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@BrunTheBear @realDonaldTrump I’d say first and mainly, a loss of empathy. The vocal left tends to wield cancel culture as a weapon, swinging wildly at whatever could possibly be called offensive. The vocal right responds with vitriol and venom, growing angrier with each double standard they spot.
@BrunTheBear @realDonaldTrump Neither of them seems to recognize the other side as human anymore. The left sees the right as hateful, racist, homophobic bigots, and whatever other terms there are. At the same time, the right views the left as militantly woke, SJW, feminazi assholes.
@BrunTheBear @realDonaldTrump Now, both sides have a glimmer of a point, but the issues have been blown out of proportion by the second issue:
partisan politics. Nobody’s willing to admit the other side might have a point. Neither side can work together, because they both believe the other isn’t worth it.
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You know what? We all KNEW #TraitorTrump would pardon or commute #TraitorStone's sentence. We all know it's 2 gangsters covering for each other. We all know nothing will be done about it. We need to focus on the catastrophe unfolding here, like 71,000 NEW Covid cases in the past
24 hours, and the 136,671 dead sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, grandparents & children, & the 3,291,786 total Covid cases, & the horror & financial ruin they're all facing. We need to focus on forcing local governments into SANE planning & distribution of supplies for
hospitals, like PPE, ventilators, medicines, more beds for the sick so that medical professionals don't have to make the soul-crushing decisions about who gets treatment or who is just cast out to die. We need to focus on our essential workers, who are keeping us all safe by
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Can we all now ask the

How many folks of all colors have Democrat politicians &
their left leaning media killed
due 2 negligence & the false political narratives about protests & the use
of Hydroxychloroquine?

Please Vote, Retweet & share!
Your comments are welcome!
If you think this poll is harsh
let me redress the issues of
fatalities caused by Dem

1. Nursing home mandate by
governor Cuomo.
2. Three other states followed
suit with this deadly mandate!
3. The refusal of all Democrat
controlled cities to prepare 4

4. The refusal of Cuomo 2
warn citizens about travel 2
other locations across the
country during NYC's viral
explosion. If Cuomo
would've informed his
citizens of NYC that there
were risks less would've
traveled. Just informing
residents how 2 proceed
would've helped all!
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1/Stitt: People concerned about COVID-19 at Trump rally should stay home

#GOPlahoma rally in the time of Pandemics

Save Oklahoma from unsafe governance! #VoteBlueNoMatterWho…
2/"George Monks, president of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, said Wednesday, “The climb in positive numbers over the six weeks since the state began reopening has shown that this virus is still very active."

We are being governed by a Stittidiot.

3/"While it is necessary for Oklahomans to leave the house for shopping, doctor visits and work, it is also important to be mindful not only of your own health but also that of those in your community.”

You are putting Oklahomans at risk with your #GOPlahoma rally, Governor.
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If you think the Democrats are good people, then you need to sit down and think for a moment.
The Democrats have control of an entire Chamber of Congress. Do you understand what this means? It means that the Democrats, under Nancy Pelosi's leadership, have the ability to stonewall every single bill that Trump or Republicans propose.
They can stonewall them and make sure that Trump's legislative agenda and ultimately his goals never become a reality.

Do you want to know what the Democrats, under Nancy Pelosi's Leadership decided to do?
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The US Postal Service is Constitutionally mandated in Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution, known as the Postal Clause

It is a revenue GENERATING governmental entity, is self-funding, and does not use taxpayer money to operate.

Suggestion: ....
Go to your local Post Office and purchase as many Postcards as you can. They are $.35 each.

Address them to:

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

And, Let Trump REALLY know what you think of him! No threats of violence, no profanity. Other than that, get creative!
Some suggestions are:

What are some of your suggestions?
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A thread for Progressives:

You ever feel like you're experiencing Groundhog's Day? I've been experiencing this feeling ever since the 2020 primary season began.

I would like to illustrate this by reviewing a shapeshifting account which operated from April 2015 to July 2016. Image
[2] The first thing I'd like to note is that this account is just one of many that were never cleaned up by Twitter. Perhaps one might believe that Twitter has taken this issue seriously. But have they?

What happened in 2016 on social media was a matter of volume. That volume -
[3] has not been addressed. Twitter has continuously low-balled the volume, as seen by the initial numbers they revealed to the public which kept growing larger due to pressure from reporters, investigators & Congress.

I digress. Let's take a look at the early life of this acct ImageImageImageImage
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#ImOnTeamJoe Contributions for the evening. I hope you enjoy!
You know Weinstein is all about Biden his time!
Bernie & Joe... a match made in... wait, where's my sandwich?
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Thread: A friend who is a Bernie supporter asked me for talking points for why Bernie supporters should vote for Biden, rather than sit this next election out. Sharing here in case others need the advice for folks they know who supported Bernie. /1
Most every democrat in America did not get their first choice of candidate. Everyone is understandably angry and frustrated when their candidate of choice is forced to drop out. We are almost all victims of having to settle. The anger and frustration will subside. /2
The DNC did not decide who would be the nominee. The voters decided. There were countless debates & voters rejected Elizabeth, Kamala, Pete, etc. Bernie is not a victim any more than the rest are. He also took an active part in the formulation of the DNC debate rules 2019-20. /3
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This is what people seem to forget:

My choices for President from day ONE were @KamalaHarris @ewarren and @JulianCastro.


Those three.

My final choice and the one I hit the trail in support of was @SenWarren.

I am however 💯 % #VoteBlueNoMatterWho that’s why folks think @JoeBiden was my dude from jump.

I don’t have anything against the good Unc & KNOW that he will be a much better President than satan, but REALIZE this: Even if I didn’t like him I would vote for him in 2020.

I have said and WOULD have followed thru with voting for @BernieSanders if he had won the Democratic Nominee.

And y’all KNOW how I feel about that dude and his minions.

But I would’ve done it. Why? Because how I FEEL doesn’t trump the hell we’re facing with Tang.

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My sister has been badly sick with #COVIDー19 symptoms for almost 4 weeks. She’s “presumptive positive” because there aren’t enough tests.

I began displaying symptoms yesterday. Waiting to find out if I “qualify for testing”, because there aren’t enough tests. #WhereAreTheTests
I should have been tested weeks ago after known contact with an infected person (my sister).

But the #COVIDIOT was scared of how a pandemic would hurt his image, so he squandered our lead, refused WHO tests, and called it all a hoax.

So there aren’t enough tests.
I have compromised lungs.

I have a compromised immune system.

So, it’s possible that these symptoms are just “Thursday” for me.

It’s possible I have the garden variety bronchitis I get most years around this time.

If there were tests, I could know for sure. #MyCovidStory
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On 1 September 1991, a large private yacht cruised towards the Statue of Liberty. Downstairs, a party was in flow. Scores of teenage girls in evening dresses and miniskirts, some as young as 14, danced under disco lights.
It could have been a high school prom, were it not for the crowd of older men surrounding them. As the evening wore on, some of the men – many old enough to be the girls’ fathers, or even grandfathers – joined them on the dancefloor, pressing themselves against the girls.
One balding man in a suit wrapped his arms around two young models, leering into a film camera that was documenting the evening: “Can you get some beautiful women around me, please?”
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In 2016 the vast majority of Sanders supporters voted for Clinton. We were blamed regardless of the numbers. Your internal polling proves his policies are popular yet you give us NO CONCESSIONS. You created plans that solve NOTHING and named them similarly to our proposals. 1/6
Now again in 2020 you pay lip service to us without adopting a single POLICY. You’re party smears US and our candidate with false narratives and fear mongering. The CORPORATE Dems fight the ECONOMIC progressives harder than they fight the RIGHT. But now... 2/6
We are told once again that we must ignore or principles and #VoteBlueNoMatterWho because TRUMP is an existential THREAT. Not realizing that BIDEN is just as big a threat to US. He believes in NOTHING and fights for no one but your DONERS... we have the RECEIPTS. 3/6
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Rather than sleeping, I will be compiling a list of the opponents of the 40 Republicans who just voted against HR6201 #FamiliesFirstBill so you can donate to them. Starting with my homestate of Missouri because 2 of them were from here
1. Jason Smith - Missouri 8th District
His prominent opponent is Kathy Ellis @ellis4congress who is an advocate for M4A and strengthening public schools. Good person, wish more people like her were in Missouri.
2. Billy Long - Missouri 7th District
I cannot find much about his democratic opponents other than their names: Sharon Hall or Teresa Montseny. Try to find out about them yourselves, chances are they aren't as bad as this guy
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In 2016, I supported Sanders in the primary and Clinton in the general. In 2020, I supported Warren in the primary. Now I endorse @JoeBiden for POTUS. At a time of crisis, we need a POTUS we know, like, and trust. I hope Warren and Sanders will be key partners in Biden's victory.
PS/ My two cents is that at this moment of *global crisis*, all Democrats should do what we can to honor the desperate struggle of every other #VoteBlueNoMatterWho Democrat whose chosen candidate is no longer in the race. There are so many considerations—and ideology is only one.
PS2/ I have nothing but *positive words* for Sanders, and nothing but well-wishes for anyone supporting Sanders who is doing so in a way that isn't toxic. (I've *zero* regard for Sanders *or* Biden supporters who are being toxic online.)

Very few of us wish we were where we are.
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You #resist and #votebluenomatter who folks seem to have some misconceptions about who we are and what we intend when we say #writeinbernie and #demexit2020.
"But what about Russia?"

No, you're a neo-McCarthyist who watched too much cable news and fell down the rabbit hole.

#writeinbernie #DemExit2020
"But what about kids in cages?"

Gitmo's still open, and we still render, torture, and drone strike people. Those million Iraqis aren't coming back from the dead. We see you not giving a shit about that.

#writeinbernie #DemExit2020
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Polls show an overwhelming majority of #Bernie supporters would vote for #Biden over Trump.

As for me, I've never voted for (or donated to) a Republican in my entire life. And I never will. It's a party of rightwing extremism.
Given the choice of Biden or Trump, I'd vote for Biden in a heartbeat.

That said, unthinkingly supporting anyone who puts a D next to their name is a recipe for moral and electoral disaster.

It is how the establishment maintains power and prevents change.

Don't fall for it...
In my 20 years in politics, the SAME Dem leaders, including #Biden and #Pelosi, have utterly failed to stop the march of GOP dominance/extremism.

They went along with Bush's war crimes, then rehabilitated his image. They have been dangerously inept against Trump and his cronies.
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So here's my pitch to Warren voters who are worried about Sanders's electability. It's not aimed at other objections. It's not an all-encompassing argument.

But if electability is a myth, it's a myth. I didn't think it existed when I was planning to vote for her...
...and so I don't think it suddenly came into being for him when she dropped out.

I know this is not the only concern with Bernie, but a number of other ones at least shade into it. We make things easier for the future leaders like Warren by still fighting against them now.
Sometimes the answer to "Better things aren't possible." isn't "Better things are possible." but "Better things could be possible." I know we have to push to get anybody in the White House and whoever they are we'll have to keep pushing.

I see Bernie as the bigger push candidate
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I'm saddened to see @ewarren drop out of the Democratic primary race.

I believe she was the best prepared of the remaining candidates and love her for the fierce progressive fighter she is.

Women are electable. I hope it won't be too long before we see one as president.
Yes, I blame misogyny for the end of Warren's candidacy. I blame the self-fulfilling prophecies of pundits concern trolling over electability, and I blame the viciousness and vitriol of hardcore Bernie stans, including some surrogates.

But I will #VoteBlueNoMatterWho in the fall
I have serious qualms about both Biden and Sanders, but at this point you'll find me mostly remaining quiet about those qualms in public. We need to defeat Trump in the fall or we're almost certainly stuck with theocratic authoritarianism for a very long time.
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Biden had quite a night last night, with Texas being called for him at 4 this morning, he took 9 States overall, making it clear that Presidential primary cycles are completely schizophrenic, & that there is still hope out there.
That said, this is now a completely split race. It is FAR from over & Sanders took California, Utah, Colorado & VT & made it clear in his VT speech last night that he's in this for the long haul. No matter who gets the nom, the rest will have to suck it up & #VoteBlueNoMatterWho
Coming primaries:
Next week: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota & Washington state
March 17: Arizona, Florida, Illinois & Ohio.
Poll #s leading into yesterday were pretty incorrect, but they should now adjust.
Exciting times! #WednesdayMotivation
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My primary isn’t for two weeks. If you’re doing any math around who gets whose Warren’s votes if she drops out before then:

I am a progressive Warren supporter. I decry racial, financial, gender, and social inequality.
I believe that big corporations have an obligation to “pay back” (by way of higher taxes) the rest of us that paved their way.

I believe that free markets result in a consolidation of power and wealth that benefits the already-rich and powerful…which harms of the rest of us.
I believe in civil liberty. The right to privacy. The right to be forgotten. The right to choose. The right to be seen & treated as an equal. The right to an education that improves one’s capacity to contribute to society. The right to not live in fear of guns every-damn-where.
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I thought in 2016—and think now—that it's healthy for the Democratic primary to be a real contest between multiple candidates. So I understand folks wanting a Sanders alternative. But Biden can't carry that load; in your heart you *know* he's lost a few steps.

Warren is *ready*.
PS/ Some day— it may not be today—folks will understand that the opposition to Biden was not just based on him being a conservative Democrat who can't capture the progressive energy of the party, but on the fact that, while being a good man, he's just *not* up for this campaign.
PS2/ I love my country. I love being Democrat. And dammit, I love *Joe Biden*, even if I'm not, like he is, a conservative Democrat. But I fear what happens if the Democrats run a candidate against Trump who struggles to make himself heard and understood at key moments of debate.
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It was a 1st date so my Guy Pal interjected "So, you drove your own car." Because Ron understands. He gets what so many don't, especially most men: that for their own safety, women have to live & plan their daily lives defensively.

A man may wonder if he'll get laid...
2) on a date. Women worry if the man might pull a Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde & date rape them. I know this because it happened to me when I was a sophomore at Hofstra University. What was supposed to be dinner & a movie in Manhattan turned into a night imprinted on my consciousness...
3) where I thought I was going to die. That's NOT hyperbole. Victor (that was his name) beat me senseless to get me to stop fighting him. Bashed my head against the wall by my long hair & amid all that violence, caused a moment of clarity where I KNEW if I didn't stop fighting...
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"Bernie doesn't smile enough"

"He's too angry"

Alright @TheDemocrats how about we just gaze on a few gifs (everyone else, feel free to add your favorite gifs and memes). Better?

#NotMeUs #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #BernieIsTheFrontRunner #BerninForYou
We all know how important it is to swag

Well four years later, he's still got it

@TheDemocrats, can't you see the swag levels?

#NotMeUs #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #BernieIsTheFrontRunner #BerninForYou
A wink

He's happy and he knows it

See the joy just jumping off the gif, @TheDemocrats?

#NotMeUs #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #BernieIsTheFrontRunner #BerninForYou
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