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@PolGaloreScot @ScotParl @10DowningStreet The issue of whether #indyref2 happens before or after the 2021 Holyrood election is a tricky one. @RLMcAlpine in 'How to start a new country' makes a strong case for not having a Holyrood election between winning #indyref2 and independence. >>>
@PolGaloreScot @ScotParl @10DowningStreet @RLMcAlpine Consequently we don't have time before and we don't really have much time after; my feeling is the best thing would be to hold it on the same day (6 May 2021). >>>
@PolGaloreScot @ScotParl @10DowningStreet @RLMcAlpine You can't avoid geopolitical context in this.

1. There is a strong risk that the UK will diverge sharply from EU over the few months after December 2020;
2. There is a strong risk that the #ClimateEmergency is running substantially faster than IPCC have allowed for;
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What did the Defense bill do? Halts Nordstream2 😂😂👊🔥 @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @DawsonSField @RevisitedRick @RealestAhole @BabeReflex_8 @almostjingo @Conscience_Abe @JarradKushner @Knowita47918362 @GTS_Watch
Remember when everybody gave President Trump sh*t for calling Merkel out in Jul 2018?
Full speech from last night
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::Clears throat:: May I have your attention for a moment, please?

I want to apprise new followers—and those who haven’t seen me in years—of my take on where we are, and where we might go, before we enter the red zone of this stupid 2.2 year election cycle and non … 1/35
political horse race discourse comes to a dead stop.

To begin, let me first say that I am NOT a “burn it all down” type. But I am a “shut it all down” type. I believe our government is suffering the same fate as our climate at the hands of selfish, super-rich … 2/35
hegemonists who have funded and enabled a viciously ignorant, arrogant, and radical fringe who have used those resources to seize the Republican party, the Senate, and the White House. And I strongly believe that neither voting or elections is going to create … 3/35
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Seniors WHO officials blocked the DOS from issuing a statement condemning RU after Moscow seized Ukrainian ships in Nov 2018.

Trump boosted a tweet that alleges Amb Bill Taylor put fabricated info about about Firtash in a diplomatic cable.

Firtash happens to have a long-standing beef w/ Biden.

Catherine Croft & Christopher Anderson described the unusual intrusion into U.S. foreign policy by Trump-aligned consultants, including Giuliani and Robert Livingston, a lobbyist & former GOP congressman.

Vindman told House investigators that a WH meeting AND nearly $400 million in security and military aid was “contingent” on Ukrainian officials carrying out multiple investigations, including into Burisma, the Bidens, the 2016 election and Crowd Strike.
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Permit me a thread here regarding my
#PlanB.” But first, read this ⏵

The link above shows a classic form of street protest; the traffic blockade. It works, but the scale is merely useful as an awareness stunt. It has no larger tactical … 1/13
value. It’s symbolic of resistance, but not really impactful. But now scale it up to happen in 25-100 major cities at the same time, over random rotating days, often targeting major trucking routes and airport access roads (and other soft targets).

THAT will … 2/13
#DisruptAmerica. But some of it can also be at least partly disrupted by police. My #PlanB uses rotating events, and different kinds of events, to account for that. It uses these “street actions” as the visible symbols of resistance, but then adds several different … 3/13
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The goal of #planB is is to creatively #disruptAmerica (actually, the business of America). It would effect actions that cost big business money —a lot of money— in a very short time, with no promise of those actions stopping without major governmental … 1/16

Without specific details (that could be me arrested, according to the ACLU):

- Rotating flash protests at major makes and retailers
- Air and seaport protests & blockades
- Synchronized national traffic slow-downs
- Large scale syncopated sponsor … 2/16
- Synchronized phone flooding
- Bank and broker switching
- Negative branding assaults (massive social media vetting of every shameful and embarrassing corporate act or policy)
- Synchronized false alarms
- Mass product ordering, cancellation and returns.
- … 3/16
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Aujourd'hui, j'interviens lors du Sommet du #PlanB à Stockholm.
Live-tweet ici ⬇️
François Hollande disait en 2012 : "Le monde de la finance est mon ennemi". Cela a beaucoup changé depuis. Il a fait beaucoup de niches fiscales, de cadeaux fiscaux et sans surprise, le ministre de l'Économie à ce moment était... Emmanuel Macron. #PlanB
Maintenant, Emmanuel Macron est Président, et la première chose qu'il a fait dans il est devenu Président est la réforme fiscale la plus injuste : il a supprimé 12 impôts, il a baissé les impôts des sociétés et n'a fait aucune mesure pour faire diminuer la fraude fiscale. #PlanB
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It's a full house here despite the weather, but no one will be turned away at 30 John St/@MadeinNY for @aajanewyork panel talking #journalism, #layoffs, #freelancing, and more!
When laid off, it's ok to take your time to get your bearings, rejuvenate, focus on you. Also ok to keep sending out resumes and networking if that helps you process & grieve. #aaja #journalism #layoffs #freelancing
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Senate confirmed Brian Benczkowski.

Someone with big ties to Putin, and virtually zero courtroom experience is now the next in line to replace Rosenstein at Justice.

How much further, America? Why are we letting the GOP pretend this is normal?

What is more preposterous? That this is happening, or that the @NYtimes, @washingtonpost @CNN keep putting up apologists and stooges to make everyone feel this is just Democracy at work.

@nytimes @washingtonpost @CNN Your country is literally being ripped out from under you, and you have no choice but to just watch it happen, because someone has to act fast, but no one knows what that means.

And the enemy knows it. So keep watching. We are all but certain to lose it all.
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We really need to talk more about #abortion as an option for women.
It's hard to say this and hard to hear it for many, but just because you discover you are pregnant doesn't mean you must carry that pregnancy to term. Your decision will last the rest of your life--and the rest of the life of any child you decide to carry to term.
And no, I am not advocating #abortion.
I'm advocating thinking about parenthood & all it entails.
Because once you have a child, you can't just walk away from that life.
And women/girls are talked into maintaining pregnancies every day.
More discussion would change that.
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