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Seeking truth and finding deception

"Good friend of ours she went in and..." #NoOrdinaryLife
She did some good
Never heard of her!
Be afraid!
She created her own backlash
Truth is admin--ting to bullshit
Sent to Cov blah blah
You deleting my comments?
#Gas #Light #NARC

#TheTruthMovement U PARANOID ImageImageImageImage
"@ Annie Watson Coventry 💕 yeah me too its like someone is sending a psychic attack or something."

What a load of Bullshit! ImageImage
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War Criminal Tony Blair given a Knighthood. What does that tell you about the 'Honours' System?....👀
On Branson's Necker Island....
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A nation state can either be a republic or a principality, and either old or new. An old hereditary state that has been passed down the generations is easy to rule, but taking control and then holding onto a new state is difficult. The difficulty is reduced is you personally
supervise it. An old hereditary state such as a monarchy can be taken by destroying the entire royal family. This is what Alexander the Great did to conquer and hold on to the Persian Empire of Darius III. However, states that are used to freedom must be crushed.

For those who are not yet princes, it is possible to rise to become one by carrying out two steps: follow the example of those in the past who saw their opportunities and be well-armed. To keep hold of a new state securely, all resistance must be destroyed using
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uit #DeOudeDoos

15 oktober 2020

#ReinerFuellmich 45 min.
nl ondertiteling via onderbalk

Zeer leerzaam om nog eens alle aspecten van de #coronazwendel terug te horen en hoe het in godsnaam mogelijk is, dat dit voort kan duren en nu met een #QRcode etc.…
#coronadebat #debat

Je kunt ook zelf aangifte doen tegen #MarkRutte cs inzake de #coronamaatregelen aka #coronazwendel en alle zaken rondom op het politiebureau

Ingebonden kant en klare #aangifte van 400 pagina's.… ImageImageImageImage
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Peter Mandelson with humanitarian Princess Firyal of Jordan.. on the board of the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

In Epstein's little black book and hangs out with the Casa de Campos crowd..


Princess Firyal in Cartegena Colombia with Nicky Haslam , Arki Busson and John Pigozzi ..

#ARK #Epstein

Princess Firyal with Mercedes Bass and Abe Rosen in Miami. Rosen is the husband of Samantha Boardman .. both in Epstein's little black book ..

#ChildMindInstitute #Epstein

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@BraakBert @wimjmvoermans U bent hier de domme. Links en rechts hebben dezelfde agenda.
Global Reconstruction by Robert Muller, United Nations. GroenLinks, D66, PvdA, CU, CDA, SP en VVD hebben deze agenda. Ze vormen een cordon sanitair en hebben samen de meerderheid bij moties. Un is een communistische
@BraakBert @wimjmvoermans organisatie, sinds ze werd opgericht in 1945.
Global Reconstruction op weg naar One World.
One World is One Religion, One leader.

Het is Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer.

Socialistisch Communisme. Global!…
@BraakBert @wimjmvoermans Uw reactie past overigens geheel in het inmiddels voor velen herkenbare patroon. Dit patroon zie je alleen bij sektes zoals Damanhur, Brahma Kumaris, Scientology. Laten dat nu net de sektes zijn die een speciale NGO status kregen van UN.
Alleen de visie van de goeroe is de
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This post will be my new "Collection - entry point", regarding everything I like you to know about this "shocking masterplan of the Elite" aka
that I came across and like 2 share Image
First, a quick lead to:
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1. Globalist Puppet Boris pretending to care about Climate Change whilst giving out programming signals #Cop26 #WizardofOz ImageImageImage
2. Previous climate comm was code red, now they have followed the yellow brick road to Green. Expect programmed individuals to be triggered by this... #trafficlights… #climatechange #insulatebritain #XR
3. What a coincidence, just 9 hours ago Rihanna in green... #climatecomms #climatechange Image
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Town Hall w President Joe Biden.
He flashes the 666 Eye of Lucifer /RA

Left Eye of Horus
also known as the Eye of Ra
"RA being the Sun deity"
required "blood sacrifice" after Horus's Eye was torn out

This angered RA, Ra sent his daughter to slaughter the masses
Ra's daughter slaughtered so many people that everyone would soon be dead.

So beer was coloured red, she became drunk and slept for 3 days.
Egyptians celebrated w a day of drunkeness festival yearly

Thoth magically restored the eye,
making it a good luck and protection amulet
Very relevant to the #BuildBackBetter and #TheGreatReset agenda,
all the manufactured chaos around the world and chaos.

The dead "Eye" Horus that was plucked out was given to "Osiris" the God of the underworld.
Osiris resurrected the eye.

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(1) Thank you so much for standing up for the people! In the Netherlands 🇳🇱 we protest as well! I am a Master of Laws: it is evident fundamental rights & freedoms are being violated atrociously by governments across the entire world! This madness needs to STOP! @CristianTerhes
(2) The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is a treaty to protect the rule of law and promote democracy in European countries. The rights and freedoms are being destroyed by the #greenpass The people lost democracy by the totalitarian
(3) regime which governments are FORCING onto citizens. These breaches on human rights are unacceptable. Unjustful breaches being executed by governments for example are the destruction of: article 1 Protocol sub 1 jo. 2 Protocol number 12, article 14 and article 8 of the ECHR.
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It has nothing to do with health.

Vaccines maim and kill people.

Vaccines contain an operating system that will eventually control all of your humanity, - behaviour, thoughts, health, all of it - Total control!
Moderna admits, on their website, the injections are an 'operating system'.…
THEY (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) Klaus Schwab,
@ProfKlausSchwab WEF @wef Bill Gates, @BillGates Anthony Fauci, @dranthonyfs Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, @DrTedros, WHO @WHO want to control every human being on earth.
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@chrisklomp Wekker gaat net; merk er nog niks van.
Hoe laat was dat ook alweer?
@chrisklomp Eh, nog steeds niks gemerkt. Andere tijdzone ofzo? Mis ik iets? #TheGreatReset
@chrisklomp Nog niks...
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The jig is up. #VaccineDeaths
They ALL know.
#FauciTheFraud knows.
@CDCDirector knows.
@NIH knows.
@US_FDA knows.
@WHO knows.
#BigPharma knows.
#BillGates knows.
@POTUS administration knows.
But WHY??!
Because #TheGreatReset requires worldwide #PopulationControl.
This information is from the @FDA's own 8+ hours recorded Panel, and invited distinguished, expert doctors. @Twitter can't in any credible way claim this is disinformation. @Twitter is legally and morally complicit in suppression of #VaccineSideEffects & deaths.
And now @pfizer has begun trials on infants. This evil depravity must stop!!…
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Gisteren gingen meer dan 200.000 mensen de straat op voor een #demonstratie in #Amsterdam. Laat ik beginnen om te zeggen dat ik het fantastisch vind dat zoveel mensen opkomen voor hun rechten. Wat ik al vaker heb geprobeerd te duiden is het grote 'maar' aan dit soort demo's.
Het mist een breed draagvlak. 200.000 klinkt als heel veel, maar wat er momenteel speelt raakt ons allemaal. Het raakt ouders uit het toeslagenschandaal, het raakt Groningers uit het aardbevingsgebied, het raak boeren die net vol woede lezen over onteigening en uitkoop,
het raakt mensen die geen huis kunnen vinden vanwege de extreem opgedreven huizenmarkt, het raakt werknemers die al jaren er niet op vooruit gaan omdat ze door een multinational waarvoor ze werken worden uitgeknepen ondanks mega omzet, het raakt 70k ontslagen zorgmedewerkers,
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Aandacht afgeleid?

In 2013 zijn er EU niveau vragen gesteld over het 'nieuwe coronavirus'. Destijds is het antwoord geweest dat dit 'coronavirus' niets van doen had met Sars gerelateerde virussen.
Volgens de ECDC behoorde het 'nieuwe' virus wel tot de "coronavirusfamilie", maar het zou niet hetzelfde zijn als het 'Sars virus'.

Er waren ook toen al bevestigde gevallen en doden door dit 'nieuwe' virus. Toch zag de WHO en de EU geen reden tot zorgen....

Dat was 2013.....
In 2014 is dan toch de benaming 'Sars-Cov' ingevoegd als een mogelijk bedreigende infectieziekte.

In 2018 zijn er op EU niveau protocollen opgesteld voor het identificeren van het Sars-Cov virus. Dit zou gedaan moeten worden middels een PCR test.
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#MustWatch -
Awake minds warned us about the junk science of v@kcins thru the centuries but too few even listened

Here Mike Adams, owner of CWCLabs prophesizes the ongoing v@kcin #holocaust back in 2019

#Plandemic #NWO #JustSayNo #VaccineInjury

They're unable to proceed against American people due to the #2ndAmendment; so they've planned this invisible enemy which they can't shoot

They dosed people with chemicals, killed fertility, funded #feminism & enacted laws to kill relationships

#VaccineAgenda #FakeCases #NWO Image
V@kcins will be kill switches which can be switched on to kill months to years after the jab

The upcoming holocaust will be 1000 times bigger than what we've seen in history

#VaccineInjury #Scamdemic #FakePandemic #NewWorldOrder #TheGreatReset…
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"Dich in all diesen Bereichen zu bestärken — Dir zu helfen, Gestalter Deiner Zukunft zu werden — ist der Kern des #SYMPOSIUMS!" @GunnarKaiser
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#TheGreatReset, aka Inclusive Capitalism is the brainchild of the British Think Tank, Henry Jackson Society (HJS), who recognised that global capitalists, aka oligarchs, will be overthrown by populations. Lynn Forester de Rothschild is the founding CEO.…
In May 2012, HJS executive director Alan Mendoza explained the thinking behind the project:

"… we felt that such was public disgust with the system, there was a very real danger that politicians could seek to remedy the situation by legislating capitalism out of business."
Jared Kushner's, The Observer, covered the story in 2012.

"In an era of rising income inequality & grim economic outlook, people seemed to be losing confidence in capitalism altogether."

Clinton Treasury Secretary Larry Summers gave a keynote address.… Image
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Watch us RISE, SHARE it, SPREAD the word.
UNITE & SHOW your government you are AWAKE.

👉It's us the 99% AGAINST the elite.


🧵🇫🇷 #EnoughIsEnough
📍Nice - France
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"During the pandemic the paradigm shifted to a digital way of life and made the role of cyber security as a GLOBAL PUBLIC GOOD even more pronounced.. We need vaccines to IMMUNIZE ourselves. The same is true for cyber attacks" #covid19nl #thegreatreset
Op valse gronden zijn we de coronadictatuur in 'gerommeld'. En ook al is er goede medicatie móeten we aan de experimentele -op gentherapie gebaseerde injecties. Testen meten GEEN besmettingen. En nu wil Klaus ook cyberspace 'immuniseren' (video ⬆️). Oh God... 😞 #covid19nl
Schwab: "We all know but still pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack, which will bring to a complete halt -power supply, transportation, hospital services- our society as a whole.." #coronamaatregelen #cyberaanval #thegreatreset
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De grootste complotdenker is Rutte zelf. Met zijn 'vrinden'. En nog fascistisch ook! Uitleg: #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen #complotpolitici #coronadictatuur
'Gideon van Meijeren (FvD) ontmaskert Mark ‘Great Reset’ Rutte als een doortrapte leugenaar'… #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen #thegreatreset #buildbackbetter #worldeconomicforum
Rutte: "It's certainly a major crisis. But it also offers us a unique opportunity to... build back better." Willem Alexander: "To Build Back a Better world." #BuildBackBetter #TheGreatReset zijn allebei termen gebruikt door World Economic Forum. #covid19nl
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Is COVID19 being used to accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to scare everyone so we willingly enter a all-encompassing digital ID/vaccine system?
COVID19 creates a HUGE demand for technologies of the coming 4th Industrial Revolution! #FourthIndustrialRevolution #4IR Image
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson describes the Fourth Industrial Revolution in his United Nations speech in September 2019
#FourthIndustrialRevolution #4IR
In the speech Boris describes anti-vaxers as being anti-science and also sends invitation to the June 2020 GAVI vaccine summit…
Note Boris is also wearing a UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals lapel badge. Image
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