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Remember how #CambridgeAnalytica & #Facebook helped elect an unqualified conman wannabe autocrat? The data mining, micro targeting? PP’s team is using the same types of techniques. With the aid of multiple front groups.… #cdnpoli #NevrePolievre
Frames from the BBC documentary on how psycho-graphics were used to micro target and manipulate voters, sending Trump to the White House.

💰being funneled to front groups like #TrueNorthCentre, #CanadaProud, gun lobbies & other propaganda operations, aim to do the same with PP. ImageImageImageImage
Never forget all the data mining done by Polievre & other #Conservatives in the guise of “petitions” & other devices to mine data. #NevrePoilievre #PierrePoilievreIsAFascist #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
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"No estamos huyendo de la discusión política", dice Becassino, mentira: huyen. Su campaña es otra: hacen video de @ingrodolfohdez diciendo "sí", otro diciendo "no", y luego, a partir envíos por Facebook y WhatsApp a votantes geoposicionados, envían lo que la persona quieren oír🧵
Puro #cambridgeanalytica: las bodeguitas bombardean a varios tipos de votantes con videos altamente personalizados de @ingrodolfohdez
acorde a la información que tienen de cada posible sufragante: al del "NO" se le manda el video del "NO" y al del "SÍ" Rodolfo diga "sí": "sí".
Los usuarios rotan los videos, poco importa el origen, no hay enlaces a un sitio ni traza de donde se originó la información, rotan y fluyen por Whatsapp, aparecen y desaparecen de los flujos y perfiles y avatares de Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc...
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The Labour Party are still refusing - nearly eight months on - to answer Subject Access Requests from party members about what information was lost during a massive data breach back in October last year. 🧵
@allthecitizens / @TheEyeballsEN / @BylineTimes
Following news of a data breach affecting the Labour party, in which a ‘significant quantity of party data’ was rendered ‘inaccessible’, @allthecitizens can confirm that members still haven’t had their requests for information answered by the party.
In a press release following the attack, Labour announced that the data affected included ‘information provided to the Party by its members, registered and affiliated supporters, and other individuals who have provided their information’…
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Jepp, Sheryl #Sandberg tritt nach 14 Jahren als Kopf von #Facebook/#Meta zurück. Mal abgesehen davon, was sie danach so vor hat und wie ihr Verhältnis zu #Zuckerberg so ist, sollte man auch immer im Hinterkopf behalten, aus welcher Familie sie stammt.

Die war nämlich den 1/
Leuten sehr nahe, die unter anderem #Netanjahu hervorgebracht haben. Ohne den weder das Phänomen #Trump, noch #CambridgeAnalytica/#Brexit noch irgendetwas in der Form der #GOP/#GPQ möglich gewesen wäre.

Netanjahu war und ist, wie ich nicht müde werde zu betonen, ein enger
Freund der Familie von Jared #Kushner, der eine beispiellos fragwürde Karriere im Weißen Haus hingelegt hat. Karriere im Sinne von: Bekommt keine Sicherheitsfreigabe, erhält aber trotzdem Zugang zu Geheimnissen aller Art, macht magischerweise völlig zufällig Milliardendeals
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BIG BREAKING NEWS! The DC Attorney General is suing Mark Zuckerberg over #CambridgeAnalytica - but you know, that was clearly a storm in a teacup… snake oil… hmmm?! (READ the suit here:…) ⁦…
You can read about my role in revealing #CambridgeAnalytica’s wrongdoing & sign up for my newsletter on my website at & support my continued research exposing unethical influence industry practises and fight for accountability here
You can also attend a Q&A with me today here hosted by Cambridge Disinformation Summit @CambridgeCFRA - don’t miss it!!!
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The PM breaking #COVID19 lockdown rules then lying about it is serious

But there are MUCH bigger scandals than #Partygate (many of which I broke)

5/3/20 - #TakeItOnTheChin #HerdImmunityScandal

3/2/20 #GreenwichSpeech👇

15/5/20 #CarehomeScandal

👉the #DataGrab / #PalantirPlan
For me, my investigation began by chance on 8/3/20 when I stumbled on @BorisJohnson’s interview with @Schofe & @hollywills where he said “one theory is we could #TakeItOnTheChin

I clipped it & it went viral

Ironically, this was also the same day as first Briton died of #COVID
As #COVID19 hit, every epidemiologist/virologist made clear #HerdImmunity without a vaccine was an “outcome” not a “strategy”

Every behaviourist made clear “behavioural fatigue” was unscientific

Every expert knew about asymptomatic spread in Feb 2020

Then the penny dropped
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So some interesting things have surfaced in the last few weeks that I want to share. Be patient with me, I’m slow & get interrupted a lot. But, I think it’s worth it to share this information before the mid-term elections.

😃 Please don’t forget to vote in November…💙
This article from 04/06/2022 has been weighing on my mind…it’s regarding the #RockbridgeNetwork, defined as a coalition.

What is a “political coalition” in the US?
Not much. It’s basically a verbal, non-regulated agreement to finance an agreed upon political agenda.
While #RockbridgeNetwork is being considered a “new GOP coalition”, it isn’t, think #CambridgeAnalytica. Plus, it is not the only “new GOP coalition” popping up before mid-term elections. #ChestnutStreetCouncil has been started by Matt Schlapp, think #KochNetwork
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1/. Tomorrow, voters in #Hungary will go to the polls

#Orban, who installed what he calls “illiberal democracy” is running for his fifth term

He controls public television

His allies dominate private media

Voters are inundated with pro-Orban coverage…
2/. Ahead of the European elections, virtually all Hungary's newspapers ran the same front page Orban interview

Research found that 77% of political & public affairs media is financed by sources decided by ruling Fidesz party

These tactics are part of the authoritarian playbook Image
3/. Fascism experts like @TimothyDSnyder, believe politicians around the world are reviving century-old fascist tactics

They use populist rhetoric to stir-up divisions & harness the power of tech, big data & social media to win power & reshape narratives.
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Boris Johnson: “It did happen & I’m not ashamed of it”

Angus Deayton: What aren’t you ashamed of, Boris?

Boris Johnson: Whatever there is not to be ashamed of


The laugh is crucial

He manages to make people laugh even while admitting his crime
In this 2013 interview, @BorisJohnson admits he’s not really “bumbling”

It’s just an put on act

In reality he’s “hard as nails”

He also tells us “a terrible truth about politics & human nature”

That you can “make a good case for any course of action”
“It’s often useful to give the slight impression that you are deliberately pretending not to know what's going on - because the reality may be that you don't know what's going on but people won't be able to tell the difference." @BorisJohnson #BorisJohnson
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1/. “We want to make the UK fully autonomous, from a regulatory and geopolitical point of view”

Palantir, the shadowy data, surveillance & genomics, that run the NHS COVID data store, plans to shift its entire UK data processing operation from the US!…
2/. “Are you aware that #Palantir & #FacultyAI have links to the discredited #CambridgeAnalytica?”

“ don't think I'm aware of that, no”

@DawnButlerBrent tells @MattHancock that Palantir rptdly taught #CambridgeAnalyica to scrape data!👇
3/. Whistleblower @chrisinsilico says that Palantir showed #CambridgeAnalytica how to harvest data from Facebook users ahead of #Brexit vote

Palantir run the NHS’s #COVID19 data store with #FacultyAI (linked to Vote Leave & rprtdly to Cambridge Analytica)
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RAW: New filings in DC v Facebook RE: #CambridgeAnalytica include investigation search terms …… surfaced & searchable by @zamaan_qureshi
This was a page of search terms that intrigued me
Many branches but they even included Bridgetree
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"Hancock Cock Inn Cockup”

Ystdy, @MattHancock tried to get @AnnelieseDodds to withdraw a comment re his helping the ex-landlord of his local pub, the Cock Inn, to get a PPE contract

We’ve see the emails

Hancock & Lord Feldman helped 47 firms win 'VIP' contracts worth millions
Ystdy, @MattHancock went on the attack claiming Alex Bourne "never got a contract from the govt" & this was a "fabrication pushed by the Labour Party"

He was lying

@NAOorguk found PPE suppliers with links to Tory MPs were 10x more likely to win contracts
Digging by @JolyonMaugham reveals the contract went to Alpha Laboratories

That contract stipulates that Alpha Laboratories will sub-contract the manufacturing to Hinpack Ltd, owned by Alex Bourne

This info was redacted before publishing in what seems a clear attempt to deceive!
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If I had a spare $10,800 I might spend it on dinner with #PeterThiel, the man behind the data/surveillance/genomics #Palantir who are behind the unparalleled #datagrab in the UK & globally

I’ve been investigating Palantir for 18 months & have a few questions I’d like to ask him! Image
So what would I ask Peter Thiel on our dinner date?

Is it true that #Palantir taught #CambridgeAnalytica how to scrape data?

Whistleblower @chrisinsilico says Palantir showed them how to harvest data from Facebook users ahead of #Brexit vote.
Emails link #CambridgeAnalytica & #Palantir’s psychographic project in data mining Facebook for electioneering in Brexit & in US in 2016

@chrisinsilico says “senior Palantir employees that were also working on the Facebook data”

Is this true?…
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Ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele tells @haynesdeborah about Russian interference in #Brexit

Palantir who rptdly taught #CambridgeAnalytica how to scrape data run the NHS #COVID19 data store with Cummings-linked Vote Leave firm, #FacultyAI
Christopher Steele also compiled a dossier alleging collusion btw Russia & the 2016 Trump election campaign

Were Brexit & Trump part of an intelligence-backed, right-wing plan for power through genomic data?

The #PalantirThree & #RussiaReport offer clues
Earlier this week, #ChristopherSteele told @GStephanopoulos that he’s speaking out now because “the problems we identified back in 2016 haven’t gone away, & arguably have actually got worse."

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In the mid-20th century, satellites helped us determine the exact circumference of the Earth: 40,030km

But 2000+ years earlier, Eratosthenes
a Greek mathematician, came up with nearly the exact same figure using two sticks & his brain

Carl Sagan explains
I once asked “how is it that all scientists aren’t mystics, all cosmologists not poets?”

Carl Sagan was both of these

This passage - Pale Blue Dot - was inspired by the photo of Earth taken in 1990, by the Voyager 1 from a distance of about 6 billion km.
Scientists are like mystics in that they can travel in time explaining the past, seeing into the future

In this 1974 interview, Arthur Clarke makes precise predictions about the Internet & PC

And below James Burke predicts the rise of #CambridgeAnalytica
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1/. #BREAKING #COVID NEWSFLASH: The “official scientific advisers" behind the #HerdImmunityScandal were in reality were political advisors, appointed by politicians, who's advice had little or no basis in science (e.g. “Dr” David Halpern who has a doctorate in Political Science)
2/. Today’s findings are not new

The truth has been in plain sight from the start

We didn’t need #Cummings to tell us

Indeed, @Dominic2306 ‘revelations’ raised far more questions than answers

It was clear that #HerdImmunity was the strategy & they didn’t “pivot away” from it
3/. Every epidemiologist, virologist or public health expert will tell you that #HerdImmunity is an “outcome” NEVER a “strategy”

Without a vaccine it would involve sacrificing the vulnerable in vast numbers

This “strategy” would also clearly damage the economy

So why do it?👇
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61/. Human rights lawyer & husband of ex-PM, Cherie Blair has been revealed as ‘ethics advisor’ to NSO, the Israeli firm that sold #PegasusSpyware to human rights abusing govts

NSO are implicated in facilitating the murder of Jamal Kashoggi. #Pegasus…
62/. On Saturday, we mark the 4th anniversary of the murder of #DaphneCaruanaGalizia

At the time, she was investigating the Panama Papers & links btw SCL/#CambridgeAnalytica & Henley Ptnrs

There are vigils in Malta & London

@Europarl_EN has a journalism award in her honour. ImageImageImageImage
63/. In times of greater repression the job of journalists becomes more vital than ever: more vital & more dangerous

It’s in the interest of the corrupt & powerful to silence effective media

Today we mark 4 years since the murder of #DaphneCaruanaGalizia
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1/. #PandoraPapers reveal secret dealings of 330+ politicians & officials - including 35 current & former heads of state & govt

Exposé is based on a leaked dataset of 11.9 million files from all over the world & include disclosures about Tory party donors…
2/. “The tax system is a haven of scams, perks, City deals and profits" (#TonyBlair 1994)

The #PandoraPapers reveal the Blair’s bought an offshore firm that owned the £6.5m house they were buying so did not have to pay £312,000 in stamp duty @BBCPanorama…
3/. The #PandoraPapers expose offshore accounts of world leaders, billionaires, oligarchs & criminals

It should lead to a crackdown on tax loopholes & money laundering...but we’ve been here before

What was the impact of #PanamaPapers & #ParadisePapers?
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Today, the @ElectoralCommUK registered Britain First as a political party

#BritainFirst is a far-right, fascist political organisation formed in 2011 by former members of the BNP. The BNP was created from the NF

If it can be shown to insight racial hatred, could it be barred?
In 2015, Bannon told #CambridgeAnalytica’s @chrisinsilico to build a psychological warfare tool to hollow out democracy & rive open divisions in societies

It worked

The far-right are not only on our streets & TLs but increasingly pulling strings of power
In 2017, Bannon asked #Farage to be part of a "convening authority" to "knit together a populist nationalist movement around the world"

He mentions Modi, Orban, Sisi, Duterte

We can add Trump, @BorisJohnson & @jairbolsonaro to that list, & several others
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🔥Shareholders sue #Facebook alleging that the company overpaid nearly $5 BILLION more to the FTC than its original $106 million penalty to settle the #CambridgeAnalytica data leak **so Mark Zuckerberg could avoid deposition and personal liability**.…
#Facebook conditioned its $5 billion payment to the Federal Trade Commission to resolve the #CambridgeAnalytica data leak probe on the FTC dropping plans to *sue Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg individually*.

Americans’ personal data was weaponized to help flip the 2016 to Trump.🤬
“Zuckerberg, Sandberg & other #Facebook directors agreed to authorize a multi-BILLION settlement with the FTC as an express quid pro quo to protect Zuckerberg from being named in the FTC’s complaint, made subject to personal liability, or even required to sit for a deposition.”💥
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#Facebook is in the crosshairs from multiple angles right now, starting with a lawsuit in Delaware charging #Zuck, #Sandberg and board members w insider trading and "epic corporate governance breakdown." 🧵 1/
@CounteringCrime has been documenting #FB's "epic corporate governance breakdown" for years now -- including repeated cover-ups like this one that have harmed investors. We warned y'all back in 2020 to pull your money out of #FB. It's a HOT MESS. 2/…
Moreover, @counteringcrime has documented how the firm has always prioritized profit over public safety and privacy both in our timeline, available here: 3/…
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#BREAKING: Shocking internal @Facebook documents revealed by @WSJ show that the company has built a system which exempts high-profile users from some or all of its rules, allowing them to post potentially harmful content without consequence.…
“These allegations show how Facebook’s platform fuels the spread of harmful & abusive content. The fact these internal documents seem to contradict assurances they've given calls into question how much we can trust what they say" @amnesty's @AgnesCallamard…
"If we prioritize truth over lies, tolerance over prejudice, empathy over indifference & experts over ignoramuses - maybe we can stop the greatest propaganda machine in history, save democracy, & still have a place for free speech" @SachaBaronCohen @adl…
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It’s amazing what you can find if you look closely!
(Video & artwork by @rokubunnnoichi)
It’s amazing what you can see if you look close enough (artwork by @Coldwar_Steve)
#NigelFarage #DonaldTrump #ThisIsNotADrill #NeoNazis #Fascism
It’s amazing what you can see when you look closely

The NHS = the most trusted brand in the UK

Cambridge Analytica = the least trusted

And yet #Palantir & #FacultyAI who run our #COVID19 data store, rprtdly have links with #CambridgeAnalytica

#GenomeUK #PalantirPlan #Genomics
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After not hearing a peep from Michael Gove for months, eye-watering videos of him dancing in a club above a pub last night have emerged

He turned up alone & tried to avoid paying the £5 entry fee

“He was saying he shouldn't have to pay,” the manager said
Unverified footage shows #Gove leaving the club in the early hours of the morning

We may laugh, but he’s a key architect of Brexit & champion of Cummings

Did his “Bell Curve bookshelf stunt”hint at his Involvement with the #GenomeUK plan & #PalantirPlan?
The #PalantirPlan & #GenomeUK plan are summarised below👇

Our society is based on science & technology, but few people understand anything about science & technology

As Carl Sagan said this is a“combustible mixture that will one day blow up in our faces”
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