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ثريد هتكلم فيه عن بعض المعلومات اللى بيقدمها الموقع عن #البيتكوين و #العملات_الرقمية الاخرى:
(1) Futures And Perpetuals Open Interest:
الفائدة المفتوحة المجمعة من #Binance و #BItMEX و #Bybit و #Deribit و #FTX و #Huobi و #OKEx .
تابع (1)
قد يشير ارتفاع OI وارتفاع السعر إلى الجشع والاستدانة المفرطة.
و يشير انخفاض OI وانخفاض السعر إلى الخوف وخفض المديونية.
يشير ارتفاع OI وانخفاض السعر إلى الاتجاه الهبوطي.
يشير OI فى الاتجاه العرضى والسعر المرتفع إلى ارتفاع للاسعار بحالة FOMO.
(2) Futures And Swaps Liquidations:
توضح التصفية liquidations المجمعة للعقود الآجلة للعملات المشفرة والمبادلة .
وحاليًا المنصات المتاحه #BinanceFutures فقط.

(3) Perpetual Swap Predicted Funding Rates:
معدلات التمويل المتوقعة:
والأسعارفى هذا الجزء هي أسعاراخر 8 ساعات
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#Tether is an unregistered, unsecured debt security.

What does that mean?

"Unregistered debt security": 1 $USDT is a promise by Tether Inc to pay you back $1 should you request it back without interest. It is, funnily enough, not unlike commerical paper.
The way that it was sold (ie promising audits that never came, pretending the assets that "back" it sit in a bank account and playing as if you had any legal claims to those assets) make it a debt security in my view and it should have had a proper prospectus.
"Unsecured": There are no assets that legally back up 1 $USDT. ZERO. You have a company that has no contract with you. They say "we will always 'peg' it to 1 $". They do not explain what this peg means. It is just an internal accounting procedure and you have to take their word.
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Easier ways earning a living with #Crypto
First, get a #Crypto wallet, buy #Crypto assets on either #Binance, #FTX, #Coinbase, and then hope that the #Bitcoin price surge in the future
no matter how long that may take. It could be weeks, months, or even years before you decide to sell.
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Wise ways in choosing a #Crypto to #invest in
You should always research about the #Crypto asset backers, team founders
Find out as much as you can about the company offering the #cryptocurrency, and the problems it intends to solve
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Why #Nigeria is #Africa’s biggest #Crypto market
#Cryptos are fast becoming more popular for #payment transactions around the world and #Nigeria has emerged #Africa’s biggest market
#Nigerians are fast adopting the world’s most popular crypto – #Bitcoin
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Questions, interpretations, and suggestions concerning FTX. Feedback much appreciated

@SBF_Alameda @AlamedaTrabucco @FTX_Official
I would like to do a PERP OTC/conversion trade.
Should I use the tokens for this? It seems that not every asset has the BULL and BEAR tokens. @SBF_Alameda @AlamedaTrabucco @FTX_Official #FTX
I would like to do a combined OTC/conversion trade
Buy 5 BTC, short 5 BTC-PERP (a hedged BTC buy) can I do this? @SBF_Alameda @AlamedaTrabucco @FTX_Official #FTX
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The #Crypto Quality Arb Portfolio - Experiment for 2021

I set up an account with 11x leverage, invested in 14 Longs I consider to be higher quality vs 11 Shorts I do not consider to be such quality


#altcoins #bitcoin #ftx #qualityarb
The investable universe is PERP futures listed on FTX and it goes without saying that it is only crypto (ie I will ignore any stock futures) and only altcoins

The experiment is set up as a classic 120% Long, 100% short book (ie it has a theoretical market exposure of just 20%).
It is meant to be a stable experiment and I will update the positions (and re-size them) once a month. I expect very little movement in individual names. I want to see if a "classic" strategy where investors pick higher quality to go long and lower to go short works in #crypto.
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#Bitcoin’s market value now $468 billion, bigger than #GDP of #Africa’s largest economy
The price of the world’s most popular #cryptocurrency recently surpassed $25,000, reaching a new milestone of $25,199.50 on #FTX exchange and surpassing the Gross Domestic Product of any country in #Africa
#Africa's largest economy, #Nigeria has a #GDP, valued at $$448.1 billion. At the time of writing this report, #Bitcoin comfortably outmatched #Nigeria’s #GDP with a market value of $468 billion
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-İşleme Giriş Öncesi Sorulması Gereken Sorular-

Checklist formatına indirgenebilecek bazi alım satım kuralları trading performansınızı şaşırtıcı derecede iyilestirebilir.



#bitcoin #kripto $BTC
1-Neyi alıp satacaksınız?

Genel piyasa analiziyle başlamak gerekli.

Kar maksimizasyonu açısından para #bitcoin ‘de mi yoksa altcoinlerde mi bunu belirlemek şart. Bunun icin detaylı flood bkz:

1.1- Donemsel olarak bazı #altcoin ler beraber hareket eder.

Aylar önce $YFI $UNI gibi $DEFI projeleri muazzam kar getirdi. Yakın zamanda $XLM $XRP, $LTC gibi çok uzun süredir hareket etmeyen eski demirbaş coinler pumpladı.


#binance #huobi #okex #ftx
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I've been tracking @FTX_Official MOVE contracts and today is that largest amount of combined open interest across all the MOVE contracts that I've seen in 2020. $74 Million total open interest. For comparison last week was in the $50-55 Million OI range. Image
2/2 The majority of the new positions are in tomorrow's MOVE contract (BTC-MOVE-0717) but there is also an increased O.I in all of the weekly contracts as well. #FTX #MOVE Image
New research and MOVE trading tool coming soon :)
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