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[Hilo] Estimación #SemáforoCOVID19

Aquí los estados que estimé durante el directo de hoy, como siempre, recomiendo verlo diferido para entender todos los indicadores y su comportamiento por estados.


¡Gracias a los que estuvieron presentes! Image
A destacar de los estados que estimé:

• Solo #MOR con el puntaje requerido para estar en #SemáforoVerde.

#NLE, #ROO, #YUC en #SemáforoNaranja.

• 13 estados en #SemáforoAmarillo.
↔ Cambios:

• De 🟢 #SemáforoVerde a 🟡 #SemáforoAmarillo:

• De 🟡 #SemáforoAmarillo a 🟠 #SemáforoNaranja:
#NLE, #YUC. ImageImage
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Dus .. de verkoop in je grootste wereldmarkt China keldert nu al net zo hard als je Tesla aandelenkoers.

En die keldert weer net zo hard als je monopoly crypto 'geld' koers ..

Goh, jeetje. Ja, wie verwacht dat nou?! #GebakkenLucht
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Note: thinking of #Assange ... thinking of the #World ... thinking of #newsmedia ... thinking of encroached #Intel and possibly #deepstate entities ... thinking of #FiveEyes and all this sort of #Jazz

It's not a happy scene is it...!

Point: I can't wrap my mind around it

I'm not the best brain here.
Yes it's true

I'm sick of #ForeverWar as it's termed

I'm sick of #Starvation and #illness esp in #yemen

I'm sick of #palastinian oppression by #Israel and the seeming #aparteid there

I'm sick of #US interference in #SouthAmerica, at least

And I've no Idea what the hell I can do.

As for the #UK , well like for example in the #Saudi and #UAE coalition they provide all that #Support for helping the #WarEffort and say the #Arms sold are within strict guidelines.

It's a heap...!!!
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#ThrowbackThursday to being on @radbrowndads' @seesomething podcast live taping at the @ArabAmericanMus! 🎤

Story time: I loved the taping itself but one of my favorite moments was the #afterparty.

#thread Photo credit: Arab American...
Since @radbrowndads and @salimahfm's #families were in town and packed the auditorium for the @seesomething taping, we all went out to #dinner down the street at Sheeba (an amazing Yemeni restaurant) afterward and took over a bunch of tables.
When we got there, @AshaMNoor and I started quietly plotting the whole time around how to outsmart the uncles - Ahmed's dad and Salimah's dad, in particular - in terms of not having them pay for our meals.
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The Saudi coalition that is warring against #Yemen is slowly crumbling. In recent months, #Sudan reduced its troop deployment from 15,000 to 5,000 - and now down to 675. #Iran is backing the #Houthi government against the #Saleh loyalists backed by the USA, #SaudiArabia & #UAE
The #Saudi-#UAE coalition against #Yemen includes 9 Arab state militaries, 10 support nations (including the USA), Blackwater/#Academi mercenaries, #alQaeda & #ISIS-Yemen. Yes, the USA is aligned with al Qaeda & ISIS forces in Yemen - just like in #Syria.
The #CIA continues to use #alQaeda & #ISIS to do the dirty work of the New World Order. Trump sells weapons to Saudi Arabia for the #MIC. The CIA then diverts some of the weapons from the Saudis to the terrorists. Once again, the POTUS has plausible deniability. #TerroristTrump
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'The government applied that label to people like Osama bin Laden & other Islamic jihadists. But now the Obama administration has removed all references to Islam from terror training materials, & instead the term “terrorist” is being applied to large groups of American citizens.'
Chomi Prag
"Is gang stalking prohibited under law? Yes, it may not be spelled out as "gang stalking" per se but the methods and tactics perpetrators use against their victims or targets is not allowed by law."
Article Source:…
Once the government is committed to the principal of silencing opposition it has only one way to go & that is down th path of increasingly repressive measures until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens & creates a country whr all live in fear
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@JensBorglum starting off the Pro/Con debate on Blocks in Breast Surgery. So many options for this area with complex innervation #ESP #MTP #MIC #PECS #ESRA2018 Image
@jmcd12 with the retaliatory Con debate. Newer blocks are great but are not yet as good as the "real thing" of Paravertebral Block in Breast Surgery. #ESRA2018 Image
John McDonnell with the retaliatory debate. Newer blocks are great but not yet as good as the "real thing" Paravertebral Block #ESRA2018 Image
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