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HERE WE GO AGAIN🤦🏽‍♂️With #RacistInChief, #RacistTrump & #RacistGOP all still trending, MAGAts are dragging out the tired old "Democrats are the party of slavery and Republicans freed them" line. They do it every time.

Here's why it doesn't work👇 [THREAD]
Go to any "racial" topic that trended over the last few weeks; Sweden, Reparations, Barack Obama Blvd, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Dinesh, etc, and scroll through the tweets and you'll find dozens & dozens, maybe even hundreds with a variation of 'DEMs are the party of slavery!' 2/
Those using the 'DEMs are the party of slavery/Republicans freed them' rationale to *remind* black Americans why they should be loyal to the GOP are either too ignorant to understand how the ideology of the two parties has evolved, or, they assume that black Americans are. 3/
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I'm quoted in this AJC article about Stacey Abrams involvement in burning a Ga flag when she was a college student. The quote is accurate, but it was edited for space. @bluestein's question was "Do you think it fires up her supporters more?" My full... 1/2…
response: "Honestly, it's likely to fire up both sides to a point, but I also think it's mostly a dead issue now. Remember, at the time the state flag issue was big - from Zell in the 80s thru the 90s - was when a LOT of politicians were shuffling between parties & many of- " 2/3
- of them obviously voted to change flag. While some voters (mostly older white Sons-of-Confederate-Veterans types) will key on it, I'll bet that most of the older politicians want to avoid it & frankly, as I said, it's a done deal."
FOR THE RECORD: I stand with @staceyabrams 3/4
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1. I remember when you angry #Trumpkins stormed into #Republican Party; called #Conservatives “cucks”, “leftists”, “Killary voters”, “libtards”. You idolized #Trump in a cultic way. You fraternized with alt right #racists. You winked at #sexism. ->

2. You said #Conservative principles didn’t really matter, though you really couldn’t tell us what #Conservatism means. Of course, your leader didn’t know either; his attempts to articulate it were painful. You mocked our efforts to explain. ->

3. #Trump wild swings of rhetoric, positions, moods didn’t bother any of you. Whatever Trump said last was best & most true, no matter the word salad in which it was presented. His blatant self-contradictions were obvious to all but to you. ->

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