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Back at #SECU for the next round of votes on Bill #C59, in time to see the #NDP motion to give the Intelligence Commissioner powers to go beyond simply saying "yes" or "no" on authorizations be voted down. #cdnpoli
Next Liberal motion, also proposed by Greens, is to ask the #IC to publish decisions not only when rejecting an authorization, but also in approving it (something @ICLMG is in favour of). Passes.
NDP motion that would allow IC to ask for additional information, rather than saying "yes" or "no" to an authorization. Notes that the current #CSE commissioner suggested this amendment #C59 #secu
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#ABTVtoStopBrexit isn't about affecting the balance of power or forcing a General Election. #ABTV is about sending a message to the Tories, and *especially* to Labour that people don't support *any* #Brexit. Not a #HardBrexit, #SoftBrexit, #NoDealBrexit, #Lexit, or *any* Brexit.
The Tory's control more than half of councils, nearly double Labour. Losing control of even half of them is unrealistic, and even if it happened under fixed term government I can all but guarantee it won't result in a General Election.
A Prime Minister calls a GE under two circumstances:
1) They are miles ahead in the polls and think they can increase their majority (as in 2017)
2) They have suffered a humiliating defeat or scandal.
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Which Republicans on House Intel might boycott @chrisinsilico hearing? Focusing on potential FECA violations, such as foreign nationals performing data strategy roles in Summer of ‘16, it’s all very bad news for GOP. #CambridgeAnalytica… via @donie
Who is Federica Nocera? Who is Giovanni Doni? (Matt Ozcowski, dir of product pictured center) photo allegedly from summer ‘16 at Project Alamo, San Antonio #CambridgeAnalytica #CambridgeAnalytics
Unconfirmed photo of Project Alamo team.
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Data Hunter @VickerySec yesterday gave evidence to the Canadian Parliament on #AIQ & #CambridgeAnalytica. This evidence is of vital importance. Please watch and share! @carolecadwalla @profcarroll @DamianCollins @chrisinsilico @WendySiegelman @annmarlowe @peterjukes @CommonsCMS
2) @VickerySec yesterday gave evidence to the Canadian Parliament on #AIQ & #CambridgeAnalytica. This evidence is of vital importance. Please watch and share! @carolecadwalla @profcarroll @DamianCollins @chrisinsilico @WendySiegelman @annmarlowe @peterjukes @CommonsCMS
3) @VickerySec yesterday gave evidence to the Canadian Parliament on #AIQ & #CambridgeAnalytica. This evidence is of vital importance. Please watch and share! @carolecadwalla @profcarroll @DamianCollins @chrisinsilico @WendySiegelman @annmarlowe @peterjukes @CommonsCMS
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1/ Livetweeting former #CambridgeAnalytica Director of Program Development Brittany Kaiser giving evidence to @CommonsCMS
2/ Here is Kaiser’s written testimony.
3/ Kaiser chronicles her time before going over to the dark side. Collins bumps her up to get to the good stuff. Like when she was introduced to Nix. “Let me get you drunk and steal your secrets.”
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To those who believe we should roll over and "accept" the ref/vote... Do you know how democracy works? #ABTV #FBPE #BrexitIsPersonal
It's a PROCESS. Not an end product. You don't do it just the once. Remainers/leavers who insist we should respect the vote are either not aware of the threat democracy is currently under or they don't understand the concept of democracy.
"You don't get to keep voting until you get what you want". Well actually that IS kinda the point. You want your vote to count. And you want your values and policies to be realised.
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Most Brits have been sleeping. But Sunday they’ll wake up to @carolecadwalla’s receipt. The Bad Boys of Brexit will have to explain why they lied about Americans unlawfully paying for illicit data. No wonder they didn’t disclose it! #CambridgeAnalytica…
So if Steve Bannon, Rebekah Mercer, and Alexander Nix cheated on the Brexit referendum you don’t think they would do the same thing in Ameri…wait what was in that email that Trey Gowdy showed to Bannon when they dragged him down to Congress?…
Watch it again. Now that the #BrexitCheatReceipt by @carolecadwalla is public.

Conservative Trey Gowdy.

Russia probe. 3 reasons. No dossier.

Trump Tower meeting.


Email from #CambridgeAnalytica.

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allez, c’est parti pour la suite du #Zuckhearing devant le congrès. pour le style, on verse toujours dans la fanfic live report différé, en français.
nouveau thread pour l’occasion, histoire que vous n’ayez pas 400 tweets à dérouler. (je pense notamment à ceux qui ont des apps de merde android.) vous pouvez retrouver la première partie de l’histoire, devant le sénat, ici :
j’ai 4.1k mots et 24.5k signes à publier : comptez donc une grosse centaine de tweets (ça paraît beaucoup, mais en vrai c’est un peu moins que ce que poste @Pipomantis en une journée ー je dis pas ça à l’arrache je l’avais mesuré avec l’api twitter back in 2013.)
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Disgraced ex-ceo of #CambridgeAnalytica was already in hot water with Parliament @CommonsCMS for misleading statements. Now two Democrats on HSPCI say Nix wasn’t truthful to them during his interview.… via @ByTomFrank
Related: @JoaquinCastrotx spars with Texas AG over whether to probe #CambridgeAnalytica further underscoring Republican’s lack of interest in getting to the truth about the firm that has tainted America’s democracy.…
Parscale distances himself from #CambridgeAnalytica today, per the article above. But immediately after the election, he was on TV using their terminology (echoed by Theresa Hong on BBC) while describing their success.
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I checked the Twitter Trend statistics for #Kathua and found that it peaked interest late on 9th April 2018. The day @RahulGandhi ‘s farce of a fast was ridiculed.
The Kathua case happened in January 2018.
This is the world map of #Kathua tweets on trend analysis. Interesting?
I’m not discrediting or denying your emotions and rage about the #Kathua case. You are right to feel angry, I feel much the same.
But what exactly are you angry about? Who are you letting use your anger?
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It's excruciatingly embarrassing that our press has pumped out so much bilge about the EU that .@EUlondonrep had to have a page on its website dedicated to "A-Z of Euromyths".

As it's Friday, I've picked out my top-ten stupid stories by the British press on the EU #Thread
In at N°10 in the Brit EU-#FakeNews Hit Parade: The S*n claimed the EU wanted to ban BAGPIPES. I'm sure Her Majesty the Queen would have had something to say about that, of whom more anon...

#BrexitShambles #FBPE #WATON #ABTV #BrexitIdiocy
At N°9 in the Brit EU-#FakeNews Hit Parade: The Daily Telegraph, which is now almost as bad as red-tops for fake news when it comes to the EU, claimed the EU wanted to ban that most famous of British icons, the doubled-decker bus.

#BrexitShambles #FBPE #WATON #ABTV #BrexitIdiocy
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On a bcp tourné en rond ces dernières min pendant l'audition #Zuckerberg. Un sénateur a demandé si FB utilisait les données conversationnelles de Whatsapp, zuck a dit que non, puis une sénatrice a parlé des options de protection des contenus perso et Zuck a tourné autour du pot.
Un autre sénateur (Coons) pose une question intéressante et plus pointue sur l'usage qui peut être fait des données de ciblage (cibler les accros aux jeux quand on est un casino, les ados pour des pilules minceur, les alcooliques pour les marques d'alcool, etc) #zuckerberg
Coons a également demandé confirmation des actions entreprises par FB pour les ciblages excluants (ne pas montrer une offre d'emploi aux non-caucasiens par ex), Zuck commence à répondre et on coche la case du bingo "built in a dormroom" #Zuckerberg
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Live tweeting the #ZuckerRoast right now.😎

#Zuckerberg literally looks like he's going to PUKE‼️🤢🤮

GOP Sen Thune is reading a prepared statement👉🏼basically says that #Facebook's proposed changes are TOTAL BUNKUM. They will only serve to INCREASE PROFITS for Facebook.

Says that social media companies CANNOT self-regulate. DUH!🙄
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Victims of the Kogan/Chancellor quiz scam that deceptively harvested their Facebook friends data and matched it to their voter registrations have begun to come forward. The deluge of realization begins for 87 million tomorrow. #CambridgeAnalytica
NYT and all journalists should mention Chancellor in the same breath as Kogan. Chancellor was hired by Facebook under controversial circumstances and works there to this day.
Voters were matched and psychologically profiled for 75¢ each per the contract between Kogan/Chancellor and Alexander Nix of SCL Group per the Wylie docs published by Parliament.
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Just revisiting an appearance on CBS by Matt Ozcowski, head of product at #CambridgeAnalytica, right after the election.
Just revisiting this CNN segment from November 3, 2016 on #CambridgeAnalytica which describes Facebook quiz enrichment data model process and their leave campaign work.
Just revisiting this Kelly File interview with Brad Parscale on November 15, 2016. Notice he uses #CambridgeAnalytica terminology of “Universes” that Theresa Hong also used in her BBC interview. He since denies their role or value in campaign.
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Meet Sam Patten, former #CambridgeAnalytica operative who teamed up with accused Russian intel asset, Konstantin Kilimnik. In 2014, #AggregateIQ built RIPON for SCL Elections Ltd. AIQ is now suspended by Facebook.… via @dcpoll
Of course @carolecadwalla covered Patton’s role in Nigeria election black ops, with (now suspended) #AggregateIQ it turns out. The Oregon office of #CambridgeAnalytica would be conveniently close to Victoria, B.C., just saying.
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1/ Liz it is not that you reported on Nigel & Jacob throwing some fish into the Thames. It’s that you did not also report on many many many more people marching against #Brext. The logic given for. It doing so does not add up.
2/ it is also that you did not raise critical & basic questions in regard to said stunt throwing of fish into the Thames. It is the total Government pro #Brexit. Has exhibited by @BBCNews in recent years.
3/ It is the sheer number of appearances by #Brexiters such as #farage versus #Remainers. It is the ambush mounted on @carolecadwalla by @AndrewMarr9 & #Brexstremjst guest
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Meet Kristen Fotenrose, who until a month ago worked at SCL Group Ltd, but now works in the White House for the NSC. This is insanity. #CambridgeAnalytica
Evidence suggests that all of SCL’s data, including that sourced from #AggregateIQ and #CambridgeAnalytica appears to flow toward SCL Group’s data warehouse. Unsettling to say the least.
Listen to this profile on BBC radio of Nigel Oakes, founder of SCL. It is both engrossing and distressing. #CambridgeAnalytica #SCL…
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After an intense vote (see below), it was decided that my 5k-followers celebration thread should be on genre and fake news. A topic which I, for fairly strange non-standard reasons, happen to know a little bit about.

Thanks to all who played in particular The Usual Suspects, @IAmMardikins (who suggested the winning topic; hail the chairman!) @Dogtrouser_PI @Ferretgrove @TanyaKaroli @MarieEBM and a truckload of others. Anyway. Here goes:
A thread on genre and fake news. 1/
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Signs that #Election2016 was rigged (judge for yourselves)
1.There are plenty of examples were the #UnitedStates has been involved in trying to rig or likely has been a part of rigging foreign elections.
2.1948 election in# Italy, #USA agencies "threw everything, into helping the Christian Democrats.

1950s, the #CIA allegedly helped the West German Christian Democrats, led by Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, to come to power.
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Remember when Nix told @CommonsCMS that “certain” #CambridgeAnalytica data in the US can flow to SCL Group? From @chrisinsilico docs, note #RIPON system architecture sends data to SCL warehouse. Unreal.
That, my friends, is what digital colonialism looks like.
From the #Ripon brochure. Did Nix give this to Lukoil (Putin)?#CambridgeAnalytica #SCL #AggregateIQ…
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#Probablemente ([#EO]#probable🍀/[#EN]#Probably🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)
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