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Is this the next part of the script?

We have 9 -12 months before #TheGreatReset script leads to Boris Johnson's new public announcement, something along these lines:

#Covid19 #TheGreatReset #Coronavirus #Lockdown
@JuliaHB1 @NeilClark66 @ClarkeMicah @JamesMelville

Boris Johnson, address to the nation 1st Jan 2022.

"We have all sacrificed so much to save lives & protect the NHS. You have done everything possible to protect your families & we, your government have likewise spent unimaginable amounts supporting you & your loved ones."

"Individually and together as a nation, we have paid a huge price for this.

Despite doing everything possible to provide support, millions have lost incomes, businesses and livelihoods; as a country, we are in debt that can never be repaid."
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If you are still suffering from cognitive dissonance and can't seem to interpret what is going on around you, let me see if I can at least help you understand what is happening within broader evangelicalism and the Roman Catholic Church:
(2) The "church" is becoming the state church. The church that doesn't just obey the state and governmental authorities but that is incorporated into the state.

Ecumenism will be based upon subjective economic, social, and supranational policies: and you must believe.
(3) And along with this transition you must obey and do whatever the state tells you to do. This is now "loving thy neighbor". This is the new collective.

And you must hate the old nation, the old constitution, the old economy, the old ways.

You must embrace the new systems
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🛡️#T3OccultAstrology JANUARY MALICE
January 2021 - Mars is on the warpath
✅Enters Taurus Jan 7 - pops 7x ending 31st🟥Sun
✅New Moon 5 day cycle starts 11th- peaks 13/14 w/ Sun conjunct Pluto & Uranus Direct
✅🌒 pops 6X Jan 21
The month of January is still under the direct influence of the #JupiterSaturnConjunction
#CV19 will not recede until the #FinancialReset is complete.
✅January may peak "window of oppty/reset" discussed at #Davos
money - values - sudden - force - violence - mobs - gov
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1/7. How #Globalism works & what's its objective.

In 1913 big bankers created a banking cartel in the name of the #FederalReserve which gave them the power to create money from nothing by loaning out money to people, corporations & governments in the return for interest.
2/7. How #Globalism works & what's its objective.

The #FederalReserve was created in 1913 which gave them power to create money from nothing & now the money its accumulated over the years our money in the form of interest is now being used against us.
3/7. How #Globalism works & what's its objective.

Globalism #TheGreatReset is just a takeover it's all about power holding it & maintaining it they don't care about me & you they only care about power. They fear the people so they have every need to control us & enslave us.
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1/17. The Nazi origins of the #EuropeanUnion & the #Globalist movement.

A #OneWorldGovernment & #TheGreatReset is upon us & it's clearly facist in nature, totalitarian in motive & it has been slowly infiltrating/invading countries the world over with its silent takeover. #Brexit
2/17. The Nazi origins of the #EuropeanUnion & the #Globalist movement.

#TheLisbonTreaty is being used to slowly & silently takeover Europe something Hitler failed to do..
#Brexit #TheGreatReset #Agenda21 #BuildBackBetter
3/17. The Nazi origins of the #EuropeanUnion & the #Globalist movement.

The EU was founded & initially led by former Nazis & Fascists, as was the Charlemagne Prize awarded to Tony Blair and others for their role in removing democratic sovereignty from the nation states of Europe
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#Agenda21 #Agenda2030 #NWO #Plandemic #TheGreatReset Obama was a hitman against America. #WeThePeople are granted these inalienable rights by the Divine. We are sovereign individuals under the constitution and will never submit to this tyranny. Freedom is our Birthright #GodWins
Globalist Mono-culture is the 21st century's colonization. It systemically puts an end to ethnic, racial, and bio-diversity, and the preservation of individual cultures. Candidly, it destroys everything the woke mob believes they are fighting for.
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Dear politicians, "experts" & journalists!

I think it does not fit the narrative of liberal democracies to fool, nudge & kill the populace. I think it suits them to openly debate the allegedly inevitable #TheGreatReset & find a socially acceptable alternative.

Become honest!
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Sehr geehrte Bundespräsidentin @s_sommaruga!
Sehr geehrter Bundesrat @alain_berset!
Ich finde es passt nicht zur🇨🇭, die Bürger hereinzulegen & zu nudgen. Es passt zur Schweiz, offen über #TheGreatReset zu debattieren & eine menschen- & sozialverträgliche Alternative zu finden.
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Thread web⬆️⬇️

Clown @ProfKlausSchwab's @WEF, @UN & @WHO are the coordinators of the conspiracy #TheGreatReset that wants to impose collective psychopathy on humanity & turn you into a psychopath.

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1/ Here's a review of the book "The Great Reset" by Klaus Schwab.
#TheGreatReset #TheGreatReset #Review

For a long time it was considered a conspiracy theory until Ursula von der Leyen unabashedly promoted it in her function as EU Commissioner¹ and until the documents on...
2/ ...the Rockefeller Foundation were supplemented by some videos directly from the World Economic Forum (WEF). In the meantime, there is a whole series of promotional videos for the Great Reset² and, as so often, a conspiracy theory has been caught up with reality.

3/ ...


Now there is no need to speculate, because Klaus Schwab presents his "Great Reset" himself in a book. The book contains 331 pages including sources and acknowledgements (German edition). I like to quote some of it and...
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Imagining Health Disasters (2013)

“Zylberman examines how the concept of health security has developed over the last thirty years, focusing nowadays on global pandemics and the threat of bioterrorism...…
...Such threats, which transcend national borders, require new surveillance systems to be put in place and call into question the very nature of state sovereignty.”
“What was before a question of recording the number of cases within a certain territory in order to map the risk faced by a population now involves anticipating potential future health emergencies by tracking microbes across the entire planet...
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1/ Hier is een recensie van het boek "The Great Reset" van Klaus Schwab.
#TheGreatReset #TheGreatReset #Review

Lange tijd werd het beschouwd als een samenzweringstheorie, totdat Ursula von der Leyen het ongegeneerd promootte in haar functie als EU-commissaris¹ en totdat de... Image
2/ ...documenten over de Rockefeller Foundation werden aangevuld met enkele video's die rechtstreeks afkomstig waren van het World Economic Forum (EWF). Ondertussen is er een hele reeks promotievideo's voor de Great Reset² en zoals zo vaak is er een samenzweringstheorie...
3/ ...ingehaald met de werkelijkheid.



Nu hoef je niet meer te speculeren, want Klaus Schwab presenteert zijn "Great Reset" zelf in een boek. Het boek bevat 331 pagina's, inclusief bronnen en bevestigingen (Duitse editie). ...
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@WEF: #TheGreatReset
@EAT: #TheGreatFoodTransformation
@TellusInstitute: #TheGreatTransition
@WBGU_Council: #TheGreatTransformation

The hyperbole, numerism, eschatology, utopian promise,... make it sound like a true cult. Rhetorically similar to New Age's #TheGreatConjunction?
And strikingly similar to the late 19th-C Zeitgeist, with the Millerites talking about #TheSecondGreatAwakening.

Which was ultimately followed by #TheGreatDisappointment 😁
As if @ProfKlausSchwab is talking here: "Earth..finishes a transformation..that allows a New Earth to be birthed..#TheGreatConjunction represents a changing of an era..As our world view changes, so too does society & the way we choose to approach things"…
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1/ Hier eine Rezension zum Buch "The Great Reset" von Klaus Schwab.
#TheGreatReset #DerGrosseUmbruch #Rezension
Lange Zeit galt es als Verschwörungstheorie bis Ursula von der Leyen ganz ungeniert dafür Werbung gemacht hatte in Ihrer Funktion als EU Kommisarin¹ und bis die...
2/ ...Dokumente auf der Rockefeller Fondation durch einige Videos direkt vom World Economic Forum (EWF) ergänzt wurden. Mittlerweile gibt es eine ganze Reihe von Werbevideos für den grossen Reset² und wie so oft wurde eine Verschwörungstheorie von der Realität eingeholt.
3/ ¹


Das Buch umfasst 331 Seiten inkl. Quellenangaben und Danksagungen. Gerne zitiere ich auch Einiges daraus und ergänze es mit meinen eigenen Gedanken darüber.
Aber zunächst ein paar Worte zu seiner generellen Schreibweise...
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#Climate & #Global emergency predictions that never happened..

So why do we still keep falling for it..???

#TheGreatReset #ClimateChange #globalhealth

1. 1967: Dire Famine Forecast By 1975… Image
2. 1969: Everyone Will Disappear In a Cloud Of Blue Steam By 1989…
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As I know a lot of my followers are big fans of the Bill Gates funded Imperial College of London, I thought I would share the Imperial mag I received in the post today, shall we take a look?
OK, let's start by this detail on the cover, what could possibly go wrong with a conflict of interest behind all this? I don't know..
Let's dig in now.. "Technology to transform healthcare"..rings a bell..
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نقشه #گلوبالیست ها برای دنیا: ری استارت بزرگ
خیلی ها تلاش گلوبالیست ها برای سلطه بر جهان رو تئوری توطئه می دانند اما حالا ورلد اکانامیک فروم (واف) اون رو رسما منتشر کرده و افراد و سیاستمداران مختلفی از پرنس چارلز و مگان مارکل تا بایدن و کری اون رو تبلیغ می کنند و
اعلام کردند که به اون پایبندند. پرنس چارلز کرونا رو یک فرصت بزرگ میدانه برای اجرای این تغییرات که البته میهن پرستان انگلیسی از خجالتش در آمدن و در 72 ساعت 80هزار امضا در مخالفت با حرف هاش جمع کردند.

در مقاله ای که تایمز با همکاری واف منتشر کرده (لینک ها در انتها) چند ماه قبل از
انتخابات آمریکا بایدن رو برنده دانستند(توجه کنید که فرض نکردند) و همینطور اکثریت سنا و کنگره رو متعلق به دموکرات ها دانستند. بعد از این قرار که بایدن روابط با اروپا رو بهبود بده و اختراعات آمریکا بخصوص دارپا رو در اختیار اروپا قرار بده و بعد از اون هم تمام کشورها موظف هستند که
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Book summary and review:

“COVID19, the Great Reset”

By Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret

#TheGreatReset #KlausSchwab #WEF
Authors (screenshots as already available on Amazon preview).
Contents (screenshots as above)
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1. It's already been decided that #COVID_19 #lockdown and restrictions will continue on till at least 2030 as it has been accepted to be apart of #TheGreatReset initiative by the #WorldEconomicForum.
2. It's clear to see that the #UKGovernment have corrupted the science by involving themselves far too much into independent scientific boards such as SAGE, who advise the government. It’s a conflict of interest. The government are advising themselves and this is not working.
3. The government contracting their friends for pandemic contracts with no competition, especially those connected to the #VOTELEAVE campaign. Which in my opinion was total corruption taking place on a major scale in regards to the #CambridgeAnalytica scandal. The government are
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Humans are omnivores. Eating along an animal/plant gradient, with animal foods at 20-90% of the energy intake of hunter gatherer communities. The #PlanetaryHealthDiet (dietary part of #TheGreatReset), brings it down to levels unknown in ancestral models. With red meat at 1% 🧐
100% plants also allowed. Populations that are situated in the proposed range do exist, however. But they're also characterized by high levels of stunting in infants & children. Correlation >< causation, sure. But still looks like a dangerous experiment. Don't let them fool you.
Lots more on the why & how of this #PlanetaryHealthDiet in this meta-thread.
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Amazing. Here is the confession from 'Patricia' @PatricaGraff14 who lied about working for the World Bank.

You may as well get another SIM card Corporal. I have logged the TwitterID and will be making a complaint to @TwitterSupport about platform manipulation.
This is a #Davos shill account caught lying about working for the World bank run by a PR company.

They use a fake avatar 'this person does not exist' AI/CGI photo.

Beware and expect more of this tomfoolery fakery in the run up to the event.
Tried to accuse me of doctoring a screenshot then when someone else saw it and it was pointed out that Twitter would have a record of the bio text amendment, they backed down and admitted they lied.

These are the low morals of people behind #TheGreatReset who are willing to lie
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