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Earlier this year, the PM promised of a fully operational “world beating” track & trace app by 1 June

It was one of the govt's much touted 5 conditions to easing lockdown

Four months late, comes an app which appears only to be able to process tests that have been done by Serco.
If this “NHS” test & trace app, run by a private firm, doesn’t accept tests done by the NHS only by an outsourced private firm, this need to be changed

Like testing, an app is crucial

Germany introduced their’ on 15 June & it had 12m downloads in a week.
For months, the govt attempted to downplay the importance of the App.

It went from being “an essential component” in tackling #COVID19 to being “a cherry on the top of Dido’s cake”!

This was @MattHancock on 5 June

He doesn’t seem terribly concerned.
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Palantir has shifted it's IPO (Initial Public Offering) from 23 to 29 September.

It will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Palantir run the NHS & HHS digital platforms & provided the data management platform for Cambridge Analytica.…
Disgraced #CambridgeAnalytica CEO, Alexander Nix, has been disqualified as company director for 7 yrs for "shady" & "unethical" business activities

Nix had links to #Palantir & Faculty AI who now have access to all our NHS data

But that's just the start… ImageImageImageImage
“Nix actually did break the UK Data Protection Act of 1998 by unlawfully profiling US voters without their consent or data rights. His regulator, the ICO, said so. This truth never broke through to the press, the FTC, or Her Majesty’s Govt.” @profcarroll…
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Want some NearlyFreeSpeech?
Want some #CambridgeAnalytica, SCL and HeatStreet starting points?
Want some #8chan maps?
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Watching @TheVowHBO as a subject in @thegreathackdoc I notice how The Othrs had so much more material to work with to tell the story of #NXIVM whereas the #CambridgeAnalytica saga is still more obfuscated and invisible.
The Great Hack should have been a Netflix series like The Vow is an HBO seres on NXIVM. The whole story has not been told.
Random SCL employees blurred out in @thegreathackdoc

Random #nxivm members blurred out in @TheVowHBO
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Last year the ICO, the independent authority set up to uphold information rights, told @DamianCollins that a detailed analysis of the seized #CambridgeAnalytica/SCL servers would be shared.

Today comes news, without explanation, that it’s been abandoned.
“Facebook paid over $5B to make this same investigation go away in the U.S. without depositions or further probing. Did that include making it go away in UK, too??? Like it or not. Sketchy or not. It went away.”

THREAD by @jason_kint #CambridgeAnalytica
“This investigation is so important on so many levels. We still rely on journalists, on civil society, on whistleblowers, but as a regulator we need to act on it.” Elizabeth Denham.

@michaelgove, who refused to answer DCMS questions, is Denham’s boss.…
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This is the most MUST-READ article/upcoming book I’ve seen in a long time thanks to ⁦@doctorow⁩ “How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism, a New Book by Cory Doctorow | OneZero” I disagree/agree in numerous ways I will detail but it’s thoughtful 👍 so:…
This is how I have generally seen it... it’s really not about people posting targeted ads in new ways that are so convincing cause psychology in messaging... This misses the wider point. This is more structural.
this is not as much the type of activities I am focused on - people think information warfare is about sending about mass advertising 😬 no - you really have no idea, also small actions can produce big behavioral changes - you need to understand people to do that, not ads!
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The others mentioned in the Bannon indictment are Timothy Shea, who in May was announced as the Acting Administrator of Drug Enforcement Administration, Brian Kolfage, a Iraq war veteran, and Andrew Badolato.
May 2020 Attorney General Barr announces Timothy J. Shea as new Acting Administrator of Drug Enforcement Administration…
Leaders Of ‘We Build The Wall’ Online Fundraising Campaign Charged With Defrauding 100s Of 1,000 Of Donors

Defendants Alleged to Have Funneled 100s of 1,000 of Dollars From the Org; All Defendants Allegedly Profited From Their Roles in the Scheme…
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What @snowden revealed was the construction and foundations of the same surveillance and influence nightmare that is now coming of age, weaponised worldwide. We needed that knowledge. Let’s learn the lessons, reform surveillant infrastructure and influence.
Don’t enable governments arguments designed to weaken Whistleblowing across the board and strip journalism of important protections.
Reform government contracting, increase oversight and reporting, do things in house if you’re going to, introduce #dataprivacy reforms we need and understand that an arms race in this surveillant influence nightmare does not make us safer.
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#PinkRainbow Clissold Park, London
Some people have suggested that last night’s sky was a sign or a portend of doom.

Personally, I don’t believe in bad omens although I did feel an icy shiver when I found out that this #PinkRainbow had one end in Westminster & the other end in County #BarnardCastle! Image
“Still boiling!”

Watching Matt Hancock’s desperate defence of #DominicCummings, the architect of govt’s #COVID19 strategy.
#BarnardCastle #BarnardCastleGate #borisjohnson #dominiccummnings #Palantir #FacultyAI #RIPtiktok #cambridgeanalytica #coronavirus
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Hey @AndrewYang we shld go looking to the EU for good ideas for global data rights adequacy not solutionist widgets with arbitration clauses because #datarightsarehumanrights! The fundamental problem is weak sauce data crimes enforcement worldwide. #CambridgeAnalytica ‘learnings’
strikes me that @SenSherrodBrown’s #DATAact would align the US with the EU’s GDPR more closely than competing bills (IANAL but @LAM_Barrett is) Perhaps legal experts will weigh in on US bills and GDPR adequacy to maintain legal cross-border data trade?… Image
An underlying theme of @thegreathackdoc is the tension between Brittany Kaiser’s vision of owning and monetizing data and how that contrasts with my discovery as an American invoking my data sovereignty granted by the EU data protection regime to fact-find 2016 election scandal.
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Wow...look at who pops up in the ‘Active Measures’ video on Prime, @BorisJohnson - it’s #JackWakefield’s former boss, #DmytroFirtash! Wakefield is #DominicCummings’ brother-in-law & Firtash helps #Putin launder #Russian money! #ReleaseTheRussianReport

#Firtash is friends with #PaulManafort who was #DonaldTrump’s campaign manager - Manafort was imprisoned for corruption and fraud. Manafort helped to launder money in US for #Firtash and indirectly #Putin.

#ReleaseTheRussianReport ImageImageImageImage
#Firtash bought the Brompton Road Tube Station at the eleventh hour. The redevelopment of disused tube stations was a (flagging) project for #BorisJohnson during his time as Mayor of #London. Firtash came out of nowhere to buy the station, bypassing the bidding process
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"Pandering...", he says.

Hot tip: Facebook cares a *lot* about privacy and community safety. Aside from anything else: reputational damage in that space - eg: #CambridgeAnalytica - is bad for the pursuit of money-grubbing capitalism.
The history of the FB Onion site is explained here:… Image
The rationale of the FB Onion site is explained here:… Image
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Is Cummings really exploiting the pandemic to feed massive population-level datasets into his pals’ data science boiler-room at Faculty, producing a UK equivalent of the coercive Chinese social credit system which he praised in his blog last year? #QianXuesen is the key... (1/?)
In March 2019 Dom wrote a long blog on “social systems engineering”, including an approving deep-dive on how the Chinese social credit system is used to maintain social control. He traces the influence of #QianXuesen, godfather of Chinese ARPA programs:…
“All stable processes we shall predict. All unstable processes we shall control” - Dom uses this chillingly deterministic quote from Von Neumann of the Manhattan Project as his epigraph to the section on #QianXuesen and China’s social credit system. #TakeBackControl of your head?
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Could @LibDemLords / @LibDems / @OpenRightsGroup please tell Lord Clement-Jones that #AgeVerification was "kicked into the long grass" by British Civil Society as being illiberal & misconceived; and that the "pornography industry" were embracing it?… Image
I speak as a lead striker for one of the teams which is responsible for putting #AgeVerification into "the long grass", viz @OpenRightsGroup… ImageImage
Starting with this blog post:…
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Es un orgullo para la Comunidad de Desarrolladores de Argentina poder acompãnar iniciativas como el #ConnectDay junto a estas empresas @plataforma5la, @distillerylatam, @revistasg y @clarikagroup 💪
¡Hoy es el #ConnectDay! Desde CoDeAr estamos felices de poder acompañar a @wtmriodelaplata, @GDGCordobaARG, @gdgriodelaplata en este día de charlas y de compartir conocimiento en comunidad. Podés sumarte a la transmisión en vivo desde acá:
Comienza la primer charla sobre #DataScience y #Economía, en el contexto de las #transdisciplinas.
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BREAKING My Interactive #CambridgeAnalytica Map is LIVE - the first project to collate, analyze and map reporting of the worldwide activities of SCL, CA scandal-ridden companies see @carolecadwalla @profcarroll @DamianCollins @VickerySec #datarights #trump
My data scientist friend and especially my research assistant Ben Staton deserve some high praise indeed too. This could not have happened without them.
🤓🤓🤓 time to explore! Try the slider where you select a range of dates of known projects... click on a country or hit play and watch as #CambridgeAnalytica and #SCL projects spread over time. #propagandamachine
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1/ "Par-scale, like golf and weigh yourself."
2/ Late 2015, Parscale pitches Kushner on Facebook. Kushner hires him. Parscale was never anything more than a hack web designer when he started with Trump.
3/ Parscale says he sold Kushner on the idea of the Trump campaign using Facebook. And then—outta nowhere—Poof! They when the primaries.
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En este #hilo, voy a explicar por qué usar Zoom para tus video conferencias es una mala idea en esta #cuarentena. y les propondré #Jitsi como alternativa
1. #Zoom es un software de código cerrado, o sea, no sabemos como funciona, qué información extrae de tu dispositivo ni cómo protege tus comunicaciones. En otras palabras, es inseguro. Te preguntarás, ¿a quién le importan mis conversaciones? Pero no es solo eso.
2. El problema es la suma de la información de todos los usuarios, que entrega un enorme poder a las plataformas (#bigdata). ¿Recuerdas #cambridgeanalytica? Y parece que estos tíos se las traen, como les comentaré...
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Altijd leuk als mensen een #thread maken over hun ideeën.
@PietLekkerkerk maakte een thread over de #EU-standpunten van #FvD omdat hij vindt dat deze standpunten onzinnig zijn.
Hier👇zijn thread en mijn antwoord.
Piet vraagt (tweet 3👇) naar de onderbouwing voor 2 beweringen van #FvD:

-dat de EU ons miljarden kost
-dat economieën in Zuid-Europa kapot gaan door de #EU

Eerst gaan we kijken naar de miljarden.
Piet stelt dat het ‘maar’ 1 miljard per jaar is.
Zijn linkje werkt niet meer, dus ik heb zelf even gegoogeld en kwam hier terecht.
Volgens de EU zelf👇 betaalde NL in 2017 bijna 2 miljard meer dan het ontving.
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6th Release of #MuellerMemos includes FOIA of Rick GATES 302 where he is asked about #CambridgeAnalytica, PSY Group, and providing data and campaign strategy to Kosnstantin KILMNICK and more. via @JasonLeopold
Rick Gates did not remember PSY Group stuff it seems. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯…
“Looking back, he can’t say for if that’s true.” —Clovis in the FOIA’d #MuellerMemos essentially doubting what would be Bill Barr’s masterful whitewash job of the Mueller Report.
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Great to see other outlets like @politico finally report this. Was @JeffHorwitz scoop that #CambridgeAnalytica staff were doing #Trump2020, other media v slow. Interesting effort to claim CA experience got nothing to do with Matt Oczkowski hire tho! 😆…
Yeh.... we believe you!
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10 stories this week (w/e 08 Feb)
The 46th Birthday edition. Send me cake. 🎂…
Evolving digital design [Podcast]
Big tech behaving badly, the future of work, and the power of niche networks…
This week’s 10 stories look at what comes after privacy's demise, new ways Travis Kalanick is breaking the law, Ireland's lack of love for Facebook, and more.…
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1. anche se ne ho parlato già ieri sera in inglese, rispondo a chi mi continua a chiedere dell'articolo del #DailyBeast, secondo il quale #ArronBanks avrebbe vantato un canale di comunicazione con Julian #Assange e #WikiLeaks, che trovate qui in inglese:…
2. ho spiegato ieri sera perché sono completamente scettica riguardo a gente che va a vantarsi in giro di "un canale" con Julian #Assange: sono anni che #Guardian, #DailyBeast, ecc pubblicano questi articoli senza uno straccio di prova
3. dunque secondo le ricostruzioni giornalistiche, #ArronBanks sarebbe stato l'uomo della #Brexit in combutta con i #russi
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