoinFLEX_US though.

the ratio of trading volume to weekly visits (AKA "the one un-fakeable number") CMC/CG are showing is... kind of hard to believe/bordering on preposterous
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1. People always tell you to do your own research, but you don't know where to start? This is a thread on how I conduct #DYOR on #cryptocurrency projects; hope it can serve as inspiration for you to dive deeper into #Blockchain.
2. First thing's first, I use excel to keep track of all of my findings. The main benefits:
-I don't waste time looking up something I've already looked up before
-I can easily compare metrics across projects
-I can conduct calculations and quantitative analysis
3. The first place I go is the website of the project. Here I look for the following:
-Project overview: does it solve a real problem / offer a unique solution
-Team: are they doxxed & do they have prior experience
-Roadmap: is there a clear timeline & has the team met milestones
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بررسی پروژه #استپن #STEPN با موضوع #MoveToEarn #M2E
این #رشتو فقط جهت آموزش می باشد و جنبه تایید یا پیشنهاد #سرمایه‌گذاری نیست. Image
تمامی اطلاعات بر اساس استفاده شخصی من بوده و اعداد و ارقام بر اساس واقعیت با مشخصات اسنیکرز (کفش) من می باشد که این ارقام با توجه به مشخصات کفش شما متفاوت است.
توکن پاداش پروژه $GST می باشد و نرخ لحظه‌ای آن اکنون حدود ۶.۵ دلار است
توکن اصلی پروژه $GMT می باشد و نرخ آن اکنون ۳.۳ دلار است
پروژه بر بستر بلاکچین #سولانا و #بایننس اجرا می شود.
توکن‌ها در صرافی‌های معتبر مثل #بایننس، #کوین‌بیس، #هوبی لیست شده است.
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🧵I love listening to Brad G., because there are always nuggets of gold in what he says. I'm writing highlights from this interview at the Crypto Bahamas Conference (my comments r in parens). Full interview is here:

#Ripple #XRP #FTX #cryptocurrency 1/9
I'm going to loosely quote him, direct quotes will use quotation marks. First, he said his early interest in crypto was to answer how do we bridge between the crypto world and traditional world, rather than trying to compete or circumvent banks & gov'ts? 2/9
It was about interoperability, providing cross-border payments between legacy infrastructure in a future multi-chain world. Asked about stablecoins & CBDC's, he said "CBDC's r issued or potentially issued by a Central Bank (CB), so they're not solving cross-border problems, 3/9
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✨A thread on joining lending/borrowing protocol on @BastionProtocol

For example, #NEAR has an LTV of 60%, $USDC 85%, $USDT 80%, $ETH 70%. Other assets are also the same but they will have a different LTV (Loan-to-value).

#BMEanalytics $NEAR $BSTN #auroraisnear #DeFi $USN #BMEanalytics #Stableswap #NEAR #USN $BSTN #Aurora
Keep in mind that LTV is not the profit that you can earn but it is the percentage that you can borrow based on the assets that you have deposited in the Lending platform.

#BMEanalytics $NEAR $BSTN @auroraisnear #DeFi $USN @BastionProtocol
First, you need to buy $NEAR on any exchanges and withdraw them into your #NEAR Wallet. Since #Aurora EVM uses $ETH as transaction fees so connect your wallet to @finance_ref and swap a few Near to ETH.

#BMEanalytics $BSTN @auroraisnear #DeFi $USN @BastionProtocol
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Les Bro, comme promis, voici les erreurs que nous avons faites en tant que débutant. On veut vous les éviter 🙂

Rappelez-vous un petit ❤️ ça fait du bien et 🔁 pour aider les autres 👍🏻
1) Jamais de #Futures, #Margin
2) Analysez le #Fondamental
3) Top 100 #crypto uniquement
4) Pas de #Swapping
5) Jamais de #FOMO
6) Ne jouez pas vos économies
7) Evitez les influenceurs "#ToTheMoon"
8) Ne perdez jamais la valeur de l’argent
9) Prenez vos profits
10) Pas d’affect
1) Les marchés dits "à effet de #levier" sont interdits quand on débute ⛔️

L'appât du gain est facile car vous pensez exploser vos gains grace à l'effet multiplicateur. Or vous allez surtout multiplier vos pertes et potentiellement tout perdre 🤕

Débutez par le marché #Spot 👍🏻
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Master-class de iniciación a futuros 📊

A continuación voy a enseñarte los pasos para abrir una posición en futuros 📈📉

Una herramienta muy atractiva y de alto riesgo ⚠️ debido al apalancamiento y la volatilidad del mercado.

Dentro hilo 🧵 Image
1️⃣ ¿Qué es un futuro?.

▫️ Es un mercado en el cual se crean contratos entre distintas partes, los cuales te comprometen a comprar o vender en el futuro, un determinado activo financiero con las condiciones estipuladas en dicho contrato.
▫️Este mercado ofrece el llamado “apalancamiento” algo que acaba teniendo un efecto multiplicador sobre las ganancias ✅ o pérdidas ❌ futuras.

🔹 Ex: imagina que tienes 100$ en cartera y te gustaría abrir una posición por ese valor pero sin arriesgar todo tu capital 👇
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Day 1 after EU Crypto Catastrophe:
A post-mortem & How to win the war!

Yesterdays battle for EU crypto, for privacy, for Web3 & for DEFI was lost.

It left big & bleeding wound. Few won, only winner was FUD

Future of EU crypto will be determined by what we do now...

A 🧵
The spill-over from this EU crypto crisis on other jurisdictions will harm all. We needs to stand together.

Save Web3, Defi, DAOs, Metaverse & everything crypto by countering this sneak-attack on privacy & freedom to transact

Let’s quickly look at status quo & what happened:
The Positive:

😀 Huge progress in support among politicians in last 72 hours. Rare to see something like this. CT succeeded!

😀 Crypto giants #Coinbase, #Gemini & #Ledger stood up & raised our key concerns.

😀 EU crypto networks entered CT dog-fights towards the end
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Yesterdays pump was driven by futures, mainly #Binance Perp BTC/USD pair via coin-margin more than stablecoins. Spot exchanges still in distribution mode. 🤬 Tonight I will stream again. Stay tuned folks! 😎

Whales ratio hourly view rising indicating more inflows coming from whales, we have received in the last hours almost $260m in stablecoins and 1,400 #BTC to derivative exchanges. Stablecoin supply rising since 16MAR22 by almost $700m and stablecoin reserves on exchanges rised by
$400m since yesterday. Funding rate rised after our stablecoin and #BTC inflows on derivative exchanges, but open interest is declining. It seems they didn't used those $260m and 1,400 #BTC yet. Liquidation map at #FTX showing a growing liquidation volume, 39.4k is here key. 🙄
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GM folks, patience is key. Even if we lift up heading 42k again or even 44k, that's the local top imo. Afterwards down again. 🤷‍♂️

What Is a Bull Call Spread?
A bull call spread is an options strategy used when a trader is betting that a stock will have a limited increase in its price.…
What Is a Short Straddle?
A short straddle profits from an underlying lack of volatility in the asset's price.
They are generally used by advanced traders to bide time.…
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@BoredApeYC x @apecoin x @yugalabs

Bored Ape Yacht Club lance son token de gouvernance !
Comment celui-ci va-t-il fonctionner, dans quel but ? Découvrons cela ensemble, let's ape !

Merci de Like & de RT ❤️

🔸Bored Ape Yacht Club ou #BAYC est une collection de #NFT créée par @yugalabs . Cette collection de 10 000 #NFTs de singes a rencontré un franc succès depuis plusieurs mois notamment grâce à l'achat de certains de ces spécimens par ...
de grandes stars américaines (@Eminem , @justinbieber , @jimmyfallon , @PostMalone , etc…).
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Hedge fonlarının ve büyük capitallerin bu yılki en büyük kazançlarını sağladıkları, en yüksek oranda retail yani sıradan yatırımcının içeride kaldığı #Solana ve #sol ekosistemi hakkındaki düşüncelerim:

Bilgi paylaşıldıkça bereketlenir.
RT+FAV unutmayın dostlarım.
#Solana Anatoly Yakovenko tarafından çığır açıcı sayılabilecek ''Proof-of-History'' çalışma prensibiyle en hızlı ağ olarak 2020'de piyasaya çıktı. Başlarda yatırım bulmakta zorlandı ama #FTX ve Alameda Research işin içine girince işler değişti.
Alameda,Social Capital gibi büyük capitalleri adeta birer zenginler klübü olarak hayal edebilirsiniz. Bu klübe sadece hırslı milyarderler girebilir. Bu klüpte bir tanesi bir av görürse önce avın üzerine milyarlarca dolar atarlar sonra koşup paralarını katlayıp dönmesini beklerler
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[Thread] Comment déclarer ses gains relatifs aux cryptos ?

Un mini-guide pour les particuliers qui recouvre l’ensemble des questions que vous vous posez : qualification, déclaration des comptes, des plus-values et quelques astuces. 🧑‍⚖️

Rédigé avec @tendard3 et @JourdainPle
Particulier ?

👉🏼 Pas d’emprunt ;
👉🏼 Étudiant/salarié/autre activité ;
👉🏼 Pas (ou peu) d’utilisation d’outils pro.

Le montant et la fréquence de vos opérations ne peuvent pas (isolément) suffire à vous qualifier de pro.
Les particuliers doivent (principalement) :

- Déclarer leurs comptes ;
- Déclarer leurs plus-values.

Les opérations cryptos-cryptos et les cryptos que vous détenez directement ne sont pas à déclarer (#Ledger ; #Trezor, #Metamask).
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[BULL CASE] After releasing our base case indicative valuation for $SOLID, we have received numerous responses requesting for the bull case valuation. Based on our preliminary analysis, we project an initial Mcap of $375M - $527M.

@wagmiAlexander @bobbybanzai @kamikaz_ETH
1/ Bull Case Basis:

With the launch of $SOLID, the $FTM ecosystem would be at the forefront of DeFi innovations. $SOLID tokenomics are designed specifically for protocols and is expected to serve as the liquidity hub for existing and new projects looking to list their tokens...
2/ ... $SOLID takes inspirations from the $veCRV model while incorporating changes to better align incentives (e.g. rewarding trading volumes, increasing governance value, etc.). It is expected to start an economic war similar to the $CRV & $CVX bribe and accumulation war.
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[THREAD🇫🇷] sur @cz_binance

🔸Présentation de Changpeng Zhao le fondateur de #Binance

❤️RT, Like si tu as aimé ce #thread Image
De la Chine au Canada :

🔸Changpeng Zhao dit « CZ » est né en 1977 dans la province chinoise du Jiangsu.
🔸Né en Chine, CZ a passé une partie de sa vie au Canada, après que sa famille y ait déménagé suite aux événements qui secouent le pays entre avril 1989 et juin 1989. Image
🔸CZ poursuit ses études à l’école, puis à l’Université de Montréal
🔸Afin d'aider financièrement ses parents, CZ se met a travailler dans plusieurs entreprises, telle que McDonald. C’est à cette époque qu'il commence à se renseigner sur le trading. Un premier pas vers Binance Image
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1/ 🚨 MARKET UPDATE🚨 A thread... 👇

Below I will share my views of the market and my plan, are you in? Lets go...

#Bear markets are great opportunities to scoop coins at a significant discount. The right picks can change lives.

Don't fall into FUD! Start planning!

2/ This is my third bear market. Here is what I learned so far. Bitcoin first. 👇

#Bitcoin bottoms after 85% drop from ATH, #ETH at 95%. Will we see similar drops now? Possibly, but maybe not.

Below the #Bitcoin levels to watch as we drop. Image
3/ $30k for #BTC is almost certain. If that breaks (likely), then $20k is in play.

To me $20k is the most likely level where we will bottom after a 70% crash. Why?

Previous ATH and strong support levels. Moreover, institutions are here now, so a 85% drop is less likely. 👇
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🚨🚨 Quick Update: We are heading our predicted level of 41.5k. We have retraced at 41.8k and as we are almost oversold on hourly RSI I wouldn't expect much more dump now. Imo we will lift up to 42.4k first. But it seems #Binance is not done yet. 😜 However it

feels very controlled. They let it fall and exchanges like FTX, Bitfinex and Coinbase are buying the way down it seems. Their activity rises and the price lift up a bit next indicating a rising buy pressure.
Our hourly view shows that our whales ration reached the top twice and both are linked with big positive netflows. One transaction of almost 8,000 #BTC and 3 hours ago another one with almost 1,800 #BTC.
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🚨🚨 Update:
Hourly View
Once again we received a bullish signal by our hourly whales ratio (1) indicating a pump preparation. Few hours later the price has started to lift up again. Immediately after the whales ratio dumps, they start to send

tokens to the exchanges to distribute the way up.

That confirms also our whales ratio 30D average indicator. After it dumped it rised afterwards. We can see the result very well. The price lifted up and it has started to retrace (3) afterwards.
The stablecoin supply (circulating stablecoin supply) (2) keeps rising indicating a bigger demand in stablecoins. Since EoY we have added a volume of $2.76 billion stablecoins to the market, while the stablecoin reserves on exchanges maintains a level of $21 billions. Since
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🚨🚨 Update: Our hourly view is showing clearly what happend since yesterday. Our 30D average indicator (1) for whales ratio have started to rise close after our whales ratio (2) dumped hard again indicating that buy pressure should rise afterwards. They were

preparing the dump with a rising price action. Afterwards we have started to dump again. Tonight we also have detected big positive netflows indicating big inflows to exchanges related to whales. Since this morning the 30D average whales ratio is declining. That would indicate
imo that we will fall a bit more, but if the whales ratio 30D average keeps declining we should lift up again a bit. Usually that takes some hours.

Our block view (very short-term) shows what happend before we have started to leave our 42.8k level. Whales ratio 30D (3) average
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🚨🚨 Update: Our hourly whales ratio (1) maintains high, but lower than the days/weeks before. Also confirmed by our whales ratio 30D average. As you see, we had some hard dumps in whales ratio. That's usually a bullish signal. Happenend yesterday.

Since then I'm waiting for a pump or at least a lift up (2). Our netflow is indicating more outflows (bullish) than inflows (bearish), but since this morning more whales tokens arriving the exchanges. Anyway, the bullish signal is not strong yet, but the bearish signal not strong
enough either.

Our block view is showing also a dump (1) in whales ratio as announced yesterday. Also here our whales ratio 30D average (3) has declined. While our total netflow is showing big positive (2) moves since this morning, indicating bigger whales inflows to exchanges.
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