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Liebe #Frauen,
Der Fraueverein @TDFeV weiß nicht mehr, was eine Frau ist. Genau wie die Frauenhauskoordinierung, das Bündnis gg. geschlechtsspezifische Gewalt sowie proFamilia & beide Kirchen in D.
Sie alle meinen Frau ist, wer sich Frau nennt 🧵
#WhatIsAWoman #WasIstEineFrau
Die Koalitionsparteien, d. BVG (+ Juristinnenbund 🙄) & d. Frauenministerin wissen es nicht.
Ein Großteil d. Presse & der gesamte ÖRR auch nicht. Für sie alle ist Frau eine undefinierbare Idee.
Universitäten & Bildungswesen sind führend darin nicht zu wissen, was eine #Frau ist.
Unsere Institutionen gehören jetzt Queergläubigen 🤷‍♀️
Sowohl die spezifisch für Frauen/ unsere Rechte & Bedürfnisse gegründeten als auch solche, die demokr., faire Teilhabe für alle ermöglichen sollen.
Selbst im GG würden Queerpolitiker gern festlegen, dass jeder Frau sein kann.
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Our best bet is to keep on exposing people to their actual behaviour. Make it the story everywhere, so the media can't ignore it. And the guy is absolutely right. They cannot and will not debate, the police support THEM over those they are preventing from speaking.
Naturally, they who are incapable of having the adult discussions with others that we need, and behave like actual zombiefied fascists while calling him a fascist. "I've been a Marxist all my life, mate." #SpeakersCorner #HumanRights #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #LetWomenSpeak
The guy, by the way, is called Dr. Heiko Khoo. He absolutely is a Marxist. I don't agree with him at all on anti-vaxxing (just so you know, as he may be a bit controversial for some) but for these children to claim he is a fascist is beyond absurd.
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Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull is a woman that knows that humans have 2 sexes and they are immutable, just like the vast majority of people in the world. However, this has become controversial because a small group of people want to force us to believe that males can become 1/
females. And while most people don't really care if someone holds an "eccentric" belief, this one comes with pressure to accept those males into female spaces & activities. Women are saying no! KJ is saying no! KJ has been holding rallies across the UK to allow women to 2/
explain why they say no, to explain why victims of domestic violence or rape can't get access to female only care or support, why girls can't change without boys in school changing rooms, why de-sexing language demeans women, mothers, women experiencing periods, women with 3/
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Imagine being someone whose "activism" is to enable total lies ALL over the Australian & NZ media about the political affiliations of a woman who's spoken out & is encouraging other women to speak about their OWN legal rights being dismantled, to the point that the hatred
against her is so frenzied she gets scissors held to her throat in public and another 70 year old woman gets punched in the face by a violent man. You should all be done for incitement. You still haven't told us what it is you imagine she and the other women are saying
and what is "right wing" about it, let alone "fascist". Imagine being one of the many self righteous politicians or journalists or self identifying "leftie activist singers" who has been smugly cheering this shit on.
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The old lie that trans men are just lesbians really doesn’t work on me.

While I have never ruled out having a woman as a romantic partner, I am very much NOT sexually interested in women.
I originally thought I couldn’t be trans because I was attracted to men. Thought they wouldn’t let me transition. And once upon a time, they wouldn’t have.
Every issue I had with my body has been resolved by transition.

After starting T and all the changes my body went through, I’m not even dysphoric about my vag. Like, I’d prefer to have a dick, and the changes on T made strides towards that. It’s not perfect but nobody’s is.
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My #FGM Confession🙏🏽
"I Circumcised Many Girls Because Many Men Reject Uncircumcised Girls And Often Return Them To Their Maiden Homes To Be Circumcised!"

Ms. Nkotito Oyie (58) Recalls:
“I started circumcising girls when I was 25 years of age. The job is well paying as I charged
Sh2000 for every girl I circumcised. During high seasons like long holidays, I could cut up to 10 girls a day.
My skills were in high demand as it was a taboo to find a girl who is not circumcised in the Maa community.
Girls get circumcised as early as nine years because of the
pressure from the community. At this stage, the circumcised girl is viewed as a mature person who can play a wife's roles.
Many girls opt for #FGM because many men in the Maasai Community reject uncircumcised girls and often return them to their maiden homes to be circumcised.
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"They Cut Off My Clitoris And Threw It To Chickens To Eat!"

Mrs Layla Recalls Hers:
"I had just passed my school exam; instead of rewarding me for my good grades, my family gave me a midwife, locked me in a room and surrounded me.
My grandma and two neighboring
women were among the women who gathered around me that day.
Living in the village, like everyone else, we raised chickens at home. When this woman cut this part of my body, I was in pain and crying when I saw her threw my clitoris (soaked in blood) to the chickens, and they
gathered to eat it!
Since that day, I have been unable to eat chicken and don't even want to raise the poultry in my yard.
After the #FGM, I wanted to play and feel free but I couldn't walk unless I had my legs wide apart.
It took me a long time to understand what happened to me,
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My Breasts Torture🔥
"At 12 Years Old, You Would Think I Was 70 Years Old Because Of My Breasts!"

Mrs Eileen Recalls Hers:
"I was 9 years old when my breasts began to show. Suddenly, my mom asked me to stop bathing in the river with my agemates. She became very worried and soon ImageImage
told me that my breasts were growing too fast and would begin to attract boys and men.
Days later, she called me into her bedroom; I saw a stove with fire and a stone on her hand. She asked me to sit on a stool and then put the stone on fire. She used a thick cloth to pick the
stone from the fire and pressed my breasts with it.
I cried from pain on her first attempt and ran from the bedroom but she caught me and tied my legs and arms to my back. She started ironing my breasts with the hot stone and at the same time, apologizing to me that she was not
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This book is going to be cataclysmic for Gender Ideology, and the people that have been pushing it. As will the final #CassReport.

We must never forget who these bastards were, even as they desert the ship.

Thank you @hannahsbee.

It can't have been easy to write or get published, but it's already clear from the early excerpts that this is the book about the #Tavistock that we have been waiting for.

#WomensRightsAreHumanRights Image
97.5% of the children seeking 'sex changes' were either on the autistic spectrum, suffered with depression, or had other serious problems that were ignored at the Tavistock. Image
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🇿🇦In Nov 2022, the South African Minister of Justice announced a bill to fully decriminalise the sex trade, including pimping and sex-buying. The bill is nothing but a return to old-style regulatory policies from the colonial era. 🧵1/ - via @LastGirlFirst1
The regulatory and prohibitionist approaches on prostitution are both moralistic, sexist, and racist. They either legalise the exploitation of the most marginalised women to satisfy men’s demand for sexual acts, or criminalise women and girls for their own exploitation. 2/
Colonial history of legalised sex trade is a shame of Europe. We cannot return to the atrocities of the past. We cannot pretend that the proposed regularising of trade in women in South Africa have nothing to do with the past of colonial states like UK & NL 3/
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Before it goes down the memory hole, these are the comments to a 17 year old girl who was showering when a man walked in naked. She was understandably upset. Understandable to most of us. Here are some of the choice replies to her.
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The entirety of trans ideology comes down to what the words boy/girl/man/woman actually mean.

I know society doesn't have a great track record for accepting people who differ from social norms, but I think consensus can be reached that if boys want to play with dolls and wear
dresses, then they shouldn't be demonised for doing so. Similarly, girls should not be forced to do those things. They shouldn't be encouraged to be "non-conforming" but they shouldn't be ostracized if they don't conform.

None of that, however, changes what the words boy/girl
mean. They refer to the biological characteristics the child is born with.

A boy who presents as feminine is still a boy, just as a girl who presents as masculine is still a girl - simply because the words boy/girl are used to refer to people's bodies. That's just how language
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@pamconstable1 From your @washingtonpost article:
“The Taliban wants to segregate women. So it’s training female doctors.”
“This makes me feel like we have done something useful, that all my years of fighting were worth it,” said a Taliban security guard..…
Taliban are NOT training women to become doctors:

Taliban banned #Aghanwomen from attending universities and from getting higher education in Afghanistan, according to the letter released by the Taliban's Ministry of Higher Education.…
I have to ask: just exactly how many #AfghanWomen did you interview before you published this story? I think you need to do more research:…
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The #Taliban has closed all women's colleges & universities across #Afghanistan for an indefinite period.

Back to hell for millions of Afghan women. 💔

#WomensRightsAreHumanRights #Education
#Taliban's cabinet decided this and as a result, #Afghanistan's Ministry of higher education suspended girls’/women's education in private and government universities “until further notice”. Image
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My #FGM Horror💔
"My Leg Was Dislocated During FGM; I Now Limp!"
Nastehe Abubakar Recalls It:
"I was led to the bush first before my colleagues were taken there; I thought I was just going for a short tour when my mother led me into a hut. Suddenly, a group of #women wrestled me
to the ground and tore my clothes.
As I struggled to escape from their grip, some pulled my legs apart while the others held my arms down. My mom abandoned me in the hands of the women.
My leg was dislocated in the struggle as they went ahead to have their way, the blade piercing
sharply through my flesh, leaving me in excruciating pain.
After the cut, they didn't bother to check whether I got other injuries but instead bound my legs together with a rope to the waist after sewing my wounds.
For almost a month, I was bound to my waist and slept on my side;
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@ManduReid's leadership has will sadly become knownfor dismissing expertise & the majority view of Party members on self ID.

The Party's assembly was clear in its support of single-sex spaces, yet #wep #groundhogday brings back the same tired motion that was rejected previously
@ManduReid This week Reem Alsalem, the UN #VAWG rapporteur wrote to Hollyrood to intervene on similar self ID policies (#GRRBill).

It is unacceptable to WEP party members that her voice, alongside ours, should be dismissed.
@WEP_UK #IDEVAW2022 #16DaysofActivism

The Party bought a self ID motion that was rejected until the membership was consulted (thank you Sophie Walker).

The Party stalled for years, and when a version of a consultation was conducted it rejected self ID.

Our blog:…
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My #FGM Heartbreak💔
"FGM Shattered My Life!"
Chemutai, 45 Years Old, Recalls Hers:
"I will never forget that night. It was cold and they held me down and did what they did. First, they poured really cold milk on me. They said that would help with the pain. It took me a long time ImageImage
to heal; going to ease myself was so hard…
I did not know the way they cut me had anything to do with this urine problem but when I went to a hospital, a nurse told me that I had a big scar and that it might have prevented my children from coming out properly.
I am childless now
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Just IN: Father Of 6-Month-Old Girl Subjected To #FGM To Remain In Custody💪🏽
#Kenyan: A couple who subjected their 6-month-old daughter to female genital mutilation in Leparua, Isiolo North, last week had rushed her to a local hospital with a severe fever before she was sent to ImageImage
Isiolo Referral Hospital, where health workers discovered that she had been “cut”.
Ms Linda Kiruki, a clinical officer at Isiolo Referral who handled the case, said the #child had a deep wound and her genitals were covered with tea leaves to ostensibly reduce bleeding.
before Isiolo Chief Magistrate Lucy Mutai, Ms Kiruki said the child’s clitoris had been cut and that the labia majora had a deep wound that showed the illegal procedure was carried out with a blunt object.
“The child cried uncontrollably while we assessed the wound. The severe
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How womens restrooms can be made more inclusive: a thread 🧵
1. Remove bathroom locks - locks in bathrooms create a sense of hostility and may make many folk feel unwelcome. This is particularly important for people who want access to join someone else in their cubicle. (cont..)
The removal of locks would transfer bathrooms from isolationist spaces (with notions of neoliberal individualism) into collective, social spaces, creating a better sense of community and solidarity amongst women, & facilitating more effective organization for womens liberation.
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#childabuse: A Nine-Year-Old Girl Set To Give Birth In #Zimbabwe 😭
Recall the painful death of 14-year-old Anna Machaya (in the pix) while giving birth in a #church shrine in July 2021, a 9-year-old #girl (Grade 3 Pupil) has been admitted to the United Bulawayo Hospital (UBH) as Image
she is 33 weeks pregnant and expected to give birth by caesarean section this November.
She was just 8 when she fell pregnant, and is being monitored by a team of specialist doctors and nurses owing to the delicate nature of the pregnancy.
She has refused to give police the name
of her abuser though shockingly, her 29-year-old father claimed that the goblins🤷🏾 visited the 9-year-old #girl on the nights only when her mother was away from home and inserted things into her privates. The police believe she's being threatened!
There are only 6 known cases in ImageImage
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So, people are assigned a sex at birth. Why are some people assigned male while others are assigned female? On what basis would a medical professional assume the sex of the child?

#women #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #whatisawoman #WomanFace #transman #transwoman Image
The reason is that certain biological characteristics are given the name male, while certain other biological characteristics are given the name female. A person who objectively has the given characteristics is called either male or female.

Males and females go through a
process of aging and development. Young females are referred to using the word "girl" while adult female persons are referred to using the word "woman".

People "assigned female at birth" have the biological characteristics of a female and are girls who will grow up to be women. ImageImageImageImage
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Note Jon Stewart's exacerbation here. It demonstrates that, even for those who pushin transgenderism, it is women who have babies, not men.

This undermines his whole argument & that of transgenderism in general.

#gender #TransWomenAreWomen #women #WomensRightsAreHumanRights
Please consider retweeting this to amplify it. It shows the contradiction in the position of proponents of transgenderism.
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We were in this pub with these @FiLiA_charity women, sat at a table at the other end of the smoking area. A pink haired security guard assumed we were of the same kin, came to a table with 4 lesbians and asked us to leave. 1/
One of our table asked why we were being told to leave, we had been sitting there quietly for one drink. Was accused of being rude for asking questions. Eventually she left us alone because there was no explanation. We refused to leave, until we saw one of the other women 2/
Being cornered by two of the security men. We went out and I reminded them of the Equality Act in the UK (SEX being a protected charactistic) and the @MForstater case protecting our beliefs in law. I was told that these men did not have provide their names to me 3/
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Another Rough Journey🙏🏽
Also, in November 2018, our attention was called to a case of a 13-year-old girl (from Idoma, Benue State), resident in Lagos but was summoned for #FGM in Ogun State wherein a community of migrant-Benue people were resident.
Her people said, "If she's not ImageImage
circumcised, she won't attend her parents' burial AND if she dies as an uncircumcised girl, her corpse would be thrown into a forest!
I set out for the trip with the amazing Barrister Yemi Adetiba @OluyemiOrija - the most kind lawyer in Nigeria🙌🏽 - she's the founder of @HeadfortF
We actually raised our money (I and the Barrister) to make this journey to an unknown location.
The journey was fearful, long and energy-sapping - we entered one 'igbo irumole😁' to another and Bar Adetiba's husband was calling us every now and then to track down our location.
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