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The Owner of the Cyber Ninjas, Doug Logan, is now $2 million in the hole and about to go bankrupt.

#ETTD 🤣🤣🤣
Turns out that even though a variety of conspiracy-loving groups raised almost $6 million to fund the audit, that money hasn’t made its way to the Cyber Ninjas.

This week the company’s CEO Doug Logan said that rather than making him rich, the sham Maricopa County recount left him $2 million in debt.

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Trump’s new social media company’s stock dropped 25% in the past week


Digital World Acquisition (DWAC), which is set to merge with the Trump Media & Technology Group to form the Truth Social platform, finished at $67.75 per share on Friday, which represented a 25 percent decline for the week.
In related news, Truth Social reportedly could have its software license revoked in 30 days if it doesn't make its source code public.
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BREAKING: January 6th protest organizers say they had dozens of meetings with members of Congress and White House staff.
Two sources are communicating with House investigators and detailed a stunning series of allegations to Rolling Stone, including a promise of a “blanket pardon” from the Oval Office.
Rolling Stone separately confirmed a third person involved in the main Jan. 6 rally in D.C. has communicated with the committee.
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Just In:

The Trump Hotel racked up more than $70 million dollars in losses over a four-year period while publicly claiming it was making 10s of millions.

(@LisaMirandoCNN) Tweeted:
BREAKING: Trump racked up more than $70 million dollars in losses over a four-year period from his DC hotel while publicly claim it was making 10s of millions - this per documents released by the House Oversight Committee. The Manhattan DA and NY AG
investigators have reviewed Trump's financials, but none of that has been made public. The documents include details that Congress chased for years during the presidency, specifically information about foreign payments to Trump businesses, over which House 2/3
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BREAKING: House select committee chair Bennie Thompson says that they are seeking 100’s of phone and text message records from members of Congress and Trump associates.
This is awesome.

Unless you’re a Republican member of Congress or friend of Trump.

Oh my, this sounds nice 👇

Hugo Lowell (@hugolowell) Tweeted:
Thompson, when asked whether the Jan. 6 select committee is seeking records of associates and family members of the former President: “We have quite an exhaustive list.”
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We learned that Trump asked top DOJ officials to announce that the election was corrupt, promising to handle the rest. They refused. But other attorneys did not refuse -- the filed cases making insane allegations. Cases like this one:…
So let's give a big "WELCOME TO THE BARREL" to Gary D. Fielder and Ernest J. Walker.
Their incredibly dumb and dangerous complaint sought 160 BILLION dollars for garbage allegations about a supposed conspiracy to overturn the election by Dominion Voting, Facebook, Pennsylvania, etc., etc.
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A lot of OPM Rich Kid Systemic Failure Monkeys love the word "disruptor".
Terrorists are "Disruptors". A-Holes who know the extortion value to senseless murder, violence and destruction. Trump is a pussy so he projects this threat of violence using dimwits. But we will see this over the summer. As Mar a Rambo flicks terrorist boogers across America.
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The following thread illustrates the danger of trump’s ability to learn on the fly, adjust quickly and do anything it takes to be the top boy. To know what we may be dealing with, buckle up Boxing fans, we’re headed to the 80’s🧵👇🏻
On January 22, 1988, Donald Trump hosted the first of two heavyweight title fights at trump plaza in New Jersey. He had no idea what he was doing. But, then he did. And he adapted quickly. 1988 was a banner year for Donald as outlined in this piece.…
For those who don’t remember or weren’t there, ‘88 Mike Tyson was the best boxer of the time, in his prime and at the peak of his powers. He was the fastest, strongest, hit the hardest, could take anyone’s punch (if any landed at all) and he was popular. He was ‘box office’.
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42.01/ Week Forty-two, May 1-7 2021, thread begins here.

Week 41, April 24-30 2021, below.
42.02/ I'm an NFL fan, so I don't lament these numbers, but it's a fascinating datum nonetheless. And 'watching the draft' doesn't encompass the interest people have (e.g. I couldn't watch over Shabbat, but I woulda if I coulda)
42.03/ #ReshetKeshet. I just uploaded a dvar Torah I wrote 16 years ago about this week's parsha (with connections to Avot, Ruth, and the Simpsons)…
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31.52b/ This is a continuation of the week 31 (Feb. 13-19) thread which is getting too big for stable threading. This is an experiment for this week: to split a thread when it gets to 50 or so.

Part one is here:
31.53/ I've been thinking the same thing (not so well put, of course). How did Skype become the fax machine of this tech crisis?
31.54/ This is good to see! I'm glad the effects are empirically demonstrated.

It's nice when virtue is demonstrably effective. Social science for the win!
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enjoy! we might be watching Fox News’ worst month ever;…
wheels completely coming off
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1. Oath Keepers conspiracy indictment filed in DC on 1/27 alleges proof going back to November 3, 2020, that establishes a conspiracy to simply interfere with the vote in Congress. The crime gets up to 20 years in prison.
2. This is the allegation. IMO every member of @HouseGOP and @SenateGOP who voted to support after the attack can be charged. But how many who knew of the plan and didn't report it?
3. At a minimum they have committed misprision of felony and perhaps a misprision of treason.

Think GOP members used a computer or a cell phone that once had proof of agreement on it? Who thinks there's a cloud back up file somewhere
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Wow, y’all watching #inners ? FFS! #TraitorTrump is THE most corrupt politician EVER! Trump plotted w the head of the Civil division at DOJ Clark, concocted a plan to oust Acting AG Rosen in order to FORCE the GA DA to void the election & say Trump won! JFC! This was on Jan 3
3/Jeffrey Clark, had been devising ways to cast doubt on the election results & to bolster Trump’s continuing legal battles & the pressure on GA politicians. Bec Rosen had refused the president’s entreaties to carry out those plans, Trump was abt to decide whether to fire Rosen
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So Pence has basically just filed an "I can't believe you assholes put me in this position" politician's response to the Gohmert suit, regretfully asking the Court to dismiss because Plaintiffs really should have sued Congress, not him, since they're asking to give him more power
My wife just took over the computer so we'll pause this thread for a bit
To give you a sense of exactly how much of a political coward Pence is, and how much internal wrangling there must have been over the proper response here, check out the opening highlight in the second image here
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PINK SLIME: I'm fascinated by the idea that upcoming civil lawsuits by 2 private companies might rein in the most extreme tendencies of OANN & Fox News.

How? Legal liability that peddling "False, reckless & irresponsible" slander has created.…

"Last week, his lawyer sent scathing letters to the Fox News Channel, Newsmax and OAN demanding that they immediately, forcefully clear his company’s name — and that they retain documents for a planned defamation lawsuit. He has, legal experts say, an unusually strong case."

The occupant of the Office of the President is exempt from slander laws, but not the rest of the crew.

Of course, #ETTD via @TheRickWilson

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One explanation for COVID denialism. The #ETTD theory, "Everything Trump Touches Dies," creates a situation where people cling to clearly wrong policy/beliefs because the alternative, life without Trump, is not sustainable, because of criminal acts carried out under Trump. (more)
2/ Fraud is illegal in the United States, and appellate attorneys lying to courts and to citizens is just the most recent manifestation of fraud. Trump was built on fraud, sustained by fraud, and is clinging to his last hopes of remaining in power by fraud. (more)
3/ But #ETTD kicks in when those in Trump's circles perpetuate fraud, knowing untruths intending to deceive. These conspirators are captured. If Trump is no longer the Executive, they are vulnerable to criminal prosecution. (more)
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2016: Clinton up +3%
2020: Biden up +9.8%

There are also far more state-level polls, which also show Biden decisively ahead
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So, Sean P. Conley, DO lied about Trump's supplemental oxygen. That's a fact.

2/ Conley lied. It's on tape.

Doctors who lie are a special type of evil. #ETTD
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THREAD: On Partisanship, Authoritarianism, and Post-Trump political relations.

-Inspired by the @ProjectLincoln podcast with @anneapplebaum

1/ Historically, single party rule has ended badly, whether power was seized from the left or the right.
2/ When a citizen always votes for the same political party they are enabling single-party rule and allowing that party to be increasingly corrupt and authoritarian. There are times when ALL citizens are called on to put #CountryOverParty.
3/ We are in a time when we need Republicans of conscience to vote for @JoeBiden. There are times when Democracy itself is at stake. This is one of those times. If you vote for Trump and his obvious abuses of power, you are explicitly supporting authoritarianism.
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What? Cippollone you say? So dumb and corrupt that he's almost on the #ETTD level.
OK, this hasn't come home to roost on Cippollone's rotting carcass, BUT IT WILL
Cippollone's connected to BOTH the stupid Covington Catholic HS "everyone is evil" op AND Bill Barr's first term as AG.
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Republican Military Veterans Turn On Trump In New Attack Ad Airing On Fox News | via @HuffPost…
Ohio Republicans turn on Trump: ‘We will not make the same mistake this November’ #MAGARemorse… ImageImageImageImage
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The Trump/Barr goon gestapo in Portland is blatantly fascist on multiple levels but it also seems like the majority of analysis on this topic still VASTLY underestimates the degree to which it’s targeted GOP retribution against Portland’s penchant for *White liberalism/anarchy*. Image
In other words, this is yet another link in the chain of White on White crime for the purpose of maintaining White supremacy. It’s Kent State-esque and it’s meant to terrify White liberals, and more importantly, moderates away from becoming reliable allies to marginalized people.
Admittedly I find the whole thing ironic b/c over the yrs as I’ve discussed my POV on America’s endemic racism as a Black woman in TX, Portland (and OR in general) is invariably the location folk offer up as a prototype for liberal utopia, despite its history of White supremacy.
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