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It gets more bonkers! This is from Madrigal's press release.

We're sure he'll be delighted learn that TW are not killed, tortured, beaten, or excluded from health, employment, housing, & education.

It's almost like having robust equality law makes the real difference. Image
It isn't clear why Victor feels a piece of paper would stop these abuses though. Does the paper magically convince everyone these are real women?

If so, he should consider that in much of the world women are also killed & excluded, so it wouldn't make much difference!
Fortunately, in Scotland we have protections - although women are still much more unsafe that TW (no murders ever in Scotland).

Perhaps Victor should concentrate on those countries which do not protect human rights - unless of course there is another agenda at play?
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OTOH, Scottish Council on Human Bioethics & an extensive report from a senior paediatrician. OTO, gov funded, ideologically-driven, non-medical lobby groups. Guess which one @scotgov @ScotGovFM listens to?! They've prob had enough of experts.
We wonder if @MaggieChapman or @Cmacf76 are going to pick up the bill for the Local Authorities and the Scottish NHS when the inevitable negligence claims begin. We wonder why they presume to think they know better than Hillary Cass and the Council of Human Bioethics?
Dr Calum MacKellar said: “The proposals in the bill are unreasonable since the latest and most comprehensive studies to date [2022] show that a high prevalence of mental disorders, such as autism spectrum traits, often exist in persons with gender dysphoria/incongruence.
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The committee scrutinising the GRR Bill in Scotland refused to meet with female survivors of male violence, confirming female survivors are the most marginalised & vulnerable group because even their government won’t acknowledge them or listen 2their lived experience.
The committee met with at least 14 different lobby groups & activists from the gender identity industry.
The SNP stated in their ‘21 manifesto they would engage with women on this issue & misled the electorate into believing they were listening to all the arguments.
The FM told women our concerns were ‘not valid’ & this was evidenced in the approach taken by the committee.
The very few women who were invited to meet with the committee were subjected to some bias committee members dismissive questioning & at times rude attitude.
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I see the witch prickers continue to harass & abuse @GussieGrips.
Scotland is a basket case when it comes to freedom of speech & women’s rights.
This regression has taken place under the watch of a female FM who has actively encouraged the vilification & dehumanisation of women.
No one knows this better than Joanna Cherry. The ongoing harassment of Scotland’s most capable & successful MP is disgraceful.
The FM continues to ignore the vendetta ongoing for years against JC.
Her silence has brought shame on our nation.
Despite women pleading to be heard the FM has left women in no doubt that not only are their concerns “not valid” but following her emergency broom cupboard broadcast-opinionated women are not valid or valued in Scotland.
Know them by their deeds.
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Minister, Shona Robison will be up next talking about GRR
Robison says process is lengthy and intrusive. Only 6000 people out of 500,000 trans people have a GRC (is she suggesting this is likely number?!)

Mentions "international best practice" which we still haven't bottomed out.
Expects number will rise from 30 to 250/300 per anum.

Says it doesn't change definition of man or woman and how trans people can be excluded from SSS but then says trans people become their "legal gender"

Long list of what Bill doesn't do - we might ask what is the point?
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This interview with @NicolaSturgeon deserves some attention as it shows the extent to which the FM is in denial about popular opinion and the issues of her pet project.
#No2selfID #WomenWontWheesht

Sturgeon’s claim that this is a minority concern is not borne out by all the polling on the subject which shows that while people will concur if asked general questions about supporting trans rights, they baulk when specifics are introduced.
Her characterisation of opposition as a “vocal minority” is dismissive, but she goes further, saying some “weaponise this...for reason of transphobia.” When Ministers or Ms Sturgeon are challenged to provide evidence of this or explain who they mean, they hide behind vagaries.
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Committee taking evidence from STA, Stonewall Scot and LGBT Youth now.
Both Vic Valentine and Mhairi Crawford claiming it doesn't go far enough.

Despite the fact that the UK are already considered world leaders and that the reforms proposed would go further than almost any other countries in Europe.
Crawford now wanting provision for under 16s.

They need all documents to match up and it will "lower depression" by validating them.
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Mini thread. Last year the dozen or so women who are part of Sole Sisters gathered shoes, then pitched in a fiver each and ordered 1000 postcards that outlined the reality of sex self-ID and its impact on women and girls as proposed by @Scotgov GRA reform 1/
At our first street stall in Ayr, we handed the cards out to passersby who either had no idea of the proposed legislation or understanding of its implications. The cards were gratefully received 2/
So we asked our Twitter followers if they too would like cards to hand out or leave in public places to spread awareness of sex self-ID. And we held more street stalls and handed out more cards 3/
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Long but important thread: Women Voting With Our Feet were this week invited to meet @ShonaRobison, the Cabinet Secretary who will steer reform of the Gender Recognition Act through the Scottish Parliament #no2selfID 1/
We made our point that, while we appreciated the invitation, calling it at 3 days’ notice suggested a less-than-collegiate approach to listening to ALL views on GRA reform despite the manifesto promise of @NicolaSturgeon 2/
Shona Robison told us reform is essential because being trans is no longer considered a medical issue. However, *only* the process of gaining a gender recognition certificate will change with reform by “demedicalising” the process 3/
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