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"Em Israel 🇮🇱 acabou a #pandemia, com 70% já vacinados
No fim do #Shabat hoje reabriram os bares para os vacinados! שבת שלום ולחיים

Estão cantando com euforia pela volta da alegria pra Tel-Aviv."
"No #Brasil🇧🇷, a viagem produziu manchetes, memes e análises. Foi parar em todos os jornais, TVs, rádios e sites de notícias, canais do Youtube e, claro, em threads no #Twitter.

Em #Israel🇮🇱? É um desafio encontrar #israelenses que saibam ou se lembrem de ter visto algo sobre...
...essa visita. Certamente, o nível de importância – pública ou diplomática – não pode ser comparado. Infelizmente, na balança dessa ligação internacional, o Brasil não está para Israel como Israel está para o Brasil. 👉🏾🇧🇷💉🇮🇱
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@LuckyCharms This is my son Owen. He is 4yrs old, energetic, snuggly, silly, and LOVES Lucky Charms. Like most little boys Owen likes the marshmallows most, unlike most little boys Owen is autistic and non-verbal
In our house we do #LuckyCharms differently As Owen is non-verbal he uses the Picture Exchange Communication System to let us know his wants and needs Owen has been working very hard to communicate since March 2019 & we attribute lots of his skills to your marshmallows @PECS_USA
In #PECS the initial stages involve an immediate tangible reward for every exchange using the picture symbols. To increase the success and frequency of exchanges only the most exciting object should be used. Owens favourite thing is Lucky Charms Marshmallows
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@BmillEuropean @AndrewAtter @davidmcallister @NDRinfo @InLimboBrexit @The3Million @BritishInEurope @BritsinGermany @BrexpatsHOV @BremainInSpain @emmyzen @julie4nw @voiceseurope @EricIdle @Bonn1eGreer @SebDance @carolecadwalla @W_A_T_O_N @RemainingKind @katarinabarley @Elenauk @FrankRHofmann @DeutscheWelle @antoni_UK @Jude_KD @UdoBullmann @maikebohn @CMetzelder Eine hervorragende Erklärung des “Ist-Zustandes“ in UK!Besser als manch ein Politikanalyst es darstellt!Europa lässt Euch gerade bitterlich im Stich!Die Medienberichterstattung ist unzureichend, @jakkibak Es ist schändlich, wie die Demokratie in GB ausgehebelt wird, @silkejaeger
@BmillEuropean @AndrewAtter @davidmcallister @NDRinfo @InLimboBrexit @The3Million @BritishInEurope @BritsinGermany @BrexpatsHOV @BremainInSpain @emmyzen @julie4nw @voiceseurope @EricIdle @Bonn1eGreer @SebDance @carolecadwalla @W_A_T_O_N @RemainingKind @katarinabarley @Elenauk @FrankRHofmann @DeutscheWelle @antoni_UK @Jude_KD @UdoBullmann @maikebohn @CMetzelder @jakkibak @silkejaeger 2/ Die Zusammenhänge zwischen dem manipulierten Trump-Wahlkampf, @JohannesHano und dem Brexit-Referendum, werden bis auf Ausnahmen (@elisouchka @VoxPop_ARTE 👏) fast völlig “unter dem Tisch gekehrt“, @guyverhofstadt, der Einzige,der das klar anspricht und vor einer Erosion warnt!
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@phoenix_de @guyverhofstadt Die Bürgerrechte der @The3Million sowie @BritishInEurope finden trotz allem zu wenig Gewichtung! Die EU hat nur dann eine Zukunft, wenn sie sich weniger von Lobbygruppen&mächtigen Wirtschaftsunternehmen leiten lässt&ein Bürgerparlament installiert,das mit entscheidet&konrolliert!
@phoenix_de @guyverhofstadt @The3Million @BritishInEurope @Eu27K @julienfouchet1 @inthebrickhouse @fairvoteuk @Lawyers4EU @UKEUchallenge @voiceseurope @AndrewAtter @julie4nw Another problem,UK democracy is hijacked by populists.@guyverhofstadt“Europe has a 5th column in its ranks:Putin's cheerleaders who want to destroy Europe&liberal democracy:LePen,Wilders..use Kremlin money&intelligence. Farage's friend Banks colluded with Russia 2deliver #Brexit
@phoenix_de @guyverhofstadt @The3Million @BritishInEurope @Eu27K @julienfouchet1 @inthebrickhouse @fairvoteuk @Lawyers4EU @UKEUchallenge @voiceseurope @AndrewAtter @julie4nw @julienfouchet1 “Our pan-European movement @Eu27K wants to mobilise people in all of the 27 states so that people understand why the UK is leaving the EU–they don’t know in the memberstates that this Brexit is illegal.We aim 2 create a support committee in each of the 27 states.“
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@JensBorglum starting off the Pro/Con debate on Blocks in Breast Surgery. So many options for this area with complex innervation #ESP #MTP #MIC #PECS #ESRA2018 Image
@jmcd12 with the retaliatory Con debate. Newer blocks are great but are not yet as good as the "real thing" of Paravertebral Block in Breast Surgery. #ESRA2018 Image
John McDonnell with the retaliatory debate. Newer blocks are great but not yet as good as the "real thing" Paravertebral Block #ESRA2018 Image
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